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Sinorides is a big name in amusement rides manufacturer industry. With discovery rides for sale, it’s time to upgrade your theme park. The giant discovery ride is safe, secure and tested hundreds of time. With large capacity, it gives every rider a chance to enjoy zero-gravity experience.

Actually, the discovery ride comes with excellent customization ability. You can request small or large discovery ride to meet park requirement. Sinorides also offer park design service to help you make the park layout and plan.

If you are looking for a thrill ride for your amusement or theme park, consider investing in our discover ride. Suspended from an overhead axis, the ride will give your passengers a thrilling experience. Some of our discovery rides rotate 360 degrees.

You can be sure about the safety of our discovery ride. After all, it has passed various quality certifications, including CE, BV, GOST, SGS, and more. We have used water-proof attractive paints on our rides, making them very appealing.

360° Large Pendulum Rides for Sale
Sinorides 360° Large Discovery Ride is Certified By CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 40kW
  • Height: 11m
  • Swing Angle: 360°
360° Small Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 360° Small Discovery Ride Meet European Quality Standard.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 30kW
  • Height: 11m
  • Swing Angle: 360°
Sinorides 30 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides offer 30 Seats Discovery Ride for Sale with complete technical support.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 30P
  • Power: 120kW
  • Height: 14.5m
  • Swing Angle: 110°
Sinorides 23 seats Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides supply 23 Seats Discovery Ride for sale with stable performance.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 23P
  • Power: 22kW
  • Height: 13.8m
  • Swing Angle: 40°
12 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 12 Seats Discovery Ride for Sale can be tailored for your need.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 21kW
  • Height: 5.5m
  • Voltage:380V
Sinorides 6 seats discovery rides for sale
Sinorides provide 6 Seats Discovery Ride with global installation service.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 6P
  • Power: 12kW
  • Height: 4.2m
  • Area:6m*6m

Your Premier Discovery Ride Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is a premier maker of discovery rides for sale. The amusement rides have unique and reliable structures. Actually, the giant support pillars are perfect for support. Also, it has an automatic harness system that keeps every rider safe.

Despite the extra-large design, discover amusement ride is simple to operate. It comes with all manuals and procedures on how to operate. Also, Sinorides make an effort to train your staff before they can operate the giant discovery ride.

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Discovery Ride for Sale Project

The giant pendulum ride has durable paint that never fades. Moreover, you can expect the paint to last for years and is eco-friendly. Decorations depend on our preference.

Sinorides takes your visitors with great seriousness. You get your discovery ride for sale having tested over 80 times and 8 times while loaded. Any defect is possible to detect through spectral analysis and ultrasonic testing.

Sinorides Discovery Ride Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides amusement rides for sale cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Amusement Rides Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Discovery Ride appearance more smooth.
Sinorides amusement rides for sale materials
High grade material to ensure your Discovery Ride running safely.
amusement rides for sale painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Discovery Ride good status.
Sinorides pendulum rides for sale seats details
Multi safety settings for Discovery Ride seats to ensure your park visitors’ safety.
amusement rides for sale welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Discovery Ride steel structure.


TECHNICAL DATA360° Large Pendulum Rides360° Small Pendulum Rides30 Seats Pendulum Rides23 Seats Pendulum Rides12 Seats Pendulum Rides6 Seats Pendulum Rides
Number of Seats24P12P30P23P12P6P
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides 360 Discovery Rides Design

Sinorides Discovery Rides Design image

Discovery Rides Design by Sinorides

Discovery Thrill Ride drawing

Discovery Thrill Ride techncial drawing

Sinorides is a Reliable Discovery Ride Manufacturer

Sinorides is a Reliable Discovery Ride Manufacturer

The discovery rides come directly from Sinorides manufacturing warehouse. It has over 5000Sqm meaning outstanding crafting. Besides, 200 direct staff comprising of engineers and specialist customizes your order.

Every part used in the discovery ride manufacturing is of top quality. Sourced from different manufacturers and are highly rated. Also, amusement rides feature international recognition.

