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Sinorides is premier tower rides manufacturer, we make robust and sturdy frog jump rides for sale. The smooth-riding amusement ride is exceptional and fun full. Adding it in your park will deliver booming visitors. Boasting outstanding engineering, frog jumps are safe and worth to buy. Supported by a strong structure, the frog jump can handle large traffic without issues. The strong hydraulics ensures you can expect smooth lifting and lowering of riders for a thrilling experience. Due to the smaller size than drop towers, it’s excellent for small parks, malls and playgrounds.

Integrating enjoyable rides in your amusement park is one of the best ways to let riders enjoy. Frog ride at Sinorides is also one of those innovations that have amused the riders. Being the most active manufacturer around the orb, Sinorides has versatile jumping frog rides for all types of parks.

With eventful and blooming designs of frog hopper rides for sale, Sinorides never fails to get the attention of the park visitors. There is no need for our clients to bother about the type and the quality of materials used in constructing rides. High-quality stainless steel material is used to maintain the quality.

Sinorides 12m frog jump ride for sale
Sinorides 12M Frog Jump Ride for Sale is quality with European standard.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 35kW
  • Height: 12M
  • Area: 6mx6m
  • Down Speed: 4m/s
Sinorides 14m frog jump ride for sale
Sinorides 14M Frog Jump Ride is attractive to teenagers with safety ensured.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 35kW
  • Height: 14M
  • Area: 6mx6m
  • Down Speed: 4m/s
Sinorides 18m frog jump ride for sale
Sinorides 18M Frog Jump Ride will make for your specific need.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 35kW
  • Height: 18M
  • Area: 6mx6m
  • Down Speed: 4m/s
Sinorides 23m frog jump ride for sale
Sinorides 23M Frog Jump Ride for sale equipped in brands parts.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 55kW
  • Height: 23M
  • Area: 9mx9m
  • Down Speed: 5m/s
Sinorides 30m frog jump ride
Sinorides 30M Frog Jump Ride has passed strict quality inspect.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 55kW
  • Height: 30M
  • Area: 9mx9m
  • Down Speed: 5m/s
Sinorides frog jump ride installation
Sinorides provide on site Frog Jump Ride Installation Service.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: Customize
  • Power: Customize
  • Height: Customize
  • Area: Customize
  • Down Speed: Customize

Your Premier Frog Jump Ride Manufacturer in China

When you decide to install a frog jump ride, Sinorides have all the styles you want. Also, you can send your specifications, and engineers will work on your design.

All the components used in the frog jump ride are genuine. From hydraulics, motors, bearings and wheels, they never disappoint you. Actually, Sinorides always use OEM and ODM parts in all amusement park rides manufacturing.

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Frog Jump Ride for Sale Project

Sinorides make frog jump rides that can ship to any country on the planet. There are over 10,000 customers around the world, and 2396 theme parks using different products.

The size of the frog jump ride you need can easily fit your area due to customization. Also, you can order for different heights whether you want for indoor or outdoor installation.

Sinorides Frog Jump Ride Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Complete sandblasting process to ensure smooth steel structure
Automatic welding machine to reach the perfect welding quality
Skillful workers with machining equipment to ensure precise processing.
European Brands components to guarantee superior performance
Magnetic flaw detection to inspect the Frog Jump Ride quality.
Working with famous International forwarder for delivery.
TECHNICAL DATA12m Frog Jump Ride14m Frog Jump Ride18m Frog Jump Ride23m Frog Jump Ride30m Frog Jump Ride
Space Area6m*6m6m*6m6m*6m9m*9m9m*9m
Number of Seats12P12P12P16P16P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides-Frog-Jump-Ride-Design  Frog-Jump-Ride-Design

Frog Jump ride technical drawing

Sinorides is Reliable Frog Jump Rides Manufacturer

The manufacturing prowess in Sinorides ensures you enjoy amazing frog jumps. Having 28 years’ experience, room for errors is minimal. From designing, crafting and installation, every step takes a professional approach.

