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Sinorides Offer A One-stop Solution From Ferris Wheel Design To Rides Manufacturing For Your Park Business

High Accuracy Sensors and Data Collection Enable Your Ferris Ride To Move And Stop Precisely

Sinorides Can Send Seasoned Installation Engineers To Your Local Site Do The Installation Of Your Amusement Rides.

Recommend Ferris Wheel for Sale

Your theme park will be popular with Sinorides Ferris wheel. You can choose the best type of Ferris wheel from 30m to 200m height for your park business.

Sindorides has one of the largest and advanced flying wheel factories in China. As a result, we are producing Ferris wheels certified by CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS.

30m ferris wheel
Sinorides can provide the construction drawing to help you do the ferris wheel building work for you.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 18P
  • Power: 15kW
  • Height: 30m
  • Space Area: 23x21m
42m ferris wheel
You can equip gondola with air conditioning to let your customers more comfortable.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 96P
  • Power: 20kW
  • Height: 42m
  • Space Area: 31x28m
ferris wheel amusement rides for sale
Sinorides can customize the gondola, color and structure of ferris wheel upon your requirement.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 96P
  • Power: 20kW
  • Height: 49m
  • Space Area: 35x32m
65m ferris wheel for sale
Sinorides use quality FRP to manufacture your ferris wheel seats to bear people with different weight.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 216P
  • Power: 30kW
  • Height: 65m
  • Space Area: 38x32m
88m ferris wheel ride
Sinorides 88m Ferris Wheel technical team will help you from installation to maintain your ferris wheel.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 288P
  • Power: 40kW
  • Height: 88m
  • Space Area: 44mx38m
Sinorides 120m Ferris Wheel for Sale composed by European brands components for reliable quality.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 360P
  • Power: 50kW
  • Height: 120m
  • Space Area: 52x58m

Your Premier Ferris Wheel Manufacturer in China

  • Sinorides has 28 years ferris wheel manufacturing experience and is trusted by 1963+ theme parks worldwide.
  • Sinorides use international famous brands parts to produce your ferris wheel so your ferris wheel quality can be compared to European made.
  • Sinorides also help you do the ferris wheel installation so you can start your park business quickly.
  • Sinorides will also help to train your staff to operate your ferris wheel.
  • You can get prompt response from Sinorides support team about your ferris wheel.
  • You will learn how to maintain and check ferris wheel in daily work.
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Ferris Wheel for Sale Project

The Ferris wheel is one of the most classic amusement rides. It is not only an amusement ride, it is also a park, an attraction, and even a city landmark. Sinorides has the production capacity of the Ferris wheel and 28 years of production experience. It is a leading Ferris wheel manufacturer and supplier in China.

Sinorides 30m-120m Ferris wheel rides have been sold to countries around the world, such as Russia, Tajikistan, Indonesia, and many countries and regions in Africa. We have professional installation & maintenance team to help you install the ferris wheel.

Your any problems about ferris wheel and other theme park rides will be solved by Sinorides as we have 28+ years experiecne on exporting amusement rides. Whether you’re the beginner of theme park or amusement rides distributor, Sinorides can always be your reliable partner.

Sinorides Ferris Wheel Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

20m ferris wheel design
You can choose the best type of ferris wheel from 20m to 128m height for your park business.
Sinorides Ferris wheel ride
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Ferris Wheel appearance more smooth.
Sinorides Ferris wheel ride
High grade material to ensure your Ferris Wheel running safely.
Sinorides Ferris wheel Painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Ferris Wheel good status.
Sinorides Ferris wheel Seats
Sinorides use quality FRP to manufacture your ferris wheel seats to bear people with different heights.
Sinorides Ferris wheel Welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Ferris Wheel steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATA30m Ferris Wheel42m Ferris Wheel49m Ferris Wheel65m Ferris Wheel88m Ferris Wheel120m Ferris Wheel
Space Area23x21m31x28m35x32m38mx32m44mx38m52mx58m
Number of Seats18P96P128P216P288P360P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides ferris wheel technical drawing

30m ferris wheel drawing

30m ferris wheel drawing

Please contact our support team to get the complete Ferris Wheel Technical Drawing.

Sinorides ferris wheel design

Sinorides ferris wheel for sale design

ferris wheel design

theme park design

As premier amusement rides manufacturer, Sinorides manufacture ferris wheel, roller coaster, pirate ship ride and provide park design service to help you run theme park.

The ferris wheel is a large-scale amusement equipment. People can experience the feeling of climbing high and looking into the distance. The beautiful scenery in the distance can be seen in the ferris wheel. It is deeply loved by tourists, especially young people. Sinorides can customize the size and color according to your requirements and equip sound effects to make the ferris wheel coordinate with the surrounding landscape.

Sinorides also deals in Ferris wheel components. So if you ever need authentic Ferris wheel spare parts, you don’t have to go here and there. We have skilled designers and technicians who pay attention to even the minor aspects while manufacturing amusement rides.

At Sinorides, we use high-quality FRP material to make the cabins of Ferris wheels. Therefore, they are bright, non-fading, and rustproof. We are among the IAAPA-rated roller coaster wheels manufacturers in China. Sinorides exports amusement rides to more than 120 countries.

Sinorides is Reliable Ferris Wheel Manufacturer

Ferris wheel is one of the thrill amusement rides and you need to consider more factors when sourcing it.

Not every ferris wheel supplier in China is qualifed to manufacture ferris wheel so you must be careful if you want to import ferris wheel in China.

Sinorides can manufacture your ferris wheel with reliable raw materials and spare parts so your park visitors will ride it safely.

What’s more, you will get full docs such as certification, quality test and more qualifications about ferris wheel to pass your local organisztion inspection.

Sinorides has been manufacturing quality roller coaster wheels since 1992.  Today, we are synonymous with innovative design and cutting-edge technology. Our advanced workshop is spread over an area of 50000 Sqm. We have special automated cutting machines that provide accurate shape and appearance to Ferris wheels.

You will receive anti-corrosion Ferris wheels from Sinorides. To give Ferris wheels a smooth look, we de rust them in a dust-free facility. Our Ferris wheel cabins are robust enough to support individuals of various weights and heights.

Ferris wheel is a special amusement equipment and Sinorides has full quality certifications such as CE, ISO to enusre the reliable quality for your park business. You can get complete techncial doc such as technical drawing and foundation drawings from Sinorides.

At Sinorides, we give special attention to the safety of your passengers. All our rides comply with European and international standards. You will find emergency brakes and stop buttons for extra peace of mind.

