How to Buy a Spinning Roller Coaster from China: A Definitive Guide

How to Buy a Spinning Roller Coaster from China: A Definitive Guide

Are you looking for a spinning roller coaster for your amusement park? Do you want to know how to choose, buy, import, install, and maintain a spinning roller coaster from China? If yes, then this article is for you.

Spinning roller coasters are one of the most popular and thrilling amusement rides in the world. They can attract visitors of all ages and generate high profits for your park. However, buying a spinning roller coaster is not an easy task. You need to consider many factors, such as space, budget, design, quality, safety, and more.

In this article, we will guide you through the whole process of buying a spinning roller coaster from China. We will answer some of the most common questions and provide some useful tips for you. We will also introduce Sinorides, a professional and reliable spinning roller coaster manufacturer in China.

Sinorides-Spinning-roller-coaster-for-sale 2

A spinning roller coaster is one of the most classic and grand amusement rides in any amusement park.

There are new and exciting trends about this roller coaster, from design to working principles.

Therefore, before buying a spinning roller coaster, read this definitive guide. We have prepared some tips and great content on this subject matter.


What Is A Spinning Roller Coaster?


A Spinning Roller Coaster

A spinning roller coaster is a type of roller coaster that has spinning cars. Its cars rotate on a vertical axis, with standard cars seating four people.

It is also possible to have trains instead of cars for your spinning roller coaster.

The car or trains are fixed on an elevated track characterized by smooth drops, turns, overbanked curves, and other extra features.

A typical spinning coaster will be under 70ft in height.

While in operation, the riders are rotated in their cars and tilted when the ride gets to the curves. The twisted tracks give patrons an exhilarating experience.

Fun Fact: The Sierra Sidewinder was the first spinning roller coaster and was built in 1908.

Since then, spinning roller coasters have captured the hearts and minds of park visitors.

How Much Is A Spinning Roller Coaster?

Sinorides Amusement Rides

A Standard Spinning Roller Coaster

The cost of a spinning roller coaster will range between $100,000 to $2M.

Cost is heavily dependent on various factors, including:

  1. The material used in the construction: Substandard materials will result in a cheaper ride. However, the life of your ride will be limited.
  2. Your spinning roller coaster’s design and size: A large and complex ride will demand heavier investment.
  3. The cost of shipping and taxes: These costs are often overlooked but form a big part of the pricing. When negotiating a deal for your spinning roller coaster, keep these fees in mind.

It is always advisable to ask for a quotation before purchasing your ride. Request to get the total cost inclusive of the landing cost. The manufacturer should also provide you with the fee for their after-sales services.

These tips will ensure you get a wholesome idea of the total cost of a spinning roller coaster.

Where Can I Buy a Spinning Roller Coaster?

A Spinning Roller Coaster from Sinorides.

There are numerous suppliers and manufacturers across the world.

Over time, Chinese manufacturers have proved to be cheaper and consistent than their counterparts in Europe and North America.

For the same quality and size of a spinning roller coaster, Chinese manufacturers offer more value overall.

Most park owners start with a search online, with emphasis on recommendations and reviews from previous clients.

It is also an opportunity to explore new technologies and designs on spinning roller coasters.

Go ahead and engage the manufacturers to get a sense of their service and experience. It is a chance to discuss your needs and see the designs available.

Sinorides offers you great value, with over 28 years in the manufacture of spinning roller coasters. Check out our spinning roller coaster variety and get a quote today

How To Choose A Reliable Spinning Roller Coaster Supplier?

Spinning roller coasters demand heavy investment. There are numerous things to consider before signing a sales agreement for purchase.

Therefore, before you commit to purchase, consider the following tips:

  1. The manufacturer should possess relevant experience in the design and production of spinning roller coasters. Please note that not all amusement ride manufacturers produce spinning roller coasters.
  2. The production process for the manufacturer should be certified by recognized international bodies.
  3. The manufacturer should have a tailor-made program to test the spinning roller coasters produced. Stability and safety are core to spinning roller coaster operations; therefore, thorough tests should be carried out.
  4. Recommendations from previous clients should be a good indicator of the manufacturer’s capability.
  5. Availability of after-sales services, guarantees, warranties, and other commitments.

Most park owners will want to choose a manufacturer with the least cost. However, this may result in higher costs in the long run.