More than 28 years of manufacturing experience has led us to produce the on-demand quality of jumping star rides in the whole world. Our workers and engineers are well-trained to provide all kinds of services in no time.

We don’t compromise on the quality of the manufactured amusement jumping rides. Our customers don’t have to question the installation and the maintenance of the manufactured rides.

We are always more than happy to assist our customers in all types of after-sale services. You can get the installation and maintenance of your frog jump ride from our place.

Plus, we believe in saving the money of our customers. That is why we provide our best services at pretty reasonable prices. Not only this, but designing of the amusement parks with layout is also available at Sinorides.

You can get in touch with us at any time of the day. Moreover, the customization services at our platform are pretty worthy and fascinating. We love to embellish the jumping frog rides according to the demands of the customers.

Thus, all you need to do is to tell us how you want your ride to be customized, and we’ll do that in the given time duration.

The manufacturing process has strict control to ensure safe and reliable frog jumps ride for sale. The factory and workshop are in same premise, which makes the whole process smooth. Also, assessment by certifying bodies is quick and efficient.

Frog Jump Ride – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking around to add more charm to your amusement park?

Frog Jump Ride must come as your priority if you’re thinking of doing so.

However, you might get confused by a variety of choices of Frog Jump Ride present out there.

No worries!

We’re here with the most helpful Frog Jump Ride FAQ guide that will help you buy the best Frog Jump Ride.

What is a Frog Jump Ride?

A Frog Jump Ride is a hopping tower similar to an amusement ride.

It contains six seats on its circumference integrated with a central tower.

The seats move or rotate in up and down directions around the central axis of the tower.

A vertical axis of the tower is also associated with the main central part.

This thrill ride is mainly designed for riders who desire to test their psychological ability and courage to overcome height phobia.

The arrangement of the seats around the seat is designed in a way to let the riders experience the feeling of weightlessness.

Frog Jump Ride

What Is Another Name for the Frog Jump Ride?

Some of the other common names for Frog Jump Ride are given as under:

  • Jump and Smile ride
  • Frog Hopping Ride
  • Frog Jumping Ride
  • Chair Swing Ride
  • Chair-O-Planes Ride
  • Wave Swinger
  • Rotating Tower Ride

How Do Frog Jump Rides Work?

Frog Jump Ride works by utilizing the propelled hydraulic system.

A fluid is used for moving the electric motor of the ride to the actuator.

Furthermore, it falls smoothly by using the reducer and nitrogen pressure.

The upward movement results because of the increase in the hydraulic pressure, whereas the reduction in pressure powers the downward movement.

Working of Frog Jumper Ride

Why Is It Called the Frog Jump Ride?

The name of the Frog Jump Ride comes from the resemblance in the movement to the frog’s motion.

If you’ve noticed the frog’s movement, you must have triggered the frog’s legs’ hopping movement.

Like the legs of a frog, this amusement ride moves up and down in the form of a hopping movement.

What is the Passenger-Carrying Capacity of a Frog Jump Ride?

The average passenger capacity of the Frig Jump Rideissix persons per ride.

Some other models are equipped with 24 seats.

This ride’s passenger capacity is dependent on the number of seats associated with the central tower.

A single Frog Jump Ride’s tower is coupled with a large, strong tower that contains six seats.

However, the style and the model of the Frog Jump Ride also influence the passenger capacity.

Passenger Capacity of Frog Jump Ride

How High is a Frog Jump Ride?

The mean height of the frog ride rages up to 12.5m.

Whereas some other models have a device height of about 9m and an operating height of 6.5m.

However, many manufacturers in China are professionallyproducing Frog Jump rides of varying heights.

On the other hand,many other small Frog Jump rides are mainly designed for kids.

Sinorides can be your top pick in this manner since it generates the most thrilling heightened Frog Jump Rides.