If you have no theme park planner, Sinorides can assist you in theme park design. Engineers can tour your site to design and propose a plan for you.

Sinorides is one of the trustworthy amusement ride manufacturers in China, selling rides globally. We have been serving the amusement rides manufacturing industry since 1992. You get professionally polished and international-standard free fall ride at Sinorides. 

We have a spacious workshop/factory of 50,000 SQM. It has all the latest equipment for painting, welding, and cutting. Our professionals have an average experience of 10 years at least. Therefore, you get a faultless and professional discovery ride. Multi-safety settings make our discovery ride exceptionally secure. 

You get a high-quality safety harness and safety belt for extra peace of mind. The ride is quite popular among youngsters. So take your park visitors to a new level of thrill with our top-notch Frisbee ride. 

At Sinordies, we have different types of discovery rides. You can even buy a giant discovery ride that can accommodate 30 people simultaneously. Our large-sized discovery ride is 14.5 meters in height and operates at the power of 120kW. 

You do not need to worry about the quality of our discovery ride. We have used high-grade stainless steel and FRP. The seats of our ride use premium quality fiber-reinforced plastic that can bear people of different weights and heights.

If you want to know more about our discovery ride, get in touch with us.

Discovery Ride – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you one of those who’re thinking to add more thrill to their amusement parks?

If yes, Discovery Ride is going to be your top priority.

But wait,

Do you have any idea about the selection of the best models of Discovery Ride?

Don’t worry if you’re still confused since we’ve gathered the handiest Discovery Ride FAQ guide for helping you out.

What is a Discovery ride?

A discovery ride is a circular disc-like pendulum ride that moves in a 360-degree direction.

It’s integrated with a central gondola that contains up to 30 rider seats, inward or outward in a direction depending upon the ride model.

The circular gondola is adjusted between two sturdy frames and moves in a back and forth direction.

After the gondola rotation, Discovery Ride starts to swing in a fixed arc of about 120 or 360 degrees.

This ride provides a real thrilling, mind-boggling experience to the riders.

Discovery Ride

What are the different types of Discovery Ride?

The different types of Discovery Ride are given as below:

In which Category of amusement ride Discovery ride falls?

Discovery Rides fall in the thrill ride category of amusement park rides.

The structure of the ride is designed in a way to give a mind-blowing, thrilling experience to the riders.

The circular gondola moves in a 360 direction around the frames; thus, it causes the riders to experience the thrill of moving in the air without any support.

Its mind-boggling riding process is considered one of the most appealing rides by adventurous riders.

Category of Discovery Ride

What is the age limit of Discovery Ride?

The average age limit of the Discovery Ride ranges from 18 years to 30 years.

Persons lower than the suggested height ratio aren’t allowed to ride the Discovery ride because of the safety issues.

Furthermore, it’s suggested that the aged persons shouldn’t ride this thrilling ride since it can cause severe health issues.

How many riders can a Discovery Ride hold?

A standard Discovery Ride can hold 30 riders at a time.

The giant discovery ride’s circular gondola contains 30 seats adjusted on the inner or outer side of the ride.

In addition to this, some smaller Discovery Ride models are also available with a rider capacity of 6 persons.

Is Discovery Ride dangerous?

Yes, a Discovery ride is pretty dangerous for those who are feared of the extended heights.

All the riders on the seats are provided with a harness belt around their bellies.

Thus, if the rider doesn’t properly tie the safety belt, it’ll surely prove a danger for you.

What are the safety tips for Discovery Ride?

The safety tips for discovery ride are given as under:

  • Take account of the operation room for proper control
  • Make sure about the availability of safety belts on the rider seats
  • Lubricate all the parts of the Discovery Ride for minimizing friction
  • Observe the damage of any parts for reducing the accidents
  • Hire professional controllers for operating Discovery Ride

What are the parts of Discovery Ride?