If we talk about our Ferris wheel project, we run it on a large scale. Some of the prestigious amusement parks across the world are our customers.  We aim to be your first choice for Ferris wheels. No matter, you need a double face Ferris wheel or a 30m mini Ferris wheel, Sinorides is your one-stop solution. We are one of a few Ferris wheel manufacturers who show certifications and testing reports for amusement rides.

Ferris Wheel – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you an Amusement Park owner?

Or thinking to start one?

In any case, you will need to select the best amusement rides to provide a thrilling experience to the customers.

Ferris wheel is one of the most thrilling rides in an amusement park, and you must include it.

This “Ferris Wheel – The Ultimate FAQ Guide” will help you select the best Ferris wheel for your amusement park and answer all your related questions.

What Is A Ferris Wheel?

What is Ferris Wheel

What is a Ferris Wheel

A Ferris Wheel is an amusement park ride consisting of a giant wheel and small cabins/pods.

The Cabins are attached to the rim; they are attached so that they remain upright and don’t allow the passengers to fall.

A large motor is used to rotate the wheel; the motor’s size depends on the size of the wheel.

The larger the wheel, the more power required to rotate it.

A Ferris wheel can be 30m, 42m, 49m, 65m, 72m, or customized according to your need.

Sinorides can help you if you need a Ferris Wheel of customized size and shape.

Where Are Ferris Wheels Made?

The original Ferris wheel was made in Chicago, Illinois, the USA in 1893 by George Washington Gale Ferris.

This design’s massive success enabled many companies around the globe to manufacture this amusement ride, especially in the USA, Japan, Switzerland, and China.

What Are The Different Types Of Ferris Wheels?

different types of Ferris Wheels

Ferris Wheel’s Height

Although Ferris Wheel is found in various sizes, types, and designs, they are usually distinguished with heights:

Some other notable Farris Wheel types include:

Giant Ferris Wheels

Giant Ferris Wheel

Giant Ferris Wheel

Amusement Park Ferris Wheel

Amusement Park Ferris Wheel

Amusement Park Ferris Wheel

Carnival Ferris Wheel

Carnival Ferris Wheel

Carnival Ferris Wheel
Small Ferris Wheel

Small Ferris Wheel

Small Ferris Wheel
Indoor Ferris Wheel

Indoor Ferris wheel

Indoor Ferris wheel
Backyard Ferris Wheels

Backyard Ferris Wheels

Backyard Ferris Wheels

Double Face Ferris Wheel

Double Face Ferris Wheel

Double Face Ferris wheel

Where Can I Buy A Ferris Wheel?

Where to buy Ferris Wheel

Where to buy Ferris Wheel

There are numerous Ferris wheel manufacturers available worldwide, especially in China, the USA, and Japan.

All you need to do is search for their official websites and contact details on the internet and contact them.

It is recommended to buy Farris Wheel from quality manufacturers like Sinorides, as they have decades of experience, a professional team, and competitive prices.

How Much Does A New Ferris Wheel Cost?

Ferris Wheel Cost

Ferris Wheel Cost

The cost of the Farris Wheel depends on its manufacturer, size, and specification.

In the USA, the cost of a Farris Wheel can go above $300,000.

Besides, Chinese manufacturers offer a similar quality product with the lowest prices, ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 for small to medium height Farris Wheels for children.

However, bigger wheels may cost you higher.

How Does A Ferris Wheel Work?

Farris Wheel is a large circular structure that rotates around its central axis. Riders are seated in the cabins, suspended on the circumference (outer rim) of a wheel.

The Wheel is rotated upwards with the help of a motor and gears, while gravity pulls the wheel back downwards, creating a circular motion that continues for the ride’s duration.

Does A Ferris Wheel Accelerate?

The acceleration associated with the Farris Wheel is called Centripetal Acceleration. It is always pointed towards the center of the wheel.
The Centripetal Acceleration is the reason that the passengers wheel lighter at the top of the Farris Wheel and heavier at the bottom.

How Many Volts Does A Ferris Wheel Need?

The voltage needed to operate a Ferris wheel are 380V.

How Much Does Ferris Wheel Cabin Weigh?

Ferris Wheel's Cabin

Ferris Wheel’s Cabin

The weight of the wheel cabin depends on its material, capacity, and size.
A 225-square-foot (20.9 m2) cabin for 40 passengers can weight up to 44,000 pounds (20,000 kg).

How Much Does a Ferris Wheel Weigh?

The weight of the Ferris Wheel depends on the material used to build it and on its size.
A 42 meter Ferris Wheel can weigh up to 85 Tonnes, whereas a small size five-seat Farris Wheel for kids just weighs 800 kgs.

How Much Time Does it Take the Ferris Wheel to Make One Revolution?

A Ferris Wheel with a radius of 14 meters

A Ferris Wheel with a radius of 14 meters
Time taken to complete one revolution depends on several factors, including the radius of the Ferris Wheel and its rotation speed/velocity.
Let’s say the Ferris wheel with a radius of 14.0 m is turning around a horizontal axis through its center.
The passenger’s linear speed on the outer rim is constant and equal to 4.00 m/s.
In order to calculate the time taken for the Ferris Wheel to make one revolution, we need to use the following Formula:
v=( 2πR)/T

As, V = Velocity = 4 m/s and R = Radius = 14 m

So, T = Time taken for one rotation = 22 seconds

The Time taken for Ferris Wheel to complete one rotation would be 22 seconds.

How Long Will It Take To Make Delivery After The Order For The Ferris Wheel Is Placed?

Ferris wheel delivery

Ferris wheel delivery

Ferris Wheel manufacturer takes about 3 to 15 months to manufacturer the Ferris Wheel depending on its type, size, and specification.
A customized Ferris Wheel may take longer.
Once the product is ready, it may take 15 to 45 days to reach the client’s destination via ship.

What Are The Payment Terms Of Ferris Wheel Manufacturers?

Although payment terms vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, usually 30% of the total amount is paid within 7 working days after the contract is signed.
The remaining 70% is paid before delivery of the Ferris Wheel.

What Is the Payment Method of Ferris Wheel Manufacturers?

The payment methods accepted by most trusted Ferris Wheel Manufacturers include:
T/T: Telegraphic Transfer
Western Union
L/C: Letter of Credit
Money Gram

What Is The Warranty And After-Sale Service For The Ferris Wheel?

Most quality manufacturers like Sinorides provide one year warranty for their products.
Besides, they also offer free-replacement for parts that are faulty due to non-artificial quality reasons.