When you purchase a spinning roller coaster, it is only the beginning of your relationship with the manufacturer.

You should keep in mind other services like repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and spare parts. The manufacturer will need to assist you with these functions in the future.

How To Choose A Spinning Roller Coaster For My Park?

A variety of Spinning Roller Coaster

You want the spinning roller coaster to make a significant and immediate impact in your park.

The good thing with spinning roller coasters worldwide is that they have the uncanny ability to attract riders.

For any park, a spinning roller coaster is a must-have.

Here are some tips for you on how to choose a spinning roller coaster:

Space for the Ride

Availability of space correlates with the size of the ride you can get.

If you have a smaller park, don’t worry. It is possible to design your spinning roller coaster to have a minimal footprint like this

Cost Of Purchase.

Have a reference budget. Your budget will determine what sort of spinning roller coaster you will get. A high-quality, complex roller coaster with a lengthier track will be costlier.

Note: Do not compromise on quality due to price.


The manufacturer should be able to customize the spinning roller coaster to your specifications. Customizations mainly focus on the appearance of the ride.

From experience, most park owners will want colors to match that of their theme parks.

The seating configurations, track design, control system, cars, and other aspects can be customized.

Customization will therefore come at some cost, so please consider this as you decide on a ride.

How Can I Order A Spinning Roller Coaster From China?

Enjoying a Spinning Roller Coaster Made in China

Importing amusement park rides from China is now commonplace.

It is possible to order a ready-made spinning roller coaster. However, most park owners want some customization on their rides.

Usually, once you identify a manufacturer, you send them the ride specifications.

Once this is done, the manufacturer will get back to you with the possible designs and cost.

Finally, after both parties are satisfied, the manufacturer begins the production of your ride.

Experienced manufacturers will make shipping easier for you. It is because they already have links with shipping lines.

However, you have to take care of taxes and meet all regulations of the destination country.

Are Spinning Roller Coasters From China Worth Buying?

According to leading amusement park experts, China has now leapfrogged the USA in terms of rides’ production.

It is also true for innovation, characters, quality, brands, and intellectual property.

Amusement park owners from around the world are now ordering spinning roller coasters from China.

But why is this the case?


Manufacturers in China are now producing the highest number of patents.

There is also the rapid research and development of new and exciting features.

Excellent Quality

Seasoned manufacturers have attained the highest standards and certifications.

This has also been achieved by partnering with world-class companies for materials and other components.


The production speed from Chinese manufacturers is impressive. production is highly specialized.

These factors are helping park owners reap maximum profit from spinning roller coasters.

Manufacturers also have ready-made spinning roller coasters, which you can easily order.

You can also request the customization of your rides according to your wishes.

What To Consider When Buying A Spinning Roller Coaster?

Before purchasing a spinning roller coaster, there are some pertinent questions you have to ask yourself.

You want to choose a partner that will save you money. The ride has to be of quality and completely safe.

Size of the spinning roller coaster

Spinning roller coasters occupy considerable space. Therefore, before purchasing the ride, you need to understand the area it will use. It would be best if you also considered the ride’s height.

The reputation of the manufacturer

The manufacturer you partner with should have quality rides. Moreover, it must prove to be a completely safe ride for the spinning roller coaster to be profitable in your park.

The Cost Of The Spinning Roller Coaster.

The cost of the ride will be determined by the quality and experience of the manufacturer.

We recommend that you choose manufacturers that have a reputation in the production of spinning roller coasters.

It means that their rides have stood the test of time.

Tip: Unlike other amusement park rides, spinning roller coasters are popular with all age groups. So, you are bound to have clients from all age groups.

How to ensure safety for Spinning Roller Coaster in my park

Revelers Enjoying A Spinning Roller Coaster

After installation of your spinning roller coaster, one of your top priorities should be safety.

According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, roller coaster ride incidents are rare.

To maintain this safety record, follow these tips:

  1. Supervise all Access

Strict supervision is mandatory. Unsupervised access is the leading cause of park incidents.

  1. Children’s safety

Ensure all kids have adult company on the spinning roller coaster.

  1. Maintenance

Do not overlook maintenance and repairs. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the ride is in good operating conditions.

  1. Rapid response unit.

Your ride operator should be trained and certified on safety. Have a rapid response unit on-site in case of any incidents. Quick positive actions may avert a crisis.

