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Sinorides is one of the largest manufacturers of Backyard Ferris wheel in China. Our Backyard Ferris wheel for sale is ideal for young kids due to its compact size. You can install it in your backyard or garden. Also, it is perfect for an indoor theme park and amusement park. Sinorides’ Backyard Ferris Wheel for sale has a unique design and eye-appealing color schemes. You can also buy a customized Backyard Ferris wheel or giant ferris wheel at Sinorides.

Either if you are looking to install a backyard Ferris wheel at your home or you are thinking of increasing the embellishment of your house, Sinorides can be the best place to help you out. We manufacture the highest quality backyard Ferris wheel for sale all over China. Thus, you don’t have to worry about finding your reliable stop to get your services done.

In addition to this, we offer worldwide delivery of our products. It doesn’t matter where you are situated, all you need to do is finalize your deal with our sellers, and we will ship your product to the mentioned destination in no time.

4 seats backyard ferris wheel A by Sinorides
Sinorides Backyard Ferris wheel features beautiful color schemes and lighting.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 4P
  • Power: 0.75kW
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Space Area: 5m*5m
4 seats backyard ferris wheel b from Sinorides
Sinorides Backyard Ferris wheel for sale passes various quality checks before delivery.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 4P
  • Power: 0.75kW
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Space Area: 4m*4m
Sinorides 10 Seats backyard Ferris Wheel for sale
Sinorides Mini Backyard Ferris features cartoon characters that entice young kids.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 10P
  • Power: 5kW
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Space Area: 5m*3.5m
Sinorides 12 Seats backyard Ferris Wheel
Sinorides’ Backyard Ferris Wheel is ideal for the backyard as well as a small garden.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 5kW
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Space Area: 5m*3.5m
Sinorides’ professional also helps with Backyard Ferris wheel installation & maintenance.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 20P
  • Power: 5.5kW
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Space Area: 8m*4m
Sinorides 24 Seats backyard Ferris Wheel for sale
Sinorides uses high-quality metal and fiber-reinforced plastic in its Backyard Ferris wheel.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 8kW
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Space Area: 8m*8m

Your Premier Backyard Ferris Wheel Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is a renowned Backyard Ferris wheel manufacturer in China. We have more than ten thousand customer cases across the world for your reference.

You can choose from various types of Backyard Ferris wheel rides at Sinorides. If you need a customized Backyard Ferris wheel, we can provide you that as well.

Sinorides uses state-of-the-art machines and equipment to manufacture high-quality Backyard Ferris wheel rides. You will find clean and smooth polishing and paint on our Backyard Ferris wheel.

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Backyard Ferris Wheel For Sale Project

Sinorides is a renowned Backyard Ferris Wheel manufacturer in China. We provide a fully certified Ferris wheel that passes CE, and ISO certifications.

At Sinorides, you get a complete solution for Backyard Ferris wheel manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. We have a team of qualified engineers to give you on-time technical support.

Sinorides Backyard Ferris Wheel Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

You can choose the best type of ferris wheel for your park business.
Sinorides backyard Ferris Wheel Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Backyard Ferris Wheel appearance more smooth.
Sinorides backyard Ferris Wheel Painting
High grade material to ensure your Backyard Ferris Wheel running safely.
Sinorides backyard Ferris Wheel Seats
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Backyard Ferris Wheel good status.
Sinorides backyard Ferris Wheel Structure
Sinorides use quality FRP to manufacture your Backyard Ferris Wheel seats to bear people with different heights.
Sinorides-backyard Ferris Wheel Material
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Backyard Ferris Wheel steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATA4 Seats Backyard Ferris Wheel10 Seats Backyard Ferris Wheel12 Seats BackyardFerris Wheel20 Seats Backyard Ferris Wheel24 Seats Backyard Ferris Wheel
Number of Seats4P10P12P20P24P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V
Space Area5m*5m4m*4m5m*3.5m8m*4m8m*8m

Sinorides Backyard ferris wheel ride for sale design

Sinorides Backyard ferris wheel design

Sinorides Backyard ferris wheel drawing

Sinorides Backyard ferris wheel for sale drawing

Sinorides is a Reliable Backyard Ferris Wheel Manufacturer

Sinordies has been winning the trust of thousands of its customers since 1992. Our Backyard Ferris wheel for sale is perfect for entertaining kids at your backyard.

Sinorides has over 5000sqm. workshop and more than 200 qualified professionals to provide you rides of international standards.

We are rated as the most efficient backyard Ferris wheel manufacturer in China to assist our customers with the never0ending quality of amusement rides. Being the best manufacturer in China, we don’t compromise on the quality of the manufacturer’s indoor Ferris wheel ride for sale.

The highest quality of stainless steel is used to make it sturdy to the next level. That’s why our buyers or the amusement park owners don’t have to compromise with the durability of the purchased ride.

The safety of the riders is also ensured on our platform. We make sure to fulfill all quality and safety standards while manufacturing the indoor Ferris wheel for sale.

Some standards that we prefer during the manufacturing of our rides include CE, BV, GOST, and others given by the ISO.

Furthermore, there are limited discount offers at our place, enabling the users to get their hands on the highest quality of Ferris wheels at reasonable prices.

You don’t have to disturb your savings while purchasing your ride from Sinorides.

The low price of the amusement rides doesn’t mean the production of low-quality products. A wonderful warranty is also provided here.

You get a fully tested Backyard Ferris wheel at Sinorides. We don’t compromise on quality, and our Backyard Ferris wheel accepts 80+ hours full load test.

To ensure our Backyard Ferris wheel is flawless and 100% safe, we conduct welding flaw detection on all the welded parts.

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