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Sinorides has giant Ferris wheels for sale with different specifications. You can buy our largest 120m giant Ferris wheel having sixty cabins and 6 seats in each cabin. If you need a custom Ferris wheel, you can tell us in advance. Sinorides engineers can design a Ferris wheel exactly as per your unique requirement. Your riders will have a bird’s eye view of your park from our giant Ferris wheel. Sinorides will install your giant ferris wheel so you don’t need to worry about how to install Ferris wheel.

If you want to add a portable Ferris wheel for sale or a 120m Ferris wheel in your amusement, Sinorides can prove the best platform. We are known as the best manufacturers for designing or producing the Ferris wheel cabin. The size of the Ferris wheel doesn’t matter at all. You can also get a small Ferris wheel for sale.

We prefer providing our customers with versatile seating capacity in the backyard Ferris wheel for sale. As such, our customers have the authority to choose from many options. Not only this, but you can also buy a Ferris wheel for sale in Pakistan by approaching us on our website.

30m ferris wheel
Sinorides 30m Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale can bear 72 person full load.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 18P
  • Power: 15kW
  • Height: 30m
  • Space Area: 23x21m
42m ferris wheel
Sinorides 42m Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale can hold 96 people at one time.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 96P
  • Power: 20kW
  • Height: 42m
  • Space Area: 31x28m
Sinorides 49m Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale takes people up to a moderate height to view site.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 96P
  • Power: 20kW
  • Height: 49m
  • Space Area: 35x32m
65m ferris wheel for sale
Sinorides 65m Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale is suitable for middle & large parks.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 216P
  • Power: 30kW
  • Height: 65m
  • Space Area: 38x32m
88m ferris wheel ride
Sinorides 88m Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale have 288 person larger capacity.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 288P
  • Power: 40kW
  • Height: 88m
  • Space Area: 44mx38m
Sinorides 120M giant ferris wheel for sale
Sinorides 120m Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale is suitable for large outdoor parks.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 360P
  • Power: 50kW
  • Height: 120m
  • Space Area: 52x58m

Your Premier Giant Ferris Wheel Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is a well-known giant Ferris wheel manufacturer in China. We have been serving the industry for the last 28 years. You will get a CE, BV, and ISO certified giant Ferris wheel at Sinorides.You will find professional lighting on our giant Ferris wheel for sale to make the ride more appealing at night.

If you want to customize the lighting effect, we can do so. You can also add your logo to the Ferris wheel. The cockpits of Sinorides’ giant Ferris wheel rides come with different materials and specifications. You can choose what suits your requirement and budget the best.

Sinorides produce your giant ferris wheel with brands components and high efficiency machines to keep it in a reliable quality. We will do multi times quality inspection to ensure it is qualifed.

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  • Sinorides Giant Ferris wheel project

Giant Ferris Wheel Project

You will get a complete solution for the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of giant Ferris wheels at Sinorides. Sinorides has a team of 20 engineers that will provide you with quality giant Ferris wheels and timely support. You will get videos, pictures, and a detailed manual for the installation, and maintenance.

Besides giant ferris wheel, Sinorides also provide roller coaster, pirate ship ride and pendulum rides as well as park design service to help you upgrade your theme park in one-stop solution.

Sinorides Giant Ferris Wheel Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

You can choose the best type of ferris wheel from 20m to 128m height for your park business.
Giant Ferris Wheel QC
Sinorides use professional tools to check and ensure the quality of your Giant Ferris Wheel
Sinorides-Giant Ferris-wheel-Material
High grade material to ensure your Ferris Wheel running safely.
Sinorides-Giant Ferris-wheel-painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Ferris Wheel good status.
Giant Ferris Wheel Cabin
Sinorides use quality FRP to manufacture your ferris wheel seats to bear people with different heights.
Sinorides-Giant Ferris-wheel-structure
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Ferris Wheel steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATA30m Giant Ferris Wheel42m Giant Ferris Wheel49m Giant Ferris Wheel65m Giant Ferris Wheel88m Giant Ferris Wheel120m Giant Ferris Wheel
Space Area23x21m 31x28m 35x32m38mx32m44mx38m52mx58m
Number of Seats18P96P128P216P288P360P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides giant ferris wheel for sale design image

Sinorides giant ferris wheel for sale design

Sinorides giant-ferris-wheel-design

30m giant ferris wheel drawing

kids giant ferris wheel drawing

Sinorides is Reliable Giant Ferris Wheel Manufacturer

You will face the problem on how to choose the reliable Giant Ferris Wheel Manufacturer.

This is the common question to most of park owners as they don’t know what to consider when importing Giant Ferris Wheel from China.

Sinorides know your need and we have succcessful ferris wheel project with techncial support to solve all your questions.

You can check our catalog with certifications to learn more about our ferris wheel.

When it comes to the reliable Ferris wheel ride for sale, Sinorides stands out of the list with its strategies. In the amusement world, we are known as the leading manufacturers to produce giant Ferris wheels for sale.

The durability of the materials used in the construction of our products helps to assist the users with the highest quality of portable Ferris wheel for sale.

We also offer more than 100 different types of amusement rides with varying styles of Ferris wheel ride for sale. More than eight different categories of amusement park ride at Sinorides let the park owners fill their parks with fun rides.