Such Frog Jumper Rides offer a height of less than 12.5m for the sake of rider’s safety.

Height of Frog Jumper Ride

Is a Frog Jump Ride Dangerous?

Not all, but somehigh-heightened Frog Jumper Rides are a bit dangerous for those who suffer from height fear.

However, the thrill level of the ride is considered mild by the riders.

But you can name it a risky ride if you don’t follow the safety tips mentioned on the panel.

It gives tourists an ultimate experience of adventure and bouncing since it goes highest in the air.

How do I Build a Frog Jump Ride?

You can build Frog Jump Ride by using premium quality material, including Stainless steel and Reinforced Fiberglass Plastic.

Besides this, you can hire professional mechanics or manufacturers for building Frog Jump Ride for you.

According to amusement park owners ‘ demands, many professional manufacturers in China are building Frog Jump Rides.

But Sinorides have gained many owners’ trust because of their expertise in building amusement rides for more than 28 years.

Is There Any Reputable Frog Jump Ride Manufacturer inChina?

Since China is considered the hub of the best amusement ride manufacturers, you can find some reputable Frog Jump Ride Manufacturers there that go above and beyond.

Besides the availability of many manufacturers, Sinorides have gained amusement park owners’ trust with the premium quality materials used in the ride’s production.

Explore some of the amazing qualities of manufacturersas below:

  • 28 years+ experience
  • Imports ride to 200+ countries
  • Trustworthy quality of the Frog Jump rides
  • Easy access to order ride from the entire world

What is the Motion of a Frog Jump Ride?

The motion of a Frog Jump Ride is a simple harmonic motion.

It moves about the mean position in the up and down direction.

In addition to this, the Frog Jump Ride’s movement is also known as the back and forth movement.

The seat keeps moving from the upper point to the lower point until the ride stops.

Movement of Frog Jump Ride

How Much Does a Frog Jump Ride Cost to Build?

It costs approximately $105,000 to $121,599 to build Frog Jump Ride.

This figure is estimated with the average size of this thrill ride.

Although the cost for building a Frog Jump Ride also varies according to customization and size.

Plus, the expenses to build Frog Jump Ride can be greatly decreased by highly reasonable ride manufacturers.

How Much Area is Needed for a Frog Jump Ride?

The mean area needed for a Frog Jump Ride ranges up to 11.m by 9m.

The Frog Jump Ride installation can be changed concerning the lower base of this amazing ride.

However, the Frog Jump Ride size is about 12.5m, but the lower surface area can vary according to the ride’s model you choose.

Area of Frog Jump Ride

At What Power Do Frog Jump Rides Operate?

Frog Jump Ride needs a minimum power of 55kw for its operation.

Other than the standard model, some other small Frog Jump ride designs with six seats need less power than 55kw.

Another factor to consider here — the decided customization is also responsible for changing the power consumption of Frog Jump Ride.

What Material is Used in the Construction of a Frog Jump Ride?

Some important and premium quality materials used in the construction of Frog Jump Ride are listed below.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Reinforced Fiberglass Plastic
  • Fiberglass

Stainless steel is one of the sturdiest materials used in the manufacturing of Frog Jump Ride.

The hard and non-breakable nature of stainless steel increases the life of this ride.

Whereas, fiberglass is used in the construction of the base and lower parts of the seat.

In addition to this, fiberglass is utilized to carry out the customization services in the chosen Frog Jump Ride.

Where Do I Install the Frog Jump Ride?

You can install Frog Jump Ride in the outdoor amusement parks since it possibly catches riders’ attention.

Besides outdoor amusement parks, you can also install Frog Jump Ride in the fairgrounds.

Since all the amusement rides are full of thrill that provide the most fun experience to riders, most owners install Frog Jump Ride in amusement parks.

Is a Frog Jump Ride Profitable?

Yes, it’s quite profitable to install Frog Jump ride in amusement parks.

The major reason amusement park owners are rushing to buy this ride is to generate twofold profit in less than the expected time.

