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  • The carousels can be used in indoor parks, outdoor parks, and attraction sites. Please click on the carousels for more detailed information.

Recommend Carousel Rides for Sale

Sinorides offer a series of quality carousel rides for sale to help you run your park business. You can even tailor the carousel ride with Sinorides.

Sinorides 36 seats carousel for sale
Sinorides 36 Seats Carousel for Sale is fit for indoor and outdoor amusement parks and tourism scenic spots.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 36P
  • Power: 5.5kW
  • Size: D9.5m*H6.5m
  • Speed: 5rpm
Sinorides 24 seats carousel for sale
Sinorides 24 Seats Carousel for Sale has passed full testing certifications and meet various quality standards.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 5kW
  • Size: D8mxH6m
  • Speed: 5rpm
Sinorides 21 seats lucky carousel for sale 2
Sinorides 21 Seats Lucky Carousel for Sale meet European quality standards, we Accept ODM and OEM Orders.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 21P
  • Power: 7kW
  • Size: D9mxH6.8m
  • Speed: 4rpm
carousel merry go round
Sinorides Double Decker Carousel for sale composed of quality raw materials to ensure reliable performance.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 56P
  • Power: 11kW
  • Size: D9.6mxH12.6m
  • Speed: 3rpm
Sinorides 16 Seats Upper Drive Carousel for Sale is drived by Upper Drive system with strong steel structure.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Size: D6mxH6m
  • Speed: 3.5rpm
Sinorides 16 seats down drive carousel for sale
Sinorides can customize 16 Seats Down Drive Carousel for Sale appearance according to your requirements.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Size: D6mxH6m
  • Speed: 3.5rpm
Sinorides 16 seats flying carousel for sale
Sinorides 16 Seats Flying Carousel for Sale features in colorful appearance with durable frp seats to move.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 4kW
  • Size: D6mxH6m
  • Speed: 3.5rpm
Sinorides 16 seats star carousel for sale
Sinorides 16 Seats Star Carousel for Sale is suitable for indoor and outdoor parks require less park space for you.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 4kW
  • Size: D6mxH6m
  • Speed: 3.5rpm
Sinorides 14 seats carousel for sale
Sinorides 14 Seats Carousel for Sale designed with cute Macaron style and rgb lights to attract kids to ride.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 14P
  • Power: 5kW
  • Size: D6mxH3.5m
  • Speed: 3.5rpm
Sinorides 12 seats carousel for sale
Sinorides 12 Seats Carousel for Sale can bear 12 person one time and runs smoothly.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 2.2kW
  • Size: D4.8mxH4.5m
  • Speed: 3.5rpm
Sinorides 8 seats carousel for sale
Sinorides 8 Seats Carousel for Sale is easy to move and suitable for travelling showmen.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 8P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Size: D3.5mxH4m
  • Speed: 3rpm
Sinorides 6 seats carousel for sale
Sinorides 6 Seats Carousel for Sale is suitable for park owner who has small budget.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 6P
  • Power: 1.1kW
  • Size: D2mxH2.5m
  • Speed: 3rpm

Your Premier Carousel Rides Manufacturer in China

Sinorides never compromise quality when making amusement rides for sale. You get perfect carousel rides with robust testing and accreditation by relevant Chinese and global organs.

There are over 100 styles of carousel ride for sale available waiting for you. Whether looking for low or high transmission carousels, Sinorides is always ready for you. The room for customization also ensures there are unique-looking amusement rides.

Every part has rigorous testing and performance. Actually, the electrical motors and other accessories are top-notch. Therefore, every carousel has enough power to ride your visitors. The unique finish, decoration makes the amusement rides attractive perfect for your park.

Whether adding a carousel ride or starting a new park, you have a perfect friend. Sinorides has specialists who can help you to erect a fully operational theme park.

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Carousel Rides for Sale Project

Carousel Rides is a very classic amusement ride that can be used in scenic spots, amusement parks, parks, squares, indoor playgrounds, carnivals, and other venues.

It is a better investment choice for you. Sinorides produces and sells 100+ carousel rides every year. There are very successful project cases in Georgia, Tajikistan, Russia, Nigeria, Greece, Indonesia, Chile, India, Fiji, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and other countries.

There are only more than 50+ specifications of the carousel for you to choose from, and you can also choose to customize the carousel according to your needs.

Sinorides Carousel Rides Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides Carousel Rides Design
The size, color and seats of Sinorides Carousel Rides can be customized according to your needs.
Carousel for sale Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Carousel Rides appearance more smooth.
Sinorides Carousel rides Material
High grade material to ensure your Carousel Rides running safely.
kids Carousel for sale Painting
Sinorides professional Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Carousel Rides good status.
Sinorides Carousel for sale Seats
The seats of Sinorides Carousel Rides are made of high-grade fiberglass, with beautiful and diverse shapes, and can withstand high weight.
Carousel rides for sale Welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Carousel Rides steel structure. Your Carousel Rides will be safe.
TECHNICAL DATA36 Seats Carousel Rides24 Seats Carousel Rides21 Seats Carousel Rides16 Seats Carousel Rides14 Seats Carousel Rides12 Seats Carousel Rides8 Seats Carousel Rides6 Seats Carousel Rides
Number of Seats36P24P21P16P14P12P8P6P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

carousel rides design

16p carousel rides design

carousel rides technical drawing

Sinorides carousel rides technical drawing

theme park design

As a leading amusement rides manufacturer, Sinorides Carousel rides are perfect and available all over the world. Therefore, as you look for ideal carousel rides for sale, they are among the top choices. The highly manufactured carousel rides have all the safety checks and certifications.

