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  • Double hydraulic cylinders to ensure safety
  • High-quality raw materials guarantee performance
  • Wire rope to protect passenger’s safe
  • Meet European quality standards

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Sinorides is a well-known Freefall tower manufacturer and supplier in China. You can choose from our wide range of freefall tower rides. Some of our popular Freefall tower rides include 12m Freefall ride, 14m Freefall ride, 18m Freefall ride, 23m Freefall tower ride, and 30m Freefall tower ride.

The thrill factor is one of the basic reasons for the overwhelming love of riders for amusement parks. Freefall tower ride or drop tower ride is also the favorite addition of thrill lovers in the parks. That is why Sinorides has started the production of this amazing ride and is regarded as the best freefall tower manufacturer out there in China. We are included in the list of those amusement park ride manufacturers that produce more than 100 different types of amusement rides.

Besides these qualities, we have a professional after-sales team that is available 24/7 to assist our customers. We are now exporting the highest quality of rides to more than 160 countries around the orb.

Our Freefall tower rides are unique in appearance. We have several appearance patent certificates for the same.

Sinorides 12m Freefall Tower for sale
12m Freefall Tower can help to increase your theme park business

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 35kW
  • Area: 6mx6m
  • Height: 12m
  • Down Speed: 4m/s
Sinorides 14m Freefall Tower for sale
14m Freefall Tower produced under complete machine processing

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 35kW
  • Area: 6mx6m
  • Height: 14m
  • Down Speed: 4m/s
Sinorides 18m Freefall Tower for sale
18m Freefall Tower has set up multiple security settings for safety

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 35kW
  • Area: 6mx6m
  • Height: 18m
  • Down Speed: 4m/s
Sinorides 23m Freefall Tower for sale
The design of 23m Freefall Tower is recognized by China institutions

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 55kW
  • Area: 9mx9m
  • Height: 23m
  • Down Speed: 5m/s
Sinorides 30m Freefall Tower for sale
30m Freefall Tower passed various quality tests and standard

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 55kW
  • Area: 9mx9m
  • Height: 30m
  • Down Speed: 5m/s
mini-freefall-tower from Sinorides
Mini Freefall Tower has many attractive styles to choose from

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 6P
  • Power: 12kW
  • Area: 6mx5m
  • Height: 8.3m
  • Down Speed: 3m/s

Your Premier Freefall Tower Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is a top-rated Freefall tower manufacturer in China.

We’re a member of IAAPA and our freefall tower for sale passes various quality certifications, including CE, ISO, GOST, SGS, etc.

You will find our Freefall tower highly secure. It features double mechanical shoulders, double hydraulic cylinders, a cylinder pressure detection device, and a broken pipe protection device.

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  • Sinorides-Freefall Tower-processing machine
  • Sinorides-freefall-tower-rides-for-sale-derust
  • Sinorides-Freefall Tower-running test
  • Sinorides freefall tower project
  • Sinorides freefall tower rides for sale customer case

Freefall Tower for Sale Project

Our budget-friendly Freefall tower rides also come with multi-safety settings that improve the safety of your customers to a great extent.

Sinorides is a trustworthy Freefall tower manufacturer in China that has been selling quality Freefall tower rides for almost three decades.

Sinorides’ Freefall tower has an advanced electronic control, featuring a smart display to indicate faults.

Sinorides Freefall Tower Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides-Freefall Tower-material-detail
Highgrade steel material to ensure better stability for Freefall Tower.
Sinorides-Freefall Tower-Welding-Parts-detail
Automatic welding machine to reach the perfect welding quality.
Sinorides-Freefall Tower-rides-installation
Reliable and Multi settings to keep people safe.
Sinorides-Freefall Tower-components-detail
European Brands components to guarantee superior performance.
Sinorides-Freefall Tower-Rides-qc
Magnetic flaw detection to inspect the Freefall Tower quality.
Sinorides-Freefall Tower-delivery
Working with famous International forwarder for delivery.
TECHNICAL DATA12m Freefall Tower14m Freefall Tower18m Freefall Tower23m Freefall Tower30m Freefall Tower
Space Area6m*6m6m*6m6m*6m9m*9m9m*9m
Number of Seats12P12P12P16P16P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V
Down Speed4m/s4m/s4m/s5m/s5m/s

