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Customer Testimonials
Sep 03. 2020
How to choose the best amusement rides manufacturer in China?
When you want to buy amusement rides from China, you should know how to choice the best amusement rides manufacturer and...
Sep 03. 2020
How to Maintain Kids Carousel Ride?
Sinorides can not only supply various carousel rides for sale, but also teach you how to maintain them.
Aug 30. 2020
Safety Precautions on Large Park Amusement Rides
To operate large park amusement rides, operators and passengers should pay attention to the following matters.
Aug 30. 2020
Park Amusement Rides for Children
Park amusement rides, of course, play a significant role in people's entertainment life.
Aug 29. 2020
The Development of Amusement Rides Industry in China
The Development of Amusement Rides Industry in China
Aug 27. 2020
30 Strangest Rides in the World: 27-30
Each year amusement parks around the world try to one-up one another by building bigger, faster and more intense amuseme...
Aug 27. 2020
Amusement Equipment Needs Constant Innovation and Development!
People who have owned amusement equipment are very clear that now a variety of amusement equipment is flushing in the ma...
Feb 22. 2020
How to Operate Roller Coaster Safely?
Sinorides help you train the operators how to run roller coaster rides safely.
Feb 17. 2020
How to do if Trackless Train Ride does not Start?
Sinorides, as an amusement rides manufacturer, give you some useful tips on how to do if trackless train does not start.
Feb 09. 2020
Sinorides' Notification for Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
Sinorides, a professional amusement rides manufaturer, promise to protect customers from loss during the 2019-nCov.