We provide a one-stop solution for designing, installing, and operating all types of Ferris wheel rides in China. All our engineers are always available if you want any type of assistance in the operation of rides.

Sinorides has completed more than 1000 successful projects till now. Thus, you’ll not be doubted when selecting the best ride from our platform.

Last but not least, the shipping services at Sinorides are available in all regions of the world. Prices for the shipping of rides are reasonable.

Sinorides Giant Ferris Wheel is competitive both in quality and price.

You can spend less cost to get the European standard Giant Ferris Wheel at Sinorides.

Start your business by contacting Sinorides now!

Giant Ferris Wheel-Ultimate FAQ guide

Do you have any questions in your mind about a Giant Ferris Wheel? If yes. Then you have got the right place.

Here is a Giant Ferris wheel-ultimate FAQ guide.

We have compiled all the questions.

That may pop your mind while buying a Ferris wheel.

In this guide, you will get to know about all the details of the wheel. Where to buy it from?

The types of Ferris wheels?

And which is the best one?

Let’s get started.

What Is A Giant Ferris Wheel?

A Giant Ferris Wheel is a huge ride in amusement parks.

It looks like a giant wheel with various cabins attached to it.

These cabins are frequently known as capsules.

As the wheel rotates, the capsules also rotate.

It is named after the last name of its Inventor, George W.G Ferris.

Ferris Wheel is the most common amusement ride.

Without it, a carnival or amusement park is almost vague and lacks its vibe.
A Giant Ferris Wheel
A Giant Ferris Wheel

What Material Are Giant Ferris Wheels Made Of?

A Ferris wheel is made of three materials including,


The wheel has multiple parts including, trailer chassis, axles, brakes, electric motor, wheel supports and towers, drive rims. All of them are made up of steel.


The seats are made with FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastic).

Giant Ferris Wheels Material

Giant Ferris Wheels Material

What Are Different Kinds of Ferris Wheels?

There are many kinds of Ferris wheels in different countries’ amusement parks around the globe. But the most popular ones are:

Observation Ferris Wheel

This type of Ferris Wheel is a huge one. It is designed to provide the riders with stunning views of the place.

The huge wheel rotates slowly and stays at several points for a few seconds. And then comes back to the starting point.

The London Eye falls under the category of Observation Ferris Wheel.

London Eye

Sliding or Eccentric Ferris Wheel

It is slightly different from ordinary Ferris wheels.

Sliding Ferris Wheel

Rather than fixed coasters to the rim, it has sliding ones. They slide on the rail while the wheel is rotating.

If you want to get one, you can get it from Disney California.

Transportable Ferris Wheel

As the name implies, this type of Ferris wheel is not fixed to a particular location.

This easy to install Ferris wheel is not permanently fixed to a site. So it can be transported from one carnival to another.

Where Can I Buy a Giant Ferris Wheel?

You can buy a Ferris wheel online.

There are multiple options around the globe when it comes to buying a Giant Ferris Wheel.

Note down your requirements that you need in a Ferris Wheel. And then look around your country.

If you do not find any good manufacturing company in your country, then look for International help.

Europe is especially famous for its quality amusement rides. But they are expensive.

However, China is the best source if you are finding something economical but quality. You can consider Sinorides.

It is an amusement rides manufacturer based in China. They have a good range of Ferris wheels.

Where to Buy a Giant Ferris Wheel

Where to Buy a Giant Ferris Wheel

How Much Does A New Giant Ferris Wheel Cost?

Mostly Ferris wheels are only bought for carnivals, funfairs, and amusement parks.

They are costly, especially when they are brand new.

A new giant Ferris wheel costs around 300,000 US dollars to 350,000 dollars.

But sometimes the price can be changed according to its quality and performance.

Moreover, some specifications in the Ferris wheel can be price-changing.

For example, LED lights in the cabins of Ferris wheels.

The length also matters for price.

Some Ferris wheels are 104 meters. Few are 120 meters.

That’s how price changes with the length.

If it’s a theme park, then a big Ferris wheel is needed.

And for a tiny amusement park, a small 25m Ferris wheel can do well.

There are also old or already used Giant Ferris wheels.

They can be found easily at a lesser price than the brand new one.

Giant Ferris Wheel Cost

Giant Ferris Wheel Cost

How Does A Giant Ferris Wheel Work? 

The working Ferris wheel is real trickery.

The big wheel rotates with beautiful small cabins.

It moves round in a clockwise direction.

It works on the mechanics of physics.

It has a large ring that rotates about a central axis.

The seats are connected with a rim in the cabin. And there is another rim known as the outer rim.

The cabins are attached to this outer rim.

They can freely rotate with the support of the outer rim.

Gears and motors with gravity, helps the Ferris wheel to move and spin.

They move the Ferris wheel while gravity pulls it back down.

That is how it moves at the central axis.

The round movement continues till the motor works.

As it stops, the wheel also stops at its place.


How Many Voltage Does A Giant Ferris Wheel Require?

Almost all Ferris wheels require the same voltage for the working.

Ferris wheels always require the supply voltage to be 380 voltage. Neither less nor more.

The engine can only start working when this amount of voltage are supplied.

Also, it has a specific amount of power in kW according to the size of the wheel.

Let’s start with the smallest one.

25m is a small Ferris wheel. It requires 375-380 Voltage powered with 15 kW.

