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Frisbee ride, also known as pendulum ride, is Sinorides’ one of the most-selling thrill rides. We’re the prominent manufacturer and supplier of frisbee rides in China. You can choose from our wide range of pendulum amusement rides.

We have various types of frisbee rides with different seating capacities. You can buy a mini pendulum, big pendulum, or super pendulum ride based on your requirements. You can install these Frisbee rides at amusement parks, malls, exhibition grounds, carnivals, and residential societies.

Our Frisbee ride for sale will give your passengers a thrilling experience.  We also have Frisbee rides that move 360 degrees and give the ultimate sensational experience. Amusement parks with limited space or that target kids only can invest in our mini-ride Frisbee.

You will find our Frisbee ride for sale beautiful and robust at the same time. We have used waterproof paint on all Frisbee rides making them anti-corrosion and durable. In addition to this, you will get a manufacturing warranty for extra peace of mind. 

360° Large Pendulum Rides for Sale
Sinorides 360° Large Frisbee Ride for Sale is suitable for teenagers with great thrilling movement.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 40kW
  • Height: 11m
  • Swing Angle: 360°
360° Small Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 360° Small Frisbee Ride for sale composed of European brands accessories with full testing.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 30kW
  • Height: 11m
  • Swing Angle: 360°
Sinorides 30 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 30 Seats Frisbee Ride for Sale can hold 30 person at one time for different park business.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 30P
  • Power: 120kW
  • Height: 14.5m
  • Swing Angle: 110°
Sinorides 23 seats Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 23 Seats Frisbee Ride for sale is suitable for middle size theme parks with affordable price.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 23P
  • Power: 22kW
  • Height: 13.8m
  • Swing Angle: 40°
12 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 12 Seats Frisbee Ride for Sale is fit for carnivals and small theme parks require less space.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 21kW
  • Height: 5.5m
  • Voltage:380V
Sinorides 6 Seats Frisbee Ride for Sale
Sinorides 6 Seats Frisbee Ride for Sale is suitable for small kids and is very attractive for children.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 6P
  • Power: 12kW
  • Height: 4.2m
  • Area:6m*6m

Your Premier Frisbee Ride Manufacturer in China

Sinorides has been in the amusement ride manufacturing business since 1992.

We’re one of the most trustworthy frisbee ride manufacturers in China. You will find super thicker steel and fiber-reinforced plastic in all our pendulum amusement rides.

We use colorful LED lamps and a music device to make our frisbee rides more interesting and entertaining.

If you want, we can customize the lighting and music of your frisbee ride.

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Frisbee Ride for Sale Project

Sinorides manufacture Frisbee Ride with strict quality control and ship them to 200+ countries. We have concerns for riders’ safety. Our frisbee ride won’t move until you lock the pressure shoulder.

Sinorides also use a pneumatic system to control the platform lift giving access to riders with wheelchairs.

You can also ask us to customize the color, seating capacity, and size of the frisbee rides.

Sinorides Frisbee Ride Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides amusement rides for sale cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Amusement Rides Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Frisbee Ride appearance more smooth.
Sinorides amusement rides for sale materials
High grade material to ensure your Frisbee Ride running safely.
amusement rides for sale painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Frisbee Ride good status.
Sinorides pendulum rides for sale seats details
Multi safety settings for Frisbee Ride seats to ensure your park visitors’ safety.
amusement rides for sale welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Frisbee Ride steel structure.


TECHNICAL DATA360° Large Frisbee Ride360° Small Frisbee Ride30 Seats Frisbee Ride23 Seats Frisbee Ride12 Seats Frisbee Ride6 Seats Frisbee Ride
Number of Seats24P12P30P23P12P6P
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides 360 Discovery Ride Design

Sinorides Discovery Ride Design

Discovery Ride drawing

Discovery Ride techncial drawing

Sinorides is a Reliable Frisbee Ride Manufacturer

Sinorides is a Reliable Frisbee Ride Manufacturer

Sinorides is a member of IAAPA and CAAPA supplying high-quality frisbee rides. You get complete assistance for shipping, installation, and maintenance of pendulum amusement rides.

The China Special Equipment Safety Inspection and Research Institute analyze and inspect our frisbee rides before we deliver them to you.