Do Ferris Wheel Manufacturers Accept Customization?

Well-reputed Ferris Wheel manufacturers like Sinorides ensure maximum liberty to their customers to customize their Ferris Wheel ride’s design, material, passenger capacity, and design.
These manufacturers also have a team of professionals who are forever ready to help you design your amusement park and ride most economically and profitably.

What Is The Cooperation Process To Order A Ferris Wheel?

Ferris wheel cooperation

Ferris wheel cooperation

The standard process which both buyer and seller follow to order Ferris Wheel includes:
Both parties sign the contract
Buyer pays the deposit
provide and confirm production request
in production
finish production
inspection the goods by manufacturer and buyer
buyer pays the balance
arrange shipment

Is There Any Discount On Buying A Ferris Wheel?

Usually, Ferris Wheel manufacturers offer discounts on bulk order quantity or the large purchase amount.

How To Install A Ferris Wheel?

Ferris Wheel Installing Engineers

Ferris Wheel Installing Engineers
The reputable Ferris Wheel manufacturers provide a complete drawing, manuals, as well as tutorial videos to install Ferris Wheel.

A complete team of highly trained professional are also dispatched to ensure the Ferris Wheel is appropriately installed.

However, the buyer is responsible for the manufacturer’s engineer’s related costs, including Visa, round-trip flight tickets, accommodation, commuting cost, and a wage of US $100/per day/person.

Moreover, buyers are also supposed to arrange a translator for easy communication between buyers and engineers.

Can Ferris Wheel Manufacturer Help Design For My New Park?

Yes, quality manufacturers like Sinorides have a dedicated team of competent professionals to plan and design your new theme park.

They will suggest you the most profitable rides within your budget. You can also take their suggestions for customization of your amusement park rides.
You are required to provide a topographic site map, design requirements, and budget details.

Who Will Construct The Foundation Of The Ferris Wheel Ride?

Usually, a foundation for the Ferris Wheel rides is constructed by the buyer according to the drawing provided by the manufacturer.

How Does The Manufacturer Ensure The Quality Of The Ferris Wheel Ride?

Ferris wheel manufacturer ensures quality

Ferris wheel manufacturer ensuring quality

Well-Reputed manufacturers like Sinorides take a multitude of measures to ensure the premium quality of the Ferris Wheel ride, including:
Using high-quality material.

Hiring well-trained and competent engineers and other staff.

Using state-of-the-art machinery.

Following all safety and quality standards set by CAAPA and IAAPA.

Acquiring certifications like CE, EN13814, BV, TUV, SC, GOST, SONCAP, SASO from different countries for better safety and quality assurance.

Can I Order One Set Of Ferris Wheel?

Yes, buyers can order as low as one set of Ferris Wheel from the manufacturers.

What Is The Manufacturer’s Shipping Way For Ferris Wheel?

Usually, all the components of amusement park rides like the Ferris Wheel are shipped by sea. However, the shipping ways can also be opted as per the buyer’s requirement.

Do Ferris Wheel Manufacturers Accept OEM?

Yes, Branding like Logo placement or customized ride’s name on the amusement park rides like Ferris Wheel is also accepted by the manufacturers.

How Many Countries Do Chinese Ferris Wheel Manufacturers Export To?

Chinese Manufacturers like Sinorides have exported their quality products like Ferris Wheel around the world, including countries like Turkey, Sudan, South Africa, Dubai, Chile, Russia, Iraq, Algeria, Cameroon, Mexico, United States, Pero, etc.

Are Chinese Ferris Wheel Manufacturers IAAPA Rated?

Yes, Chinese Ferris Wheel Manufacturers like Sinorides are IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) rated.

What Does IAAPA Stand For?

IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)

IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)
IAAPA stands for International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

What Is The Purpose Of IAAPA?

IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) is a trade association for amusement industry members.

Over 6,000 amusement-industry members in more than 100 countries worldwide are a part of this association.

This association regulates and assists its members in following the highest amusement-industry safety and professional standards.

Does The Chinese Ferris Wheel Manufacturer Provide Certification And Testing Reports For The Product?

Yes, most Ferris Wheel manufacturers provide quality and safety certificated along with testing reports for their products.

What Are The Characteristics Of The 25m Ferris Wheel?

25m Ferris Wheel

25m Ferris Wheel
25m Ferris Wheels are suitable for small amusement parks.

They mainly consist of a column holding a turntable with gondolas.

A drive system and electrical control system is required for its operation.

25m Ferris Wheels have a height of 25 meters and require 23.8m×9.5m of area.

They require 380V voltage and are powered with 15 kW to save energy.

It can accommodate up to 64 passengers.

What Are The Characteristics Of The 30m Ferris Wheel?

30m Ferris Wheel

30m Ferris Wheel

30m Ferris Wheels are suitable for small to middle theme parks.

They have a height of 30 meters and require an area of 18mx16m.

30m Ferris Wheels are usually similar to 25 m Ferris Wheel consisting of a column holding a turntable with gondolas.

They can accommodate up to 72 passengers.

30m Ferris Wheels require a 380V voltage, a 6kW drive system, and an updated electrical control system is needed for its operation.

What Are The Characteristics Of The 42m Ferris Wheel?

42m Ferris Wheel

42m Ferris Wheel
42m Ferris Wheels are suitable for medium-sized amusement parks or carnivals.

They are mainly constructed from a lightweight structure to make them easy to install and dismantle.

They comprise a column holding a turntable with gondolas, a drive system, and an electrical control system for its operation.

42m Ferris Wheels have a height of 42 meters and require 24.4mx20m of area.

They require 380V voltage and are powered with a 25 kW drive system.

It can accommodate up to 96 passengers.

What Are The Characteristics Of The 65m Ferris Wheel?

65m Ferris Wheel

65m Ferris Wheel
65m Ferris Wheels are the most common rides, suitable for medium to big theme parks and garden tours.

They have a height of 65 meters and require an area of 38m×32m.

65m Ferris Wheels guarantees 100% recreational enjoyment, consisting of a column holding a turntable with air-conditioned 6-person gondolas.
They can accommodate up to 216 passengers.

65m Ferris Wheels require a 380V voltage, a 26.4kW drive system, an air-conditioner, and an updated electrical control system for its operation.

What Are The Characteristics Of The 72m Ferris Wheel?

72m Ferris Wheel

72m Ferris Wheel
72m Ferris Wheels are suitable for a big theme or amusement parks.