There are many attractive styles of carousel rides to choose. Sinorides can support you both on production and after-sales service such as installation, maintenance, etc.

Sinorides’ carousel rides are an ideal investment for your theme park. Since they entice both kids and adults, you can expect good returns.

Carousel rides are fun for the whole family; therefore, park owners will get more leads. As we have carousel rides with various seating capacities, choose them as per the space of your park and budget. It will surprise you how wonderfully our professionals have colored and crafted them. Furthermore, our carousel for sale uses less energy, so it’s a win-win situation for you.

If you are targeting kids, you may consider our kids carousel for sale. Our 16-seats small carousel for sale features an eye-appealing theme and animal characters. Kids will surely attract to these rides. 

Sinorides is Reliable Carousel Rides Manufacturer

As you think about the best carousel ride, also you can think about customization. You can give visitors a unique experience through 2D and 3D animation. The custom animation is sleek, especially during the night.

Sinorides exports amusement rides to 120+ countries and regions. Also, the shoulder system brings unmatched safety. With a large workshop area of over 5000Sqm, there is efficient production.

A team of designers and engineers works perfectly with you to deliver your custom park. Sinorides attends different amusement exhibitions to ensure the provision of competitive products.

Sinorides is a well-known China carousel manufacturer, recognized by several standardization authorities. You will find our carousel rides for sale 100% safe that meet all the necessary guidelines and requirements. Unlike some carousel manufacturers, we don’t compromise on quality.

You will find only top-notch accessories in our carousel rides. We use branded crankshafts, bearings, gears, and hydraulic motors. Our quality, dedication, and on-time shipping are a few characteristics that make us a top supplier of carousels in China.

We also have a full-size carousel for sale and a double-decker carousel for sale, that we can deliver to you within the specified time frame. Sinorides has been manufacturing and supplying carousel rides for almost three decades.  We have been accommodating several leading amusement parks across the globe. 

We are not just a family ride manufacturer but also help you with the layout and designing of your park. We also suggest which carousel ride can give more returns by analyzing your park’s requirements. In addition to this, we also deal in carousel ride spare parts.

You can say we are a one-stop destination for all your needs related to carousel rides. We have added one more product to our list. Now individuals can also consider our backyard carousel for sale.

If you have no experience in the development of theme parks, you have nothing to worry about. You can get a park plan & design, installation as well as testing your carousel ride. So what are you waiting for? Buy a premium carousel made in china.

Carousel Rides – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide aims at helping you choose the best carousel rides for your park.

To assist you, it covers every single aspect of owning carousel rides. This ranges from features of a good carousel ride to easy importation.

We have also included tips that will help you choose the best carousel rides.

Therefore, before buying a carousel ride, ensure to read this guide.

What Is A Carousel Ride?

carousel rides design

Carousel ride

A carousel ride is an amusement ride based on a circular platform. It is sometimes referred to as merry-go-round.

The circular platform is mounted with seats for riders. They can take any shape, especially animals, automobiles, or trains.

Some popular options include horses, unicorns, and dragons.

The whole platform is then rotated, sometimes moving up and down to mimic a galloping horse.

Carousel rides became popular in the 18th century. They could be found across Europe and England, especially in fairs.

Early on, carousel rides used to be rotated by humans or horses. Nowadays, they use machine power which is much smoother, flexible, and safer.

Historically, carousel rides used to bring families together in fairs and amusement parks. This still holds true even today.

How Do Carousel Rides Work?

Parts of a carousel ride

Parts of a carousel ride
All carousel rides have a stationary center pole. It is made of either wood or metal.

Electric motors are then used to power your carousel rides.

To allow for smoother starts for your carousel rides, a motor is attached to a pulley that uses a clutch.

The pulley turns a drive belt and another pulley. This second pulley is larger and turns a smaller diameter, horizontal shaft.

Rotation is transferred from a pulley to the horizontal shaft. The shaft is connected to a pinion gear that controls and turns the platform gear. These gears drive the whole platform.

Did you know that the support beam that extends outward from the center pole and looks like ribs are called sweeps?

Sweeps are a critical component because they support the platform, the riders, and the ride. They also hold the cranking rods. These cranking rods are connected to horse hangers and are responsible for the galloping action of the carousel.

What Entails A Good Carousel Ride?

Carousel rides still retain a huge drawing power to amusement parks, malls and fairs.

Their exquisite colorful displays and music draw huge crowds.

But for park owners, what should be your priority when looking for proper carousel rides.

Here are some important points for you to note:
1. Safety of the riders is paramount.
A good carousel ride should offer a fun and safe experience.
Electrical accessories should meet the set standards. The structural integrity of the carousel should be on point.

2. Easily recognizable.
Your carousel rides should be easily recognizable. Crowds should fall in love with them at first glance.
Ensure you select carousels that will match the theme of your parks.

It should have good music, a beautiful appearance, and awesome decorations.

Sometimes, you may get an opportunity to hire out your carousel rides. The rides should be easy to transport, assemble and disassemble.
The carousel rides should have their own unique colorful lighting. This will set them apart even when it’s dark.

Ensure that the colors and decorations you choose, accentuate the theme of your park.

Tip: You should look out for those designed with fiber glasses and have LED lights. They light up beautifully.