18m freefall tower for sale drawing

30m freefall tower for sale drawing

Sinorides freefall tower technical drawing

Sinorides is Reliable Freefall Tower Manufacturer

No matter where you’re located, we’ve made all arrangements to transport the ride to your place within no time. Our shipping policies are also known among all the other manufacturers.

You can get your manufactured drop tower ride in less than the expected time interval when you choose us. Sinorides also provides access to the customers to choose from the various shipping methods.

Besides the versatility of shipping, the prices are pretty reasonable, and anyone can afford to get their ride delivered in the safest way possible.

More than 28 years of manufacturing experience of the workers at our platforms excludes the chances of errors or mistakes. Thus, you don’t have to bother about the quality or functioning of the drop tower ride when you’re choosing us.

In addition to the compatible price, we are also offering limited discount offers to our customers around the orb. You can visit our website to get the latest updates about the ongoing offers for availing of the worthy discount.

Other than thrill rides, we are also known for manufacturing the highest quality of family and kids rides.

Freefall Towers – The Ultimate Faq Guide

Freefall Towers - The Ultimate Faq Guide

Are you looking for some quality information on “Freefall Towers”?

If this is the case, then you must be an amusement park owner who is about to start a new freefall tower project.

This is an ultimate FAQ guide for you in case you want to know everything about freefall towers starting from their basic info, to the cost and other related information.

What Is A Freefall Tower?

A free fall tower is a huge amusement ride that is placed within a tower or high structure to experience a free fall in a cart down to the ground.

Freefall Tower

In a freefall tower or drop tower, you will be released in the card downwards to the ground which would scare you to death, but it stops right before it can hit the ground.

Thanks to electromagnetic brakes and the copper coil engineering that makes this process fail-safe.

What Is The Working Principle Of A Freefall Ride?

The seat or cart is pulled to the top of the structure at first and then it is set to drop down towards the ground by releasing it to be free of any mechanical force.

The earth’s gravity pulls both, the cart and your body down to the ground with the same gravitational pull causing the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy.

After the cart is released, the friction wheels that are attached to control its lateral motion and a set of compressed air brakes help to stop the cart before it reaches the ground.

Are Freefall Towers Safe?

The freefall towers are safe because this amusement ride is made using a magnetic braking system that helps to slow down the cart to stop right before it reaches the ground.

Safe Freefall Tower

This magnetic braking system is fail-safe as it doesn’t rely on electricity or any firepower.

It only depends on the magnets that are used which work intrinsically with the law of magnetism.

The cart that is used in freefall towers has fixed permanent magnets under its seats and there is a copper strip portion at the lower end of the tower that is mounted vertically.

When the cart is released downwards, it produces kinetic energy and when these magnets reach the copper conductor area, that energy is transformed into electrical energy.

Electric current is induced due to this and a magnetic field opposes the motion of the magnet seats to push back up, hence causing it to slow down before reaching the ground.

This is why it’s safe for you as the magnetic brakes work along with hydraulic cylinders to slow down the falling cart instantly.

Can Children Ride the Freefall Tower? What Is The Age Limit?

Your children can ride freefall towers and there are different conditions and policies for different freefall towers.

Children ride the Freefall Tower

Some freefall towers allow riding children above 7 years of age while some allow children around 13 years of age.

The minimum height for children is under 110cm.

Any child under this height is not allowed and any child between 110cm and 139cm should be accompanied by an adult.

How Fast Does The Freefall Tower Go?

The cart is dropped from a very good height making it go fast enough to a speed of about 60mph with the earth’s gravitational pull for most of the average freefall towers.