They are mainly constructed from bright steel structures with sleek designs, perfect for observation wheel, giving an incredible view of the surrounding in the day, and attracting a crowd with its appealing lights at night.

They comprise a column holding a turntable with gondolas, a drive system, and an electrical control system for its operation.

72m Ferris Wheels have a height of 72 meters and require 48m×44m of area.

They require 380V voltage and are powered with a 16 kW drive system.

It can accommodate up to 192 passengers.

What Are The Characteristics Of The 88m Ferris Wheel?

88m Ferris Wheels

88m Ferris Wheels
88m Ferris Wheels are suitable for big theme parks, making them prominent in the local market with their huge and appealing appearance.

They have a height of 88 meters and require an area of 42m×36m.

88m Ferris Wheels consists of a column holding a turntable with air-conditioned 6-person gondolas.

They can accommodate up to 324 passengers.

88m Ferris Wheels require a 380V voltage, a 39.2kW Power (37Kw pump motor + 2.2kw air-cooled motor) and hydraulic drive system, air-conditioner, and an updated electrical control system for its operation.

What Are The Characteristics Of The 120m Ferris Wheel?

120m Ferris Wheel

120m Ferris Wheel
120m Ferris Wheels are suitable for huge amusement parks or as an observation wheel.

Its magnificent size and eye-catching illumination attracts visitors to the amusement park or even can be a landmark for the city.

They are mainly constructed from the lightweight structure and intelligent design, providing greater transparency and perfect view in all directions to the passengers.

They comprise a column holding a turntable with gondolas, a drive system, air-conditioning system in cabins, LED lighting, and an electrical control system for its operation and fantastic experience.

120m Ferris Wheels have a height of 120 meters and require 52m×58m of area.

They require 380V voltage and are powered with a 55 kW drive system.

It can accommodate up to 360 passengers.

What Are The Different Parts Of The Ferris Wheel Called?


Ferris wheel components

Ferris wheel components

Although Ferris Wheel made from thousands of different components, the following are the prominent ones:
Roulette Structure
Drive System
Support Structure
Gondola or Cabins
Control Room

What Is The Material Used For The Ferris Wheel Cabin?

Although different types of materials are used to make Ferris Wheel Cabin according to design, the main parts are usually made out of steel, while iron sheets, FRP, are plexiglass are also used.

Does Ferris Wheel Manufacturer Help The Buyer For VISA, If They Want To Visit Their Factory?

Yes, well-reputed Ferris Wheel manufacturers like Sinorides take pleasure in helping their clients to visit their factory in every possible way, including VISA.
Buyers are required to send their passport copy, and visiting date to the manufacturer’s given address.

Do Ferris Wheel Manufacturers Have Agents Or Offices In Different Countries?

Yes, Ferris Wheel manufacturers like Sinorides have their offices or agents in major countries around the globe.

To locate the Ferris Wheel manufacturer’s office or agent near them, the buyers are requested to contact the Ferris Wheel manufacturer’s support team via email or other contact details provided on their website.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Ferris Wheel Gondolas?

Gondolas, Cabins, Cars, or Capsules are made from different materials in different sizes, designs, colors, and shapes. However, there are two main types of Gondolas for the Ferris Wheel, which includes:

Fully Enclosed Gondolas

Fully Enclosed Gondolas
Fully enclosed: Fully enclosed or closed Gondolas (cabins) are found in drop shape or closed barrel shapes. They are usually fully packed with glass to give a 360-degree (panoramic) view to the passengers.

These closed cabins can also be equipped with an air-conditioning system.

They can be themed and customized in different colors and shaped too.

Semi Enclosed Gondolas

Semi Enclosed Gondolas
Semi-enclosed: They are no fully closed so that passengers can enjoy the fresh air.

They have high screens and four corner poles as an option.

They can also be customized into wheel-chair-friendly cabins.

What Are The Different Factors Considered While Designing The Ferris Wheel?


Ferris Wheels are designed while keeping several factors in mind, including:

They are designed with all safety measures set by organizations like IAAPA.

Aspects like earthquake-threatened area, climatic conditions, challenging grounding aspects, strong winds are considered.

Carnival Ferris Wheels, which are supposed to move from location to location frequently, are made transport-friendly, compact, and easy to install and dismantle.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying A Ferris Wheel From A Chinese Manufacturer?

advantages to buy ferris wheel from China

Advantages of buying ferris wheel from China

There are uncountable advantages of buying Ferris Wheel from Chinese manufacturers, including:

Chinese manufacturers are now pioneers in this field with 30+ years of experience.

They work with reputable and trusted suppliers.

They offer the lowest prices compared to other countries, without compromising with the quality.

They have design institutes in the country and have a long-term cooperative relationship with Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, China Academy of Building Sciences, Tongji University, and other institutions and research institutes.

These relationships help these manufacturers improve their quality and bring innovation to their field.

Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides have 20+ patents on amusement parks.

They have exported their quality products in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Well-known Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides are known for their strong confidence, excellent technical support, and a sincere attitude to provide the best product and services to their clients.

How To Repair Ferris Wheel?

Repair Ferris wheel

Repair Ferris wheel

As Ferris Wheel is a massive structure, it requires highly trained and well-experienced technicians.

These technicians should be hired by you so that they can troubleshoot the problems instantly.

If you have a hard time finding well-trained technicians, you can also avail training services by Sinorides. They will provide you with a team of professionals who will train your park’s technicians to operate, inspect, repair, and maintain your Ferris Wheel ride.

Suppose your in-house team of technicians are unable to locate or repair the problem, then you can call your Ferris Wheel manufacturer for their assistance.

They may guide your technicians or send in their team for repair. However, this service is only available if you buy a Ferris Wheel ride from reliable manufacturers like Sinorides having excellent after-sales services.

Sinorides also offer repairing services for the Ferris Wheel rides whose manufacturers are unwilling to provide any assistance.

However, for both training and repairing services, Sinorides requires the owner to provide the following to the engineers send by the company:
• Round-trip ticket;
• Food and Accommodation;
• Local commuting expenses;
• Daily Wage/person;
• Chinese to Local Language Translator.

How To Maintain Ferris Wheel?

Maintain Ferris wheel

Maintain Ferris wheel

You must have a dedicated team of technicians responsible for regular inspection and maintenance of the Ferris Wheel ride.