The main parts of the Discovery Ride include:

  • Gondolas
  • Frame
  • Seats

The circular gondola or Frisbee, like the structure of the Discovery ride, moves in the air in a spinning motion.

This gondola moves back and forth in a 360-degree direction.

Furthermore, the spinning gondola is adjusted between two fixed frames, which are installed on the ground.

The major role of these frames is to provide support to the moving gondolas.

Seats are coupled with the gondola for the accommodation of the riders.

What are the certifications for Discovery Ride?

Some of the most important certifications required for Discovery ride include:

  • CE Certification

It’s required for the approval of manufacturing Discovery Ride by the manufacturers.

  • ISO Certification

This certificate ensures the standardization of the Discovery Ride’s operation.

Does Discovery Ride come with a warranty?

Yes, the majority of the Discovery Ride comes with a warranty of about three years.

Besides this, some manufacturers, including Sinorides, provide a lifetime warranty with Discovery Ride.

In addition to the warranty, some amazing after-sale services with installation deals are also available on this platform.

Can you customize Discovery Ride?

Yes, you can customize Discovery Ride according to the theme of your amusement park.

Moreover, you can contact many efficient manufacturers in China, including Sinorides, for carrying out the customization services for you.

However, the fees may be higher for the ride if you’re thinking to customize it.

Customization of Discovery Ride

How to choose the best Discovery Ride?

For choosing the best discovery ride, follow the given steps:

  • Select the right manufacturer

The first step to do while choosing the best Discovery ride is to get your hands on trustworthy manufacturers.

Prefer those producers who carry out all standard steps for manufacturing Discovery Ride.

  • Check the Quality of Materials

The quality of the materials is responsible for increasing the durability and the life of the Discovery ride.

So there’s no need to buy a ride manufactured with poor quality raw materials.

  • Safety

Safety is one of the most crucial factors to consider.

Check out the presence of all safety tips in the discovery ride you’re going to purchase.

What is the process of manufacturing the Discovery Ride?

The process of manufacturing Discovery Ride is carried out in the following steps:

  • Selection of Materials

The first step to construct the Discovery Ride is the selection of premium quality materials.

Fibreglass and Stainless steel are used for manufacturing Discovery Ride.

  • Designing and Drawing

The technical engineers draw the basic sketch of the amusement ride.

Designing the design is the most important step because it involves taking steps to eliminate the reasons because which a ride can collapse.

  • Production of Discovery Ride

After selecting appropriate materials and finalizing the sketch, the production phase of the Discovery Ride is carried out in large industries.

In this step, all the materials, including Fiberglass, Steel structures, are manufactured.

In addition to this, all the parts of Discovery Ride are assembled to give a final touch to the ride’s manufacturing.

  • Final Testing

In the last, a final test session is carried out by the industry professionals for ensuring the quality of the Discovery Ride.

Manufacturing Discovery Ride

Can you use Discovery Ride in amusement parks?

Yes, Discovery rides are majorly used in Amusement parks because of their thrill level.

Most of the amusement park owners love to use Discovery Ride in amusement parks because the riders love to experience this mind-boggling charm.

Other than amusement parks, Discovery Ride is also used in Fairground parks and outdoor parks.

Discovery Ride in Amusement parks

What materials are used in the construction of the Discovery Ride?

Following materials are used in the construction of Discovery Ride:

  • Steel Plates

It’s used to make the main structure of the Discovery Ride.

It’s the perfect choice because of its sturdy nature and reliability.

  • Fibreglass

Fiberglas is used to make the seating area and integrated parts of the Discovery ride.

Channel Steel

It’s a long steel bar that is used to make the orbital platform of Discovery Ride.

  • Angle Steel Strips

These steel strips are used to manufacture the other components of Discovery Ride.

What are the steps for manufacturing Discovery Ride?

The steps for manufacturing Discovery Ride are given as under:

  • Choice of high-quality materials
  • Designing of the Discovery Ride
  • Sketching the basic structure of Discovery Ride
  • Assembling of parts
  • Inspection of the assembled parts
  • Final testing

How to maintain Discovery Ride?

