Everything You Need to Know About Children Bumper Cars

Are you searching for an exciting addition to your amusement park, theme park, or playground that will attract more families and kids, ultimately boosting your revenue? Consider incorporating children’s bumper cars into your entertainment options.

Children’s bumper cars are a type of amusement ride where kids can drive small electric vehicles and engage in friendly collisions. They are safe, easy to operate, and suitable for various ages and venues, offering hours of enjoyment and enhancing social skills and coordination for your customers.

Wondering how to choose the best children’s bumper cars for your park, including types, features, advantages, and services? Curious about installation, maintenance, operation, and ensuring safety and quality? We have prepared a comprehensive blog post answering these questions and more.

In the blog post, you’ll discover:

– The classification of children’s bumper cars, including ground-grid, ceiling-grid, battery, and portable options.
– Game rules and tips, covering how to control speed, direction, and collisions of the vehicles.
– Economic benefits and costs, including calculating return on investment, profit margin, and operating expenses.
– Quality control, installation support, after-sales service, and related products, with guidance on choosing a reliable manufacturer, supplier, and partner for your park.

Reading this blog post will provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision when purchasing the best children’s bumper cars for your park. Learn how these attractions can enhance your park’s popularity, reputation, and profitability.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore more about children’s bumper cars and their benefits for your park. Click the link below to read the blog post now!

What Is A Children’s Bumper Car?

Children’s Bumper Car ride

A children’s bumper car is an electrically moderated small car that is used for entertainment purposes for kids.

These bumper cars are usually used in amusement parks, kid zone areas malls, etc.

Most children’s bumper cars do not have steering wheels yet they have controlling handles.

These cars mostly come in different shapes, cartoon, and animal shapes, or are equipped with many beautiful decorations.

In children’s bumper car rides, they are restricted to one place only where they control their cars and try not to get hit by other riders.

The minimum age for driving a bumper car is 18 Months.

This ride is not dangerous for children in any way.

What Are The Different Types Of Children Bumper Cars And How Do They Differ From Each Other?

Although many different types of children’s bumper cars come in many different sizes and shapes, some of the most used and popular are the following:

  • Fairground Bumper Cars: They have various ways by which they can be operated such as the use of power supply, electricity, and battery.
  • Battery-Operated Bumper Cars: These are operated by built-in batteries them, require low maintenance, and are easy to operate.
  • Dodgem Bumper Cars: Dodgem bumper cars are basic and have a ground grid system where two electrodes are connected for power supply and are installed on the ground grid plate.
  • Electric Net Bumper Cars: These cars use ceiling grid bumper cars which means that these cars mainly draw power from the ceiling.

All of these cars are different from each other in terms of working, speed, and operating methods.

Some of the major differences between them are the following:

  • Battery-operated cars are of low price and high quality while on the other hand, other cars are of high price.
  • Fairground and net bumper cars have the most comfortable seats as compared to the others.
  • Most of them have a controllable speed which can be controlled by children easily but the major difference between them is the way they are operated.
  • Electric net cars are most likely to require high maintenance while others require less.

Different Children’s Bumper cars

What Is the Maximum and Minimum Speed Of Children Bumper Cars?

There are 5-speed regulators on the electrical panel of the Children’s Bumper Car.

The speed of children’s bumper cars can be adjusted maximum of 1, 1 m/s (4 KM/h).

The minimum speed for a children’s bumper car is 1.5mph.

The average speed for a children’s bumper car is 2.5mph.

Although some people might think that this is very low or very high for children manufacturers have made these speeds the safest for the use of children.

These speeds are the best mix of providing a fun ride with safety.

What Is The Power Source Of Children’s Bumper Cars?

Power Source of children bumper car

The children’s bumper cars run on electricity which is its power source.

These cars are carried by a pole which is located on the back of the car.

These poles lead up to the ride’s ceiling in the wire grid system.

This grid is the one that carries the power source from the pole to the car.

The phenomenon used in this process is the conversion of electrical energy into kinetic energy,

While riding some of this kinetic energy is converted into heat.

What Are The Different Sizes In Which Children Bumper Cars Are Manufactured?

As Children bumper cars are manufactured for children, that’s why they are made extra so they catch the attention of children.