Following are some of the maintenance tip that the Ferris Wheel owners must consider:

• Keep the ride clean: As the Ferris wheel is an outdoor ride, it may have dust or smudges, so you must ensure it is properly washed and cleaned by authorized, well-trained professionals. You can use lukewarm and pressurized water to remove stains, dust, mold, and oily substances. Moreover, the tough stains can be removed by scrubbing them with a soft cloth. You can also use chemicals for cleaning only if it doesn’t react with the surface, like stainless steel or Fiber-reinforced plastic.

• Run a thorough inspection: you should have a dedicated and well-trained inspection team to inspect all Ferris Wheel’s parts regularly. They must ensure that all parts are in good shape and condition and all components are working correctly. If they find any problem, then it should be repaired or replaced immediately.

• Prevent unauthorized access: You must ensure Ferris Wheel is accessed, operated, repaired, cleaned, maintained by authorized and well-trained persons only. It will prevent the ride from any damage due to mishandling. Moreover, the fence should also be placed around the ride to prevent the visitors from climbing or unauthorized access.

• Follow recommended operational standards and procedures: The Ferris Wheel operator must follow all the operational standards and guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Moreover, they should be updated with local and international safety standards. This will prevent your ride from braking or damage due to a wrong operation.

• Assess the Functionality and Performance: Apart from the ride’s inspection, the ride functionality and performance should also be assessed regularly by the trained professionals. They must monitor that each component is working properly, the control system is normal, safety systems are functional, and ride speed is normal.

• Ensure the door is locked: For the ride’s protection and unauthorized access, you must ensure that the ride is entirely inaccessible for unauthorized persons. Moreover, the visitors should also be allowed to climb the ride to prevent damage.

How To Make Ferris Wheel Ride Safe?

Make Ferris Wheel safe

Make Ferris Wheel safe

Both Ferris Wheel’s manufacturer and owner have to take several measures to make the ride safe. Some of them are as follow:
Manufacturers are required to:

• Use high-quality material like Stainless Steel and Fiber-reinforced plastic to manufacture the Ferris Wheel as recommended by local and international amusement ride regulatory authorities.

• Design and manufacture the ride with proper research and by well-trained, qualified, and experienced designers and engineers.

• Comply with all local and international quality and safety standards for manufacturing the Ferris Wheel.

• Install all the required safety features like seat belts, emergency stop buttons, emergency brakes, fire extinguishers, etc.

• Test the Ferris Wheel under several conditions, with and without load, before delivering it to its owner.

• Pack, load, and ship the Ferris Wheel’s components by following reliable and safe procedures to prevent damage that may lead to accidents.

Owners are required to:
• Only buy a Ferris Wheel ride from a reliable manufacturer who uses high-quality material, has at least 10+ years of manufacturing experience, well-trained and experienced team of engineers and other professionals, and has all required safety and quality certifications.

• Ensure that they have a well-trained and skilled staff to operate, manage, inspect, repair, and maintain the Ferris Wheel.

• Regularly ensure that all the ride and passenger safety equipment is installed and working correctly.

• Regularly inspect, maintain and repair the Ferris Wheel to prevent significant damage or accident.

• Ensure that only a authorized, well-trained and skilled staff is allowed to operate, manage, inspect, repair, and maintain the Ferris Wheel.

How Fast Does Ferris Wheel Ride Go?

The speed of the Ferris Wheel depends on its type, manufacturer, and size. Most observational Ferris Wheel has a speed of 1.5 mph or lower.
While an amusement park Ferris Wheel can have a speed up to 10 mph or higher. However, a small-size amusement park Ferris Wheel for kids, has a comparatively low speed.

Are Ferris Wheel Ride Dangerous?

Ferris Wheels are known to be one of the safest amusement rides as it applies no Gravitational forces on the rider like thrill rides.

Moreover, the Ferris Wheel is prone to minimum danger if manufactured by a reliable manufacturer and operated, repaired, and maintained by well-trained staff. Furthermore, All safety features are installed, including seat belts, fire-extinguisher, emergency brakes, and circuit breakers, locking doors and sidewalls or rails, combined with safety warnings and rider minimum age requirements.

According to, there is a chance of 1 in 9 million being severely injured while riding one of the 400 fixed-site Ferris Wheels in the United States. It means one is more likely to get injured while traveling to the amusement park than while riding the Ferris wheel.

How Are Ferris Wheels Rides Made?

How ferris wheel made

Making of a Ferris wheel

Ferris Wheel ride manufacturing by a reliable manufacturer like Sinorides involves a series of steps, which includes:

1. Choosing the Right Material: To manufacture the most reliable and safe Ferris Wheel, it is essential to choose the highest quality material. Stainless Steel, Aluminium, and Fiber-Reinforced Plastic are among the widely used and recommended materials.

These materials are either bought in raw form to manufacture various components within the factory. At the same time, other ready-made electrical and mechanical parts are purchased directly from suppliers.

2. Design: It is one of the vital manufacturing process, which is done in three phases:

a. Schematic Design: The design phase starts from sketching numerous designs for the Ferris Wheel. These designs are inspired by existing rides and client’s demands and park needs.

b. Technical Drawing: The sketches are further processed by considering all the technical aspects of the Ferris Wheel, including type, dimensions, seating capacity, ride duration, safety mechanisms, structural forces, thrill factor, and engineering needs.

c. Final Plan: The finalized layout and technical drawings are further refined to produce a final plan. The final plan is documented and forwarded to the manufacturing department to start the production.

3. Production: This step involves the manufacturing of various parts of the Ferris wheel and finally assembling them.

Production involves the following operations:

a. Steel structure Manufacturing: Stainless Steel goes through the process of cutting, welding, CNC machining, debarring, and bending to make main steel structural components, including wheel support towers, trailer chassis, wheel spokes, and wheel cross-members, and a variety of other structural components including tubing, round tubing, angles, channels, and wide-flanged beams.

b. Aluminum Components Manufacturing: Aluminum is processed to make components like entrance and exit walk-ways and for the operator’s platform, drive rims, and seats. Some manufacturers also use FRP to make seats.

c. Other Components: Other Ferris Wheel components like Gondolas are manufactured using certain materials like steel, Aluminum, and fiberglass.

4. Component Quality Validation: Once the Ferris Wheel components are produced and before shipping them to the site, it goes through series of test and quality validations, including:

a. Steel Part Inspection: The steel parts are inspected for their size, is it according to the drawing. Moreover, they should have no burr or rust in the appearance. The anti-rust liquid is also applied to prevent it from rust.

b. Welding Part Inspection: Welded areas of the components are inspected to ensure there is no crack and the weld is smooth, uniformly textured, neat, and tidy. Moreover, it is also confirmed that the weld between two adjacent layers is fully fused.

c. Other Parts Inspection: Components made out of wood, Aluminum, fiberglass also inspected for their quality and appearance.

