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Amusement Rides help develop folk culture
With the development of society and economy, there are so many cities in China have embarked on an experiment in urban reform, so does XuanCheng. XuCheng is a city located in Anhui Province. This city is crowned with green trees, beautiful scenery, and it also offers convenient, casual, body-building, and recreational scene for the residents and tourists. So the Urban Planning Bureau want to make it a cultural ecotourism small town. 
Sinorides Amusement Rides
Now, when you go to this small town, a new archway stands in front of you. The residents say that in the past, Houshan Village was ruined and was a well-known poverty-stricken village. After the investment was made, the village's appearance changed dramatically. The data shows that at present, not only the cement roads in the village have been widened, but also a large archway, three landscape pavilions, four landscape ponds, a large amusement center, an electronic large screen, a parking lot, a fitness plaza and an auditorium.
After determining the theme of the city, they contact with SINORIDE, and wish to purchase some amusement rides suiting for the city theme. Sinorides recommend the 16-seat luxury carousel ride, mini pirate ship ride, Trackless train ride and mini flying car ride for the first phase of the project. By now, the amusement rides have been sent in XuanCheng. The following days, we will see that the amusement rides must play an important part for the tourism in the town.