Children’s bumper cars are produced in different sizes according to the podiums and cars.

Different sizes that are classified by the manufacturers of the children’s bumper cars are mini, middle, large, and maxi.

These sizes differ for two reasons:

  • According to the age of the children, the size varies, for example, the mini size is for children who are 1-2 years.
  • Size difference because of the theme for the bumper car, for example, a children’s bumper car shaped like a cartoon character but larger than the simply designed bumper car.

How To Ensure That Children Bumper Cars Are Safe?

Safe Children Bumper Car Arena

As compared to other dangerous rides, the children’s bumper car rides are considered to be one of the safest rides but some precautionary measures could be taken to make sure that the bumper car ride is safe:

  • Safety belts should be present.
  • The speed limit should be invigilated by the car ride owners.
  • Children should be placed in a ride of their size.
  • The owner should make sure of the children’s height who are riding the car and make sure they can reach the gas pedal.
  • Never let the children ride any defective bumper car
  • Never let the children come out of the ride before it has stopped.
  • In Children’s bumper cars, the height of the rider should be less than 52 inches.
  • Don’t ride the children’s bumper car which doesn’t have a seatbelt, whose bumpers around the car are damaged.
  • The children’s bumper cars should be made in a way that they can resist damage during collisions.

Do Children Bumper Cars Use Electricity?

Yes, Children’s bumper cars use electricity.

All of the bumper cars run on electricity, whether it be stored on batteries or grids.

In children’s bumper cars; cars are connected from the floor to the ceiling through a conductive rod that supplies electricity to them.

All bumper cars move, work, and operate on electricity.

This electricity is the main power supply of bumper cars.

The electricity used in these children’s bumper cars is not dangerous to the riders.

It is used on the inside system and the rider riding is kept safe.

What Is The Control Mechanism Of Children Bumper Cars And Who Controls It?

Structure and control mechanism of a children bumper car

The operator and the driver both control the children’s bumper car.

The driver drives the car inside the children’s bumper car arena.

While on the other hand, the operator is the one who controls the car settings.

Turning the cars on and off and maintaining the speeds of the children’s bumper car is the job of the operator.

Both of them are responsible for controlling the car but if the operator turns off the car from behind, the driver can’t drive it and if the driver is not moving the car then the operator can’t do anything.

It’s very easy to control a children’s bumper car.

It has a steering wheel and a gas pedal.

Some of the children’s bumper car’s steering wheel also have horns inbuilt in them which makes the rides more fun and entertaining for the children.

The driver moves the steering wheel to the room around the arena.

While the gas pedal is used to control the speed of the car.

The driver has to press the gas pedal to start the car and has to rotate the steering wheel to move.

To increase speed, the driver has to press the gas pedal further.

Similarly, to stop the car one has to release the gas pedal.

The car does not stop immediately but stops slowly and gradually.

What Is The Area Requirement For The Installation Of Children Bumper Cars?

Children Bumper Arena

A whole different arena is required for the installation of the children’s bumper car.

This arena is known as the bumper car arena where the cars run.

Mostly the place used for the installation is the place where in the future the rides take place.

This arena should be enough to make place for all the bumper cars.

The area should also be big enough so there is a place for children to roam around later when riding the children’s bumper car.

The responsibility of proving the dimensions of the space and the ceiling height (if the bumpers car are meant to be indoors) is for the spin zone operator.

Certain light arrangements, and proper measurement of the area for car rails, and handrails should be done.

The arena should have a low friction barrier for the children’s bumper cars to run against each other and still keep the cars contained.

The entry side of the arena should be 42″ minimum to 48″ and should be decorative steel so it attracts the people outside.

The rider’s entrance to the car and arena must made in a way that prevents anyone from entering or leaving the ride arena during the ride.

What Is The Manufacturing Cost Of A Children’s Bumper Car?

The manufacturing cost of children’s bumpers cars depends on their size, shape, and customization.

Most bumper car manufacturers take longer to build it that’s why it gets delivered late to the owners.

A small indoor amusement park ride for kids can cost up to $10,000.

The manufacturing cost of building 10 bumper cars can lead up to $15000.

However, the smallest investments in the business and manufacturing of children’s bumper cars can lead to up to $30,000.