3. You should consider where the carousel ride will be placed.
You might need to place the carousel either outdoors or indoors.
For carousel rides that are placed outdoors, the materials used should be all-weather tolerant.
The space in which they are installed should be reasonable. Parents and crowds will want to watch as others enjoy their rides.

4. Quality carousel rides.
Quality is key. You do not want your carousel rides stalling midway full of riders.
Therefore, what makes a good quality carousel?
Technically, powerful motors are an integral part of your carousel ride. If the motors do not meet the quality standards, you will experience frequent breakdowns.
You should insist on quality certification from the manufacturer. The manufacturer should have a proven track record.

A Good Carousel Ride

A Good Carousel Ride

What Are Some Of The Features That Make Up A Good Carousel Ride?

When buying carousel rides, you should focus on the following key features.
1. Maintainability- Carousel rides should be easy to maintain and service throughout their lifetime. Ensure to ask for guarantees or warrantees when buying your carousels.

2. Quality material- Material used should be dependable and long-lasting
The type of material to use should be discussed and finalized during the design phase.

3. Carousel floor – It should be made of anti-corrosion material. Treated wood is mostly used.

4. Painting and decorations- Strict guidelines should be followed when painting and decorating the rides.
Human-friendly paint should be used. Decorations and colors should match the theme of your park.
Tip: You should consider painting the cone-shaped top of your carousel with your theme park colors.

5. Mobility- The ride should be smooth and enjoyable. There should be no unexpected bumps.
Other important features you should note include the size of the seats, and center pole decorations.
Tip: Ensure you discuss all your required features with the manufacturer. This article also guides you on how to choose a seasoned manufacturer.

A Good Carousel Ride feature

A Good Carousel Ride feature

What Are The Types Of Carousel Rides?

Carousel rides are divided into two categories based on the power structure. The categories are upper and lower transmission.

Upper Transmission
it involves the motor and the gear transmission at the top of the carousel platform.

This means that the transmission mechanism is placed under the roof of the carousel.

The upper part is usually wide to accommodate the transmission mechanism.

Upper transmission has advantages that include:
a. It’s not easily damaged therefore more durable. The general life expected should be 8-10 years.

b. The chassis is uniform and narrow. The chassis height is about 5cm higher off the ground. This makes the structure stable.

c. Rides are more comfortable because the structure is stable.

However, for park owners with constrained budgets, there are points to note about the upper transmission carousel rides:
a. The carousel structure is complex to put up.
b. The steel quality requirements are very high.
c. The price is much higher as compared to the lower transmission carousel rides.

They are more durable, comfortable and costs more than lower transmission
Lower transmission
It involves the lower motor with the belt mode.

Unlike upper transmission, the platform sits about 20cm above the ground.
The 20cm is because tires and belts are placed lower.

Some of the advantages lower transmission carousel offer include
a. They are cheaper compared to the upper transmission carousel.
b. It is easier to assemble and disassemble.
However, there are some downsides to the lower transmission model:
a. The belts and tires are easily damaged.
b. When rotating, the noise from the carousel platform is audible.
c. Moreover, the seat movement is jerky when going up and down.

You can utilize the upper and lower transmission carousels in any space you have.

For the two options, your carousel can be decorated to your specification.

We have professionals who will guide you on which transmission mechanism to select.

We will help you decide the best carousel ride for your park.

Types Of Carousel Rides

Types Of Carousel Rides

How To Choose A Carousel Ride For My Park?

Parks and fairs around the world have built their reputation around carousel rides.

Beautiful, efficient carousel rides will make you a lot of money.

Therefore, the importance of choosing carousel rides that are a perfect fit cannot be understated.

Let’s look at some simple tips that will guide you when choosing a carousel ride.

Fun fact: Carousel rides are a top attraction in popular parks in the world, including Disney. King Arthur Carrousel is extremely popular.

The popularity of a carousel ride
Choosing a good ride can be challenging. You have to seek a balance of a positive return rate and satisfying the riders.

Some carousels attract more people than others.

Appearance and music are the first elements that attract customers. Those shaped like pirate ships or galloping, horses and dragons have proved to be a favorite, especially with kids. This guarantees you a reasonable return rate.

Magical kingdoms themes are popular as well. Horses or unicorns can be designed in a way to simulate a race.

This will make it more enjoyable as the riders will want to see which horse wins the race.

Reindeers designs attract a lot of people during Christmas holidays.

The rides can also be themed around popular movies. For example, the Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Madagascar make well-liked themes for carousel rides.

Of course, you have a budget in mind. Prices for carousel rides can have significant differences.

Depending on your budget, you can acquire simple classical carousel rides, semi-luxury, or larger carousel rides.

Simple carousels are less expensive as compared to the other two options.

Larger carousels are structured with fiber glasses and LED lights and are more expensive.

China offers an excellent destination to shop for carousel rides. The sheer volume of production provides a cost advantage. You are more likely to get value for money.

Now that you have a budget in mind, it’s time to select a partner.

The right vendor will naturally want to walk with you, from inquiry to your carousel assembly.

You can read recommendations and reviews online. Good vendors will have rave reviews.

A good manufacturer will have proven quality and certifications. You can request a visit to the factory to affirm this.

Tip: Insist to see the following certifications from the manufacturer: CE, BV, COC, SONCAP, SASO, EN13814, and ISO.

You should always look out for warranties. Reputable vendors should offer guarantees for their carousel rides.

Good manufacturers will also have a plan for you in terms of repair and maintenance. Carousel rides are a significant investment, and you should be assured of maintenance cycles.