For a giant or huge free towel, the speed can reach about 83.9mph easily.

How Much Does A Freefall Tower Cost?

It’s very expensive to build a freefall tower with all the latest equipment and technology with perfect engineering for the safety of the riders.

How Much Does A Freefall Tower Cost

Cost of FreeFall Tower

But it’s cheaper and more reasonable in case if you buy it from a Chinese manufacturer who delivers freefall towers at good rates.

The set of freefall towers includes the expense of all the related equipment which can vary in price.

The different parts of the freefall tower include

  • Structure tower
  • Cart
  • Seat Magnets
  • Copper strips
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • And other building materials to make freefall towers fully functional for the drop.

In different countries, the cost of a freefall tower may differ based on its specs and the currency of that country.

An average free fall in China can cost about US $143,000-970,000/ Set.

What Is The Tallest Freefall Tower In The World?

Lex Luthor Drop of Doom is considered the tallest drop tower that has a height of 122m and it is located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.

As the ride reaches at a height of 400 feet, a greeting message from Lex Luthor is played before the drop and after that, it is released to go down.

The 600kg cart reaches a speed of 85mph from this height down to the ground for any person with the gravitational pull of the earth.

What Are The Best Freefall Towers Manufacturers?

Sinorides is a freefall towers manufacturer in China that also manufactures all the amusement park rides having the best of the top 3 freefall towers in China.

How High Is The Drop Zone Of A Freefall Tower?

Freefall towers are of different sizes in different locations and they can have differences in height.

Most of the freefall towers have a 68m high drop zone from the ground.

This height for the drop zone is not fixed as there can be different-sized freefall towers but 68m is the average height for the drop zone in most of the freefall towers.

The highest freefall tower is Lex Luthor Drop of Doom having a 121.92m drop zone.

How Tall Is A Freefall Tower?

Most of the freefall towers are 250 feet tall in any family amusement park but some freefall towers are way too high.

The highest freefall tower is in California which reaches up to 400 feet.

Tall Freefall Tower

The second highest freefall tower is 394ft tall in the sky.

There is no fixed height for these towers as it depends on your choice of how tall you want to keep it when you want to start a freefall tower ride of your own.

How Much Does A Freefall Tower Cost To Build?

A freefall tower does cost a lot at includes very advanced engineering.

For a Giant Drop from the Dreamworld, the cost to build was $12 million.

Hershey’s Kisses Tower and Reese’s Tower were built for $8 million which had 48 inches height for all the riders.

In this way, you can see that the cost can vary on different important factors related to freefall towers based on copper strips, magnetic seats, etc.

How Do Freefall Towers Stop?

A freefall tower works on the law of magnetism.

It means that a cart that is made with a magnet seats produces kinetic energy and it transforms the energy into electrical energy.

How Freefall Tower stops

This happens when the cart reaches the copper conductor area of the tower.

Electric induction takes place and the magnetic field helps to oppose the motion of the seats with magnets.

This reaction works as a magnetic braking system with hydraulic cylinders to help in braking and stopping the cart.

What Are The Requirements To Install A Freefall Tower In Amusement Park?

What Are The Requirements To Install A Freefall Tower In Amusement Park

Freefall towers require a lot of space to fit in and they also cover some areas for safety reasons to keep the audience a bit distant from the fall.

  • For the most part, the required height of the tower is recommended around 18m (59 ft) or 35 m (115 ft).
  • The required seating capacity for an average drop tower is 16 to 24 riders.
  • The ride control system is also required like the Allen-Bradley PLC system.
  • There is also an electrical power of 130kW required to push the cart and take it to the drop zone.
  • You would have to choose the freefall tower type and the location for it.
  • You will have to run a feasible study for its development in an amusement park.
  • You must have a plan and an expert team that would work for you in installing a freefall tower in the amusement park without failure or errors.

What Is A Freefall Tower With Swings?