If you are interested in buying children’s bumper cars at the lowest and most suitable prices with good quality then you should head over to site sinorides.com who have a variety of rides for amusement park owners and is someone you can trust.

What Are The Safety Instructions For Children Bumper Cars?

Children’s bumper car with seat belt

Following are some safety instructions for children’s bumper cars:

  • The operator should make sure to start the car when the driver has sat in it.
  • The operator should make sure that everyone is wearing their speed belts.
  • The operator should make sure that an underage child is not sitting in the ride unsupervised.
  • The operator should always make sure that the children and their parents have thoroughly read the operating instructions of the car before riding it.
  • Eating and drinking should be prohibited during the ride.
  • Any operation regarding the children’s bumper car should never be done with wet hands.
  • The bumper car should not be dipped in water for cleaning.
  • Before operating the bumper car it should be checked for any damage.
  • Only a skillful person should be in charge of looking over and supervising the car.
  • When the bumper car’s battery is charging, the operator should make sure to not let any rider ride it.
  • The arena should be closed at the time bumper cars are charging.
  • Buy your amusement park rides from a trusted seller because if the owner is selling malfunctioned rides then your business may fail and meet losses.
  • That is why it is recommended to buy from the site sinorides.

What Is The Age Requirement For Children Bumper Cars?

Family in a bumper car

Children riding bumper car with guardian

The age requirement for children’s bumper cars depends on the bumper car they are riding.

There are many different kinds of bumper cars and all are for children of different ages.

There are some electronic bumper cars for children of age 1.5 years to 2 years.

Although the standard age limit for children bumper cars is 18 months.

Children’s bumper cars are mostly for ages 1.5 to 7 years.

Although it is advised for small children to have a guardian with them to help them.

What Are the Power/Voltage Requirements For Children Bumper Cars?

If the bumper car is battery operated then it needs to be recharged now and then when the battery runs low.

Every battery has a switch inside it.

These batteries have a certain power in them, whenever the battery is turned on, the switch inside the bumper car’s body forms a complete circuit.

Due to this complete circuit, the car moves to different places.

The switch inside the car body forms a complete circuit that helps the car move.

Children’s portable bumper cars have a run time of 1-2 hours.

This run time of children’s bumper cars depends on the power and voltage of the car.

The power drains faster for cars that are of higher weight.

It is said that for portable children’s bumper cars, the voltage is between 6V and 10V.

While in Arena’s, the original Lusse cars were 110v AC, and the industry-standard shifted to 90v DC.

Why Do Chinese Manufacturers Sell Children Bumper Cars In Cheap Rates?

Measurement while manufacturing children’s bumper cars

Many countries sell children’s bumper cars.

Mostly all countries except China, sell children’s bumper cars at high prices and with no-so-good quality products.

This is very true because China is one of those countries whose manufacturers sell children’s bumper cars at very affordable rates.

Hearing the low rates, buyers think that the quality might be bad.

But this is not true.

The reason why Chinese Manufacturers sell at such cheap rates is that Chinese people have an upper hand in labor costs and raw materials.

All their materials are available in their home market and manufacturers don’t have to pay extra money for collecting resources.

Due to this, the Chinese Manufacturers have a very high advantage where their time, money, and total costs of producing the children’s bumper cars get reduced a lot.

If a buyer has a low budget and wants to buy good quality rides then buying from China is the best optimal solution.

Even people with higher budgets prefer buying from Chinese manufacturers because all their materials used in making are real and the quality is best among everyone else.

Other children’s bumper car ride manufacturers ask Chinese manufacturers to import their rides to them because they know they are reliable and will not make you regret your purchase decision.

That is one of the reasons why Chinese manufacturers are known to be the most trustworthy, reliable amusement ride manufacturers with incredible professionalism.

Should We Trust Chinese Manufacturers For Buying Children Bumper Cars For My Park?

Children’s Bumper Cars for selling

There are two types of manufacturers in every country.

The first type is the manufacturers who deliver defaulted rides and sell bumper cars at high prices.

The second type of manufacturer is those who deliver rides with fine delivery and appropriate charges.

In China too, there are both types of manufacturers.

However, almost all manufacturers in China have several certifications.

They ensure the safety of the bumper cars and work under strict policies.

