How to Buy the Best Drop Tower Rides for Your Amusement Park

Are you looking for a thrilling and exciting attraction for your amusement park? Do you want to attract more visitors and increase your revenue? If yes, then you should consider buying drop tower rides.

Drop tower rides are one of the most popular and profitable amusement rides in the world. They are also known as free fall rides, drop zone rides, or tower of terror rides. They are designed to simulate the sensation of free fall by lifting passengers to a certain height and then dropping them at high speed.

Drop tower rides can create a lot of fun and excitement for your guests. They can also enhance the visual appeal and atmosphere of your park. However, buying drop tower rides is not an easy task. You need to consider many factors, such as height, capacity, material, brand, price, service, and more.

That’s why we have prepared a comprehensive guide for you to help you choose the best drop tower rides for your amusement park. In this guide, you will learn:

  • What are drop tower rides and how do they work
  • How to choose the right drop tower rides for your park
  • Why you should buy drop tower rides from Sinorides
  • And much more!

This guide is written by Sinorides, a professional manufacturer and supplier of drop tower rides with over 30 years of experience. We have provided high-quality drop tower rides for sale with different heights and capacities to customers from all over the world. We also offer customized design, reliable safety features, affordable price, and excellent service.

If you are interested in buying drop tower rides for your amusement park, you should not miss this guide. It will give you valuable information and tips that will save you time and money. To read this guide, please visit our website at You can also contact us anytime if you have any questions or inquiries. We are always ready to serve you. Don’t hesitate, get your free quote today!

What Is A Drop Tower Ride?

What Is A Drop Tower Ride

Drop tower rides are amusement rides that allow users to experience free fall.

A tower consists of extended evacuated tubes along with an incorporated central structure. The drop tower may vary in height, and it depends on the demand and needs of specific owners.

Generally, most of the drop tower rides have a gondola lifted slowly up to the top then released down as free fall.

When it reaches the bottom, brakes get activated, and it becomes slow. Different concepts are incorporated, such as rotating gondolas or multiple bounces before finishing the ride.

How Do Drop Tower Rides Work?

How Do Drop Tower Rides Work

Permanent magnets brakes along with hydraulic cylinders based on electromagnetic induction do the work here.

Plummeting down and slow down when reaching the bottom is done with brakes’ help, and it makes it safer and enjoyable for users to live and feel free fall without being insecure and frightened.

Are Drop Tower Rides Safe?

Are Drop Tower Rides Safe

Are Drop Tower Rides Safe

Yes, drop tower rides are safe to ride because they work on a magnetic braking system.

The magnetic brake system uses a slow and smooth landing system to bring the carriage down.

As the carriage reached the ground, the magnetic system safely stopped working because it did not operate on electricity.

The Drop Tower seats does vertical movement and the seats does not roll.

The acceleration of drop tower ride starts from the lowest point at the starting position of the tower column to start acceleration to the highest point of the tower column.

Then it quickly slides along the tower at the highest point of the tower relying on the potential energy generated by the weight of the cockpit and the human body.

At the same time, the tower column drives the cockpit to rotate freely, allowing visitors to experience thrills and excitement during the ride.

How Fast Does The Drop Tower Go?

The drop tower’s average speed is higher than 60 mph to 97 mph in a free fall move down to earth, making the riders screaming.

How Much Does A Drop Tower Cost?

The cost of drop tower rides varies in between speed and capacity of ride.

But the average price of a new project is around about 8million$ for a hydraulic drive for 75 feet tall, and the voltage power is a 30 HP motor.

What Is The Tallest Free-Fall Ride?

In the world of amusement and entertainment, Lex Luthors is dominant by its tallest free-fall ride.

It is a six-flag ride, and its height is 400 feet. It covers the distance in just 90 seconds at 85 mph speed. So, it is the most screaming and tallest ride till now.

What Is The Tallest Free-Fall Ride In The World?

The Zumanjaro drop ride is the tallest in the world of amusement. It’s a six-flag project by 415-foot height.

Its speed is 90 mph, and it is the most adventurous speed of the overall rate of free-fall rides.

Tallest ride Zumanjaro

Tallest Ride Zumanjaro

What Are The Best Drop Tower Manufacturers?

There are numerous manufacturers of Drop Tower Rides across the globe.

If you want to import from China then Sinoridesis one of the best manufacturers, with more than 28 years of experience with 200 orders delivered to 200 countries and over 20 patents in amusement.

The most trusted and reliable manufacturer comes with excellent services. You can visit the site and look for your ride.
Figure 2 Best ride

Best ride

How High Is The Drop Zone?

