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Sinorides is your perfect choice when you are looking for amusement bumper cars for sale. With global recognition in amusement dodgem cars manufacturing, there is excellent park performance. The cars are great, especially when you are looking for ideal indoor amusement equipment.

Bumper cars have been the most favorite rides of people for centuries now. That is, the majority of amusement park owners are always in search of a reliable amusement bumper cars manufacturer in their locality. If you’re looking for one, Sinorides can be the best pick for you. We provide the highest quality of bumper cars for sale almost everywhere in the world.

We offer a large variety of amusement bumper cars for sale according to the trendy styles and themes common in the market. In this way, the amusement park owner can have the opportunity to select the right type of ride according to the theme of the park.

The available amusement bumper cars have professional design and performance. Also, there are a variety of models you can pick. You can go for portable bumper cars and electric dodgem for your theme park.


Sinorides amusement Ground Grid Bumper Cars for Sale
Sinorides Ground Grid Amusement Bumper Cars is durable and reliable

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides amusementCeiling Bumper Cars for Sale
Sinorides Ceiling Amusement Bumper Cars is easy to operate for visitors

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides amusement electric bumper cars for sale
Sinorides Electric Amusement Bumper Cars has a great performance

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides amusement battery bumper cars
Sinorides Battery Amusement Bumper Cars is made of superior battery

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 180W
  • Speed:≦7.5km/h
Sinorides amusement kids Bumper Cars
Sinorides Amusement Kids Bumper Cars can be customized for you

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 180W
  • Speed:≦7.5km/h
Sinorides amusement Portable Bumper Cars
Sinorides Portable Amusement Bumper Cars features in portable

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 5.5kW
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h

Your Premier Amusement Bumper Cars Manufacturer in China

Sinorides manufacture all amusement cars for sale in a large factory. The over 200 staff comprises of people with different level of experience. Therefore, dodgems have excellent shape and performance. Amazingly, you can always order some dodgem customization to suit your park.

Apart from the sturdy amusement bumper cars, there is thorough testing. Therefore, every arising defect can’t leave the factory room. With ultrasonic and spectral analysis, there is no guesswork when detecting flaws.

Sinorides has 28+ years experience on manufacturing amusement rides for sale. You can source various types of park rides from us. Sinorides can also help you design your park if you need.

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  • Sinorides Amusement Bumper Cars case

Amusement Bumper Cars Project

One way to ensure your park never stall is full range support delivery by Sinorides. There is provision of designs, installation as well as equipment maintenance. When there is a breakdown, you can be sure of prompt repairs.

Sinorides only uses selected accessories from reputable manufacturers. Therefore, you get excellent performance and smooth running.

Sinorides Amusement Bumper Cars Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides amusement Bumper Cars Cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Sinorides amusement Bumper Cars derust
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Bumper Cars appearance more smooth.
Sinorides amusement Bumper Cars materials
High grade material to ensure your Bumper Cars running safely.
Sinorides amusement Bumper Cars painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Bumper Cars good status.
Durable Bumper Cars Battery to ensure your park visitor enjoy a satisfied experience.
Complete Bumper Cars Components to support your business at 24*7 response.
TECHNICAL DATAGround Grid Bumper CarCeiling Bumper CarElectric Bumper CarBattery Bumper CarKids Bumper CarPortable Bumper Car
Number of Seats2P2P2P2P2P24P



amusement bumper cars technical drawing

amusement bumper car drawings

Sinorides is Your Reliable Amusement Bumper Cars Manufacturer

Besides the production of the highest quality of amusement bumper cars for sale, we are also famous for providing the best after-sales services to our clients. That is why our customers can have the convenience to enjoy the after-sale services on our platform.

Ranging from the installation to the repair of the amusement bumper cars of sale, we have covered every demand of our users. Thus, we can help you out if you want us to install your ride.

There is no need for you to bother about the replacement of the ride when you’re purchasing the amusement bumper cars from Sinorides. We offer products with the best return policy.

The availability of more than a one-year warranty with different types of amusement park rides at Sinorides makes the majority of the amusement park owners prefer us over other manufacturers.