Fun Fact: About 400 million people safely enjoy roller coasters in North America alone.

Note that parks with a poor safety record experience poor business. Spinning roller coasters are offer thrilling experiences to riders.

Some patrons may fear, so it’s upon you to ensure no safety incident tarnishes your park name.

How to maintain Spinning Roller Coaster.

Like any other machine with moving parts, spinning roller coasters require regular maintenance.

For spinning roller coasters, daily inspection is recommended. For example, check the ride track and the car’s tire routinely in the morning.

You may note debris or items that may hinder normal ride operations.

It also ensures the ride will operate optimally.

If there are any defects, carry out preventive maintenance.

It may require the ride’s closure for some hours, but it’s better to guarantee safety.

The manufacturers standard maintenance policy will recommend what to do regularly.

It is paramount to train your personnel about ride safety and maintenance.

Have a professional handle the repairs. Use only the manufacturer’s recommended spare parts.

It will ensure compatibility, safety, and a longer life span for your spinning roller coaster.

So, in summary, do the following for your spinning roller coaster:

  1. Daily inspections.
  2. Controlled use of the ride (Deter unauthorized access).
  3. Follow the standard maintenance procedures from the manufacturer.
  4. Educate staff and patrons on ride safety.

How to ship a Spinning Roller Coaster from China

Workers Shipping an Amusement Park Ride

So, you have chosen a manufacturer or supplier for your spinning roller coaster.

You have sealed a purchasing agreement that you feel is right for you.

What next?

After production and certification of your amusement ride, what follows is the shipping process.

Before shipping, ensure you have the following things in order:

  1. Declare your amusement park ride import: This is dependent on your country.
  2. Pay your taxes and import duty.
  3. Take care of any other legal requirement on your end: If it’s a new park, some countries require inspection of your park.

Shipping involves several forms of transport.

If by sea, veteran manufacturers in China already have links with international shipping lines.

It might be better to use them instead of hassling over shipping.

You can safely ship by sea (A full container load), which is cheaper, or by plane.

Note: You can include shipping in the contract with the manufacturer.

After production and testing your spinning roller coaster, the manufacturer should ship and install it for you.

What are the different types of Spinning Roller coasters?

Some popular models of spinning roller coasters include:

Spinning wild mouse roller coaster.

A Wild Mouse Spinning Roller Coaster

The design was debuted in 1997. Since then, there have been many variants.

Steel makes up the tracks and the seats. The seats face a similar direction

This design is minimalist as it ensures the ride can be portable and can fit in small parks.

Extended SC spinning roller coasters.

The Xtended SC Spinning Roller Coaster

It is characterized by large and twisted layouts with numerous vertical hairpins.

Spinning Dragons.

A Spinning Dragon Roller Coaster

Like the extended SC spinning roller coaster, they also have large and twisted layouts.

However, their seats face each other.

At Sinorides, we offer you all types of spinning roller coasters. What’s more, we can design and produce a spinning roller coaster according to your specifications.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Spinning Roller Coaster?

Riding a  Spinning Roller Coaster

It is one of the top questions asked by any prospective spinning roller coaster owner.

The average lifespan of a spinning roller coaster should be around 25 years.

However, this is dependent on a variety of factors.

For example, the leap-the-deep roller coaster opened in the early 1900s and is still operational today.

Conversely, other roller coasters become obsolete within years.

To ensure your spinning roller coaster gives you upwards of 25 years in service, follow these tips:

  1. Choose a reputable manufacturer: Manufacturers with an excellent track record will save you headaches in the future. With a good manufacturer in your corner, you are confident of a good product and timely help if need be.
  2. Verify your spinning roller coaster quality: Verify the quality of materials and components the manufacturer uses for your ride.
  3. Maintenance and repairs: Strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommended timelines for servicing your spinning roller coaster. Make routine inspections a part of your daily culture. Use authorized spare parts for replacement.

Can I Order A Customized Spinning Roller Coaster?

A Customized Spinning Roller Coaster

The majority of park owners will want their spinning roller coasters to be customized.

Customization may take several forms, including:

  1. The appearance and lighting for the ride to match the park owner’s specification.
  2. Components customization: Electrical and mechanical components can be overhauled to suit your needs.
  3. Track layout: It is the most popular customization request by park owners. These considerations are generally discussed during the design phase.
  4. Materials usage: Due to technological advancements, many park owners are now moving away from the traditional materials used in constructing spinning roller coasters. Nowadays, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum alloys are becoming common.