For maintaining the Discovery Ride, carry out the following steps:

  • Carry out regular inspection of the Discovery Ride
  • Lubricate all the parts of Discovery Ride after regular time intervals
  • Take account of the operation of the ride
  • Hire professional persons for operating Discovery Ride
  • Replace all the damaged parts of Discovery Ride
  • Never compromise on the low quality of the materials in its manufacturing

What is the weight capacity of Discovery Ride?

The average weight capacity of Discovery Ride is about 657kg which ranges up to 30 persons in the ride.

However, the Discovery ride’s weight capacity varies depending on the model and seating area of the ride.

The greater the seating area, the greater will be the weight capacity of Discovery Ride.

Weight Capacity of Discovery Ride

What is the voltage consumption of the Discovery Ride?

The mean voltage consumption of the Discovery Ride is 380V.

But many other models of the Discovery with 24, 12 and 6 seats consume less voltage.

However, the Discovery Ride’s voltage consumption can be customized according to the choice of the amusement park owners.

What is the payment method of Discovery Ride manufacturers?

The payment methods for purchasing the Discovery Ride from professional manufacturers are given as below:

  • PayPal
  • Cash
  • Escrow
  • Western Union
  • L/C – Letter of Credit
  • Money Gram
  • T/T – Telegraphic Transfer

Are manufacturers responsible for the damage of Discovery Ride?

Amusement ride manufacturers are responsible for the shipping damage of the Discovery Ride.

But if the Discovery Ride is damaged physically or mechanically after the installation, the manufacturers aren’t responsible for it.

However, you can contact the manufacturers for the repair services, but you’ve to pay the fees for the services you’ll avail of.

How to choose reliable manufacturers for Discovery Ride?

Choosing the reliable manufacturers for Discovery Ride isn’t easy, but you can get your hands on the best manufacturers in China by following the given steps:

  • Start Searching

No doubt there’s a wide variety of reliable manufacturers but start your research for finding a trustworthy one.

  • Look for the QC Team

To ensure the quality production of Discovery ride by the manufacturers, make sure about the QC team’s availability.

  • One-Stop Solution

Select the manufacturers who provide the best one-stop solution for all services related to the Discovery Ride ranging from import to installation.

  • Certifications

Take a profound look at the presence of quality standard certifications at the manufacturers.

Do Discovery Ride manufacturers provide after-sale services?

Yes, most Discovery Ride manufacturers in China, including Sinorides, provide the best after-sale services.

After-sale services include the installation and the operation of the Discovery Ride.

Many professional workers are available at this platform which aims to provide the highest quality of after-sale services.

After-sale services of Discovery Ride

What are the lubrication oils for Discovery Ride?

Following are the best quality lubrication oils for Discovery Ride:

  • Mineral Oils

Because of the better solubility with all kinds of additives, mineral oils are the best lubrication oil for Discovery Ride.

It’ll increase the fluency of the ride’s movement up to noticeable extents.

  • Synthetic Oils

Better viscosity of the synthetic oil both at low and high-temperature suits perfect for lubricating Discovery Rides.

  • Biodegradable Oils

These lubricants are the best to use for reducing the friction in Discovery Rides.

They increase the fluency of operation without damaging the environment.

How long is the production of Discovery Ride?

The production of Discovery Ride takes up to two to three months.

Since the production of this thrill ride consists of long and lengthy procedures, that’s why it takes up to several months for producing the Discovery rides.

However, the production time of Discovery Ride can be decreased by a higher number of workers in the industry.

Production of Discovery Ride

How does Discovery Ride work?

The discovery ride works on the principle of continuous rotations around the gondola.

The power is supplied to the gondola through the DC motor at the bottom.

After the gondola starts its rotating movement, the main axis or the main gondola starts to rotate along the axis in a back and forth direction.

The two major forces that maintain the back and forth movement of gondolas are gravity and the force of friction.

However, the gondola movement is stopped with the help of centrifugal force, which is not experienced by the riders.