The freefall tower with swings is in South Korea and it is one of the scariest freefall towers.

Gyro Freefall Korea

It is called the Gyro Drop of Lotte World theme park in Seoul.

This freefall tower takes the riders to the top and then they are dropped from the drop zone the seats also start spinning around the tower until they reach the ground.

This freefall tower is 230 feet in height at 70m from where they are dropped while the gondola comes rotating down until the brakes hit.

What Is The Physics Of Freefall Tower?

In the freefall tower ride, a person and the doughnut fall from a certain height with the same gravitational pull causing the same acceleration for both.

Physics of Drop Tower

This causes weightlessness for both and there are no supporting forces around too.

The whole mechanism of this ride depends upon the electromagnetic systems and the reaction of conversion of energy to cause the brakes.

At first, the ride is taken to the top of the tower with force and after that, the riders are suspended at the top for a few seconds and then the cart is dropped from that height.

With gravity, the cart and riders are pulled toward the ground at a very high speed.

The magnetic brakes caused by an electromagnetic field help to respond to the magnets of the seats to stop the cart before touching the ground.

How To Import Freefall Towers From China?

If you want to purchase and import freefall towers from China, then you can simply visit to get the best freefall towers imported to your country.How To Import Freefall Towers From China

import freefall towers from China

Here you will get all types of freefall towers from which you will have to make a selection and then proceed to input your data for inquiry.

Fill in the required fields like Subject, Purchase Quantity, Sets, and additional message.

Through this inquiry, they will respond to you and then you can make a deal accordingly. is another trusted source from where you can communicate with the dealers and pay online through VISA or Paypal.

Through this source, you can also make a deal to import freefall towers from China to your country.

What To Consider When Choosing Freefall Towers?

When choosing a freefall tower, you should always consider safety first.

As these towers are very dangerous for the drop they can risk a human life for even a little failure or mechanical fault.

It’s always necessary to take precautions and have all the safety in consideration before making a decision.

Other than safety, various factors are important such as the location of your freefall tower where you are going to place it.

You should also understand the cost factor and the benefits that you can get under a certain cost limit from the freefall tower.

Reliability is another important factor in terms that your freefall towers would not wear out their mechanical components or fail at any stage when in use.

How To Choose Freefall Towers For My Park?

How To Choose Freefall Towers For My Park

To choose freefall towers for your amusement park, you have to put your interest in the location and area for your towers within the park.

You can consider the following things before choosing Freefall Tower.

  • The height of the freefall tower
  • The safety gears and safety features of the freefall tower
  • Buying a freefall tower from a reliable and trusted source is important
  • Equivalent force or power should be available to push the cart high enough to the tower without failing
  • By understanding what the locals in your area are demanding and how much height and speed would be suitable to attract more crowd towards your business

How To Find Reliable Freefall Towers Manufacturer In China?

To find a reliable freefall tower manufacturer in China, you can either decide to look at sinorides and order your custom and reliable drop tower.

Reliable Freefall Tower

Or you can go to from where you can meet dealers and used freefall towers and they would have been used under trusted supervision.

You can make use of the internet search to check their location and visit them personally.

How To Install Freefall Towers?

Installing Freefall Towers is not a simple process.

It’s a difficult task that should only be performed by Experts.

How To Install Freefall Towers

Freefall Tower

Sinorides is the lead manufacturer in China that can help you Install a Freefall Tower with the help of its support teams in your amusement park.

You can make a call for their assistance and get help from their guide to install freefall towers.

How To Maintain Freefall Towers?

Freefall towers have lots of components and they should be placed properly and checked regularly to stay maintained and in one piece.

Freefall Tower Ride

There are a few ways by which you can maintain your freefall towers.