Age Group
The First thing you need to tie down is which age group you are targeting.

Correct carousel size correlates to safety.

For younger audiences, you should choose rides that are smaller in size with fewer seats. They should also rotate slower and provide a fun experience. These are called Kiddie carousels.

carousel merry go round
For the adults and teenagers, you have to go for a full-sized carousel. Parents and their kids can use a larger carousel. Parents riding with their kids is quite popular.

With larger carousels, you can add a variety of animal seats. This is advantageous to the park owner.

Having a wide selection of rides for all age groups will be a significant advantage to your park.

Technicalities of Carousel rides.

You have to be aware of what makes your carousel rides tick.

Before purchasing, ensure you understand the materials used, capacity, connecting rode, and motor.

Fiberglass, LED lights and good paint are critical for the make-up of your carousel.

A good motor is also mandatory. This is what drives your carousel. If it keeps breaking down, you will experience losses.

The capacity of your carousel should be well thought. Double-decker rides can also be considered.

Strong connecting rods are mandatory for proper operations. It ensures balance and safety for your carousel.

Placement of your carousel rides

When buying carousel rides, it should be clear where to place it, either indoors or outdoors.

For carousels that will be placed outdoors, high-quality hardy materials should be used.

The carousel should be able to withstand all weather elements.

Visibility of your carousel ride is essential. Place it where the appearance and music can attract crowds.

Kiddie carousels are smaller and can be placed indoors.

Larger carousels need enough space, do not forget about onlookers.

It is important to have a fence around your carousel rides. When choosing a site for placement, take his into consideration as well.

Carousel rides are a significant investment. The tips provided should help you buy or replace carousels.

Our experienced team will help you, taking into account your consideration.

What are the Benefits of carousel rides in parks?

Park owners have made carousel rides a mainstay in their amusement parks.

They have been popular since the 18th century.

Carousel rides require a considerable investment, so what are some of the advantages they offer?

a. Easily recognizable: The decorations and music easily attract crowds. Their design and shape are a visual attraction. They are a top reason why people visit parks.

b. Loved by everyone: Carousel rides are not only loved by kids.

Carousel rides are generally relaxing. The music and easy movement provide a wonderful experience. The ride is not adrenaline-inducing or scary like roller coasters. Adults love them a lot.

c. Carousel rides are timeless: They have been around for centuries. Carousel rides are not a fad that fades away. They are a staple at any park.

d. Easy maintenance: If you order a carousel from a certified vendor, you are guaranteed longevity. If carousel rides are appropriately run, they go a long time without needing repairs. You should follow maintenance schedules.

At Sinorides, we offer you 12 months warranty.
Some parts of the carousel rides have a lifetime warranty.

e. They provide a great return on investment: Perhaps the most significant factor for park owners. Due to their popularity, people ride carousels multiple times. Therefore, you will quickly recoup your initial investment.

Benefits of carousel rides in park

Benefits of carousel rides in park

Are Carousel Rides Profitable For Amusement Parks?

The question of profitability is vital for all park owners.

Carousel rides demand substantial investment.

Therefore, it is only natural that you are concerned about the return on your investment.

All factors holding, it has been proved that carousel rides offer a quick return on investment.

That is why you will find business people with multiple carousels rides on the beach in summer.

The secret to profitability is repeat ridership.

Strive to ensure that kids and adults who ride the carousel do it more than once.

You could use frequent rider coupons and unique promotions.

Go ahead and offer special group rates for families, scouts, and friends. This can boost sales, especially on off days.

Also, offer special rates for birthday parties and events, especially during off-peak days and months. Repeat ideas and promotions that have borne success.

Double-decker carousel rides host a lot more riders. Kids and parties enjoy this a lot. It also caters to riders during peak hours.

Consider the number of seats during the design phase. The space from seat to seat should be right.

For park owners, it is paramount to ensure that the carousel rides run throughout. Have regular maintenance checks. This can prevent catastrophic breakdowns.

When buying a new carousel, ensure to get a warranty.

These are some of the tips you should use to guarantee quick profitability.

How To Order A Carousel Ride?

Before ordering a carousel ride, there are several items you must check off your list.

a. Choose a reputable vendor. China has reputable manufacturers at reasonable prices.
b. Have a set budget.
c. Choose where you will place your carousel ride.
d. Contact local authorities and have a good grip on the licenses and permits required.

Now you can go ahead and order your carousel ride.

During the selection of your vendor, confirm the prices and warranty policies. Certify their quality by looking for referrals and visiting their manufacturing site. The manufacturer must also have experience in exporting.

Ensure to get a good understanding of the vendor’s safety record.

Check out the vendor on Alibaba. This is the world’s biggest online commerce company. They should have a gold star rating. The reviews should be excellent.

Moreover, you need to understand the lead time for delivery. Essentially, how long it takes for your carousel to be manufactured and delivered.

Delays are costly for park owners. Enquire if the manufacturer has a backlog in production.

Be well aware of the payment methods. Most companies in China accept visa and Mastercard.

After manufacturing, the shipping is next. A vendor with experience in exportation comes in handy.

Depending on size, the carousel equipment can be shipped in a single container.

Tip: The vendor might have a local representative in your country. Essentially, this makes things a lot easier for you. They will handle all processes for you, from shipping to installation.

Contact us to see if we have a local representative to assist you.

How To Install Carousel Rides?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

You ordered a carousel ride, and it has arrived on site.

So how do you assemble and install it?