The design, outlook, and appealing procedure of operation attract many thrill ride lovers in the amusement parks.

Thus you’ll never be at a loss after installing a Frog Jump ride in your fairground or park.

Profit by Frog Jumper Ride

What is the Suitable Age for a Frog Jump Ride?

The suitable age for Frog Jump Ride ranges from children of 8 years to adults of age around 25 years.

People having an age less than eight years are strictly prohibited from riding this amusement ride because of safety issues.

Plus, people above 30 years are not allowed to ride Frog Jump Ride since the chances of incidents greatly increase.

Can I Rely on Chinese Manufacturers for a Frog Jump Ride?

Yes, you can surely rely on Chinese manufacturers for a Frog Jumper Ride since they’re quite professional in their services.

Many Chinese manufacturers, including Sinorides, have played the leading role to satisfy the amusement park owners with quality services of ride’s installation and import.

Some other major reasons for relying on Chinese manufacturers include:

  • Expertise in manufacturing amusement rides
  • Availability of services all around the world
  • Access to after-sale services
  • Trustworthy installation plans

How Do I Check the Quality of a Frog Jump Ride?

You can check the quality of a Frog Jump ride by adopting the following steps:

  • Analyze all the parts of the ride after a regular time interval
  • Examine the faults of the ride’s part after every operation
  • Check the weight-bearing of the material used in the production of the ride
  • Check the performance of the model before operating the Frog Jump Ride
  • Keep a control on the operation room responsible for controlling the Frog Jump Ride

Quality of Frog Jumper Ride

Which Gas Do Frog Jump Rides Release?

Frog Jump Rides release nitrogen gas on the release of pressure while moving in the downward direction.

This thrill ride operates according to the hydraulic system principle;that’s why it releases nitrogen gas when it has to move downwards.

Can Adults Ride a Frog Jump Ride?

Yes, besides kids, adults can also ride a Frog Jump ride.

Adults ranging from about 15 to 25 years can enjoy the thrill charm of a Frog Jump Ride.

For those who are looking to experience one of the most fun and heightened amusement ride, Frog Jump Ride is the best choice to go with.

What is the Suitable Location for a Frog Jump Ride in an Amusement Park?

The most suitable location for a Frog Jump Ride in an amusement park is where there’re no other rides installed to a certain distance around it.

As this amazing ride moves back and forth with a noticeable speed with the release of nitrogen gases thus, it can cause damage to the neighbor rides.

Furthermore, it’s suggested to install Frog Jump Ride quite away from other amusement rides to minimize the chances of accidents.

How are Riders Secured in a Frog Jump Ride?

Riders in a Frog Jump Ride are secured with the help of the highest-quality harness belts.

Besides harness belts, seat belts all around the riders’ belly play an important role in keeping the riders safe during the Frog Jump Ride’s movement.

Additionally, the quality of materials used in the construction of Frog Jump Ride enhances the riders’ safety as it minimizes accidents.

Who Designs a Frog Jump Ride?

The mechanical engineers hired by the professional amusement ride manufacturers are responsible for designing the Frog Jump ride.

They make a rough draft for designing and constructing Frog Jump Ride.

Many top-notch manufacturers in China including Sinorides have an R&D team to do the designing and development of the Frog Jump ride.

Do Frog Jump Rides Need Regular Maintenance?

Yes, Frog Jump Rides need regular maintenance for the sake of proper movement and operation.

Thus for maintaining the Frog Jump Ride, you’ve to carry out the following steps.

  • Apply lubrication oils regularly
  • Prevent the use of damaged parts in the ride
  • Examine the performance of motor from time to time
  • Check the resistance of the tower for increased fluency of movement

Do I Need a Trained Staff for Operating a Frog Jump Ride?

Yes, you need trained staff for operating Frog Jump Ride since the process of controlling this ride is quite tricky.

Control and operation by unprofessional persons may cause accidents in amusement parks.