  • Check whether all the safety pins for the cart and backup supports have been correctly installed
  • Make sure that rides are maintained, inspected, and also tested by an expert before starting the ride.
  • Manufacturer’s instructions should be focused in the first place by the team experts
  • Components of the ride should be inspected twice to ensure that they can wear the weight and force for high tolerance as specified by the ride manufacturer
  • If there are any repairs and maintenance previously made in the freefall towers, they should be mentioned in the ride log book.

How To Check The Quality Of Freefall Towers?

Drop tower testing is a way to check the quality of freefall towers, which you can use to check the quality of freefall towers.

Freefall Tower Ride

It is a type of impact testing that is used to measure the time taken from the drop zone to the ground.

The electromagnetic brakes are also tested with induced electric current after it passes through a circular copper strip.

It checks the reliability and stopping power of the magnetic brakes and the tires of the cart to see if it can stop the cart before reaching the ground.

Other than this, you can check the quality by taking reviews from different users or clients who have been familiar with freefall towers.

How To Ensure The Safety Of Freefall Towers?

If you want to ensure the safety of freefall towers, you must have a medical team in the first place as disasters can happen anytime.

How To Ensure The Safety Of Freefall Towers

Freefall Safety

Other than this, a well-set-up freefall tower having all the equipment checked twice before any ride is necessary.

There should be a proper set of tools and equipment to repair or replace any component if it feels necessary.

The seats that hold the riders should be well equipped with strong holders and proper braking tires that can help to apply quick brakes while stopping the drop.

The perimeter of the freefall tower should be cleared out from any audience or people around its centered location.

What Are The Main Spare Parts Of Freefall Towers?

What Are The Main Spare Parts Of Freefall Towers

The main spare parts of freefall towers that you should know about are listed below.

  • A cart for the riders to sit in
  • Magnet seats cause energy and friction to stop power
  • A tall structure tower to move the cart up and release it
  • Railing to pull and release the cart
  • Good braking tires with grip that make sure the cart stops safely before reaching the ground
  • Copper strips form a magnetic field with kinetic energy caused by friction
  • Magnetic field component to oppose the movement of the cart
  • Electric power support from a generator or huge battery to power the cart upwards to the tower

What Are the Quality Certifications For Freefall Towers?

The quality certifications for freefall towers are EN13814 Standards that are certified by CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS.

It is efficiency, safety, and reliability testing to define safety rules to give people certified safety against the risk of accidents.

These certifications by CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS help to change the design, manufacturing, and operation of freefall towers such as Sinorides freefall towers to meet all the necessary certified standards.

How Long Does It Take To Install Freefall Towers?

Normally, it would take about 1 week or two when you are installing freefall towers.

This depends on the labor work as the number of laborers you are using under a certain time frame daily.

How Long Does It Take To Install Freefall Towers

Freefall Tower Ride 1

To build a greater and bigger freefall tower, it can even take months which greatly depends on the weather conditions as well as the equipment available to install the freefall towers.

If you are building small drop towers with more labor, you can finish installing your freefall towers within a week easily.

Is It Worth Buying Freefall Towers From China?

China is producing one of the best freefall towers that are now globally being sold to different clients.

Freefall Tower Ride

It all depends on the reliability and quality that the manufacturers from China are offering.

Buying from manufacturers like Sinorides can be of great benefit, as they have the highest quality, and trusted freefall tower equipment and products.

Importing from their website is also very easy and efficient and can help you buy freefall towers without any problems or trust issues.

How Much Profit A Freefall Tower Can Generate?

A normal freefall tower ride can cost $15 for each entry as a person.

A freefall tower having 8 to 16 seats can multiply that cost by 16 times which can turn into a good cost within 2 minutes of the drop ride.


In this way, different drop tower rides all around the world charge a different cost and the profit greatly depends on the number of seats and customers that take the ride in it.

A high freefall tower with a more thrilling experience can cost up to $30 for each person per seat.

Do Chinese Freefall Towers Sellers Provide After-Sale Service?

Yes, Sinorides is a freefall tower seller sale point from China that provides after-sales services to customers.