Assembly and installation is another critical milestone. This is another make or breaks step.

If not installed correctly, you may face frequent breakdowns. Some components may also get ruined and need replacement.

Assembly and installation will differ with the size and complexity of the carousel.

Kiddie carousel installation will differ from elaborate full-sized or double-decker carousels.

Here are the steps for simple installation. This applies to simple carousel rides:
a. For the tracks availed, check to see that each has labels at the top and end.
b. Connect tracks with matching labels to form a circular track.
c. Use the nuts and screws to attach the parts.
d. Next is the assembly of the chassis. The chassis has fan-shaped plates. Just like the tracks, each plate has labels. Match the plates with the same label and attach them to form a large disk.
e. Fix the drive between the chassis and the track.
f. Next up, you need to fix the central pillar and the carousel seats. The pillar is fixed in the middle of the chassis.
g. For the seats, insert the circular pipes under the seats into the driving iron shaft. Fasten it with screws.
h. Finally, the cone-shaped part needs to be fixed. This is fixed atop the central pillar. Additionally, fix the pulling rod in the cone shape to ensure proper support.

Assembly and installation of your carousel rides will need a qualified technician. Ask the vendor to provide you with their certified personnel.

Fixing more complex carousel rides is a more complicated endeavor. There are more components to be installed compared to a small-sized carousel. Electrical components require qualified personnel to fix.

Finally, do not forget to ask for extensive test runs after installation.

Note the direction in which the carousel ride rotates. Ensure it is to your desire.

Tip: In commonwealth countries, carousel rides rotate clockwise and counterclockwise in Europe and North America. In Britain, the carousel animals face left.

How To Properly Maintain Carousel Rides?

A reputable carousel vendor should offer you product maintenance services.
Maintaining carousel rides involves caring for electrical parts, seats, carousel structures, and cleaning.

merry go round ride manufacturer

A manual should also be provided detailing maintenance schedules. It should give details on how to clean the carousel rides. This is typically called a standard procedures document.

The vendor should also provide you with a certified parts supplier. A qualified technician should be at hand for maintenance and repairs.

Some of the most common carousel ride maintenance tips include:

Regular inspection of the rides
The manufacturer can provide the time frame for inspection.

Inspection allows timely intervention before the breakdown of the equipment. It also assures you that the carousels are safe to ride.

It also ensures that you will not be faced with expensive repair bills.

Control use of your carousel rides

Limit unauthorized access to zero.

If possible, lock your carousel ride during off-hours.

Unauthorized access may result to wear and tear or even complete breakdown.

Adhere to the standard operating procedure
Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are meant to guide you on a carousel ride’s maintenance aspects.

Every carousel ride should have an SOP for maintenance. The manufacturer provides this.

The SOP should guide how to inspect, clean, and take care of your carousel ride.

Assessment of carousel ride functionality and parts

Regular assessment of some components is compulsory.

Parts like the motor and seats require attention.

For example, if your carousel ride suddenly turns noisy, there could be an issue.

Seats need checking to ensure that some parts are not broken.

After rains, ensure water does not accumulate anywhere, especially on the canopy.

Monitor power usage. Irregular power statistics could point to a problem.

Educate staff and riders on safety
The staff operating the rides should understand all safety aspects.

They should be able to control the riders.

People should not be allowed to climb on undesignated parts of the carousel rides. It may lead to severe injuries.

Others might want to throw stones or puncture the canopy. Kids may throw metal objects at the electrical components, which is hazardous.

Emphasize the need for safety to riders.

This ensures your carousel rides last longer.

Maintaining your carousel ride is not a ‘hope all will be well’ endeavor.

Have a maintenance plan and follow it through.

SOPs need to be in place for every aspect of the carousel rides.

Ensure that the carousel ride is locked when not in operation.

Engage your technical support team frequently.

This will ensure your carousel rides operate for a long time.

How To Clean Carousel Rides?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Clean Carousel Ride

Just like any other machine, carousel rides need regular cleaning.

For carousel rides that are placed outside, dust and mud should be a concern.

Cleaning your carousel will depend on the materials used.

For carousel rides that are made of fiberglass and plastic, use soapy water or diluted detergent.

Rinse with clean water and finally dry with a soft cloth.

How To Operate Carousel Rides? Are Carousel Rides Safe?

You can wax the fiberglass and plastic to make it shine.

Metallic parts are first brushed to remove any rust. Finally, use a clean duster to wipe the metal surface.

The canopy can be cleansed using pressurized water. It should wash away any molds and dust.

You can clean the wooden parts of the carousel with soapy water.

In case of tough stains, you can still use water and detergent or bleach. Scrub gently until the stain is gone. This will help avoid scratches on the carousel rides.

For sponge parts, scrub them with a cloth soaked in soapy water. Expose to the sun to dry.

Electrical components also need cleansing.

You need to be extra careful when cleaning them.

Before proceeding to clean, switch off the power and disconnect the power cords.

It would be best if you never cleaned electrical circuits or boards with water.

Use a cloth and dust all electrical components. You should take care not to damage anything.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to clean any particular part of your carousel ride.

Tip: Do not use chemicals that may react to metal, fiber, or plastic when cleaning.

How To Operate Carousel Rides?

Operating carousel rides require trained personnel.

Modern carousel ride utilizes an electric powered motor.

As the day starts, the operator has to check all aspects of the carousel ride.

If everything is fine, the carousel ride is started.

You can schedule the ride for intervals, maybe three minutes.