42m is perfect for carnivals and also for medium amusement parks. It has about 35-45 cabins for the riders. It requires 380 voltage with 25kW.

65m sized Ferris wheels are for themed Parks. It has almost 36 giant gondolas.

One cabin can carry six people at the moment and it requires voltage around 380 with 26.4kW.

How Much Time Does The Giant Ferris Wheel Take To Complete One Revolution?

A Ferris Wheel takes 20 to 30 seconds to complete one revolution.

One revolution is completed when the 1st cabin starts rotating and comes back again to its starting point.

The duration of one revolution varies in different Ferris Wheels due to its size.

Smaller ones take 20 seconds to complete one revolution.

However, bigger Ferris wheels take 30 seconds to complete one cycle.

60 seconds for two revolutions, 120 for three, and so on.

A Ferris Wheel

How Long Will It Take To Make Delivery After The Order Of Giant Ferris Wheel Is Placed?

It depends on the site you have placed your order upon.

Each manufacturer company has its own shipping policies.

Usually, it takes 10 working days if you have placed an order to the site that is operating in your country.

However, if you have placed an international order, it might take 30-60 working days.

What Is The Warranty Duration For The Giant Ferris Wheel?

Different companies have different warranty periods.

However, most of them have their warranty duration ranging from 6 months to 1 year.

The warranty covers all the components of the Ferris wheel including, drive rims, batteries, blades, and belts.

If you want a reliable option for buying a Ferris Wheel, you must consider Sinorides.

It comes with a warranty period of one year.

Giant Ferris Wheel Warranty

Giant Ferris Wheel Warranty

What Are After-Sale Service For The Giant Ferris Wheel?

There are many after sale services offered by the manufacturer after you purchase a Giant Ferris wheel.

Manufacturers like Sinorides don’t merely sell Giant Ferris Wheels but offer multiple services.

It includes free installation, no matter wherever you are on the globe.

Maintenance throughout the warranty time is the responsibility of the company.

In fact, you can get technical support for lifetime if any mishap occurs with the mechanics of the ride.

The manufacturer company sends a team of professional tech engineers that provides you with these services.

You can also get your product delivered all around the globe.

Moreover, they also offer 24/7 customer care.

Does Giant Ferris Wheel Manufacturers Accept Customization?

Customized Ferris wheel

Yes, they do accept customization.

You can customize your products as per your demand or requirement.

In this regard, the manufacturer company offers a meeting based on analysis and planning of your park project.

The meeting emphasizes the 2D or 3D design of your amusement park.

It also focuses on what type of amusement ride you need.

From the lights of amusement rides to the music, you can customize every bit of it.

You can also choose the pictures or paintings to be placed on the ride of your own choice.

What Is The Cooperation Process To Order A Giant Ferris Wheel?

Here is a detailed cooperation process to order a Giant Ferris Wheel.

Choose two or three manufacturers:

Whenever you are buying any amusement ride, do not jump onto any manufacturer.

Search on the Internet. Or ask in your surroundings if anyone has started such a business.

Shortlist two or three manufacturers. Take good know-how about all of them.

Set your requirements:

The next step you are gonna do is to set your requirements. Establish your goals about what you need. Ask yourself questions:

What is my budget?

What quality do I need?

What design should I go for?

Do I need customization?

Is the payment method easier for me?

Contact them:

After you have set your goals and chose two or three manufacturers, email each of them.

Ask them about their quotation. Don’t forget to mention every detail to them. Inform them what are your requirements.


Once you get back a response from them, compare the quotations and services of each.

If any of the manufacturers have not replied yet, wait for their response. And then compare the responses of all of them.

Select the best one:

Once you have compared, choose the best one keeping in mind the following:

  • Experience
  • Previous projects
  • Quotations
  • Services
  • After sale services
  • Shipping

Whoever offer’s suits you, contact them again.

Choose your Ride:

Now choose the Ferris wheel you want. Focus on its size and design.

For size, you can choose from high to medium to small.

For design, you can choose the color scheme, pictures or paintings.

Note: You can also customize your ride from various manufacturers like Sinorides.

Make a contract and place an order:

Make a contract with the manufacturer team.

Discuss each detail about your ride including its size, specifications, characteristics, and budget.

Also, talk about the payment method, delivery date, and shipping method.

Then place the order.

Follow the payment terms:

Fulfill the payment terms as decided in the contract. This is a necessary step for the completion of your order.

Wait for confirmation email:

Once you’re done with all the payment terms, now it’s time to wait.

You will get a confirmation email about your product. It will include the delivery date and shipping date.

And your order placement is done.

Cooperation Process To Order A Giant Ferris Wheel

Cooperation Process To Order A Giant Ferris Wheel

Is There Any Discount On Buying Giant Ferris Wheel?

Yes, you can get a discount by contacting the company.

And discussing your budget and requirements with them.

However, there is no specific discount available for particular days like Black Day, etc.

How To Install a Giant Ferris Wheel?

If you have bought a Giant Ferris Wheel, the next step you might be thinking of is the installation process.

As a Giant Ferris Wheel is heavy and huge, installing it is a herculean task.

You can install a Giant Ferris Wheel using three different techniques:

Ground assembly Method: 

 Ground Assembly Method

This method is used for installing the steel structure on the ground. It can be done with precision.