The Frog Jump Ride’s control panel contains some options that untrained staff cannot properly understand.

Thus, it’s better to hire professional staff to operate the Frog Jump Ride.

How is a Frog Jump Ride Packed?

After manufacturing, the Frog Jump Ride is packed in wooden boxes provided with lamination on the outer side.

For safe transport of Frog Jump Ride, the wooden boxes are packed with nuts and bolts.

In addition to this, the confirmation sheets are pasted on the top of the Frog Jump Ride for shipping it right to the destination.

How Do I Import a Frog Jump Ride From China?

For importing a Frog Jump ride from China, follow the given steps:

  • Find out qualified Manufacturer

Many remarkable Chinese manufacturers put there; thus, the first step is to choose the best option out of the Chinese Amusement ride manufacturing market.

  • Contact the Manufacture

Contact all the top-rated manufacturers of the state and obtain their quote.

Figure out the email or contact number of the selected manufacturer to place your order.

  • Confirm the Customization

After placing your order, make the manufacturer aware of all the customization services you want in the Frog Jump Ride for your amusement park.

  • Gather Documents

Most of the manufacturers don’t redeem the taxes for Frog Jump Ride’s international transport; thus, it’s suggested to gather all the documents to fulfill tax formalities.

  • Shipping

The last step for the import of Frog Jump Ride is shipping the ride to the desired country.

Import of Frog Jump Ride

What is the Required Voltage for a Frog Jump Ride?

The required voltage for a Frog Jump Ride ranges up to an average value of 380V.

The voltage consumption by the Frog Jump Ride depends on the ride’s size and model.

Besides this, amusement ride manufacturers can easily customize the voltage requirement of the Frog Jump Ride.

Smaller models of Frog Jump Ride have low voltage consumption as compared to the larger models.

How Much Does a Small Jump Ride Cost to Build?

It costs about $15,000 to $80,000 to build a small Frog Jump Ride.

However, the cost for building a small Frog Jump Ride varies according to the customization and features of the ride.

If you customize the small Frog Jump Ride, the cost for building the small Frog Jump Ride will surely be greater than the estimated value.

Do Chinese Manufacturers Customize the Frog Jump Ride?

Not all but the majority of the Chinese manufacturers customize the Frog Jump Ride according to amusement park owners’ demands.

Experienced Chinese amusement ride manufacturers, including Sinorides, provide the services of voltage and power customization for the Frog Jump Ride.

Not only this, but the theme and the design of the Frog Jump Ride can also be customized by contacting efficient Chinese manufacturers.

Customization of Frog Jump Ride

How to Make a Frog Jump Ride Attractive?

Amusement park owners can make Frog Jump Ride attractive by customizing them with the most professional manufacturers out there.

This amazing ride’s attractiveness can be increased by making it relative to an amusement park’s themes.

Furthermore, vibrant colors catch kids’ attention initially; this is why amusement park owners should invest in colorful themes in the Frog Jump Ride.

How to Protect Riders in a Frog Jump Ride at High Speeds?

For protecting the Frog Jump Riders at higher speeds, follow the given tips:

  • Lubricate all the parts of the Frog Jump Ride to minimize the friction during movement since it minimizes the chances of accidents
  • Tie all the harness and seatbelts around the bellies of riders before starting the ride
  • Instruct all the riders about the proper posture to sit in the ride
  • Lock up the clutches at the lower parts around the rider’s feet for making them stick to the position

Protection of Frog Jump Ride

How to Check the Quality of a Frog Jump Ride?

Following are the tips for checking the quality of Frog Jump Ride:

  • Check the Materials

The materials for the construction of Frog Jump Ride play the leading role in improving the ride’s durability and reliability.

So always prefer to get your hands on the highest quality of materials for constructing Frog Jump Rides.

  • Design and Detailing

The next step for checking Frog Jump Ride’s quality is to consider the appealing design and detailing done in the ride.