Many suppliers are now designing and producing ready-made spinning roller coasters.

As a client, it is possible to select one and request further modification to suit your needs.

It dramatically saves on time and overall cost.

Customization may certainly demand some more investment from you.

However, customization ensures you get what your park requires.

How To Check The Quality Of A Spinning Roller Coaster

A Spinning Roller Coaster made of Quality Materials

The quality of your spinning roller coaster will determine its lifespan.

Poor quality rides will not last for long. Prime examples are rides that face rust issues on the track, nuts, or even bolts.

For spinning roller coasters, there are specific quality checks that are extremely important.

Steel and metal alloys are the main components for spinning roller coasters. Therefore, metal alloy material verification is a must.

Electrical components such as motors that drive the whole ride need to pass certifications.

During assembly, professionals do track welding.

Tracks are a critical part, and there is a need for extensive quality checks.

Manufacturers with experience in spinning roller coaster production understand the importance of certification of their production process.

They also comprehend the significance of strict quality control processes.

Engineers will carry out comprehensive tests after the ride production to ensure compliance with all international standards.

Note: Authorities may regulate the design and construction of spinning roller coasters. There may be periodic inspections during manufacturing or even installation.

Before commissioning your spinning roller coaster, inspectors will check quality and safety standards.

Are Spinning Roller Coasters Profitable For Parks?

Flocking to a Spinning Roller Coaster

Prospective spinning ride owners will always ask themselves this question.

The answer is a definite yes.

Spinning roller coasters have proved to be more profitable compared to others rides.

If you play your cards right, your ride can have its personality. With a great personality comes a significant following.

It is all dependant on acquiring a quality spinning roller coaster.

Spinning roller coasters are advantageous because they attract all demographics.

Moreso, the rides take only a short period.

Therefore, turn around time between one ride and the next is minimal.

You can also entice your patrons with incentives and discounts, especially for groups.

Ensure to do daily inspections and periodic maintenance to avoid significant disruptions.

Tip: You can combine spinning roller coasters with other amusement park rides such as kiddie rides.

It will ensure that you capture guests with smaller wallets and those who do not love thrill rides.

Note: It is prudent to get expenditures vs. income analysis early on. This will depend on the projected ridership. From this, you can determine how long it will take you to gain profits.

What Are The New Trends In Regards To Spinning Roller Coasters?

New technological advancements are spurring on spinning roller coasters innovation.

The rides are now becoming safer, faster, smarter, and lighter.

With the evolution of design and technology, the new trends we will see include:

  1. More use of polyurethane wheels that run silently.
  2. High-tech sensors for monitoring the whole ride.
  3. New steel and aluminum alloys to make the base structure sturdier and durable.
  4. Highly reinforced fiberglass for seats and cars.
  5. Stator coils for advanced induction motors.

These new trends will ensure more operating efficiency for you.

It also means that rides are of better quality and will last longer.

Riders will also be safer, and the rides more enjoyable.

Can Spinning Roller Coaster operate indoors and outdoors?

Spinning Roller Coasters are mainly made for outdoor amusement. However, it’s possible to host these rides indoors.

Due to their versatility and minimal footprint, spinning roller coasters can be placed in malls and indoor parks.

Spinning Roller Coaster Placed Outdoors

There are many places you can place spinning roller coasters.

From our experience, those who buy these rides always have different areas where they wish to place their rides.

Due to their size, spinning roller coasters are popular in amusement parks

However, you will occasionally find them in a mall or a zoo.

What are the Main Parts of Spinning Roller Coasters?

Spinning roller coasters are big rides. Therefore, many parts constitute these rides.

Parts used also largely depend on the design and operation of the ride.

The major parts are the track and the car.

However, some parts may not be visible but play a big role in ensuring the ride is operational.

The main parts include:

Chain Lift:

The chain lift uses the mechanism of a conveyer belt. It joins as a loop with a gear uphill and downhill.

The downhill gear uses a motor. The chains mount the underside of the coaster cars that grip and move it uphill.


Spinning roller coaster brakes are not built on the coaster train.

They install them in the tracks at various points for safety reasons.