The prices for all amusement bumper cars are pretty reasonable that you can purchase them without changing your savings.

You can even avail of our limited discount offers for a better purchase experience. Thus, if you want to get your hands on our ongoing sales, you need to visit our official website regularly.


Amusement Bumper Cars – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Amusement bumper cars are classic amusement park rides that people of all ages love. Even from the revenue point of view, it’s a good investment for park owners.

Since myriads of options available for amusement bumper cars, choosing the right one might be challenging.

Don’t worry; this in-depth FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) guide will make this process easier and provide you with all the relevant information about bumper cars.

So without any further ado, let’s start this guide.

What Are Amusement Bumper Cars?

Amusement Bumper Car

Bumper cars or dodgems are tiny electrically-powered cars used for entertainment purposes.

These small and eye-appealing cars draw power from either the floor or ceiling that an operator manages remotely.

Bumper cars operate within the limited arena.

These cars consist of steering to give them direction, and bumpers to protect cars and riders at the time of the collision.

Park owners across the world are investing in amusement bumper cars nowadays for the reason that they are high in demand and generate good revenue with quality theme park rides.

How Does An Amusement Bumper Car Work?

Amusement Bumper Car Working

Amusement bumper cars use electricity to run.

The electric power is carried by a pole attached to the back of the car.

The pole leads up to a wire in the ceiling.

The grid carries electricity power to run the car.

All the electrical energy that the car receives from the grid converts into kinetic energy.

On the other hand, the ground bumper cars receive power from the floor.

Amusement bumper cars follow Newton’s 3rd law of motion; therefore, they bounce away from each other at the time of the collision.

What is the Price of Amusement Bumper Cars for Sale?

Amusement Bumper Car Pricing

Amusement bumper cars for sale are available in different price segments.

You can choose it as per your budget and requirement.

If you buy the set of 10 amusement bumper cars, it can cost you around $15000.

One good idea to know the exact price is; request different bumper car manufacturers to send you price quotes for bumper cars you need.

You may also get an instant quote from Sinorides.

When Was the First Amusement Bumper Car Manufactured?

First Amusement Bumper Car

While the history of amusement bumper cars is controversial, they officially first appeared in 1920.

According to some folks, Victor Levand, who was an employee of General Electric, invented the first bumper car.

While others say that the two brothers of Massachusetts, named Max and Harold Stoerhrer, invented the first-ever bumper car.

Some researches reveal that Victor Levand was the original inventor of bumper cars.

However, Stoerhrer brothers first patented their bumper cars on December 7, 1920.

So we can say officially the first bumper car appeared in 1920.

Why Are Amusement Bumper Cars in Demand?

Amusement parks across the world are investing in amusement bumper cars.

Below are some reasons bumper cars are in demand.

a) Low-Cost Investment

Park owners who are new to the industry and having a low budget can go for bumper cars.

People of all ages enjoy bumper cars; therefore, they recover their costs faster.

As a result, amusement bumper cars are a better choice for park owners who are starting off.

b) Easy to Operate

Amusement bumper cars are smaller in size.

Therefore, they don’t occupy much space.

Moreover, you don’t need to hire drivers to operate bumper cars.

Since they are easy to run and suitable for people of all ages, your customers can drive them by themselves, even without any prior training.

c) Wide Range of Options

Amusement bumper cars are available in a wide range of options.

You can choose what matches your budget and the overall theme of your amusement park.

d) Low- Maintenance

Amusement bumper cars are low maintenance.

They feature rubber bumpers around them that prevent them from damage.

How Fast Do Amusement Bumper Cars Go?

Amusement Bumper Car Speed

Amusement bumper cars are not that fast like regular cars.

However, they have different speeds that an operator adjusts.

The operator can either limit the speed or adjust it as per the ride.

The average speed of amusement bumper cars is 5 miles per hour.

However, the fastest they can go with a speed of 7 miles per hour.

For kids, the speed limit should not be more than 3 mph.

This much speed is adequate to provide kids with fun yet safe riding.

What Are The Materials Used in Amusement Bumper cars?

Amusement Bumper Car Material

In the beginning,  amusement bumper cars have wooden-made chassis.