No technical errors will occur in this step of installation.

Yet, the Giant Ferris wheel is huge and needs a vast area. You may need some expert help.

Central Rotation Method:

Central Rotation Method

This method is used to install the wheel system. It includes fixing the tower and axle.

The tower builds the wheel lifting system.

So it needs to be supported in a proper place from the center to the periphery.

Vertical Rotation Method:

Vertical Rotation Method

It is a more precise method with a lesser risk of error.

Also, there is lesser effort used in this method. It avoids high altitude work.

However, the process needs powerful traction to get the Ferris wheel in place.

The braking system should also be reasonable. It is done by two sides rotation for the central wheel.

Besides knowing enough information about the installation method, you can not do it yourself.

Always go for professional help. Some manufacturer companies also offer installation.

Ask the company you get your Ferris wheel from.

How Can Giant Ferris Wheel Manufacturer Help Design For My New Park?

Yes, manufacturers like Sinorides help you with the design of your new Park.

It has a great prior experience in building amusement parks.

More than 10,000 parks have put their trust upon them.

They provide a professional team to help you with the following:


The team will help you in formulating the plan of your new park.

You have to inform them about your requirements and budget.

They will establish a plan accordingly.

You can also discuss the site of your new Park. And what type of rides you want to keep in your park.

They can also help you with giving a specific theme to your park.


Once you have discussed all of your goals with the team. They will map a layout.

The layout will be comprised of detailed features about:

  • Site of the park
  • Area needed
  • Design of the park
  • Budget details
  • Rides to be included
  • Placement of rides
  • Lighting of the park


The last step is follow up of the plan and layout.

The team can also help you in establishing your park.

Who Will Construct The Foundation Of The Giant Ferris Wheel Ride?

Sinorides Ferris wheel Construction project
Construction of Giant Ferris wheel

The manufacturer from which you get your Giant Ferris Wheel Ride will help you construct the foundation of it.

They can use three methods for the construction including,

Ground assembly

It includes assembling the Ferris wheel’s steel structure on the ground.

The structure is properly supported and fixed to avoid any accident.

It is done by professional help for precision and accuracy.

Vertical rotation 

It includes setting up the Ferris wheel vertically to avoid high altitude work.

It is done by rotating two sides of the central wheel.

Such a method has lesser risks.

Still, professional help is recommended.

Central rotation

It includes setting up the axle and tower.

Fixing the wheel lifting system so that it rotates from centre to the periphery.

How Does The Manufacturer Ensure The Quality Of The Giant Ferris Wheel Ride?

If you want to ensure the quality of a Giant Ferris wheel, you must consider its material and past experience.

Manufacturers ensure their quality by following parameters:


They use premium quality material in their products.

They make precise cuts to shape the steel in the particular way as needed.

Not only quality material, but the machinery they use is also up to the mark.

They ensure that there are no scratches on the design.

For instance, Sinorides uses a 4000W laser cutting machine for the cutting of steel.


Another way for the surety of quality of a manufacturer is their team.

They have qualified staff members with good communication skills.

And professional technical engineers for designing and maintenance of the amusement rides.


Any good Giant Ferris Wheel manufacturer will provide you with quality services.

Both services during the selling process and after sale services.

They will provide you installation and certification.

They may help you with the design of your theme amusement park.

Some manufacturers also offer customization.

Giant Ferris Wheel quality

Giant Ferris Wheel Quality

Can I Just Order One Set Of Giant Ferris Wheel?

Yes, it’s totally up to you. For how many sets you want the order.

You can order as many sets as you want.

Or you may also order just one set of a Giant Ferris wheel.

Note: If you order in bulk, you may get discounts.

What Is The Manufacturer’s Shipping Way For Giant Ferris Wheel?

Shipping of Ferris Wheel

When signing a contract, you can choose an appropriate shipping method.

Select the one that you think is the best and is suitable for you.

Usually, huge items like amusement rides are shipped by Cargo.

It is a very good mode to transfer goods such as a Giant Ferris Wheel.

And mostly companies opt for this shipping method.

Does Giant Ferris Wheel Manufacturers Accept Oem?

Yes, they do accept. You can get anything printed or carved on your Ferris Wheel.

Generally, customers demand the name of the ride to be written on it.

For example, if it’s a Giant Ferris Wheel, there will be written ‘Ferris Wheel’ on it.

Or you can also ask for logo placement. If your amusement park has any logo or sign, you can get that on your ride.

Does Chinese Giant Ferris Wheel Manufacturer Provide Certification And Testing Report For The Product?

Yes, Chinese Giant Ferris wheel manufacturers provide certification and testing for their products.

Quality Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides do that.

All of there products are CE certified.

Their factory is also certified by ISO.

They are also tested for their safety.

You can get the testing report from them to ensure the quality and safety of products.

What Are The Characteristics Of 25m Ferris Wheel?

Small Ferris Wheel

25m size is the smallest size for the Ferris wheel. It is even suitable for people with acrophobia.

Suitable site:

25m sized Ferris wheel is suitable for small parks.

Number of cabins:

A 25m Ferris wheel consists of 16 cabins with a capability of 4 individuals sitting.

Total number of individuals:

Each cabin has a capacity of 4 individuals. As there are 16 cabins, 64 individuals can be seated at once in a 25m Ferris wheel.