But to buy from the best, the buyer must do full research before buying.

Most of the manufacturers sell children’s bumper cars at cheap rates but that does not mean that the bumper cars will be of bad quality.

It is necessary to do some research before buying any from Chinese manufacturers.

The best way possible to find trustable manufacturers who sell children’s bumper cars and are reliable is to search on the Google bar “reliable manufacturers from China”

Then the next step would be to find people who sell Children’s Bumper Cars.

It is recommended to look for reviews from other people before buying bumper cars.

The following things should be reviewed before buying anything from Chinese Manufacturers:

  • How much will be the delivery price?
  • How long will it take the children’s bumper cars to be shipped?
  • If a car comes defaulted with the money will be refunded?
  • How many other amusement park owners have bought from this site?
  • What were the reviews they gave to this manufacturer?
  • Is the price they are selling the bumper cars similar to other manufacturers or is it too unreasonable?
  • Prefer quality over price.

How do the Manufacturers Pack The Children’s Bumper Cars For Shipment?

Children’s Bumper Car getting ready for shipment

There are already some sets of procedures made by manufacturers about shipping children’s bumper cars.

But if the buyer wants to ensure extra security of their product they can ask for it.

This is done to avoid any damage during the shipment process.

Each child’s bumper car is packed in a plastic wrap.

This plastic wrap is placed to protect the body of the bumper car from any scratch.

Mostly children’s bumper cars are stacked upon each other on racks as they are small.

These are placed in a very careful manner so that no bumper car’s machinery can be damaged.

Then later, these children’s bumper cars are placed inside a box.

To ensure more safety and to protect against damage, these boxes are wrapped with polythene furniture plastic covering.

These cars go for shipping under the “fragile” department.

It depends on the shipment method of the manufacturer in how they ship the cars in the future.

Some manufacturers plan another different route for shipment while on the other hand some ship the bumper cars with other rides and stuff too.

Do I Get An After-Sale Service After Buying Children’s Bumper Cars Directly From Chinese Manufacturers?

Yes, there are many various Children’s Bumper Car Manufacturers in China who provide after-sales services to their buyers.

Although Chinese Manufacturers are known to be the most reliable and trustworthy sellers still there is a common rumor overseas that Chinese children’s bumper car manufacturers don’t provide any after-sales services.

This rumor has been spread all over the world.

The rumor says that the Chinese manufacturers don’t take responsibility if the ride doesn’t get delivered don’t give a warranty don’t provide any repair services to the buyers or don’t send spare parts

This is true to some extent.

When buying from a not-so-well-reputed manufacturer, a buyer might face these issues.

But if brought from a well reliable manufacturer you will get all the after-sale services you want.

Another important point to ponder regarding this topic is to always ask the manufacturer about the after-sale services they will provide before purchasing anything.

The buyer should always ask the Chinese manufacturers if the after-sale services are free or not.

This is required so that the buyer doesn’t get into any loss.

It is recommended to choose manufacturers that provide after-sale services because they save a lot of time and extra money for a buyer.

 What Is The Method To Find A Trustworthy And Reliable Children’s Bumper Cars Supplier In China?

Drawing of children’s bumper cars

The method to find trustworthy and reliable children’s bumper cars from suppliers in China is very easy.

One of them is Sinorides.

China has a variety of amusement park ride suppliers that supply good quality rides to the world.

The best manufacturers and suppliers have their websites as well which makes it more accessible to the amusement park owners who choose whatever they like over the internet.

Following are some steps you should follow to save yourself from the hassle of not being able to find a reliable supplier in China:

    • The first step to discovering a reliable supplier in China is to get help from Google.
    • Type keywords like “Reliable and best children bumper cars supplier in China”, “best children bumper cards Chinese suppliers”, or “China best children bumper cars suppliers”.
    • Google will provide you with a list of top-rated good suppliers in China, go through these.
    • Go through the pages and read their reviews.
    • Try contacting the suppliers through their “Contact Us”
    • Ask your queries with them
    • After taking all the information about the children’s bumper car suppliers their varieties, customization, safety measures, payment methods, and product specifications, compare all of them together.
    • After doing your research and finalizing, decide which supplier you are choosing to buy your children’s bumper cars from.
    • Make sure the supplier is charging the appropriate money from you by keeping all the international safety standards for the safety of your riders.
    • Make sure the shipment process is safe for the children’s bumper cars.
    • Make sure the supplier is willing to arrange a legal contract with you about the shipment
  • Finalize the supplier:
    • Check if the supplier is rated IAAPA or not or if they have any other certifications or not.
    • The supplier for your children’s bumper cars should have at least 12+ years of experience in the amusement rides industry.
    • If you have followed these steps, you will discover the most trustworthy suppliers in China.

