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Domestic Case: Installation In Zhengjiang

Situated at Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhengjiang Province, China, the Colorful World Farm is a kids amusement center. This center has ordered several amusement park rides from Sinorides, which includes 5-arm Giant Octopus, 12-arm Self-control Plane, 25 Seats Luxury Carousel, Fruit Flying Chair, and Animal Mini Shuttle.

                                Sinorides Amusement Rides

Our Company has done the installation in a period of 20 days, and finished the work on September, 30 of 2016. Our products have smoothly gone through the safety test by the local quality testing department on October 10.

On the first night of the business opening, our products have brought a great amount of economic benefit for the owner of the farm. It turns out that our amusement park rides are well welcomed by the local tourists. They give excellent remarks on the products! The owner of the farm also thinks highly of our good quality products and professional and effective technology. 

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