Voltage requirement:

It requires 380V voltage to get started.

Power required:

Ferris wheels use gravitational potential energy.

25m Ferris wheel is powered with a 15kW drive system to conserve energy.

To operate, it needs a drive system and an electrical control system.

What Are The Characteristics Of A 30m Ferris Wheel?


30m giant wheel from Sinorides

30m Ferris Wheel

30m is quite similar to 25m Ferris wheel as there is a difference of just 5m.

30m Ferris wheel rotates about its axis with a column consisting durable gondolas.

Suitable site:

A middle amusement park is suitable for a 30m Ferris wheel.

It doesn’t take much space and can be fitted at any free site found in an amusement park.

Number of cabins:

It has 18 cabins, each cabin can carry at least 4 people.

Total number of individuals:

In a 30m Ferris wheel total 72 individuals can be seated in all 18 gondolas.

System requirement:

As a 25m Ferris wheel, 30m Ferris wheel also requires a drive system and electrical control system.

Voltage requirement:

To operate a 30m Ferris wheel 380V voltage are needed.

Power required:

With 380V voltage, 6kW are powered for the conservation of energy.

Area occupied:

A 30m Ferris wheel requires a very small area.

It is 30 meters in height and occupies about 18m x 16m area.

What Are The Characteristics Of 42m Ferris Wheel?

Sinorides 42m Giant wheel for sale

42m Ferris Wheel

42m is bigger than the other ones. It’s characteristics are also quite different from 25m and 30m.

It’s height is quite delightful. It provides a very generous scenery at the height of 42 metres.

Suitable site:

Middle-sized theme parks and carnivals are suitable sites for the 42m sized Ferris wheel.

Number of gondolas:

Some 42m sized Ferris wheels contain 24 while some have 48 cabins.

Total number of individuals:

Each cabin can carry 4 individuals.

So a 42m Ferris Wheel can carry 96 riders at once.

Voltage requirement:

It requires 380V voltage.

Power required:

42m Ferris wheels are powered with 25kW to save energy.

System required:

Drive system and electric control system are needed for the operation. The cabins are attached with columns so it can easily move to the axis.

Area occupied:

It comprises 42m height and occupies about 24.4mx20m area.

What Are The Characteristics Of 65m Ferris Wheel?

65m Ferris Wheel

65m Ferris wheels are very common and popular.

They are not much higher. Their height is only 65 meter.

But offers beautiful scenery at such height.

Suitable site:

The perfect site for the 65m Ferris wheel is big theme parks and gardens.

Number of cabins:

It consists of 36 cabins. Each cabin can accommodate 6 individuals.

Total number of individuals:

Total 216 individuals can ride a 65m Ferris wheel at a time.

System requirement:

An 26.4 KW Drive system is a requirement for a 65m Ferris wheel.

For operation, an electrical control system is also needed.

In a few Ferris wheels, air conditioners are also present in the cabins.

Voltage requirement:

380V Voltage is required for the 65m Ferris wheel to regulate the system.

Area occupied:

A 65 metre weighted occupies are about 38mx32m.

What Are The Characteristics Of 72m Ferris Wheel?

The outstanding 72m Ferris wheel guarantees its passenger perfect scenery with its 72 meters height.

Suitable site:

The suitable site for a 72m sized Ferris wheel is large theme and amusement parks. It can also be seen at big carnivals and festivals.

Number of cabins:

48 cabins are present in the 72m Ferris wheel.

Each cabin can accommodate up to 4 individuals.

Total number of individuals:

192 individuals can be seated in the 72m Ferris wheel consisting of 48 cabins.

System requirement:

Electric controlling system and drive system are needed for it.

Voltage requirement:

For a 72m Ferris wheel 380V voltage are required to operate the system.

Power required:

They are powered with a 16kW drive method.

Area occupied:

48mx44m area is occupied by the 72m Ferris wheel.

What Are The Characteristics Of 88m Giant Ferris Wheel?

Sinorides 88m giant wheel for sale

88m Ferris wheel

88m is perfect for height lovers. It gives a very nice view when it goes up to 88 meters.

Suitable site:

Most 88m Ferris wheels are suited for very big theme parks.

It’s height is so large that it can be seen from afar.

Number of cabins:

It has 54 cabins. Each cabin can carry 6 people.

Total number of individuals:

324 riders can enjoy the outstanding view at 72 metre height.

System requirement:

It contains a drive system and electric controlling system.

The hydraulic drive system is required for conservation of power.

Electric controlling system is used for gears to get the system started and to stop it.

Voltage requirement:

380V voltage are used to start a 88m Ferris wheel.

Power required:

39.2kW power is used to drive the system. This Ferris wheel also has 2 motors:

-Pump motor that requires a 37kW drive system.

-Air cooled motor that needs 2.2kw power.

Area occupied

42mx36m area is occupied by a 88m Ferris wheel.

What Are The Characteristics Of A 120m Giant Ferris Wheel?

Sinorides 120M giant wheel for sale

120m Ferris Wheel

A 120m Giant Ferris wheel is visible from a very long distance. It’s eye catching appearance is fascinating.

Suitable site:

A suitable site for the giant 120m Ferris wheel is enormous amusement parks and is also used as a remark wheel for eye sighting.