The operator should ensure that riders are correctly seated before the carousel ride rotates.

Operators should ensure kids riding alone are strapped.

The operator should also ensure that the carousel ride is locked when not in use.

Can I Put A Carousel Ride In A Zoo?

Yes, carousel rides can be placed in zoos.

For example, the Smithsonian zoo has a carousel that has captivated riders.

The carousel ride seats can take animals’ shape in the zoo, such as lions or pandas.

This will help in the conservation efforts of the zoo.

Other unique areas that carousel rides can be hosted include beaches, resorts, and car dealership yards.

Are Carousel Rides Safe?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Carousel rides are generally safe.
Fun fact: About 370 million visitors safely enjoy about 1.7 billion rides every year in North America.

As a park owner, the safety of riders and staff is critical.

Parks with a poor safety record suffer loss in business.

Your carousel rides operator should always stay alert.

Adults should accompany children under the age of five. If no adult is present, strap them with safety belts.

Have a lifesaving first aid kit on site. The staff should be trained in first aid.

Lock up your carousel ride to avoid unsupervised access. This will limit safety incidents.

Furthermore, do not allow drunk people on carousel rides.

Limit the use of cell phones when riding the carousels.

For kiddie rides, there are some critical safety measures you should take:
a. Ensure all connected parts of the kiddie carousel are intact.
b. The safety belts, cabin, and handles should be in place.
c. The cockpit or cabin is free from cracks, corroded, or exposed metallic parts.
d. The soft bag should be damage-free.
e. The kiddie carousel should be clean.
Finally, ensure your carousel rides are mechanically sound. This will eliminate accidents that may arise due to mechanical issues.

What Are The Components That Make Up Carousel Rides?

merry go round ride manufacturer

Carousel rides are mainly made of wood, metal, and fiberglass.

The center is made of metal or wood. The carousel revolves around this stationary pole.

Part made of wood includes the carousel horses (carved from basswood), sweeps, the platform, rounding board, and the mirror frames.

Metal parts include hydraulic motor, bearings, gears, and crankshafts.

The various panels and the platform can be cast in plastic or fiberglass.

Platform suspension rods and horse hangers are made of metal with brass sleeves.

A band organ supplies the music for the carousel. It can be powered electrically or mechanically.

Finally, the cone-shaped canopy is made of canvas.

How Much Does Carousel Rides Cost?

The cost of purchasing a carousel ride will vary depending on various factors.

a. Size- A kiddie carousel will cost less as compared to a large carousel ride.

b. Design- The design will highly impact the cost. A complicated design will cost more.

c. The number of seats – This will sometimes translate to the number of animal sculptures to be carved. The higher the number, the greater the cost.

d. Manufacturer – Price will vary significantly across manufacturers. Those in China will have a competitive advantage. It is, therefore, better to order from China.

e. The material used – Wood, steel, metal fiberglass, canvas, and plastic are the primary materials used in constructing a carousel ride. Depending on where it is made, some materials will cost more than others. This may result in significant cost variations.

You can get a quality kiddie carousel with six seats and standard features from $3500.

Overall, it would be best if you did your research properly before purchasing a carousel ride. Talk to us, and we will walk with you from the conception stage of your idea to installation.

Tip: Do not get carried away with low prices; watch out for quality, long-term support of your carousel ride, and the reputation of the manufacturer.

Are Carousel Rides Waterproof?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Carousel rides that operate outdoors face weather element challenges.

You need to ensure that your carousel ride quality is good enough to withstand these elements, especially water.

Make sure the manufacturer understands what weather the carousel ride will face.

For a better eco-friendly solution, your carousel should have non-toxic waterproof protection.

The cone-shaped canvas of the carousel ride should drop water away from your carousel.

If some part of your carousel has wood, waterproofing should be done to avoid rotting or weakening the structure.

LED lights are also water sensitive.

Ensure waterproof LED lights are installed on your carousel rides.

What Is The Life-Span Of Carousel Rides?

The number of years your carousel rides stay in operation largely depends on the quality and your maintenance culture.

There are manufacturers with a proven track record for consistently making carousels that last longer.

Fun fact: The stoomcarousel in the Netherlands was made in 1895. It is still in operation today.

Some tips to ensure your carousel rides operate for longer:

a. Get quality carousel rides: Carousel rides made with unqualified vendors or inappropriate materials will let you down. Select a vendor with a proven track record and the requisite certifications.
b. Maintenance schedule: Have a standardized plan. This includes maintenance for all electrical parts.
c. Repairs: In case of any breakdowns, ensure to get a professional for repairs. Do not gamble your investment with unqualified people!
d. Placement: For carousel rides that face extreme weather such as blizzards, heavy snow, or hurricanes, ensure you have a way to protect your rides. Cover them completely or consider moving them to indoor spaces.

Carousel rides require substantial investment. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure they operate for a very long period.

If possible, insure your carousel rides.

Life-Span Of Carousel Ride

Life-Span Of Carousel Ride

What Are The Quality Standards Of Carousel Rides?

A lot of park owners are usually bogged down with this question.

How do you trust the manufacturer?

Apart from experience, certifications are a way to find out if a manufacturer is legitimate.

Typically, an expert manufacturer will have 20+ years of experience.

Apart from that, they should possess quality standard certifications.

Technical certifications involve material testing, durability testing, and load testing for the equipment.

Other certifications evaluate the safety, health, and environmental impact of a carousel ride.

Certifications are carried out by accredited carousel rides test laboratories.