Is It A Good Idea To Setup Children’s Bumper Cars In My Park? What Is The Cost To Profit Ratio?

Lego design or Children Bumper Car Arena

If you have an amusement park, you should set up children’s bumper cars at your park.

Many children visit the amusement parks as compared to adults.

The children are very attracted to the cars so they will ride your children’s bumper cars.

The bumper cars for children are designed for the children so they willingly come forward to take a ride in it as it is a very enjoyable experience for them.

Every amusement park has a dedicated section that is for children.

The dedicated section for children is nothing if there are no children’s bumper cars.

The children’s bumper cars are safe for children and the parents let their children ride the children’s bumper cars.

You should visit Sinorides and decide which children’s bumper car you need for your amusement park.

Children bumper cars for children cost up to $10,000 which depends on the size of the cars and the park.

Your business will do incredibly well for your children’s bumper cars.

The total investment for the children’s bumper car is a lot and a huge amount of money is required for the children’s bumper car installation at your park.

It is profitable for the owner since kids love going to amusement parks to ride a children’s bumper car.

Regular profits are gained from the rides which benefit the owner.

The children’s bumper cars generate 5 to 10 times more profit than the actual investment done for the installation of children’s bumper cars.

The quality of the children’s bumper car also matters which reflects on the profit.

If the arena’s location is good then the profit will be more than the cost.

If many customers ride your children’s bumper cars daily then you can expect a higher profit for your amusement park business.

The best tip for you is to set affordable rates and estimate the final profit you will receive after you have paid all your expenses for the park.

Does Bad Weather Affect Children’s Bumper Cars Operation? How to Protect From Harsh Weather?

Indoor Children Bumper Car Arena

Weather has an impact on the working system of the children’s bumper rides.

If the weather is bad, very windy, or if it’s ranking, it slows the machines.

The steel present inside the children’s bumper cars runs more slowly if the temperature starts getting cold.

Cold weather increases the friction between the wheels which affects the working of the bumper cars.

The floor also gets slippers on which the cars are present.

If the floor is slippery the cars will not move very effectively.

The other components present inside the children’s bumper car also shrink which could lead to a serious system issue.

To save your children’s bumper cars from bad weather you must construct them under a roof.

Open-air children’s bumper cars are affected the most because of the bad weather as compared to the cars that are located under a roof.

The management system should always check to see if the rides are working properly

If the location of the children’s bumper car is in open air make sure you check all the technicalities right after you have experienced bad weather.

The supervisor should allocate this duty for a routine check-up on the cars regarding the operation and safety of the children’s bumper cars.

After bad weather, check the cars before letting any children for the rides.

Every staff present at the children’s bumper cars should have an ample amount of knowledge regarding the cars to provide their service at any inconvenience.

It’s better to turn off the system when the weather conditions are bad.

Wait for the cold weather like a storm, thunderstorm, or rain to stop before starting the children’s bumper cars.

Do Manufacturers Of Children’s Bumper Cars Provide A Service Of Customized Cars? Do They Cost Extra For That?

Customized Children’s Bumper Car

Yes, Manufacturers of Children’s Bumper Cars provide services for customized cars.

Mostly all manufacturers from China provide customization of bumper cars into different shapes, sizes, and cartoon characters.

Many bumper cars are customized by the buyer according to their requirement.

There isn’t much of a difference in the price of a simple and customized car but it majorly depends on the kind of customization you are going for.

If the customization requires extra materials and stuff then it will be an extra price for it.

Although many manufacturers get buyers who want customized cars so there isn’t much of a difference in prices but rather in the quality from which the car is made.

What Is The Average Time It Takes For A Children Bumper Car To Manufacture?

The time for the manufacture of a children’s bumper car depends on the manufacturer.