Sinorides is a leading Frisbee ride manufacturer in China that has been active since 1992. We use premium quality fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) for cabins that can hold people of different weights. Each piece of fiberglass we use is handcrafted.

You will get clean, fully polished Frisbee rides at Sinorides. We have invested in a professional paint thickness testing tool to ensure accurate paint thickness. In addition to this, we check welded parts carefully so that you can receive a 100% safe ride.

Sinorides has its own frisbee ride factory and production shop to make frisbee rides of international and European standards. We also manufacture and sell Frisbee rides spare parts such as flange, pneumatic cylinder, air compressor, bearing roller, slewing bearing, chicken leg shoulder, and more.

Sinorides also help you with Frisbee ride installation. If required, we can send our engineers to your place for the proper setup for frisbee rides.  We will provide you with full support for uplifting your amusement park business.

We have a state-of-the-art Frisbee ride factory equipped with cutting-edge equipment. Since there is no middle-man between, you will find our Frisbee rides quite affordable.  At Sinorides, you will also get assistance for amusement frisbee rides shipping and maintenance.

We will also provide you with operational training and warranty service for your frisbee rides.


So, you are a park owner looking for higher-performing rides that will create massive excitement and thrills for your park users. Frisbee rides will deliver just that.

Frisbee rides will not only help your park users to have great enjoyment. They will also help you generate massive revenue to boost your park business.

This guide will help you to know every about the frisbee rides and why you need to add them to your park to help boost your park business.

What Is A Frisbee Ride?

Frisbee ride is also called a pendulum ride. It is a type of pendulum ride that swings back and forth to create a thrilling and exciting experience for its riders.

It is made up of an arm, gondola – a big circular structure with seats, and a support frame. The arm hangs from the support frame and it’s connected to the gondola at its base. The frisbee ride is supported by four strong beams that are connected to the support frame.

During its operation, the arm of the frisbee ride swings forward and backward. Also, the gondola attached to the arm rotates while the arm swings.

The back and forth swinging of the arm and circular rotation of the gondola creates a feeling of weightlessness and massive excitement for the riders. Frisbee rides can swings from 110° to 360°, depending on the design and size of the frisbee ride.

Frisbee ride

What’s The Physics Behind The Frisbee Ride?

Frisbee ride physics has to do with the working principle of frisbee rides. Frisbee rides follow the working principle of a pendulum. Frisbee rides have a large arm that acts as a pendulum. The arm is hanged on a support frame on top of the frisbee ride. The arm is connected to a gondola or a large circular structure with many seats at its bottom.

The arm swings forward and backward from the support frame at a certain angle while the gondola rotates. These movements create some feeling of weightlessness and excitement for riders due to the force of gravity acting on them. Depending on your need, the frisbee ride can swing from 110° to 360°.

What Are The Types Of Frisbee Rides?

There are different types of frisbee rides. Frisbee rides are normally classified based on their number of seats and swing angle.

Most manufacturers produce 6 seat frisbee rides, 12 seat frisbee rides, 23 seat frisbee rides, and 30 seat frisbee rides. Depending on the requirements of the park owner, manufacturers can produce frisbee rides that can swing from 110° to 360°.

What Determines The Cost Of A Frisbee Ride?

Several factors determine the cost of frisbee rides. But the top factors that drive the cost of frisbee rides include:

The type of frisbee ride

The cost of a frisbee ride is mostly determined by the type of frisbee ride. Large frisbee rides cost more than small frisbee rides. For example, a 30 seat frisbee ride will cost more than a 12  seat frisbee ride. This is because a 30 seat frisbee ride is larger than a 12 seat frisbee ride. A lot of materials, time, labor, and resources go into the manufacturing of large frisbee rides. This increases the production cost and final cost of the large frisbee ride.


The type of raw materials used in manufacturing frisbee rides influences its final cost. When high-quality raw materials are used to build frisbee rides, the cost of the ride will normally be higher.


Manufacturers influence the cost of the frisbee rides. The cost of frisbee rides from big and seasoned manufacturers is mostly higher than those of small and inexperienced manufacturers.


Customized frisbee rides come with an extra cost.

Are Frisbee Rides Safe?

Yes, frisbee rides are super safe for carnival ride parks. Frisbee ride manufacturers prioritize the safety of frisbee rides during the manufacturing process. This helps to make frisbee rides safe for riders.