The highest height of the drop zone is 415 feet, and the minimum is 76 feet.

Figure 3 Height of ride

Height of ride

How Tall Is A Drop Tower?

There is a different length of drop tower ride. The tallest one drop tower ride is about 415 feet high.

Different manufacturers offer multiple ranges concerning the height of drop tower rides. You can find more on Sinoridesabout different size and shapes of Drop Tower Rides.
Or Check a few shapes and sizes below:

  • Sinorides 30M Drop Tower Rides

Figure 4 30M Drop Tower Rides

30M Drop Tower Rides

  • Sinorides 18M Drop Tower Rides

Figure 5 18M Drop Tower Rides

18M Drop Tower Rides

  • Sinorides 12M Drop Tower Rides

Figure 6 12M Drop Tower Rides

12M Drop Tower Rides

  • Sinorides 40M Drop Tower Rides

Figure 7 40M Drop Tower Rides

40M Drop Tower Rides

  • Sinorides 32m Star Flyer Ride

Figure 8 32M Star Flyer Ride

32M Star Flyer Ride

  • Sinorides 43m Star Flyer Ride

Figure 9 43m Star Flyer Ride

43M Star Flyer Ride

  • Sinorides 48m Star Flyer Ride

Figure 10 48M Star Flyer Ride

48M Star Flyer Ride

  •  Sinorides 56m Star Flyer Ride

Figure 11 56M Star Flyer Ride

56M Star Flyer Ride

How Does A Free-Fall Ride Work?

The free-fall ride is a vertical shape ride. It works on the magnetic system.

This magnetic system works on a slow and smooth operation that helps the rider to land safely.

How Much Does A Drop Tower Cost To Build?

The cost of the drop tower is different in different parts of the world.

The average price of the ride is about $49,000. For reference range, you may consider this price $36,000 to $1870 000.

The cost of drop tower rides also depends on the requirements of buyers.

Different factors play their part here, such as specifications, installations, delivery issues, and others.

Sinorides offer the best rates for you as per your specification here.

How Do Drop Towers Stop?

The drop tower works on the magnetic system instead of the electric system.

As the ride reaches down at the landing state, it automatically breaks its connection, and the ride is stopped safely.

What Are Different Types Of Drop Tower Rides?

There are different types of drop tower rides in amusement that are famous for their thrill and scream.

They vary as per their height, capacity, and age group. People love to take rides and enjoy free-fall. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Falcon’s Fury
  • Lex Luthor
  • Zumanjaro Drop of Doom
  • Acrophobia
  • Supreme Scream
  • Superman: Tower of Power
  • Power Tower

What Are The Requirements To Install A Drop Tower In The Amusement Park?

Before installing a drop tower ride in any amusement park, the owner must fulfill some requirements to get permission under section 49 of an amusement park.

This section testifies the electrical and mechanical fitness of ride’s design, construction, and installation concerning safety and health issues.

It also must have the provision of operating, maintaining, and emergency requirements.

What Is A Drop Tower Ride With Swings?

The drop tower ride with swings is the most thrilling ride type of all rides.

This ride is like birds flying in the air by extended arms at a 45-degree angle at a furious speed of 30 mph.

Its height is 300 feet, designed for the adventurer.  It is the most exciting ride that people enjoyed as an aerial view in an amusement park.

Figure 12 Swing ride
Swing ride

What Is The Physics of The Drop Tower?

The physics of the drop tower ride is constructed on a controlled based principle. It works on weightless objects.

It works with mechanical and magnetic brakes along airbags and polystyrene to ensure a safe ride due to zero-g microgravity.

Figure 13 Physics of ride
Physics of ride

How To Import Drop Tower Rides From China?

You can easily import drop tower ride from china as many supply chain companies are good in import and export for heavy machinery.

You can book a ride from an amusement rides manufacturer, and they can also offer you good SCM services for safe delivery to your address.

What To Consider When Choosing Drop Tower Rides?

The selection of a drop tower ride is simple and easy. You need to do four things.

  1. Do search about the manufacturers that are manufacturing drop tower rides. Confirm their reliability and reputation.
  2. After that, look for the prices they offer; maybe you have a strict budget, and you need to look for the best prices as per your budget.
  3. Third, you need to make sure that the company will provide you custom designs according to your needs and specifications.
  4. Finally, you can see their shipping details, choose wisely, and you are all set to go.

How To Choose Drop Tower Rides For My Park?

