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Customer Testimonials
Sep 03. 2020
How to choose the best amusement rides manufacturer in China?
When you want to buy amusement rides from China, you should know how to choice the best amusement rides manufacturer and...
Sep 28. 2020
2020 New Design Pirate Ship Rides for Sale from SINORIDES
Kinds of Fiberglass Boat Pirate Ship Rides and Steel Boat Pirate Ship Rides for sale from Sinorides, China leading amuse...
Sep 25. 2020
Types for Amusement Rides
Amusement rides is classified according to the structure and motion. That is, the similar structure and movement classif...
Sep 25. 2020
Important Notice: Sinorides will attend three AMUSEMENT EXPO 2018
Sinorides will attend IAAPI,RAAPA and CAAPA Expo from February to March with new updated thrill amusement rides such as ...
Sep 25. 2020
A Bright Future for Investment in the Children Amusement Rides Industry
The children amusement rides industry is a valuable and influential rising industry, so it is a pity to let this big opp...
Sep 25. 2020
Many customers choose to cooperate with sinorides at AAE2017
We prepare the company's latest research and development of the Star Trek Amusement in advance at this year's Singapore ...
Sep 03. 2020
How to Maintain Kids Carousel Ride?
Sinorides can not only supply various carousel rides for sale, but also teach you how to maintain them.
Aug 30. 2020
Safety Precautions on Large Park Amusement Rides
To operate large park amusement rides, operators and passengers should pay attention to the following matters.
Aug 30. 2020
Park Amusement Rides for Children
Park amusement rides, of course, play a significant role in people's entertainment life.
Aug 29. 2020
The Development of Amusement Rides Industry in China
The Development of Amusement Rides Industry in China