Frisbee ride manufacturers use solid steel and fiber-reinforced plastic for manufacturing frisbee rides. Most manufacturers also use high-quality standards to produce quality and safe frisbee rides.

After manufacturing, frisbee ride manufacturers do a full test on frisbee rides to make sure they are super safe and reliable. All these measures help to make frisbee rides safe.

Where Can I Buy A Frisbee Ride?

Now, you may be wondering where you can buy frisbee rides for your park business. Below are some credible places you can buy frisbee rides.

  • Exhibition centers

One of the best places to buy frisbee rides is at carnival rides exhibitions. Credible frisbee ride manufacturers attend carnival ride exhibitions. You can get in touch with frisbee ride manufacturers to make inquiries about the type of frisbee rides you want to purchase.

  • Industry directory

Do a quick search for the keyword “frisbee rides directory” on Google and Bing. You will come across a lot of frisbee ride manufacturers from the search results. Pick the contact of some of the manufacturers and get in touch with them.

  • Local frisbee ride park owners

To buy a quality frisbee ride, you can find out from frisbee ride park owners in your locality. You can check out from carnival ride park owners in your locality and find out where they bought their frisbee rides. They can guide you to buy frisbee rides from a credible manufacturer.

Where Can I Use Frisbee Rides?

You can use frisbee rides in the following places to help you grow your business.


Parks remain one of the best places to use frisbee rides and all types of carnival rides. Most people go to parks to ride frisbee rides for enjoyment.


Shopping malls are another great place to use frisbee rides. Malls have designated places for having fun. Frisbee rides and other amusement rides can be installed and used at such places at the mall.

Real Estates

The use of frisbee rides and other types of amusement rides is becoming popular in the real estate industry. Some real estate agencies now use frisbee rides to entertain potential customers who come to their sites.

How Do I Maintain A Frisbee Ride?

Just like any machine, frisbee rides need regular maintenance to keep them in good condition and make them last longer. As a park owner, you need to have planned maintenance for your frisbee rides and execute it diligently.

Below are the ways you can maintain your frisbee rides.

Clean your frisbee rides

Cleaning is a basic but powerful method to maintain your frisbee ride. Cleaning your frisbee ride the right way will help your rides last long and perform well. Cleaning also makes your frisbee rides look neat and new, making them attractive to potential customers.

To clean your frisbee rides effectively, do the following:

  • Use a soft cloth to clean the frisbee ride seats and body parts.
  • Use soapy water or diluted detergent to clean plastic and fiber parts.
  • To remove stains, oil, and dirt, wash the frisbee ride with lukewarm and pressurized water.
  • Brush rusty parts and duster them with a cloth
  • Do not use chemicals that react with steel for cleaning


Repaint rusty parts. Make sure to brush rusty parts before repainting.


Inspect the motors on the frisbee ride to see if they are in good condition.

Inspect moving parts of your frisbee rides. Check for noise at moving parts and replace worn-out and faulty parts.

What Should I Do To Make My Frisbee Ride Last Long?

As a park owner who wants to stay in business for a long time, you need to take good care of your frisbee rides for them to last long.  To make this happen, you need to do the following;

Let competent technicians install your frisbee rides. Look for local technicians who are very experienced and certified to install your rides. A better option is to let the manufacturer do the installation for you. But remember, this comes with a cost.

Do regular maintenance. For your frisbee rides to last long, you need to conduct regular maintenance. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guide when doing maintenance on your frisbee rides. Also, make sure only trained and certified technicians do the maintenance.

Trained and certified operators should operate frisbee rides. This is so important. When trained and certified people operate your frisbee rides, it will not only make them last longer but also make your riders safe.

Who Are The Suitable Users Of Frisbee Rides?

Both children and adults can use frisbee rides. Manufacturers consider the users of the frisbee ride when designing them. This helps them to design and manufacture frisbee rides to suit the end-users – kids, adults, etc.

Manufacturers produce kiddies’ frisbee rides for kids. Kiddies’ frisbee rides are well designed to give an extraordinary thrilling experience to kid riders. Manufacturers also produce medium and large frisbee rides for adults.

Can I Customize The Frisbee Ride?

Yes, you can customize frisbee rides. You need to communicate to the frisbee ride manufacturer the full requirements of your ideal customized frisbee ride. This will help them design and choose the right materials to build your customized frisbee ride.