How to operate Discovery Ride?

Almost all Discovery Rides are operated with DC motors and generators’ help, which are adjusted on the lower side of the ride.

No doubt the motion of the Discovery Ride is fixed just like the pendulum.

But it can be controlled by the operator for maintaining the movement of the gondola, arm, and axle.

Operation of Discovery Ride

Is it profitable to install a Discovery ride?

Yes, it’s pretty profitable to install Discovery Ride in amusement parks just because of the increasing demands of thrill-loving riders.

The continuous back and forth movement of the ride creates a mind-boggling feeling for the riders.

In addition to this, the Discovery Ride method also attracts a wide number of riders in amusement parks.

Furthermore, Discovery Ride can generate twofold profit as compared to the money you spent on buying it.

Can kids ride Discovery Ride?

No, kids cannot ride Discovery Ride because this amazing ride’s thrill level is pretty high for children.

The operation and movement of the Discovery Ride can cause some of the kids to fall on the ground, thus causing severe injuries to them.

Moreover, for the sake of safety, kids are not allowed to ride on the Discovery Ride.

When was Discovery Ride invented?

The first giant Discovery Ride was invented by Zamperla back in 2006.

It broke the world record with its 45m maximum height among all the amusement rides out there in the world.

Not only this, but it operated at the fastest speed of about 100 km/h.

After the advent of Discovery Ride, it becomes famous in all amusement parks around the world.

Invention of Discovery Ride

Does Discovery ride come in different sizes?

The different sizes of the Discovery Ride are given as below:

  • 360 degree Small Discovery ride with 10m by 14m dimensions and a height of 11 meters
  • 360 Large Discovery Ride with 14m by 18m dimensions and a height of 19.6 meters
  • 30 Seat Discovery Ride with 24m by 18m dimensions and a height of 20.5 meters
  • 23 Seat Discovery Ride with 19.6m by 13.7m dimensions and a height of 13.6 meters
  • 12 Seat Discovery Ride with 8m by 8m dimensions and a height of 5.5 meters
  • 6 Seat Discovery Ride with 6m by 6m dimensions and a height of 4.2 meters

How to install a discovery ride?

For installing Discovery Ride, it’s suggested to hire professionals to carry out the job for you.

No doubt, the installation of a Discovery Ride is a pretty heft task and demands effort and power so the professionals can help you out in the best manner.

Chinese manufacturers also provide a complete installation guide that will help you to install the Discovery Ride with great ease.

In addition to this, the images and video tutorials for the ride’s installation are also made available to the riders for increased convenience.

Plus, if you want to carry out the installation services through professional workers, you have to pay about $100 per worker.

Installation of Discovery Ride

How long does it take to import Discovery Ride from China?

Discovery Ride takes about 14 days to import it to the West Coast of the US and about 30 days to the US’s East Coast.

However, the time duration for the import of Discovery Ride depends on the method of transport.

The air freight system takes up to 3 to 5 days for the import of Discovery Ride.

In addition to this, sea shipping takes more than 30 days to import from China.

How to import Discovery Ride from China?

Carry out the following steps for Importing the Discovery Ride from China:

Search for the ManufacturerNo doubt there’re many top-notch amusement ride manufacturers out there in China.

So the first step to import Discovery Ride from China is to select the best manufacturer in the amusement ride manufacturing industry.

  1. Contact the Manufacturer

After getting your hands on the best manufacturers, contact them through contact or by email.

  • Confirm Your Order

Now it’s time to contact the manufacturer to confirm the type of Discovery Ride you want for your amusement ride.

In addition to this, you can also demand the manufacturers to carry out some customization in your selected Discovery Ride.

  • Gather All Documents

Almost all the Chinese Manufacturers don’t redeem the taxes for the international import of Discovery Rides.

Thus it’s suggested to collect all the required documents for carrying out the tax formalities.

What are the quality standards for Discovery Ride?

