How does the children’s park do marketing and promotion? Easily get these six methods!

In the operation of children’s parks, effective marketing strategies play an important role in order to quickly detonate the market.

1. Experiential Marketing


The free trial games can almost attract most people, especially children. At the beginning of the business, the free trial games will form a popular gathering effect, create a lively and cheerful atmosphere, can fully stimulate consumer and sensory, if satisfied, experience the natural is willing to pay for good product again, promote recycling consumption, so the experiential marketing is very necessary.


2. Daily event marketing


Rich themed activities can stimulate the enthusiasm of customers to participate, and some educational or parent-child activities can be carried out on good days such as weekends and holidays, which can improve the overall popularity of the venue, and secondly, it can enhance the relationship between parents and children and increase customers. Sticky, conditional parks can also plan some games, find professionals to take pictures or short videos of the corresponding play situations, and conduct online marketing.


3. Festive promotions


Promotional activities can be carried out on statutory festivals such as Children’s Day, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc. Various festival promotion activities can bring richer benefits to the park. It is worth mentioning that festival promotion activities should be based on different festivals to plan special events, such as corresponding patriotic-themed activities on National Day, can bring unexpected results to the park.


4. Off-season discount promotions


Children’s amusement industry is affected by the weather and seasonal climate, there are obvious off-season points, in the off-season the park can do some discount promotion activities, customers will come to children’s park because of ticket discount, activate dormant customers, so as to promote more people to come to consume.

5. Affiliate Marketing


Membership marketing is a common marketing method for children’s parks. Operators launch some member-exclusive welfare and preferential activities for members. These activities can capture the hearts of old customers, increase the stickiness and activity of consumers, and also launch old and new plans. , invite your friends to the park to play with surprise gifts, so as to tap more potential customer groups for the park.

6. Cooperative marketing


Children’s park can also negotiate and cooperate with other industries around it, such as shopping malls and supermarkets, so as to realize the mutual sharing or sponsorship of valuable resources and mutual benefit. Cooperate with relevant industries, such as children’s toy stores, children’s clothing stores, children’s photo studios, etc., carry out advertising exchange, take advantage of each other, promote consumption, and achieve the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win or multi-win. Joint cooperation with educational institutions, such as children’s training institutions, kindergartens, children’s palaces, etc., to regularly organize people to play and carry out related activities, exchange what they need and win the future. These ways can effectively improve the popularity of children’s paradise and expand the customer base.


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