5. Shipment: Once the production and testing of the components is complete, there are packed adequately in plastic and wooden boxes, then loaded and shipped to the owner’s site.

6. Assembling: As the Ferris wheel is a huge structure and requires a significant amount of time to assemble, the assembling process is done on the owner’s site.
All the manufactured components, along with others bought from suppliers, are assembled according to the final plan provided by the design department. After assembling, the ride is then painted, and other components like LEDs, control systems, air-conditioning systems, safety equipment are installed.

7. Final Testing: Before opening the Ferris wheel for the visitors, the ride is tested without load for at least 8 hours per day, then with load for continuous 80 hours.

The testing also covers individual equipment testing and paint inspection.

What Are The Different Factors Considered While Buying The Ferris Wheel?

Factors to consider when buying ferris wheel

Factors to consider when buying ferris wheel

You need to consider numerous factors as an amusement park’s owner while buying the Ferris wheel ride. Following are some of them:

1. Budget: You need to choose the ride according to your budget, as well as the ride’s design and construction, marketing, and projected operational costs.

2. Amusement Park’s Need: It is beneficial to do a feasibility study for your park to determine your park’s need, which includes the evaluation of the park’s theme, area, existing rides, required rides, expected number of visitors, age of visitors, surrounding landscape, climate, public demand and competitor’s analysis. This helps you choose the type, size, features, and seating capacity of the Ferris wheel.

3. Ride’s Space: For buying a customized or standard Ferris wheel, the ride’s actual space should be evaluated, as you may end buying too small or big ride for your designated space.

4. Ferris Wheel Type: Ferris wheels are available in various sizes, designs, themes, seating capacity, specifications, and optional features. You must choose it wisely according to the feasibility study.

Suppose you have a considerable space and are looking for an iconic family ride, then you can buy a 120m Ferris Wheel. And If you are looking for a kid’s only Ferris Wheel, then there are several other indoor and outdoor options.

5. Manufacturer: Ferris Wheel must be bought from a reliable manufacturer who offers an affordable price, product customization, excellent quality, and reliable after-sales services. Moreover, you should also consider the manufacturer’s experience, existing projects, quality and safety certifications, manufacturing licenses, labor skills, manufacturing equipment, testing standards, innovation, payment, and the shipping method.

6. Warranty: Prefer the Ferris wheel, which comes with at least one year of product warranty. It will help get a quality product and reduce the repair and maintenance cost for the first year.

7. Material: Ensure that the Ferris Wheel is manufactured from high-quality primary materials like stainless steel, FRP, and Aluminum.

8. Safety Features: Don’t compromise with the ride and passenger’s safety. You must ensure the ride is designed and manufactured in compliance with all the local and international safety standards. Moreover, the ride must also be equipped with all safety features, including an emergency stop button, emergency brakes, fire-extinguishers, seat belts, and safety gates.

9. Optional Features: You can also consider optional features according to your park’s budget, and theme including LED lights, sound system, Air-conditioned Gondolas or Open Gondolas, etc.

How To Find Reliable Ferris Wheel Ride Manufacturer In China?

How to find ferris wheel manufacturer in China

How to find ferris wheel manufacturer in China

Almost all Ferris wheel ride manufacturers in China have made their presence on the internet. All you need is to choose the right one, for which you can follow the steps below:

1. Search: you can make a list of manufacturer websites by searching them on search engines like Google or Bing through keywords like “Ferris Wheel manufacturers in China,” “Ferris Wheel for sale in China,” “Buy Ferris Wheel in China,” or other similar terms.

2. Analyze: For basic analysis, visit every website in the list, and look for their product catalog, existing projects, contact details, and certifications. You can even narrow down your list by discarding websites that seem unprofessional or unreliable.

3. Contact: Next, you need to contact manufacturers via the details provided and ask for their quotations. You can even email your requirements and request a quote or wait for their representative to contact you back.

4. Compare and choose the right one: you shouldn’t compare and select the reliable Ferris wheel manufacturer only based on prices. It would be best if you considered the following factors too:

a. Product’s Specification and Features: A reliable manufacturer will provide the best Ferris wheel’s specifications and features in the market.
b. Product’s Optional Features: A reliable manufacturer will also provide optional features in the Ferris wheel ride, including air-conditioned gondolas, sound system, LEDs, etc.

c. Product’s Safety: The manufacturer’s reliability can be judged from the overall safety of the ride. It is whether the ride is designed according to local and international safety standards and is equipped with all the required safety features, including seat belts, fire-extinguisher, emergency brakes, emergency circuit breakers, etc.

d. Product’s Warranty: Ferris Wheel from a reliable manufacturer always comes with at least one year of product warranty, ensuring that the ride is repaired and the faulty component is replaced at the manufacturer’s expanse.

e. Product’s Material: a trusted manufacturer will always use high-quality materials to manufacturer their product like Stainless steel, Fiber-reinforced plastic, and aluminum.

f. Product’s Testing: the best quality Ferris wheel can only be produced by the manufacturer who runs a proper testing procedure under different conditions on their product before shipping it to the owner.

g. Product Customization: Always prefer a manufacturer who offers complete product customization according to your budget and requirements.

h. Shipment: Unlike other manufacturers, reliable Ferris Wheel manufacturers like Sinorides handles the shipping for their client. It’s excellent and prevents the ride from damage if done professionally.

i. Labor: Ensure that the manufacturer has well-trained, highly-skilled, and experienced engineers and workers for designing, manufacturing, and installing the ride.

j. After-sales Services: A reliable manufacturer will have excellent after-sales services, including product warranty, on-call assistance, product customization, theme-park designing, product installation and repair, and staff training.

k. Contract: A reliable manufacturer will always make a legal contract with its client before placing an order. The agreement includes all the product, payment, and warranty details.

l. Payment Method: Only rely on manufacturers who accept reliable payment methods, including PayPal, Escrow, T/T, L/C, Western Union, and Cash.
m. License & Certifications: Confirm that the manufacturer has all the required licenses and local and international quality and safety certifications to manufacture the Ferris Wheel.

n. Manufacturing Facility: One must visit the place of the manufacturer where Ferris Wheels are manufactured.

o. Manufacturing Experience: Only rely on the manufacturer with at least 10+ years of experience in the amusement ride manufacturing industry.

p. Patents: Reliable amusement ride manufacturers like Sinorides have 20+ patents in amusement parks.

q. Existing Clients: It’s recommended to ask for reviews from the existing clients of the manufacturer.