Number of cabins:

It consists of 90 cabins. Each cabin can accommodate up to 4 persons.

Total number of individuals:

360 riders can be seated in a 120m giant Ferris wheel.

System requirement:

Like others, it consists of an updated electrical controlling system and drive system.

Turntables are attached to the cabins.

Air conditioners and LED lights are also connected in cabins for the satisfactory experiences of the passengers.

Voltage requirement:

To start the system 380V voltage should be supplied to the giant Ferris wheel.

Power required:

It is powered by a 55kW drive system.

Area occupied:

120 metres heightened Ferris wheel occupies 52mx58m of area.

What Are The Different Parts Of Giant Ferris Wheel Called?

Giant Ferris Wheel has numerous parts. The major parts are mentioned below.

  • Steel structure, which forms the base of the Ferris Wheel.
  • A rim to which the cabins are attached
  • Capsules, commonly known as cabins, gandolas or cars.
  • Electric motor that rotates each car.

Other parts include:

  • Tower
  • Axle
  • Braking system
  • Roulette structure
  • Drive system
  • Control room
  • Electric wires
  • Cables
  • Lightning bulbs and sockets

A Giant Ferris Wheel

A Giant Ferris Wheel

What Is The Material Used For A Giant Ferris Wheel Cabin?

The cabins or gondolas of Ferris Wheel are mainly made of steel or iron.

Sometimes, aluminum is also used to protect the structure from rusting.

The seats are made with FRP.

The entrance and exit doors of the cabin are also made of Steel.

The glass used between the doors is plexiglass.

Giant Ferris Wheel Cabin
Giant Ferris Wheel Cabin

Does Giant Ferris Wheel Manufacturer Help The Buyer For Visa, If They Want To Visit Their Factory?

Yes, there are some manufacturers that help the buyer for a visa.

You can freely ask them for help.

What you have to do is, send the buyer your passport copy and they will help you get your visa.

Moreover, they can help you in getting tickets also.

A well reputed manufacturer team will help you in every way  to reach the factory for visit.

Do Giant Ferris Wheel Manufacturers Have Agents In Our Country?

Yes, Giant Ferris Wheel Manufacturers which operate internationally have their agents and offices in different countries.

So you can visit their office for a meeting or signing a contract.

Manufacturers like Sinorides have their office and agents in Russia, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran.

Contact or email the manufacturer to locate their office near you.

You can get their contact details or email address on the website easily.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Giant Ferris Wheel Gondolas?

On the basis of design, Gondolas are divided into two main kinds:

Enclosed Gondolas

These types of cabins are fully covered by glass or some other material.

They are enclosed to give a 360 degree view to the rider.

Such types of cabins usually come in barrel or drop shape. But you can get them customized in whatever shape you want.

These closed cabins have an advantage that they can be equipped with air conditioners in summer.

Enclosed Gondola

Semi enclosed Gondolas

These are different from enclosed gondolas in a way that these are not fully covered.

However, they do have high poles and protection screens for the safety of the rider.

They have an advantage that the rider doesn’t feel suffocated. He can enjoy the fresh air.

 Semi enclosed Gondola

What To Consider While Designing The Giant Ferris Wheel?

While designing a Ferris wheel, various factors are considered. Most important of them are as follows:


This is the foremost factor that is kept in mind while designing a Ferris wheel.

There are some safety measures set by IAAPA.

The product should have followed all these measures.

Natural calamities

Whenever a Ferris wheel is made, natural calamities like earthquake, strong winds, and harsh weather conditions are kept in mind.

And the product is made to withstand all these conditions.

Easy to transport

A Ferris wheel is heavy and huge. It is always designed in such a way that it is easy to move.

Ferris wheels for carnival are designed as portable.

Easy to install

Another thing that is a must when designing a Ferris wheel is its ease of installation.

The design is always made by skilled engineers to avoid difficulty while installing or dismantling.

Design The Giant Ferris Wheel

Giant Ferris Wheel Design

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Giant Ferris Wheel From Chinese Manufacturer?

There are many advantages to buy a Ferris wheel from Chinese Manufacturer. Some of them are as follows:


You can get European like quality in the Chinese amusement rides.

Top notch manufacturers like Sinorides use premium quality material in their products.

They make sure that the product is durable.

And it can withstand harsh weather conditions or earthquake-like situations.


While you’re getting a quality product, don’t guess it is at the same cost.

Chinese products are way cheaper than the European ones.

That also costs less than European rates.


Also, Chinese manufacturers have experience in this field for more than thirty years.

So you can easily rely on them without a second thought.


Chinese Manufacturers provide you with excellent facilities including building your park design, visa support, agents in various countries.

They also arrange chinese to local language translators.

Not only this, but they also provide after sale services.

They will provide skilled engineers for the installation of your Ferris wheel.

They also give 2 years warranty for the product.

And lifetime maintenance and repair responsibilities.

Well reputation

Moreover, Chinese manufacturers are well reputed now all over the world.

They have their relationships with regions all over the world.

How To Repair Giant Ferris Wheel?

Repair of Ferris Wheel

Repair of Ferris Wheel

No matter how much professional you are, a Giant Ferris wheel can not be repaired by you.

It always needs technical help, which you can get by any trained or skilled professionals.

If you still are unable to resolve your issue, contact the manufacturer.