However, now it has been replaced with plastic.

Though the chassis is made out of plastic, the outer body uses fiberglass.

For those who don’t know, fiberglass is a type of fiber-reinforced plastic made using glass fiber.

It is known for its strength and binding properties.

Additionally, a rubber bumper surrounds the cars.

They act as a safety barrier; protect riders and cars from damage during the collision.

Are Amusement Bumper Cars Safe for My Customers?

Amusement Bumper Car Safety

Bumper cars are absolutely safe.

Like real cars, their collision doesn’t cause injuries.

Hitting amusement bumper cars is fun for riders in fact.

In rare cases, bumper cars might cause negligible injuries due to changing motions of people inside bumpers.

Being a park owner, you must ensure that your customers are following all the necessary safety parameters.

They should wear seat belts to avoid injuries.

Kids below age 5 should drive amusement bumper cars in the company of adults.

Moreover, the operator should limit the speed.

For kids, the speed should not be more than 3 miles per hour.

How Are Amusement Bumper Cars Powered?

Amusement Bumper Car Power Grid

Amusement bumper cars use electric power with the help of an electric motor to operate.

Bumper cars use a conductive rod, connecting from the floor to the ceiling.

It all makes a complete circuit that allows electricity to pass from the ceiling to the floor of bumper cars, helping them to move forward.

The pole, floor, and ceiling, all use metal material; therefore, it allows the adequate transfer of electricity to bumper cars.

The conductive floor features insulating spacers and positive and negative strips.

These strips are all across the floor.

Electric bumper cars have several brushes beneath them when they cover any of two strips on the floor; it completes the circuit which drives cars.

Battery-powered amusement bumper cars, on the other hand, need a fully recharged battery after every session.

As soon as the battery is turned on, it forms a complete circuit inside the car and accelerates it.

How to Operate An Amusement Bumper Car?

Amusement Bumper Car Operation

Amusement bumper cars are easy to operate.

Even beginners can drive them without any prior training.

Two people manage an amusement bumper car.

The first one is the driver itself, and the second one is the operator who manages the control system from a distance place outside the arena.

The driver uses the steering wheel to give their car a direction and presses the gas pedal to accelerate it.

As soon as the driver presses the gas pedal, the car starts moving.

The driver needs to press the pedal further to increase the speed.

To slow down and stop the car, the driver needs to release the pedal.

Amusement bumper cars also feature a horn to enhance the fun while riding.

How to Buy Amusement Bumper Cars?

Amusement Bumper Car Purchase

You can buy amusement bumper cars both online and offline.

However, we would suggest you go for the online method.

When you choose the online method, you get an opportunity to buy bumper cars from top manufacturers across the world.

Nevertheless, you should keep following things in mind when buying online.

Don’t choose any random manufacturer you see on the internet.

Do your research to find reputable manufacturers and check out their websites and reviews first.

Select amusement bumper cars considering their features and disadvantages.

Ask your potential manufacturer to send you a price quote for bumper cars you select.

Get to know the documents you need to import amusement bumper cars.

If you have a limited budget, you can go for Chinese bumper cars.

You will find them far cheaper than European bumper cars.

Are Chinese Amusement Bumper Cars Worth Buying?

Chinese Amusement Bumper Cars

There is a misconception that Chinese amusement bumper cars are of cheap quality.

However, it’s not true.

Since Chinese bumper cars are affordable, some park owners doubt their quality.

They should understand that Chinese amusement rides are cheaper because China is the hub of raw material.

Moreover, their labor and shipping costs are much more affordable.

So, you can invest in Chinese amusement bumper cars without any hesitation or doubt.

Some advantages of working with Chinese bumper cars manufacturer are as per below:

  • You get bumper cars having quality raw material.
  • Reliable Chinese manufacturers provide you with warranty and after-sale service.
  • You receive bumper cars that pass through CE/GOST/ISO certifications.
  • Chinese manufacturers provide smooth yet affordable shipping due to their strong shipping network.
  • If you’re looking for a trustworthy Chinese amusement bumper car manufacturer, you can contact Sinorides.