If you choose to buy a drop tower ride for your amusement park, you will probably prefer the ride’s safety over the fun and amusement first.

After that fun is the main reason for the drop tower rides for sure.

You will indeed consider the height and speed of the ride too.

So if you are going to choose a drop tower ride, consider these things because the customer’s point of view is way more important here that will help you to finalize the ride.

How To Find A Reliable Drop Tower Rides Manufacturer In China?

To find a reliable drop tower rides manufacturer is a good platform where you can find dependable manufacturers in different budgets and specifications.

Sinorides is a good manufacturer that can offer you different types of Drop Tower Rides.

How To Install Drop Tower Rides?

The installation of drop tower rides could be inside or outside either on rotating or static gondolas techniques.

It has two types of installation, permanent and semi-installation power ride. Firstly you will have to check the design requirement then install it.

How To Maintain Drop Tower Rides?

It is not a difficult task to check the maintenance of drop tower rides. You need to test the operating functions of the ride that if they are working correctly.

You can ask readily available labor to check the ride’s maintenance, or you can hire them permanently.

How To Check The Quality Of Drop Tower Rides?

Undoubtedly, quality matters a lot in all types of amusement parks, mostly in the rides. You must be cautious about the manufacturing brand of rides.

You must check the experience of the manufacturing company. You also are very careful while choosing the person who will install the ride. He must be a professional with a good record.

How To Ensure The Safety Of Drop Tower Rides?

Generally, drop tower rides are equipped with multi safety settings such as the safety belt, safety protection rope, mechanic shoulder locking system, etc.

You can ensure the ride’s safety by checking all the safety measures penned down under the law of amusement park power ride section 49.

What Are The Main Spare Parts Of Drop Tower Rides?

The main spare parts of drop tower rides are;

  • A column of Drop tower rides

The tower is the primary supportive part of a tower rides and fixed vertically.

It is readily available so that you can keep it as a spare part.
Figure 14 Column of Drop Tower Rides

Column of Drop Tower Rides

  • Seats of Drop Tower Rides

Seats are regularly used, so it is wise to keep some as the spare item, so you will not need to look here and there in time of need.

Figure 15 Seats of Drop Tower Rides

Seats of Drop Tower Rides

  • Pulleys of Drop Tower Rides

Pulleys are fixed on the backside of seats and used in a routine.

Figure 16 Pulleys of Drop Tower Rides

Pulleys of Drop Tower Rides

What Are The Quality Certifications For Drop Tower Rides?

A ride must have a quality certification for drop tower rides. The design and installation details must be approved under section 49 to ensure the ride’s safety and quality.

How Long Does It Take To Install Drop Tower Rides?

How Long Does It Take To Install Drop Tower Rides

The required time for installing the drop tower ride is eight consecutive hours to install after the confirmation of fitness and safety certification.

There is no need for a crane in the installation process. You need to ensure the ground area of 23*20 m for safe installation.

Is It Worth Buying Drop Tower Rides From China?

China takes pride in presenting unique, extraordinary, and attractive tower rides.

Not only do you get top-notch quality but also a great price. On top of that, they are long-lasting and readily available.

It will not take you much time to search best rides and best places, so China is rocking in the area of drop Tower rides.

How Much Profit A Drop Tower Ride Can Generate?

How Much Profit A Drop Tower Ride Can Generate

There is far more than meets the eye when it comes to the profit of a drop tower ride.

For example, these rides make an average of $40.68 an hour, which is 84,605 dollars a year.

Do Chinese Drop Tower Rides Sellers Provide After-Sale Service?

Do Chinese Drop Tower Rides Sellers Provide After-Sale Service

Many premium suppliers, like the Sinorides, provide their products with a one-year warranty and after-sale service.

In fact, for detective parts, they also provide free replacement.

Which Material Is Used In The Manufacturing Of Drop Tower Rides?

In amusement park rides, there is nothing more important than safety. So, the material that is used in the manufacturing of drop tower is none other than ‘steel.’

There would not be an amusement park or roller coaster if there were not steel.

Which Countries Are Allowed To Import Drop Tower Rides From China?

More than 200 countries have bought rides from China, and currently, more and more people are attracted to China to purchase rides for their amusement parks owing to their quality and ease.

Sinorides are here as an example. It delivered rides to over 200 countries, and the buyers are satisfied with specifications and quality along with cheap rates.

How Many Days Will It Take To Deliver A Drop Tower Ride To The US From China?

Sea freight is the better option if your shipment weighs more than 500kg.