The most attractive designs of Frog Jump Ride hook customers right off the bat.

  • Performance

The highest quality of Frog Jump Ride is assured with its performance and methods of operation.

Make sure that all the Frog Jump Ride’s parts perform their functions in the best way.

Does Sinorides Provide After-sale Service for Frog Jump Rides?

Yes, Sinorides is a well-known amusement ride manufacturer in China for providing after-sale services for Frog Jump Rides.

This replenishing company’s after-sale services include all the formalities for importing and installing the ride in amusement parks.

In addition to this, a suitable warranty along with repair of damaged in after-sale services is also provided by Sinorides.

After-sale Services

How Long Do Frog Jump Rides Last?

Frog Jump Rides last for nine to ten years.

The Frog Jump Rides’ lifespan depends on the quality of the ride’s manufacturing materials and process.

Amusement park owners can increase the lifespan of the Frog Jump Ride by maintaining it properly.

By carrying out all maintenance procedures, including the proper lubrication and professional operation of Frog Jump Ride can be increased to more than ten years.

Does Sinorides Help in Installing the Frog Jump Ride?

Yes, Sinorides goes an extra mile when it comes to installing the Frog Jump Ride.

This remarkable manufacturer has professional workers who have got an expertise in R&D services for installation of Frog Jump Ride.

Thus, there’s no need for you to worry about Frog Jump Ride’s installation after contacting Sinorides.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Frog Jump Ride Manufactured from Sinorides?

Some of the potential benefits of getting a Frog Jump Ride from Sinorides include:

  • Meets All Quality Standards

The highest quality of materials for manufacturing Frog Jump ride is ensured at Sinorides.

It meets all the quality standards for increasing Frog Jump Ride’s reliability and durability.

  • 28+ Years Experience

This amusement ride company has more than 28 years of experience in manufacturing, importing, and exporting the Frog Jump ride to 120 countries around the whole world.

  • Safety Certifications

Sinorides aims to work on all the safety certifications required for the Frog Jump Ride’s proper operation.

It meets EN13814 standards certified by CE/BV/ISO/GOST/SGS for making sure about Frog Jump Ride’s safety control.

  • Installation Services

Amusement Park owners don’t need to worry about the heft procedures of Frog Jump Ride’s installation since Sinorides provides skilled workers for carrying out all installation formalities.

How do I Reduce the Maintenance Cost of a Frog Jump Ride?

You can reduce the maintenance cost of a Frog Jump Ride by carrying out the following steps:

  • Keep the Frog Jump Ride Clean

The accumulation of dust in Frog Jump Ride can significantly increase maintenance costs since it reduces the ride’s mobility.

So, clean all the parts of Frog Jump Ride regularly after use to minimize dust deposition.

  • Control the Use

Don’t dare to let the unprofessional people control the Frog Jump Ride because it can cause serious damage both to ride and riders.

  • Carry Out Regular Inspection

A timely inspection of the Frog Jump Ride’s damaged parts can decrease the ride’s damage up to detectable levels.

  • Follow the Instructions

Don’t operate the ride without following the instructions provided on the ride’s panel.

The manufacturers always provide all steps to operate the ride efficiently.

Maintenance of Frog Jump Ride

What is the Motion of a Frog Jump Ride?

The motion of the Frog Jump Ride is a simple harmonic motion.

The integrated seating area moves back and forth around the mean position of the tower.

This back and forth movement and hydraulic pressure system causes the Frog Jump Ride to move upward and downward with never-ending fluency.

How are Frog Jump Rides Manufactured?

Frog Jump Rides are manufactured in the following steps.

  • Selection of Materials

Before Frog Jump Ride’s manufacturing, the use of premium quality materials is ensured by the manufacturers.

  • Design and Sketch

It’s one of the most crucial steps in the manufacturing of Frog Jump Ride.

Professional designers and mechanical engineers draw a rough draft or sketch for the model of Frog Jump Ride.