What Are The Traits of Reliable Amusement Bumper Car Manufacturers?

Reliable Amusement Bumper Cars Manufacturer

Undoubtedly, Chinese manufacturers provide quality yet affordable bumper cars.

However, not all Chinese manufacturers are equal in terms of quality and trustworthiness.

Some traits of a trustworthy amusement bumper car manufacturer are below:

  • The manufacturer must have at least 10+ years of experience in the industry. It ensures that the manufacturer has been producing quality rides continuously.
  • Reliable manufacturers must have an online presence to showcase their rides, contact details, and other legit information about their business.
  • A trustworthy manufacturer often has positive testimonials and reviews over their website and Google.
  • Reliable manufacturers always have quality certifications for their rides.
  • They must have a good reputation in the market.
  • You must get various shipping options to receive amusement bumper cars.
  • The manufacturer should provide on-time customer support.

How to Import an Amusement Bumper Car from China?

If you have chosen the right manufacturing partner, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to import amusement bumper cars from China.

Nowadays, most Chinese manufacturers offer assistance for safe and legal importing.

Nevertheless,  keep following things in mind when importing bumper cars.

  • Buy bumper cars from trustworthy/legit websites only.
  • Make the legal deal with your manufacturer so you can get the necessary documents for importing.
  • Get all the information about the importing process and documentation.
  • Your contract must mention payment details, shipping mode, and date of delivery.
  • If you are importing bumper cars to an international location, follow international commercial terms.
  • Declare your duty imports and taxes.

What Are The Major Things I Should Keep In Mind When Choosing An Amusement Bumper Car?

Choosing the right bumper cars is important if you want to make the most out of your investment.

The following points will help you choose the quality bumper cars for your business.

  • Choose only a professional manufacturer who has years of experience.
  • Buy amusement bumper cars that have power transmission with longer life.
  • Make sure the amusement bumper cars you choose use high-quality fiberglass for better durability.
  • The manufacturer should provide you one-year warranty and after-sales service.
  • Amusement bumper cars you receive must have passed quality and performance tests before delivery.
  • Amusement bumper cars are available in various types and designs. Choose one that fits your budget and requirements.

How to Install An Amusement Bumper Car?

Amusement Bumper Car Installation

Installing amusement bumper cars is a bit time-consuming as you have to prepare an arena to operate cars.

Ceiling-grid amusement bumper cars need a proper ceiling with all the necessary installations for their working.

Similarly, ground-grid amusement bumper cars require installation on the floor.

Battery-operated amusement bumper cars are easy to install and operate comparatively.

In addition to the arena, bumper cars also need a control system that lets the operator control rides and other necessary systems during the ride.

Make sure you have a team of qualified engineers and workers to prepare the arena.

You can also seek assistance from your manufacturer.

Follow their recommendations, drawings, and videos to install bumper cars properly.

To entice people, you can decorate the arena with colorful posters.

How to Maintain Amusement Bumper Cars?

Amusement Bumper Cars Maintenance

Amusement bumper cars need comparatively more maintenance due to their frequent collisions.

Riders hit their bumper cars with other riders’; therefore, their body and internal parts get damaged.

Maintenance is also important from the safety point of view.

Park owners must ensure that their amusement bumper cars undergo frequent inspection and maintenance.

Clean the outer surface of your amusement bumper cars regularly.

The dust settled on the exterior can get inside and damage the internal machinery.

If you notice any sign of damage, replace that part immediately.

Check the condition of seat belts and other safety settings before starting the ride every day.

What Are The Quality Certifications for An Amusement Bumper Car?

Different manufacturers may have different certifications as per their preferences and requirements.

Some of the important certifications that most Chinese manufacturers get include:

a) CE

Manufacturers who receive CE certification are accountable for the product’s safety, performance & environmental requirements.

b) ISO 

ISO certification ensures that the manufacturer completes all the requirements to assure the quality of their products.

Some other major certifications include GOST, SONCAP, BV, and SASO.

If you need any other specific certification as per your country, you can tell your manufacturer about this in advance.

Who Are Suitable Users for Amusement Bumper Cars?