Quality assurance tests guarantee that:
a. There is greater customer trust and confidence in your carousel.
b. Maximum cost-effectiveness through enhanced carousel safety and functionality.
c. Limiting accidents for your carousel rides.
d. Legal compliance and assured reliability.
Some of the accreditation and certifications manufacturers should have include:
a. EN13814 Standards: This is a European standard that aims to ensure safety, from production to the use of carousel rides.
b. CE: This is a European certification that ensures the manufacturer meets all health, safety, and environmental protection standards
c. BV: A certification for quality, health, safety, and sustainability management.
d. ISO: This is a world-renowned standard that is observed from design to installation of carousel rides
e. GOST: This is a Russian standard that many countries have adopted. It involves tests and measures to ensure safety and minimize the risks of your carousel rides.
f. SGS: This certification involves inspection, testing, certification, and verification of carousel rides.
At Sinorides, we possess these standards and much more. We also have 28 years of experience manufacturing and distributing quality carousel rides.

How To Check The Quality Of Carousel Rides?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Apart from all the accreditation, as a park owner, you need a quality carousel ride.

Here are some tips on how to check on the quality.
a. Check the load testing, durability test and materials test report: After manufacturing is done, sufficient testing should be carried out.
Two metrics to look out for include. Load bearing capabilities and material examination of the carousel ride.
The carousel rides are also put under stress to see how they cope.

A quality carousel ride will pass all these tests.
b. A quality ride will have a proper transmission link. If not functioning well, the carousel ride will be unbalanced.
c. Electrical components should be from a certified supplier.
d. A bumpy carousel ride may point to defects. After manufacturing, ensure the ride is smooth. The configurations such as the turn speed should work seamlessly.

Are Carousel Rides Made In China Worth Buying?

There are extremely compelling reasons why Chinese manufacturers stand head and shoulder above others.

Carousel rides from China are now in use in almost all countries in the world, including Europe.

Fun fact: China exceeded the USA in theme park revenue in 2020.

This is a testament that park rides are popular across China, and manufacturers have stepped up their game.

China manufacturers have the advantage of enormous production enterprises.

New cutting-edge technology, with many patents, helps in the production of quality carousel rides within a short time-span.

Therefore, prices are considerably better with superior quality.

The expert manufacturers are guided by accredited standards and possesses relevant certification.

No matter the size of your project, the manufacturers are able to handle it.

Shipment is also hassle-free.
As you shop for carousel rides for your amusement park, it is strongly advised that you check out Chinese manufacturers as well.

Sinorides has supplied more than 2400 carousel rides across the world. Ranked as the top amusement park ride manufacturer and amusement park service in China

Can Carousel Rides Be Customized?

merry go round ride

Yes, many aspects of carousel rides can be easily customized.

Many park owners request for customization on the number of seats, appearance, lighting, and the design of seats.

Before production, a client may have a specific design in mind.

The manufacturer can reproduce the client’s design.

You may choose an already made carousel ride. However, you may require some aspects changed to suit your market.

The manufacture may also offer you a customized design.

How are carousel rides customized?

Once the manufacturer receives your approval, the design team will develop the correct specifications for the carousel.

The correct materials are then selected, and the manufacturing process takes place.

Electrical installations are done as well as fixing all parts.

Painting and decoration is done, and you finally have your customized carousel ride.

Do Carousel Rides Manufacturers Offer Warranty of Carousel Rides?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Just like any other valuable product, carousel rides manufacturers should provide a warranty.

Note that the warranty may come in the form of parts replacement only.

The manufacturer can also provide a replacement for the carousel ride if there is a wide failure of the carousel ride system.

You must keep all your warranty documentation safely for the duration of the warranty.

In case of any breakdown, engage the manufacturer immediately.

They will recommend what to do otherwise your warranty may become void.

Reasons that may void your carousel ride warranty.
a. Engaging services of unauthorized personnel for repairs.
b. Using parts that are not authorized by the manufacturing during repairs.
c. Deliberate tampering/destruction of the carousel ride.
d. False personal information on the warranty documents.

Sinorides provides you with at least one year warranty on carousel rides. Talk to us today to get the best deal.

Do the Manufacturer Provide After-Sales Service of Carousel Rides?

A reliable manufacturer should be able to provide you with reliable after-sales service.

After-sales service for carousel rides may include:

a. Technical team for onsite assembly and installation of your carousel ride.
b. Testing of the carousel ride after installation to ensure everything is functional. This guarantees the successful commissioning of the carousel rides.
c. Planned and emergency inspection of your carousel ride.
You can schedule inspections, otherwise, If you feel your carousel ride is not performing optimally, you can contact the manufacturer.
d. Scheduled maintenance. This also involves the replacement of worn-out parts and checking the entire carousel system.
e. Carousel ride upgrades: If you need to upgrade your carousel, for example, changing seat configurations, the manufacturer should assist you.
f. Conforming to new laws and regulations: If new laws that affect carousel rides are instituted, the manufacturer may help you comply.
g. Training operators. The manufacturer should be able to provide training support.

A good manufacturer should be available 24/7 to assist you, ship parts, or offer virtual assistance.

Note: After-sales service may involve charges.

Do Carousel Rides Only Have Horses?

carousel merry go round

Carousel rides are typically associated with horses.

However, there are many other options available that are just as spectacular.

Many carousel ride owners prefer mixing it up.

For example, you could have a mix of galloping horses, unicorns, zebras, and pandas on one ride.

This provides a wide array of options to riders.