After Sale Service 1

The client gets the following services

  • They provide the best solutions to problems and do comprehensive tracking for the product.
  • They monitor the quality of the process by the freefall towers and their testing to ensure product quality.
  • Sinrides gives OEM/ODM, products design service technology files for the best technical solutions and equipment to ensure reliable quality, and also the excellent performance to meet customer requirements.
  • A one-year quality guarantee is given and a free on-site service is also available for their products.
  • Life-long maintenance is available even after the warranty has expired.
  • A customer’s product manual and certificate with a packing list and related technical information are provided.

Which Material Is Used In Manufacturing Of Freefall Tower?

Manufacturing a freefall tower is not an easy process as it would take days with the right material used.

The material that is used in manufacturing free-fall towers is

  • Steel frame body for durability and antirust coating on the paint.
  • A high-quality power motor is used for powering the cart.
  • Hundreds of colorful lights made up of LED.

How Many Days Will It Take To Deliver A Freefall Tower To Us From China?

Normally, the delivery time is expected to be around 15 days.

But the longer you can wait is 30 days to be maximum.

How Many Days Will It Take To Deliver A Freefall Tower To Us From China

Freefall Ride

Chinese manufacturers ensure that their freefall towers are delivered to any part of the world within 15 to 30 working days.

Mostly they ship the goods by sea but the other shipping ways are also accepted by them, so you have to wait for the given time frame.

What To Do If My Freefall Tower Break Down?

If in case your freefall tower breaks down due to any mechanical or technical fault, then it’s best that you get assistance from the manufacturer’s manual.

Freefall Tower Support

You can try to contact their help support team.

Don’t try to mess things up by looking them up all by yourself or take your mechanics or experts and start exploring the ride.

Don’t do it, just wait for the right assistance from the professionals, and it’s best to get a replacement for any broken parts instead of repairing them.

What To Do If My Freefall Tower Stops Due To A Sudden Power Outage?

Always have a backup power generator or a power supply that can support your ride in case the power goes out.

You cannot put the life of the riders at risk with your freefall towers so it’s always best to have backup support power from a generator or a battery.

Freefall Tower Stops

Make sure it is powerful enough to hold the cart to keep it going or keep it high at the top.

Can My Freefall Tower Lightning-Proof?

The freefall tower can be made lightning-proof by a lightning bar that can be installed from Sinorides.

It is a unique lightning protection solution that was designed to avoid lightning strikes at any metal objects or towers with a 100% success rate.

Lightning Prevention System by Sinorides is a great way to avoid lightning strikes as most of the communication towers have it to avoid lightning strikes.

This system is highly helpful for you to prevent any damage to the free fall tower and avoid any other malfunctioning.

What Geologic Conditions Required For Installing The Freefall Tower?

The following Geological Conditions should be met before installing the freefall towers.

Freefall Tower Ride

  • Identification of land, weather, and hazards that are associated with the use of freefall rides
  • Examination and analysis for any risk probability should be checked thoroughly and documented properly.
  • A wind load test must be carried out first and then critical engineering design for the freefall towers is important.

How Much Electricity Will The Freefall Tower Consume To Finish The Movement?

It normally requires 300kW of power for 4-500 feet high freefall towers to take the ride to the top having 25 passengers.

Freefall Tower Power

The freefall towers are operated with the help of powerful AC motors and this power consumption can vary according to the size of the tower and the distance that is to be covered.

Can I Customize The Voltage And Electric Frequency For My Freefall Tower?

You can customize the voltage and electric frequency of the freefall tower but you will need professional assistance.

Some ways by which you can customize the freefall tower voltage and electric frequency are.

  • Using energy-efficient compressors according to the size of the ride.
  • Using proper tune-ups periodically can help in better performance delivery
  • Using a battery or generator that can provide more power like 300kW can be helpful.

What Type Of Lubricating Oil Should I Use For My Freefall Tower?

Any type of Lubricating oil can be helpful for use in freefall towers.