Amusement Bumper Cars Suitable Users

Amusement bumper cars are suitable for people of all ages.

It’s a safe and fun-filled family ride.

However, kids below age 13 should ride amusement bumper cars under the observation of caretakers or parents.

The park staff or operator must ensure that all riders have worn seat belts before the ride begins.

The speed limit should be a maximum of 5 miles per hour.

While for kids, it should not be more than 3 miles per hour.

Can I Customize My Amusement Bumper Car?

Customized Amusement Bumper Cars

Modern manufacturers have state-of-the-art workshops and equipment, enabling them to customize amusement bumper cars as per their customers’ requirements.

If you’re working with a professional amusement bumper car manufacturer, they can easily customize your bumper cars and arena.

By customizing your cars, you can give them your touch and match them with the overall theme of your park.

You can also display your company’s logo over your cars.

To get the exact customization, discuss the customization plan with your manufacturer and prepare an action plan.

Professional manufacturers welcome suggestions from park owners for customization.

Note: Customization is like manufacturing a new bumper car. Therefore, the process might be a bit time-consuming. So have patience.

If you’re in a hurry, you can check out Sinorides’ amusement bumper cars for sale.

How to Handle Amusement Bumper Car Breakdown?

Amusement Bumper Cars Breakdown

If you provide proper maintenance to them, amusement bumper cars don’t break down before their actual lifespan.

However, it’s also true that amusement bumper cars need more care as they collide frequently.

Fortunately, amusement bumper cars’ breakdown is not a life-threatening situation.

As soon as the current exceeds the limit, bumper cars stop working.

Since handling electric circuits on your own can be dangerous, call a professional electrician to fix this issue.

What is the Difference Between Chinese and European Amusement Bumper Cars?

When it comes to quality, both Chinese and European Amusement bumper cars are of the same standard.

Both types of amusement bumper cars go through similar quality and performance tests.

The only difference you will find is, Chinese amusement bumper cars are more affordable than European amusement bumper cars.

This is because Chinese freight and labor services are competitive.

Additionally, China has an abundance of raw materials to make fiber-reinforced plastic.

As a result, you get similar quality products but at a cheaper price.

What Are The Benefits of Amusement Bumper Cars for Park Owners?

Amusement Bumper Car Benefits

When you invest in quality amusement bumper cars, they provide you with a myriad of benefits.

Some benefits are as per below:

a) Good Returns on Investment

Amusement bumper cars are safe, fun-filled family rides that people of all ages love to ride.

Consequently, they entice more visitors to your park, and eventually, you get good returns on your investment.

b) Easy to Operate

Driving amusement bumper cars don’t need significant training. They feature steering for direction and a gas pedal for acceleration.

Since customers drive cars themselves, you don’t need to hire a separate driver.

c) Low Maintenance

Unlike most amusement rides, amusement bumper cars need low maintenance. Just keep the outer surface clean so that dust and other particles don’t settle inside the machinery.

d) In-demand

Amusement bumper cars are high in demand. They have been turning into a major center of attractions for theme parks and amusement parks worldwide.

What Are The Types of Amusement Bumper Cars?

Amusement Bumper Car Types

There are various types of amusement bumper cars available in the market.

Some renowned types include:

a) Electric Amusement Bumper Cars 

Electric amusement bumper cars run through electric power, as the name indicates.

Two popular types of amusement bumper cars under this category include:

  • Ceiling Grid Bumper Cars
  • Ground Grid Bumper Cars

Ceiling Grid Bumper Cars feature an overhead power supply.

On the other hand, Ground Grid bumper cars acquire electricity through a ground grid.

b) Battery-Operated Amusement Bumper Cars

Battery-operated bumper cars are also in demand.

Unlike electric amusement bumper cars, they use battery power to operate.

Comparatively, these bumper cars are durable and environmentally friendly.

c) Ice Bumper Cars

Ice bumper cars are round in shape and run on ice.

They feature inflatable tubes around them that provide safety to riders at the time of the collision.

So this is a comprehensive FAQ guide on amusement bumper cars.

We hope it gives answers to all your questions and queries. If any of your questions is still unanswered, you can get in touch with Sinorides.

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