Kiddie carousel comes in all shapes and sizes.

Some designs include mini cars, pirate ships, and even ducks.

merry go round ride manufacturer

An alternative carousel ride seat.

There are a lot of options available, and it all depends on your preference.

The manufacturer can quickly bring your designs to life.

Please do not limit yourself to only one option; contact us to see all our available selections.

Carousel rides vs. other park attractions

Carousel rides are one of the most elegant and recognizable attractions in amusement parks.

Unlike rollercoasters and haunted mansions, carousel rides are less scary.

They are a family favorite and fun for group activities.

Ferris wheels are also common in parks, but people with a fear of heights usually keep away from them.

Carousel rides, however, are a bit of both worlds, providing thrills and fun at the same time.

When doing your park design, a carousel ride is a must-have.

What Are The Best Ideas For Carousel Rides?

The horse carousel ride is a must-have for park owners.

Pretty birds, butterflies, and fairy tales design attract girls a lot.

The male gender loves lions, elephants, and horses.

It is best to have a combination of all these seats options in your park for maximum profit.
Contact us for the best ideas for carousel rides.

What Are Kiddie Carousels?

Kiddie carousels are amusement park rides designed for kids.

Kids love them a lot.

They are very common, from the corner store to the biggest amusement park.

Most are coin-operated. They have fun designs like Donald duck and horses.

They are compact and easy to transport.

Kiddie carousels usually have fewer seats compared to normal-sized carousel rides.

Most can be used either indoors or outdoors, providing great flexibility.

Standard features for kiddie carousel rides include kid’s music, LED lighting, and operates using electricity.

Kiddie carousels will make you money as kids will want to ride over and over.

How To Make Carousel Rides Even More Fun For Kids?

Kiddie carousels are a moneymaker.

You should ensure that your kiddie carousels are the best in terms of design and music.

This will guarantee you high traffic and repeat ridership.

So, let’s look at some of the ways you can make your kiddie carousel more fun to ride.

a. Your carousel cockpits should be of famous and relatable objects. Famous cartoon characters and animals are popular with kids.
b. If the kiddie carousel employs mp3 for music, ensure to play popular kids songs.
c. The appearance of your carousel should be fantastic.
Contact us for a quote for popular kiddie carousels.

Can Carousel Rides Be Solar-Powered?

Solar power technology is becoming a popular power source.

However, only a handful of carousel rides are solar-powered in the world.

Conventional sources of power are still more reliable and dependable.

It is a guarantee that you can operate your business throughout the year, no matter your location.

Maintenance and repairs of your motors and electrical components are also standard and predictable.

What Are The New Trends In Carousel Rides?

It is anticipated that the market for amusement rides will grow to $70 plus billion by 2025.

Crowds are returning to parks in larger numbers.

Carousel rides are being designed and produced as per health and safety regulations.

Moreover, people are more environmentally responsible. Manufacturers are designing carousel rides that do not leave significant footprints on the environment.

The use of eco-friendly paints and designs that do not consume a lot of electricity has now been widely adapted.

There is also considerable uptake of kiddie carousels.

The fact that they are compact, easy to set up and transport means that they are popular.

You are now most likely to find kiddie carousels in supermarkets, convenience stores, and malls.

You can also easily rent them out for birthday parties and weekends.

Get a quote from us today; our professionals will help you select the best-suited carousel ride for your business.

New Trends In Carousel Ride

New Trends In Carousel Ride

Why Do Carousel Rides Rotate Clockwise?

This stems from a tradition where horses were mounted on the left side for easy access.

However, in North America, carousel rides rotate anticlockwise.

You can get a carousel that rotates either clockwise or anticlockwise. Contact us today.

What Is The Use Of Music During Carousel Rides?

Music from band organs brings bright, cheerful delight to carousel riders.

It serves to imprint fun memories for the riders.

Catchy tunes also provide fun and increase repeat ridership.

Technically, the music masks the dull sound of the rotating platform.

What Are Some Good Reasons To Purchase Carousel Rides?

carousel merry go round

If you want to bring fun and color to your business, a carousel ride is a must-have.

Carousel rides have been used since time immemorial to bring fun and joy to both kids and adults.

Here are a few reasons why a carousel ride is a good purchase:
a. Fun and safe for adults and kids: This guarantees you increased foot traffic to your business and consequently, good profits.
b. Bright color and relatable objects: This lighting, colorful and intricate colors attract people a lot.
c. Music: carousel music makes it a lot of fun to ride carousels. It guarantees you increased ridership.
d. Adrenaline rush: Who doesn’t love a little kick of adrenaline. It gives off a feeling of happiness and fun. This makes riders want to ride again and again.

How To Specify Your Carousel Rides Requirements To The Manufacturer?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Your requirements can be expressed to the manufacturer in several ways:
a. Design specification document
b. Face to face
c. Virtual meetings

A good manufacturer will accommodate all these methods.

You can visit the manufacturing site and show a picture of a carousel ride you may require.

Technically and mostly for big and complex carousel rides projects, a design specification document is drawn.

It details all aspects of the carousel ride, including the number of seats, materials specification, the motor’s power, and other details.

Virtual meetings are extremely popular as you can present your requirements. In turn, the manufacturer will showcase what they have or take all your requirements and come up with a model.

Nowadays, most park owners order their carousel rides virtually.

Before delivering your carousel ride, the manufacturer must go back to your requirement list to ensure all your specifications are met.

Contact us today with your requirements and get our professionals to assist you.

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