They will send a professional team of trained engineers for the repair of your machine.

Quality manufacturers like Sinorides provide lifetime repair after the purchase of your product.

However, you have to arrange the visa and round trip ticket for the team.

Also, you have to bear his accommodation and food expenses.

The team will definitely charge you on a daily wage basis per individual.

Best Tips To Maintain a Giant Ferris Wheel?

To maintain your Giant Ferris Wheel, you have to follow some tips and tricks. Here are some of them:

Thorough cleaning

Clean the Ferris Wheel from inside and outside regularly.

Thoroughly clean it at least once a month.

This will protect your product from getting damaged.

Use lukewarm water to remove dirt and stains from the seat.

You can also use a cloth or brush to remove tough stains.

For outdoor use, you can use stainless steel cleaning chemicals.

Regular maintenance 

Go for regular maintenance once in a year even if there is no suspected problem.

Check each part thoroughly. If there is any doubt in functionality, opt for professional help to repair that part.

Follow recommended protocols

When buying a Ferris wheel, the manufacturer team will provide you a list of recommended standards.

These standards are for the maintenance of a Ferris wheel.

You have to take care of these protocols to avoid any mishap.


Hire a technical team of highly qualified engineers for the inspection of your ride.

Take this measure every two or three year.

The team will inspect your ride and check its functionality and performance.

This step can help to save you from longer repair programs.

Maintain a Giant Ferris Wheel

Maintain a Giant Ferris Wheel

How To Make Giant Ferris Wheel Ride Safe?

You can ensure safety in a Giant Ferris wheel by following measures:

Follow safety standards 

You must follow all the safety standards recommended by the manufacturer.

Also, check if the manufacturer company follows the safety measures set by trusted organisations like IAAPA.

Get the product tested and certified 

Always go for the product that is tested by higher organisations.

Manufacturers like Sinorides have all of their products tested and certified by ISO and CE.

Make sure the ride is inaccessible 

Do not let any unauthorised person manage or operate the ride.

Also, keep the ride locked. So it is inaccessible for any ordinary individual.

Buy from trusted manufacturers 

Buy from manufacturers that have past experience.

Or you know some clients that are already using their products.

Regular inspection and maintenance 

Regular maintenance of the ride can make the ride safe.

It will save the ride from any accident or mishap.

How Are Giant Ferris Wheels Rides Manufactured?

A Giant Ferris wheel is manufactured in various steps:

  • Planning of the product
  • Designing the product
  • Inspection of the design
  • Formulating the product
  • Shipment of the parts
  • Assembly of the parts into a Ferris wheel.

How To Find Reliable Giant Ferris Wheel Ride Manufacturers In China?

  • Search on the internet.
  • Ask someone around you who has already tried them.
  • Shortlist two or three manufacturers, email each of them.
  • Ask them about their quotation.
  • Compare the quotations and services of each.
  • Choose the best one keeping in mind their experience and past projects.

How to Ensure the Safety of Giant Ferris Wheel Ride?

There are many good Ferris wheel manufacturing companies like Sinorides.

They take every possible measure to ensure that the Ferris wheel they deliver to their customers is of top quality.

They use high-quality material, trained staff, and top-notch machinery to build the Ferris wheel to ensure this.

Apart from this, they also follow the safety standards set by the IAAPA and CAAPA so that the Ferris wheel ride becomes safe for everyone.

Companies are also required to get various certificates like BV, CE, SC, EN13814, GOST, SASO, TUV, SONCAP, etc., to ensure safety measures.

Safety of Giant Ferris Wheel

Safety of Giant Ferris Wheel

How Does the Manufacturer Package the Giant Ferris wheel Ride?

Packaging of Giant Ferris Wheel

Packaging of Giant Ferris Wheel

The reliable companies like Sinorides who manufacture Ferris wheels use durable packaging for their wheel.

They use the sturdiest and the highest quality plastic to wrap the Ferris wheel and its parts.

Some of the more sensitive parts are packed in wooden boxes, while other parts are plastic covered.

Every part of the Ferris wheel is packed depending on the size and its construction material.

What Are The Quality Certifications for Giant Ferris Wheel Ride?

A Ferris wheel cannot start operating until it receives specific certificates.

There are many types of certificates needed for the quality assurance of the Ferris wheels. But most of them depend on the location of the Ferris wheel manufacturer.

And on the requirements of the client. However, some of the most basic certificates are:

CE Certificate: This certificate confirms that the responsibility of the Ferris wheel’s safety, health, performance and environmental impact is on the manufacturer.

ASTM Certificate: this certificate certifies that the manufacturer has considered all the safety elements while manufacturing the Ferris wheel. And that the company like Sinorides has inspected all the devices, components and rides for the wheel.

ISO Certificate: this certificate means that the management responsible for the manufacture of the Ferris wheel has fulfilled all the requirements to ensure the safety of the Ferris wheel and other equipment.

TUV SUD: this certificate works as a quality seal. It says that the amusement park is certified. It is the safety certificate of the park and is issued by TUV SUD.

TUV SUD is also responsible for the safety factors of all the equipment of the amusement parks.

What Are the Safety Instructions for Riding Giant Ferris Wheel Ride?

Safety Instructions for Ferris wheel

All the amusement parks have their own list of safety instructions.