Some of the quality standards for Discovery Ride are given as under:

  • ISO9001
  • SGS standards
  • BV
  • TUV
  • CIQ
  • CE

Can you customize the voltage frequency of the Discovery Ride?

Yes, you can customize the voltage frequency of Discovery Ride according to your need.

The average voltage consumption of the Discovery Ride ranges up to 380V.

But you can change the voltage frequency according to the size and model of the Discovery ride.

How to ensure the safety of Discovery Ride?

Following are the steps for ensuring the safety of Discovery Rides:

Inspect all the parts of the ride after regular time intervals

Replace the damaged parts for minimizing the accidents

Ensure the use of seat belts among the riders

Hire professional staff for controlling the motion of the ride

Safety of Discovery Ride

What factors to consider when choosing Discovery Ride?

Some of the essential factors to consider while choosing the best Discovery Ride include:

  • Quality of Materials

The quality and the types of materials used in the construction of Discovery Ride play the leading role in the durability and reliability of Discovery Ride.

So always prefer the highest-quality of materials in the production of this amazing ride.

  • Working and Performance

The ride’s performance is another most important factor to consider while getting your hands on the best Discovery Ride.

Make sure about the performance and working of the ride.

  • Voltage Consumption

Look for the voltage frequency of the Discovery Ride according to your amusement park.

Customize the voltage frequency according to your choice.

  1. Design and Themes

Choose the Discovery Ride, which is equipped with the most attractive design and themes to attract the incoming riders.

Factors for Discovery Ride

What to do when the Discovery ride stops during operation?

The first thing to do when the Discovery Ride stops during operation is to stop the DC motor’s working, which controls its mobility.

Another thing to do is hire professional mechanics to figure the causes of the Discovery Ride to stop.

Furthermore, many Chinese manufacturers provide the best services to check the mishaps in operation and motion of Discovery Rides.

How much profit does a Discovery Ride generate?

Discovery Ride can generate double profit to the amount of the money spent on its purchase.

The thrill charm of the Discovery Ride attracts the majority of the riders in the amusement parks.

The increased profit with the Discovery Ride makes the amusement park owners invest in it.

What causes a Discovery Ride to breakdown?

The damaged parts in the Discovery Ride cause it to breakdown during operation.

Besides the damaged parts, the unprofessional people’s lack of operation and control can increase the chances of breaking down the Discovery Ride.

In addition to this, inefficient lubrication oils can create friction that can break the Discovery Ride.

Factors for Discovery Ride

What are the requirements to install Discovery Ride?

Some of the requirements for installing Discovery Ride are given as under:

  • Need for an installation kit that contains all the tools for assembling the parts
  • Efficient workers for installing the ride in amusement parks
  • Cranes that can install the ride at significant heights

How to check the quality of Discovery Ride?

The following steps check the quality of the Discovery Ride:

  • Materials

The use of stainless steel and Reinforced Fibreglass Plastic increases the quality of the Discovery Ride.

  • Performance

Make sure that the Discovery Ride performs the best during movement.

  • Operation

An efficient and high-quality Discovery Ride operates without any break and flaw during mobility.

  • Safety standards

Check whether the ride fulfills all the suggested safety standards or not.

How does a manufacturer package a Discovery Ride?

A manufacturer packages a Discovery Ride in the following ways:

  • Standard Packaging

A bubble wrapping plastic sheet is used in this level to pack the Discovery ride.

In this step, the different components of the ride are packed by the manufacturer.

  • High-Rank Packaging

The highest quality of the multi-layered plywood boxes is used to pack the Discovery Ride at this level.

  • Customized Packaging

This step is carried out according to the choice of the amusement park owners.

This type of packaging suits perfectly when the Discovery Ride is transported to distant countries.

Is China Discovery Ride worth importing?

China is the hub of manufacturing the Discovery Ride, is the best place to import Discovery Ride from.

Many trustworthy and reliable amusement rides in China play the leading role in the production of Discovery Rides.

Sinorides is also one of those Chinese Manufacturers which fully satisfy the amusement park owners.

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