Manufacturers can customize your frisbee rides with unique colour LED lamps and great music devices. This makes your frisbee rides stand out and meet all your requirements while producing an amazing thrilling experience for your park users.

  How To Choose A Reliable Frisbee Ride Supplier?

You need to be very cautious when choosing suppliers for your frisbee rides. You need to choose a supplier that prioritizes quality in their manufacturing. This is because the safety of your park users is tied to the quality of your frisbee rides.

Below are some of the factors you need to check when choosing a frisbee ride supplier:

Choose a manufacturer that uses quality raw materials.

Top-quality raw materials translate into quality and safe frisbee rides. You need to make sure the manufacturer uses thicker steel for the frisbee rides. The manufacturer should also use fiber reinforced plastic for the seats of the frisbee rides.

Choose a frisbee ride manufacturer that offers good after-sales services. With this, you are assured to receive help from the manufacturer when you encounter any problems after purchase.

Go in for a big frisbee manufacturer with massive experience. Big manufacturers have the experience, resources, and expertise to produce high-quality frisbee rides. We advise choosing a supplier with at least 10 years of experience in the carnival ride industry.

What Do I Do If My Frisbee Ride Breaks Down?

Truth be told, you can’t eliminate breakdowns on frisbee rides or any amusement rides. At a point in time, they will break down.

So, you need to prepare and plan adequately for breakdowns. Here are some of the things you can do when there is a breakdown.

Repair frisbee by yourself

You can repair the frisbee ride by following the manufacturer’s maintenance manual. Make sure you let only trained and certified technicians work on the frisbee ride.

They are five basic steps you can follow when your frisbee ride suddenly breaks down during operation. They are:

  • Press the emergency button and switch off the main power supply to the frisbee ride.
  • Let all the riders on board come down and send them to a safe place.
  • Inspect the operator’s operation process and check for any abnormalities in the operation process.
  • Troubleshoot the frisbee ride and contact the supplier for assistance.

Outsource repairs to experienced technicians

In cases you are unable to maintain the frisbee ride yourself, you can outsource the repairs to experienced technicians in your locality.

The technician should be certified and must have proof that he has successfully solved similar frisbee ride problems.

Repairs by manufacturers.

You can call on the manufacturer to help you resolve the problem when the first two options fail. Most manufacturers are very willing to assist you to solve problems on your frisbee ride.

Sometimes, frisbee manufacturers can guide you through a video call to do repair works. They can also come to your factory to help you resolve major breakdowns when you request.

How Do I Install My Frisbee Ride?

Pre-installation preparation

For you to have a successful frisbee ride installation, you need to prepare.


You need to clear the site, provide quality installation materials, and get your design drawings ready. Get the technical personnel ready and make sure only trained people do the installation.

Inspection of frisbee rides

Before installation, you need to unbox the frisbee ride package and inspect it. This should be done carefully and with the technical personnel.

After unboxing the package, inspect the frisbee rides to see if they are in good condition Find out if all the important parts are available and up to standard. Inspect all the technical documents – installation manual, operation manual, certificates

 Installation of the frisbee ride

Now, the main work begins – installing the frisbee ride.

Properly mount the support beam of the frisbee ride on the ground. The technical personnel should make sure the beams are properly fixed on the ground to avoid accidents.

After mounting the frisbee rides, you need to use anchor bolts to tighten the support beam to the ground.

Parts assembling

The next step is to clean and assemble the various parts of the frisbee rides – bolts, bearings, seals, gears, etc at their proper place. After assembling, lubricate all the moving parts of the frisbee ride.

Installation of electrical components

After installing the mechanical parts of the frisbee ride, you need to install all electrical components. Make sure, a qualified electrician does the electrical installation and all forms of electrical wiring. The electrician needs to test the power after electrical installation

Load test run

When all the electrical installation and wiring are complete, the technical personnel needs to test the frisbee rides. A no-load, partial load and full load test should be done on the frisbee ride. Any problems seen during the test run should be corrected.

How To Import Frisbee Ride From China?

Importing frisbee rides from China should not be a headache if you know the right steps. Follow these steps to help you easily import frisee rides from China.