But, if we only talk about the safety instructions of the Ferris wheel, then here they are:

  • Anyone suffering from neck injuries or heart injuries should not ride.
  • Anyone who recently went through any surgery should not ride the wheel.
  • Pregnant women shouldn’t ride the Ferris wheel.
  • Children below the age of 7 should not ride the wheel alone.

They should be accompanied by a person who is 14 years old or older.

  • The riders should not stand up or leave their seat while the wheel moves because the gondola can get dis-balanced.
  • The riders should damage no equipment as it can result in severe damage or even death.
  • Riders should get off the Ferris wheel only after it completely stops moving and after the staff allows them to leave.

What Are the Other Names of Giant Ferris Wheel Ride?

There are many names by which a Ferris wheel is known.

A few of the most famous names of the Ferris wheels are:

  • Wheel Ride
  • Big Wheel
  • Round the World
  • Observation Wheel

How Much Area Does a Giant Ferris wheel Ride Require for Working?

Every Ferris wheel requires a different type of the area to operate depending on its size and design.

The essential areas for Ferris wheels are:

  • 52mx58m for 120 m Ferris Wheel
  • 42mx36m for 88m Ferris Wheel
  • 48mx44m for 72m Ferris Wheel
  • 38mx32m for 65m Ferris Wheel
  • 35mx32m for 49m Ferris wheel
  • 24.4mx20m for 30m Ferris Wheel
  • 23.8mx9.5m for 25m Ferris wheel.

Area Sizes of Giant Ferris Wheels

Area Sizes of Giant Ferris Wheels

What Is the Difference between China Giant Ferris Wheel Ride and European Giant Ferris Wheel Ride?

There is no significant difference between the two types of Ferris Wheel Ride.

In the past, the European Ferris Wheels were very popular for high-quality wheels.

They were also famous for innovative designs and after-sales services.

On the other hand, the Chinese amusement ride manufacturers were not very innovative in the past.

But, they have significantly improved the quality of their equipment at meagre costs.

So the main difference between the two countries’ amusement equipment is their costs.

What To Do When the Giant Ferris wheel Ride Break Down during Working?

Breakdown of Ferris wheel

If the Ferris wheel breaks down while it is operating, then there is a specific emergency protocol that needs to be followed:

Follow the amusement park’s evacuation protocol.

The park’s protocol will also include the manufacturer’s safety protocol.

The power supply needs to be cut out to stop the wheel from moving.

The emergency brakes should be pressed.

The technicians should immediately be called so that they may inspect the wheel and sort out the issues.

If, however, they cannot solve the issues, then professionals should be called and the manufacturers if needed.

Who Can I Hire for the Inspection of the Giant Ferris wheel Ride?

Team working for inspection of Ferris Wheel

Amusement parks should always have an in-house team of skilled trainers and technicians to look after the Ferris Wheels regularly.

However, if you can’t find well-skilled and trained technicians, you can contact the manufacturer who made the equipment.

You can avail the services of the manufacturer. The company will help you in finding a good technician.

Or if not, they can send one of their electricians for your amusement park, as per their policies.

Do Giant Ferris Wheel Ride Manufacturers Charge for Training? How Much In Charge?

Most of the Ferris Wheel Manufacturers do charge an extra amount for the training services that they provide.

They charge according to their policy.

Some manufacturers also send trainers along with Ferris Wheels, and they have the following characteristics:

  • VISA
  • Round tickets
  • Food and Accommodations
  • Daily Wage
  • Commuting expenses.

What Are the Signs to Know My Giant Ferris wheel Ride Needs Replacement?

No equipment in the world doesn’t require constant inspection.

The same goes for the Ferris Wheels, and sometimes they require changing of spare parts.

So, here are some signs that tell you when it is time for some parts to be replaced on the Ferris wheel.

  • The material gets worn out.
  • Degradation of the components of Ferris Wheels.
  • Natural calamities.
  • Change in the code of building.
  • Unusual voices when the wheel is moving.

What Are the Best Ways to Reduce the Repair and Maintenance Cost for Giant Ferris Wheel Ride?

There are many ways in which you can reduce the repairing and maintenance costs of the Ferris wheel.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Keep your ride clean at all times.

Because the chemical and dirt stored on the ride can damage it.

  • Hiring skilled and trained professionals.

So that they take good care of your Ferris wheel and it works flawlessly for longer times to come.

  • Conduct routine inspections.
  • Monitor the performance and usage of the wheel; if there are any issues in the performance, then contact the Ferris wheel manufacturers.
  • Follow the guidelines and manual provided by the manufacturer very strictly.

Reduce the Repair and Maintenance Cost for Giant Ferris Wheel

Reduce the Repair and Maintenance Cost for Giant Ferris Wheel

What to Consider While Inspecting the Giant Ferris wheel?

Inspection of Giant Ferris wheel

Inspection of Giant Ferris wheel

Here are some factors that you have to consider while you inspect the Ferris wheel:

  • Material and welding approvals
  • Examining the static, hydraulic, dynamics, electrical and other components of Ferris Wheels
  • Analyzing the mechanical, pneumatic, structural and hydraulic system of the equipment.
  • The emergency testing of the various wheel’s functions.
  • Clearance tests, interlocking and the relief valves pressures.
  • In-service inspection.
  • Monitoring the park.
  • Review of the designs.
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