It will take more time, like 30-40 days, for shipment at your doorstep.

Ocean freight also offers premium service for fast delivery, and costs may vary.

Air Freight cost per kg is approximately $3, and it is not a good option for the shipment of drop tower rides due to its heavyweight.

What To Do If My Drop Tower Ride Breaks Down?

What To Do If My Drop Tower Ride Breaks Down

Try to follow these steps when your ride breaks while working.

  1. First, stop the drop tower ride service, press the emergency button on it, and immediately cut off the power connection.
  2. Bring down the riders and shift them to a safe place.
  3. Monitor the operator’s service.
  4. Check for any operating issue or any apparatus.
  5. Diagnose the problem and inform the supplier of the maintenance issue.

What To Do If My Drop Tower Ride Stops Due To A Sudden Power Outage?

When the electricity goes out, even drop towers get stuck.

Drop towers are built with a fail-safe technique so, in case of power failure, the ride stops safely and park in a convenient area.

When the power failure occurs, all the components of the ride are cut off. The monitoring system goes down, and breaks stop, the generator of chain lifts close.

Can My Drop Tower Ride Lightning-Proof?

Lightning Can Cause Damages To Rides, And A Lightning-Proof Drop Tower Ride Is Probably A Solution.

A Lightning Rod Is A Solution, It Can Be Installed, And It Will Protect The Ride From Lightning.

The lightning rod is famous for safeguarding buildings. Likewise, it can be added to drop tower rides as per your demand.

What Geologic Conditions Required For Installing The Drop Tower Ride?

What Geologic Conditions Required For Installing The Drop Tower Ride

Geologic conditions likely affect the drop tower rides.

Extremely cold weather cause slogging, and the system may shut down, so you need to wait for temperature rise to run the ride.

Similarly, scorching weather may speed up the rides, and you need to use different wheels to manage the seasonal variations.

How Much Electricity Will The Drop Tower Ride Consume To Finish The Movement?

Generally, rides need 380 Voltages to run smoothly, and drop tower rides demand 200 kW of energy or electricity to finish the movement safely.

Can I Customize The Voltage And Electric Frequency For My Drop Tower Rides?

Can I Customize The Voltage And Electric Frequency For My Drop Tower Rides

Yes! According to the client’s demand Sinorides, a very well-known drop tower manufacturers let you customize the voltage and electric frequency.

What Type Of Lubricating Oil Should I Use For Drop Tower Rides?

For lubricating the drop tower components, the Titan Oiler TM is a popular option.

First of all, it has a significant oil reservoir of 1.4 liters, which means it requires refilling rarely.

The second thing is, the Titan Oiler is the most effective, self-sufficient platform available, gives pressure above 200 Bar.

What is the Working Condition of Drop Tower Ride?

  • Power Systems: 3-phase 5-wire 380V, 50Hz power capacity not less than 100kW.
  • When the fluctuation range of the power supply voltage exceeds ±10% of the rated value, operation should be stopped until it returns to normal.
  • Equipment installation site requirements: Horizontal concrete floor, the bearing capacity of the foundation is ≥180kPa and it is required to be flat, uniform and compact.
  • Equipment use altitude ≤1000m
  • Allowable temperature environment in working state: 0℃~﹢35℃
  • Maximum allowable relative humidity in working condition: 80%
  • Maximum wind speed allowed in working condition: 15m/s
  • It is forbidden to run outdoors in the event of lightning, heavy fog, rainfall, snowfall, excessive wind speed, etc.
  • This equipment requires night illumination ≥60lx, emergency lighting ≥20lx.
  • Must not be installed in the high-voltage power transmission and distribution overhead line channel.

What is the Operating Instructions of Drop Tower Ride?

  • When using the Drop Tower Ride, first check the surrounding environment of the equipment safety fence to ensure that there are unlimited people around the safety fence and objects that hinder the operation of the Drop Tower Ride.
  • It is strictly forbidden to stand on the platform and in the fence during Drop Tower Ride operation.
  • The Drop Tower Ride must be tested in accordance with the inspection requirements of the test operation before the operation.
  • After confirming that the Drop Tower Ride is operating normally and the safety device is effective, it can be put into operation.
  • You should not start The Drop Tower Ride operation when passengers are not seated firmly, safety levers, and seat belts are not locked.
  • Passengers are prohibited from getting on and off the equipment, and the operator should promptly remind passengers of all unsafe actions to ensure the safety of passengers.
  • Drop Tower Ride Operators must carefully study and master the operating procedures and troubleshooting methods for common faults.


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