This ensures that in case of emergencies, they can stop appropriately.

  1. Head chopper

This is any point of a track where the structure comes closer to the passenger’s head.

They are designed such that even the tallest passenger with their hands raised cannot touch it.

How to Import Spinning Roller Coasters from China?

Importation is a vital step in the process of acquiring your spinning toller coaster.

Main manufacturers will offer end to end solutions. This means the process beginning from conceptualization to installation.

Wen importing, always search for good freight companies and find their freight charges.

What are the Quality Standards for Spinning Roller Coaster?

Spinning roller coasters being thrill rides require high standards of production.

First and foremost, the production areas of spinning roller coasters must be certified.

There are also some necessary technical certifications. These include material, load, and durability testing.

Some of the accreditation and certifications manufacturers should possess include:

  1. EN13814 Standards: This is a European standard that aims to ensure safety, from production to the use of a spinning roller coaster.
  2. CE: This is a European certification that ensures the manufacturer meets all health, safety, and environmental protection standards
  3. BV: A certification for quality, health, safety, and sustainability management.
  4. ISO 17842-1:2015: Ensures that the minimum requirements for manufacture and installation are met. They do machine installation repeatedly to ensure it works without degradation.
  5. SGS: This certification involves inspection, testing, certification, and verification of spinning roller coasters

What are the components of a Spinning Roller Coaster?

These are the components that make up a Spinning Roller Coaster.

Basic component;

  1. Brake run
  2. Drive tire
  3. Head chopper
  4. Lift hill
  5. Buzz bars
  6. Launch track
  7. Lift hill
  8. Linear induction motor
  9. Train
  10. Tester hills

Thrill components

  1. Batwing
  2. Bowtie
  3. Butterfly inversion
  4. Cobra roll
  5. Corkscrew
  6. Cutback
  7. Dive drop
  8. Dive loop
  9. Heartline roll
  10. Horseshoe
  11. Overbanked turn
  12. Pretzel knot
  13. Tunnel
  14. Splashdown
  15. Water spout.

What are the materials used in making a Spinning Roller Coaster?

Manufacturers typically use two main materials, wood and steel.

Wooden Spinning Roller Coasters

Wooden spinning roller coasters were popular early on.

The support structure of the spinning roller coaster is made of wood.

Their composition is of laminated wooden track.

The steel rails are also mounted onto the wood.

The wood is treated and painted to avoid material degradation.

Nails and bolts are used to join the parts.

A wooden Spinning Roller Coaster

 Steel spinning roller coaster.

These spinning roller coasters have a greater dominance in the market currently.

There are two types of configurations used; thin, trestle-style structure and thick tubular supports.

Just like wooden spinning roller coasters, they also other supporting material in construction.

A Spinning Roller Coaster made of Steel

Can the manufacturer install Spinning Roller Coasters in my park?

Once the spinning roller coaster is shipped to your park, the next process is installation.

Most park owners prefer to use the technical team from the manufacturer. This is because the team can easily assembly the ride due to familiarity.

Most of the time, installation services are part of the sales agreement.

Other park owners prefer to use their technical team. This approach is still okay.

Once installation is completed, inspectors have to verify that the spinning roller coaster is functioning properly.

Do manufacturers offer after-sales services for Spinning Roller Coasters?

Serious manufacturers will offer after-sales services.

The services may include training, installations, inspection, repairs, and major maintenance.

For spinning roller coasters, these services remain critical.

Note that, you can include after-sales services in the purchase contract.

On the other hand, after-sales service may attract a charge from the manufacturer.

Always ensure you have clarity of the services you qualify for when purchasing your ride.

Spinning Roller Coaster vs. other kiddie rides

Spinning roller coasters are tubs made into seats that spin around a track.

They are fun as they give their thrill through speed and rolling up and down.

Kiddie attraction, on the other hand, moves through smaller distances and is usually for kids.

The kiddie ride coin-operated and have the company of music.

A Kiddie Ride

Can I buy a Spinning Roller Coaster directly from the factory?

Yes. It is possible to order a spinning roller coaster directly from the manufacturer.

Many manufacturers will have ready-made rides.

However, some park owners require custom-made spinning roller coasters.

Do not hesitate to talk to the manufacturer. They will also advise on the best ride to buy based on new market and technology trends.

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