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SINORIDES Amusement Rides in India
Congratulations to Tony! His clients from India gave us some feed backs on SINORIDES amusement facilities, among them pictures and videos are included, which is helpful for us. 
In October 2016 this group of clients came to SINORIDES factory for inspection. After all, they didn’t know what and how SINORIDES is. They had a general knowledge of SINORIDES amusement rides, team, service and management mode after several says’ investigation. Finally, they placed an order with SINORIDES and signed a contract with Mike Ma, the boss of SINORIDES.
Here is some of the 3D design for amusement rides they selected:
3D Design for amusement rides
sinorides clients from India
In February 2017 the clients came to SINORIDES factory again for inspecting the amusement equipment. Luckily, we didn’t let them down. They said they were very pleased to cooperate with us! At the end they reminded of us to delivery on time! Before they left China, we took them to Shaolin Temple. 
According to the clients’ requirement, SINORIDES sent some experienced technical engineers to India for installation in June 2017. 
Kiddie rides: Safari Train, Mini Ferris Wheel and Dinosaur Kids Plane 
Family rides: Luxury Carousel, Spinning Coaster, Rocking Tug and Spiral Jet
Thrill rides: Disco TAGADA, Jumping Circle, Small Pendulum, Top Spin, Energy Claw, 36 Seats Flying Chair