The children’s bumper cars are produced in 2 weeks usually after finalizing the contract.

It also depends on how much customization the cars need and what type of children’s bumper cars are being manufactured.

If you are customizing your children’s bumper cars then it will take some more time.

Do Manufacturers Install Head Lights In Children’s Bumper Cars For Night Operation?

Ice Children Bumper Car with headlights

Headlights are the lights that light up the way in the dark outside the car which helps to see the way.

Children’s bumper cars need to have headlights.

The children’s bumper car rides are enjoyed by the children at night too

The manufacturers install the headlights in the children’s bumper cars for the night operation.

At night time, the headlights are essential for the riders.

A manufacturer must install the headlights in the cars as it is an important part of the production of children’s bumper cars.

What Is The Maintenance Cost And Procedure Of Children Bumper Cars?


Maintenance is very important for the children’s bumper cars as they are collided with one another very often.

Children’s bumper cars are more exposed to damage to their internal and external parts.

They regularly need a checkup to make sure they are in good condition

The procedure starts with wiping and cleaning the exterior of the children’s bumper cars daily to remove dust.

If the worn parts are damaged they should get replaced immediately.

The cost varies if the children’s cars are damaged internally, it may cost you a lot more than it usually takes for other rides.

 What Type Of Material Is Used In The Manufacturing Of Children’s Bumper Cars?

Children’s bumper cars are manufactured with plastic composites while some of them are made from a hardwood known as the chassis.

The main material that is used to make cars is fiberglass plastic because it has incredible durability with great strength.

The fiberglass keeps the children’s bumper cars safe even after the frequent collisions

The bumper is made from rubber which is also a very important part manufacturers use while manufacturing bumper cars.

What Is The Quality And Safety Certification Required For Children Bumper Cars?

A child riding children’s bumper car

For your park, you must meet all the requirements for the safety measure.

Following are the certifications that are required for children’s bumper cars:

  • Certificate of Origin (C/O);
  • FORM A;
  • CE Certificate;
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certificate;
  • Stability And Support Operations (SASO) Certificate,
  • SONCAP certificate;
  • GOST certificate of Conformity, etc.

 What Are The Advantages Of Importing Children Bumper Cars From China?

Many professional manufacturers of amusement parks are available in China

There are many advantages for you if you are importing your children’s bumper cars from China.

All the manufacturers present in China have all the certifications and they have years of experience in the amusement park industry.

China manufacturers ensure the safety measures and they work under standards that are set by the company.

If you have a low budget, China has the best children’s bumper cars that you can afford for your park.

How To Protect Children Bumper Cars From Damage While Shipping?

Children’s Bumper Car from Chinese Manufacturers

While shipping the most important part is to deliver the children’s bumper cars safely to the buyer.

If the bumper car comes defaulted then it is a huge loss to the manufacturers.

That’s why manufacturers take extra security measures to ensure the safety of the children’s bumper car while shipping.

Following are some of the major precautions taken by manufacturers to protect children’s bumper cars from damage:

  • Wrapping each bumper car into a plastic bubble wrap.
  • Stacking them on a rack, one after the other, in a way where they cannot damage each other.
  • Taking these cars from the rack and putting them inside a packing box.
  • Make sure the box is closed tightly.
  • Wrapping the boxes again with a plastic sheet.
  • Claiming the boxes as “fragile items”
  • Shipping the items through a reliable and trusted method where you know how the items will be shipped. What will be the shipping method? Have you sent the bumper cars before through this method?
  • The last thing is to keep in mind the things the buyer asked to do to protect the children’s bumper cars from damage.

Do Children Bumper Car Manufacturers Also Provide The Installation Service?

Safe Children bumper car for 2-year-olds

Manufacturers like Sinorides provide services of installation with the manufacturing as well.

The children’s bumper car installation process is a long process that takes time and it is cost-effective.

The ceiling-grid children’s bumper cars need appropriate installing for their ceiling installation for their work.

The children’s bumper cars also need a control system where the operator controls the movements of the car during the ride.

Once you have decided which children’s bumper car you need, ask the manufacturer for the installation process at your park as well.

A team of professionals is required for the installation of bumper cars.

The children’s bumper cars are easy to operate and they can be adjusted in your amusement park easily.

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