Choose a credible frisbee ride manufacturer

After you decide on the type of frisbee ride you want, you need to choose a credible frisbee ride manufacturer in China. Choose a manufacturer with a good reputation and massive experience.

Connect with the manufacturer

Having chosen your preferred frisbee ride manufacturer, you need to connect with the manufacturer. You can contact the manufacturer through their email or contact form on their website. Communicate all the details of the frisbee ride you want to purchase to the manufacturer.

Do well to develop a good relationship with the manufacturer to make importation easier.

Sign contract with the manufacturer

A contract is a super important element of the frisbee ride purchase and importation process. Contracts serve as a legal bond between you and the manufacturer. In case of any disagreement, a contract will help you to resolve it.

Sign a contract with the manufacturer to capture all the important information such as the price of the frisbee ride, how it will be transported, and mode of payment.

Decide on how to transport the frisbee rides

You need to agree with the manufacturer on how the frisbee rides will be delivered to you. The most common mode of transporting frisbee rides from China is by shipping.

Declare imports

The next step of the importation process is to declare your imports. Find out from your local authorities how this is done in your country.

Determine duty fees

You need to know how much you will pay for your importation duty fees.

Collect all relevant legal documents

Get the packing list, sales contract, and bill of lading documents from the manufacturer before the frisbee rides arrive in your country. Without these documents, you can’t collect your goods at the port.

Obtain delivery codes

Most countries demand a delivery code before you can import. Get your delivery code from your manufacturer.

Is Frisbee Ride Waterproof?

Yes, frisbee rides are waterproof because they are made from solid steel and reinforced plastic. All electrical components on the frisbee ride are carefully covered to prevent water from entering it.

 What Are The Quality Standards Of Frisbee Ride?

EN 13814 and GB 8408-2018 are the most common quality standards that frisbee ride manufacturers use for manufacturing. These standards guide manufacturers to produce quality and safe frisbee rides.

What Are The Quality Certifications Of Frisbee Ride?

CE, BV, TUV are the major certifications for frisbee rides. Frisbee ride manufacturers who have these certifications are credible and recognized in the amusement ride industry.

  Is Chinese Frisbee Ride Worth Buying?

Yes, Chinese frisbee rides are worth buying.

Wondering why?

China offers affordable frisbee rides. This is because China is the leading producer of steel and frisbee ride manufacturers need not import steel to produce frisbee rides.

This helps Chinese manufacturers to produce frisbee rides at a much lower cost. Low cost of production means low or cheaper frisbee rides.

When it comes to technology, China is one of the top countries in the world. Chinese manufacturers use the best technology to produce simple and efficient frisbee rides.

Chinese manufacturers have a flexible and efficient manufacturing process that allows them to produce frisbee rides that meet your budget and requirement.

Chinese manufacturers use European quality standards to manufacture frisbee rides. This makes Chinese frisbee rides quality and safe to buy.

Due to the extensive expertise of Chinese manufacturers, they can help you to budget, design, manufacture, and install your frisbee rides.  They also train your workers to become experts in frisbee ride operation.

Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides use best-in-class machines, quality materials, and experienced teams to produce super quality frisbee rides.

You get classic after-sales services from Chinese manufacturers.

Chinese manufacturers offer you a one-year warranty and after-sales services.

Importing frisbee rides from China is simple, safe, and cheap.

What Is The Difference Between China Frisbee Ride And European Frisbee Ride?

The major difference between the China frisbee ride and the European frisbee ride is the cost of frisbee rides.

European frisbee rides are abnormally expensive due to the high cost of production in Europe. No wonder many European frisbee ride manufacturers are closing down. They just can’t handle the high cost of production.

On the other hand, Chinese frisbee rides are affordable because the production cost is super low. It’s no surprise that most European manufacturers now import affordable frisbee rides from China and resell them in Europe to make a profit.

Why Should I Choose Sinoride’s Frisbee Ride?

As the leading carnival ride manufacturer in China, Sinorides has unmatched experience and expertise in frisbee ride manufacturing.

We offer you high-quality and best-in-class frisbee rides that meet all your park business requirements.

We use thicker steel and fiber-reinforced plastic for manufacturing our frisbee rides so you are assured of high quality and affordable frisbee rides

Sinorides operates by the European Quality Standard so our frisbee rides can be used in Europe and any part of the world.