  • Assembling of Parts

All the manufactured parts of Frog Jump Ride are integrated with each other for better assembling.

These parts are assembled by using nuts, bolts, and cranes.

  • Final Testing

Another important step in Frog Jump Ride’s manufacturing is the final test for the quality, performance, and functionality of Frog Jump Ride.

It’s made sure that whether the ride rightly stands on all quality and safety certifications or not.

  • Packaging

After the assurance of the quality and performance, Frog Jump Rides are finally packed into large wooden boxes and are imported to the destined countries.

What Safety Precautions Should Riders Follow in a Frog Jump Ride?

The safety precautions that the riders should follow in a Frog Jump Ride are as under:

  • No other rider than the suggested age limit should ride the Frog Jump Ride.
  • They all must tie the harness belts around their bellies before riding the Frog Jump Ride.
  • Follow all the safety instructions mentioned on the ride’s panel
  • Maintain the posture correctly while riding the Frog Jump Ride

Who is not Allowed on a Frog Jump Ride?

Disabled persons and people aged above 50 years aren’t allowed on Frog Jump Ride.

Moreover, those who have height phobia or can’t survive the high speed of amusement rides are also not allowed on a Frog Jump Ride.

Do Frog Jump Rides Operate at Night?

Yes, Frog Jump Ride operates at night because most amusement parks are full of riders at night time.

The lighting and the colors of Frog Jump Ride attract the riders mostly at night; this is why amusement park owners tend to operate it at night.

Frog Jump Ride At Night

Do I Need to Consider the Weather while Building the Frog Jump Ride?

Yes, you should consider your area’s weather while building the Frog Jump Ride since its manufacturing can cause some pollution in the environment.

Make sure to carry out Frog Jump Ride production in areas with no weather interruption because welding and heat molding of Frog Jump Ride’s part can cause severe problems in the area.

What is the Per-hour Passenger Capacity of a Frog Jump Ride?

The maximum per hour passenger capacity of a frog Jump Ride is six to twelve persons.

However, the per-hour passenger capacity of Frog Jump Ride varies concerning the size of the seating area.

The greater the seating area of Frog Jump Ride, the greater the per hour passenger capacity.

Do Manufacturers Test the Frog Jump Ride Before Selling?

Yes, almost all manufacturers carry out the tests for Frog Jump Ride before selling it.

Some of the tests carried out by manufacturers are given as below:

Construction Test: To determine the quality methods for constructing Frog Jump Ride in the manufacturing industry.

Test Logs for Design: The ride’s sketch is tested again and again for ensuring the premium level of ride’s model.

On-Site Acceptance Tests: On the construction site to inspect the procedures involved in manufacturing the Frog Jump Ride.

Are Frog Jump Rides Noisy?

Frog Jump Rides are noisy only when they move in an upward direction against gravity.

The operation of the motor also causes noise when it starts working.

However, the Frog Jump Rides’ noise can be decreased by using the best quality lubrication oils in the parts, which causes noise due to friction.

What Makes a Frog Jump Ride Thrilling?

The sudden up and down movements of the Frog Jump Rides make it thrilling to a noticeable extent.

The thrill level of this ride is also enhanced by increasing the speed of the ride.

Additional features of Frog Jump Ride include special operating buttons through which the thrilling experience can be greatly enhanced.

Who Inspects the Frog Jump Ride?

Chinese workers with complete knowledge about R&D services inspect the Frog Jump Ride.

Some skilled persons from the testing organizations like IAAPA and CAAPA are made eligible for inspecting the Frog Jump Rides.

The primary reason behind this ride’s inspection is to ensure the use of all quality standards and safety certification while manufacturing it.

What to Do in Case of Power Failure of a Frog Jump Ride?

Frog Jump Ride motors should be shut off immediately whenever a power failure occurs in the ride.

The motion of the ride must be stopped to prevent any other damage.