You can rely on the manufacturer in China who has most of the aforementioned qualities.

How To Check The Quality of the Ferris Wheel Ride?

Check Ferris wheel quality

Check Ferris wheel quality

To check the Ferris Wheel ride’s quality, you need to hire a well-trained and experienced inspection team. Many third-party companies offer such services, or you can even ask your manufacturer.

The inspection team will consider the following aspects of the Ferris wheel:

• Design: Ensure that the ride’s design is practical and safe and complies with all the local and international safety standards. This inspection process includes design risk assessment, Design Loading, Stress Analysis, Related Issues, Stability, Harness and Locking Devices, Braking systems, etc.

• Material: It is ensured that the Ferris wheel is constructed from reliable materials like Stainless Steel and Aluminum. The welding and painting of the material are also inspected.

• Component Inspection: All the mechanical and electrical components, as well as safety equipment, are inspected for their quality, including Suspended Gondola, Wire Ropes, Shackles and Pulleys, Electrical Requirements, Ride Control Equipment, Lightning Protection, Fire Protection, Driving System, Safety Clearance and Envelope, etc.

• Facilities: All the facilities related to the Ferris wheel are inspected, including Passenger Gates, Maintenance Access, Fences and Barriers, Evacuation Facilities, etc.

• Testing: There are several tests performed on the Ferris Wheel under numerous conditions to assess its quality and performance. These tests include Full Load Test, Without Load test, Test for Unbalanced Load, Test for Electrical Installation, Tests for Hydraulic and Pneumatic System, Non-Destructive Testing, etc.

How To Ensure The Safety Of Ferris Wheel Ride?

ensure ferris wheel safety

Ensure Ferris wheel safety

Both manufacturer and the owner ensure the safety of the Ferris Wheel ride.

The manufacturer should ensure:
• The ride is manufactured from reliable materials like stainless steel and aluminum.
• Only highly skilled and experienced engineers are allowed to design, customize, manufacture, and install the Ferris Wheel.
• They comply with all the local and international quality and safety standards.
• The ride’s is equipped with all the required safety features such as seat belts, entrance and exit gates in Gondolas, Fire-extinguishers, emergency brakes, and emergency stop buttons.
• The ride is tested for several hours under different conditions before it is open for the public.
• The ride’s components are appropriately packed and safely loaded, and dispatched to the client’s location to prevent damage during shipment.

The amusement park owners should ensure:
• That the Ferris wheel is installed by professional and highly skilled engineers while complying with all the safety standards.
• Only well-trained staff should be allowed to operate, manage, maintain and repair the Ferris wheel.
• All the electrical, mechanical, and safety components should be inspected regularly. If any problem is found, it should be repaired immediately.
• Visitors shouldn’t be allowed to climb the ride or unauthorized access.
• There should be weight, height, age, and health restrictions for riding the Ferris wheel.
• Only high-quality spare parts should be used if any replaced required.

How Does The Manufacturer Package The Ferris Wheel Ride?

Reliable Manufacturers use high-quality plastic to wrap most Ferris wheel components, while sensitive components are kept in wooden boxes.
Some other packaging material may also be used depending on the component.

What Is The Quality Certifications For Ferris Wheel Ride’s Manufacturing?

Numerous quality certifications are required depending on the manufacturer’s location and client’s requirements. Some of them are as follow:

• ASTM Certification: It is a certification that certifies that the manufacturer complies with the standards of safety for design, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, quality assurance, and inspection of amusement rides and devices.

• CE Certificate: It confirms that the manufacturer takes all responsibility for the Ferris wheel’s safety, performance, health, and environmental requirements.

• IAAPA Certification: It is a certification that confirms that the amusement ride manufacturer is committed to the profession and is highly knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled in the global attractions industry.

• ISO: abbreviated as International Organization for Standardization certification, certifies that the management system has fulfilled all the requirements to assure the Ferris Wheels or other amusement ride’s quality.

• CAAPA: abbreviated as China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, is a certification from a non-profit organization that aims to protect the prosperity of the Chinese, Asian, and global attractions industry. This certification indicates that the Ferris Wheel manufacturer is highly committed to their business’s safety and prosperity.

• TÜV SÜD: It is a quality seal “Certified Amusement Park,” or an amusement park safety certificate issued by TÜV SÜD, which assesses all the interaction of all safety factors, which includes individual technical tests, maintenance, and inspection schedules, emergency preparedness, and response, save and rescue services, and documentation related to the condition of the rides and facilities in the park.

• Some other notable certifications are also acquired according to the client’s requirement, like GOST, SASO, BV, and SONCAP.

What Are The Safety Instruction For Riding Ferris Wheel Ride?

Ferris wheel riding instruction

Ferris wheel riding instruction


Every Amusement park has its own safety instructions for riding Ferris Wheel. It also depends on the type of Ferris Wheel.

Here are some of the common ones:
• Riders suffering from neck disease, heart disease, or other diseases or have undergone recent surgery shouldn’t ride.
• Pregnant women shouldn’t be allowed.
• Children of age below seven should ride alone. They must be accompanied by at least 14 years old adult.
• Riders should wait in line, follow the staff’s instructions and pay attention to the safety instructions.
• Especially in a giant Ferris wheel, riders should not bounce, walk or leave the seat as it may unbalance the Gondola. Moreover, they should not damage the equipment or do other dangerous actions that may cause an accident.
• Riders should only evacuate the Ferris Wheel when it’s completely stopped and are directed by the staff to leave.

What Are The Other Names Of Ferris Wheel Ride?

Ferris Wheels are called by numerous other names, including Wheel of Fortune, Round the World, Merry Go Round, Big Wheel, Observation wheel, etc.

Who Can Ride The Ferris Wheel Ride?

Ferris wheel is known to be the safest amusement ride, so it’s a Family ride, and both adults and kids can ride it.

How Much Space Do Ferris Wheel Ride Need For Working?

The area required to operate Ferris Wheel depends on its size and design. Following are the prominent types of Ferris Wheel and their space needed for operation:
• 25m Ferris Wheel: 23.8m×9.5m
• 30m Ferris Wheel: 18mx16m
• 42m Ferris Wheel: 24.4mx20m
• 49m Ferris Wheel: 35m×32m
• 65m Ferris Wheel: 38m×32m
• 72m Ferris Wheel: 48m×44m
• 88m Ferris Wheel: 42m×36m
• 120m Ferris Wheel: 52m×58m

What Is The Difference Between China Ferris Wheel Ride And European Ferris Wheel Ride?