We offer you massive and unique after-sales services. We can help you to install your frisbee ride upon your request. When your frisbee ride develops any fault, we can help you fix it.

After manufacturing our frisbee rides, we do a no-load test and full load test on them. We only release to the market frisbee rides that pass these tests. So, you are guaranteed high-performing frisbee rides when you buy from us.

What Are The Processes Involved In Purchasing The Frisbee Ride From The Manufacturer?

Let’s quickly jump into the process involved in purchasing a frisbee ride from a manufacturer.

First, you need to make an order with the manufacturer. The manufacturer receives and confirms the order. You will then make a 30% percent advance payment of the frisbee ride.

The manufacturer then plans and produces the frisbee ride. When production is complete, you pay the balance of the frisbee ride. Upon payment, the manufacturer ships the frisbee ride to you.

What Are The Components Used For Manufacturing Frisbee Rides?

There are different components used for manufacturing the frisbee ride. The various components depending on the type, design, and features of the frisbee ride.

We will look at the most common components of the frisbee ride.

The various components used for manufacturing frisbee ride can be classified into two:

  • Mechanical components
  • Electrical components.

Mechanical components

The following are the most common mechanical components of frisbee rides:

  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Flange
  • Chicken leg shoulder
  • Motor
  • Air compressor
  • Planetary reducer
  • Deep groove bearing
  • Slewing bearing
  • Torsion limited coupling
  • Threaded hole
  • Bearing roller

Electrical components

Below are the major electrical components used in frisbee ride manufacturing.

  • Power distribution panel
  • Ammeter
  • Electric bell
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Rotary switch
  • Indicator lights
  • Ammeter
  • Voltmeter
  • Frequency converter
  • Current transformer
  • Switching power supply
  • AC contractor
  • Intermediate relays
  • Program logic controller pLC
  • Terminal block
  • Molded case circuit breaker
  • Resistance
  • Communication connector

Do Manufacturers Offer A Warranty For Frisbee Rides?

Yes, credible manufacturers offer one year warranty for frisbee rides. Manufacturers will replace parts under warranty for free – shipping cost is not included.

But note that, for most manufacturers, warranties are only valid when they do the installation for you. This means, if you do the installation yourself, you will pay for any faulty part replacement.

How Is The Frisbee Ride Manufactured?

Wondering how frisbee ride is manufactured?

In this section, we will look at how this amazing ride is manufactured.

There are four basic processes involved in the manufacturing of frisbee rides. They are:

  • Choosing materials
  • Designing of frisbee ride
  • Production of frisbee rides
  • Testing of frisbee ride

Now that we know the manufacturing steps, let’s dive into each of them.

Choosing materials

The first step is to choose the right materials for manufacturing the frisbee ride.

This is super important because the quality and safety of the frisbee ride depend on the materials being used.

The two major materials used in manufacturing frisbee rides are fiber-reinforced fiberglass and steel.

Designing of frisbee ride

After choosing the right materials, the next step is to design the frisbee ride.

Another important step of frisbee ride manufacturing. Why? How the frisbee ride will look and perform depends on the design.

Whether the frisbee ride will perform well or fail depends on the design.

During the design phase, ideas are brought together to have a complete frisbee ride that meets requirements.

Here, ideas of the frisbee ride are presented on paper as schematic drawings.

Normally, the client presents this schematic design to the manufacturer in the form of drawings or sketches. The schematic design can also be gotten from popular industry designs.

When the schematic design is done, dimensions are added to it and developed into a final plan. This aspect of the design stage is called the Design Development phase.

Production of frisbee rides

Once the design is complete, the production phase begins. The production phase is classified into three processes. They are

  • Fiber-reinforced fiberglass production

The fiberglass is cut into diverse sizes and shapes to form the seats, otter gondolas design, and ride’s body.

  • Steel component production

Here, the steel is cut, welded, CNC machined, bent, debarred to create the main structure and important mechanical parts.

  • Assembling of frisbee ride

All the various mechanical and electrical parts of the frisbee ride are assembled to form a complete frisbee ride.

The safety and the electronic control system are also installed onto the frisbee ride. Painting work is done after this process

Testing and quality validation of frisbee rides

The assembled frisbee ride undergoes rigorous testing. Both no-load and load test is done on the frisbee ride. The test is done for about eighty hours continuously or eight hours a day.

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