You should contact the manufacturer’s skilled mechanics to determine what caused the power failure in the Frog Jump Ride.

Even so, power outages most often result from damaged parts in the ride’s power supply channels.

Moreover, you can replace all damaged parts to minimize the possibility of power failure of the Frog Jump Ride.

Do Frog Jump Rides Operate in the Open Air Only?

Yes, Frog Jump Rides operate only in the open air since it releases nitrogen gas in the environment.

Frog Jump Ride can lead to suffocation because it releases nitrogen gas in a closed area.

Additionally, a kid’s ride like this is challenging to operate in a closed area.

As a result, most manufacturers suggest operating the Frog Jump Ride outside only.

In Air Use of Frog Hopper Ride

What Components Does Sinorides Use in a Frog Jump Ride?

Some of the essential components that Sinorides used in a Frog Jump Ride are given as below:

  • Stainless steel made gondolas
  • Plate steel made supported frames
  • LED lamps for beautiful appearance of the Frog Jump Ride
  • A pressure reducer for releasing nitrogen gas
  • A base made up of thin steel plates
  • Seating area made up of Reinforced Fibreglass Plastic

Do I Need a Trained Staff for Operating the Frog Jump Ride?

Yes, you need a well-trained staff for operating the Frog Jump Ride because unprofessional people can cause some serious problems while operating the ride.

This ride’s control system is a bit tricky, which untrained persons can never understand.

Further, the ride’s control can be carried out smoothly with the utmost safety only by those who are proficient in the way the ride is controlled.

Another reason for hiring professional workers is to prevent the extent of accidents in amusement parks.

Besides this, many Chinese manufacturers also provide the services to control the Frog Jump Ride through skilled workers and operators.

Do Frog Jump Rides Help in Increasing Footfall in an Amusement Park?

Yes, Frog Jump Ride plays an important role in increasing footfall in amusement parks because of its appealing design and fun experience during its motion.

Children are greatly drawn to the colorful rides in amusement parks and Frog Jump Ride is one of those additions.

Moreover, the safe operating nature of Frog Jump Ride makes the parents allow their kids to enjoy this ride again and again.

Thus, amusement park owners use Frog Jump Ride in their parks for increasing footfall to noticeable extents.

How Long Do Frog Jump Rides Take to Build?

A Frog Jump Ride takes between one and two months to build.

Since building Frog Jump Ride consists of a large number of steps, including the choice of materials, assembling, testing, and shipping.

Every step is done with great care in the amusement rides manufacturing industries.

But still, the duration for building the Frog Jump Rides can be increased by hiring a large number of workers.

A large team of workers works in integration to carry out the processing in less than the expected time.

What is the Difference Between a Frog Jump Ride and Other Tower Rides?

The major difference between a Frog Jump Ride and a Tower is that the latter contains a central tower-like structure around which the passenger seats are adjusted.

Compared to the Tower Ride, Frog Jump Ride comes with a standing rod-like gondola with a seating area on just one side.

Furthermore, Tower Ride doesn’t release nitrogen gas on its downward movement, whereas the Frog Jump Ride releases nitrogen gas on its way back based on the principle of the Hydraulic system.

Difference of Frog Jump Ride From Tower Ride

Do Frog Jump Rides Need a Supervisor?

Frog Jump Rides need a supervisor for better control and operation during the movement.

A skilled supervisor monitors the overall performance of the Frog Jump Ride.

He’s eligible to detect any fault in the control and the movement of the ride.

Moreover, he can supervise the operator in the control room to ensure the rider’s safe riding experience.

Is a Frog Jump Ride a Family Ride?

No, a Frog Jump Ride is a Kid’s ride since it’s majorly designed for enthusiastic kids who want to enjoy the amusement rides.

However, the families are involved in the child’s supervision while he’s riding the Frog Jump Ride.

The theme and design of the Frog Jump Ride are done to attract as many kids as possible.

Frog Jump Rides for kids

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