Previously European rides were famous for their high-quality, safety, innovative designs, and excellent after-sales services.

However, Chinese amusement ride manufacturers have improved themselves to achieve all these aforementioned qualities at much lower prices.

This is why the only significant difference between the China Ferris wheel and the European Ferris Wheel ride is their price.

What To Do When The Ferris Wheel Ride Is Break Down During Working?

If the Ferris Wheel breaks down during work, you need to follow the tips below:

• Follow the emergency evacuation protocol provided by the manufacturer. The protocol may include cutting the power supply, applying emergency brakes, and safely evacuating the passengers.
• Next, you need to call the in-house technician team. They will inspect and repair the possible problem.
• If they are unable to fix the issue, then you are required to contact your manufacturer. The manufacturer will send a team of professional engineers who will troubleshoot the problem for you.

Who Does The Inspection Of The Ferris Wheel Ride?

Ferris wheel quality inspection

Ferris wheel quality inspection

Amusement Park owners should have an in-house team of well-trained and experienced technicians to perform regular inspections of the Ferris wheel ride.

If you have a hard time finding well-trained technicians for your park, you can avail the training services of Sinorides. The company will send a team of experts to train your staff to operate, repair, and maintain the Ferris wheel.

You can also hire a third-party inspection team like Sinorides, who can regularly visit your park and perform inspections.

On the other hand, some reliable Ferris wheel manufacturers also provide inspection services.

Does Ferris Wheel Ride Manufacturer Charge For Training? How Much In Charge?

Yes, Ferris wheel manufacturers like Sinorides charge for training services. You can contact them using the contact details provided on their website for the latest tariff.

Besides the charges, you as are also required to provide trainers with:
• Round tickets
• Accommodation and Food
• Local commuting expenses
• Translator
• Daily Wage

How To Know My Ferris Wheel Ride Needs Replacement?

Ferris wheel can never run flawless and without damage. Therefore, you are required to regularly inspect and fix or replace some spare parts whenever needed.
Here are some signs that show it is now time to replace the Ferris wheel’s parts:

• Upgrade: With the advancement in technology, amusement rides are also evolving. Manual-operated Ferris Wheels are now automated.
Wooden seats are replaced with Fiber Reinforced Plastic. Moreover, VR and AR Technology are also introduced. Therefore, you should also upgrade the components of the ride with time.

It will increase the life of the ride and attract more riders.

• Material Gets Worn Out: Some spare parts worn out with time, like steel with rust and fiberglass and steel parts from a strong acid or alkaline substances. Therefore, you should inspect them regularly, and replace them with a new one or upgraded one.

88m ferris wheel ride

Degradation of Ferris wheel’s Components

• Degradation of Material: Ferris Wheels, located in the area where acid gas is released in the atmosphere or experiences extreme weather, are prone to degradation with time as steel and FRP reacts with the acid, which reduced the performance ability of the component.

Similarly, amusement ride located near the beach, having too much salt in the air, corrodes the steel. Moreover, high temperature and direct sunlight cause warping faded paint or dry rot to the ride’s components.

In all aforementioned conditions, these ride needs replacement.

• Natural Calamities: Ferris wheel may damage by thunderstorms, strong winds, or hurricanes in the area. This may weaken the ride’s structure and may also damage the control system or any mechanical component. This makes the Ferris wheel dangerous for the riders, so vulnerable parts should be replaced immediately.

• Change in Building Code: There are times when the local or international safety authorities improve amusement ride building codes. Whenever a new building code is enforced, you must replace your Ferris wheel or upgrade its components.

How To Reduce The Repair And Maintenance Cost For Ferris Wheel Ride?

ferris wheel maintain and repair

Ferris wheel maintain and repair

There are several tips and tricks you can use to reduce the repair and maintenance cost of the Ferris wheel’s ride:

• Keep the ride clean: Dirt and chemicals accumulate with time on the ride’s surface and mechanical parts. Therefore, you must keep the ride clean by washing it with lukewarm pressurized water and clean the tough stains by rubbing it with a soft cloth.

For the cleaning of mechanical parts, you must follow the guideline provided by the manufacturer.

• Hire Trained Technicians: Don’t allow an untrained and unauthorized person to clean, repair or maintain the Ferris wheel, as they may cause severe damage and incur extra cost to your ride due to lack of skills and inexperience.

You must hire well-trained technicians, or you can also avail training services from Sinorides to train your staff for operating, maintaining, and repairing the Ferris Wheel.

• Conduct Routine Inspection: Every component of the Ferris wheel should be inspected regularly by skilled technicians, and any fault should be fixed immediately. Negligence in inspecting and repair may worsen the damage and increase repair costs.

Inspection should also include Steel frame, Locking mechanisms, Seat materials – FRP, Music and LED systems, Hydraulic control system, and Safety accessories.

• Monitor Usage and Performance: Trained person should monitor the Ferris wheel’s performance and operation and notify the technicians in case of any irregularity. This will prevent the problem from worsening and adding extra repair or replacement costs.

• Follow user manual and guidelines: You must follow the user manuals and guidelines provided by the manufacturer from installing, operating, repair and maintaining the Ferris wheel. It will increase the life of Ride and reduce the repair cost If everything is done correctly.

• Keep your Warranty Document Safe: Every reliable amusement ride manufacturer provides at least one year of product warranty covering free repairing and replacing the components. So you should keep your warranty document safe to redeem it when needed. It will save you repair and maintenance costs for at least one year.

What Factors Are Considered While Inspecting The Ferris Wheel?

ferris wheel inspecting factors

Fferris wheel inspecting factorserris wheel inspecting factors

Following are the factors that can be considered while inspecting before and after the installation of the Ferris wheel:

• Inspection of manufacturing and construction process of the Ferris Wheel;
• Welding and material approval;
• Inspection of Dynamic, Static, Electrical, Hydraulic for mechanic and electronic components of the Ferris Wheel;
• Analysis of structural, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems;
• Electrical safety and emergency functions testing;
• Testing of Clearances, interlocking, pressure relief valves, brakes, speed, and acceleration as well as other Functional testing of ride movements;
• Inspection of temporary structures prior to entry into service;
• In-service inspection;
• Monitoring of your amusement park;
• Inspecting for damage, corrosion, and typical wear and tear;
• Preliminary design review.

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