These oils are specifically used for reducing friction between two surfaces.

Lubricating Oil

You can make use of lubricating oils such as car engine oil and any other oil to be used in your freefall tower to avoid friction.

How To Reduce The Maintenance Cost Of Freefall Tower?

To reduce the cost of maintenance for your Freefall towers, you can do the following.

Reduced Maintenance

  • Clean the components of your freefall towers every day check every part thoroughly and inspect for any repairs or damage
  • Use proper lubrication in the rail and check it daily
  • Ensure that the safety locks are working fine
  • Keep a team of experts for safety around your freefall tower
  • Monitor the structure and the whole process on the regular process to avoid incidents
  • Make sure any repairs or replacements should be done by professionals only

How Can A Freefall Tower Help In Improving Me Amusement Park Business?

Adding a freefall tower to your amusement park would most likely attract new clients to your business and you can even get international clients too just for the sake of a freefall ride.

These are unique rides that are not found everywhere.

Amusement Park

A freefall tower can help improve your amusement park business as it is a different and unique ride for fun and lifetime adventure.

People who love making thrilling experiences love to try such rides.

What Are The Features Of A Freefall Tower?

Freefall Tower is an amusement ride that contains lots of features to provide a perfect freefall experience for the riders.

Some features of the freefall tower are.

  • Unique experience of a freefall from a height
  • It provides entertainment
  • Seating arrangements can hold several people in one go
  • Led lights make it look more catchy and attractive
  • There are different variations like double shot, space shot, super shot, and turbo drop and each of them provides a different experience to the riders

Are Freefall Towers Waterproof?

Freefall towers are made waterproof to avoid any problems in the machinery as they have to meet standard certifications.

Waterproof Freefall Tower

This is because they have to stay outdoors throughout the year and they have to bear every weather condition.

Organizations like Sinorides provide waterproof freefall towers that are quality-certified to avoid any later problems like corrosion.

What Is The Life-Span Of Freefall Towers?

Freefall towers are tough and sturdy and they are built to last longer.

They tend to stay forever in case if they are kept with extreme care and regular maintenance.

If freefall towers are not kept with keen care, then after some time, they may start to catch rust and the railing may start to give more friction.

Other such problems can be induced and there is more chance of incidents or failure of the freefall tower that would turn it to scrap.

What Documents Are Required To Operate A Freefall Tower?

To operate a freefall tower, a qualified person is required who has enough experience and knowledge about the safety and mechanical parts of the freefall towers.

There are certain certifications required to operate a freefall tower such as technical documentation citing the date of its manufacture.

You need to declare conformity from the manufacturer that displays it as your legal obligation to get certifications.

Do You Get A Testing Report Before Buying A Freefall Tower?

When you want to buy freefall towers, the manufacturer provides testing before handing them over to you.

Freefall Tower Ride

This testing report is based on high-stress-bearing elements, structure, joints, emergency protocols, braking systems, and all safety elements.

Testing of speed and working capacity is done for the client’s satisfaction and it’s not recommended that a client should conduct its safety tests without supervision.

How To Ensure The Safety Of Freefall Towers?

To ensure the safety of freefall towers, it is important where you place them and how you maintain them during their life span.

Freefall Tower Ride

  • You would need the following
  • A survey for the site where you will install the freefall towers.
  • Installation of the tower with well preparation of the construction conditions through the help of experts.
  • Inspection of each component to be placed in position and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Trial operation of the ride and drop from the tower to ensure its safe operation.

How To Make Daily Inspection Of The Freefall Tower?

To make inspections daily of the freefall towers, you have to make the following decisions.

  • Visual inspection
  • Review of installation and maintenance of the towers
  • Industrial radiography
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Liquid penetrant or leakage testing
  • Track inspections
  • Railing check
  • Well-checking of weld joints
  • Thickness and magnetic particle testing
  • Steel and body inspection for corrosion
  • Dynamic PC Simulation inspection
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