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SINORIDES Amusement Rides Coffee Cup and Big Octopus in Chile
Congratulations to SINORIDES! A client from Chile placed an order with SINORIDES factory again and now the amusement ride BIG OCTOPUS has been installed in client’s park successfully. It is the second time he purchased amusement devices from us. 
In the year 2016, he bought a set of park ride COFFEE CUP, which belongs to small and medium amusement machines in SINORIDES. Amusement Coffee Cup is one of the most attractive classic rides for family members. It belongs to carousel/merry-go-round category, popular with passengers at all ages. 
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Coffee Cup
The client said the amusement rides Coffee Cup has been running very well and seldom has problems, so he thinks he can believe SINORIDES in product quality. Thus, he placed an order again in the year 2017 and this time he purchased the middle-sized amusement ride BIG OCTOPUS. 
amusement rides Big Octopus in Chile
amusement rides Big Octopus in Chile
Big Octopus is a kind of rotary amusement park rides, which consists of 5 or 6 paws. There are 3 cabins hanging over every paw and 2 passengers in every cabin. Rotary family rides Big Octopus is suitable for amusement park, theme park, large squares, shopping malls, funfairs, fairgrounds, indoor and outdoor playgrounds in carnival seasons.