How to ensure the safety of theme park rides?

rides safety is paramount in theme parks. We often say that safety is “1” and the others are “0”. Only with the “0” after this “1” can it be valuable, the popularity, profit, and profit are meaningful after safety. If there is a problem with security, the others are all zero. Therefore, it is necessary to be foolproof in terms of safety, otherwise, “one loss is nothing”. Safety first, prevention first is our principle, mainly in the following four aspects:

1.Optimize the organizational structure and implement the management system

We implement a three-level management network: networking, systematization, and standardization. We set up a safety management office on the basis of Suzhou Amusement Park Industry Group, and there are five people specially to inspect and supervise the safety work of each scenic spot.

We have re-optimized and compiled the instructive management documents and technical documents such as the amusement rides safety management system, job responsibilities, and operating procedures; at the same time, we have strengthened the level-by-level management system: safety responsibilities Implemented to each department, each team, and each post, so that whoever is in charge is responsible, and whoever operates is responsible.

2.Strengthen the management of rides certification and strictly implement the special rides inspection system

It includes four aspects: registration, training plan, and certification.

3.Strengthen safety management to ensure safe operation


We have daily inspections, patrol inspections, weekly inspections, monthly inspections, annual inspections, preventive shutdown maintenance and other measures.

Daily inspection: amusement rides are inspected and maintained every day before they are put into operation. The rides foreman arranges maintenance personnel to perform the inspection according to the daily inspection requirements, and the main part of the inspection is the safety device;

Regular inspection: The inspection of amusement rides mainly refers to the inspection of the rides under operating conditions, and the frequency is more than 5 times a day. The main contents of the inspection: whether there is abnormal noise, vibration, etc. Whether the current, voltage and pressure display of the electrical control system are stable, and whether the temperature rise is normal, etc.;

Weekly inspection: All parts of the amusement rides are selectively inspected according to the inspection requirements, and the lubrication, cleaning and tightening of the relevant parts are done well.

Monthly inspection: It is mainly carried out by maintenance personnel to eliminate possible faults on the rides, and to check the mechanical and electrical rides, wire ropes, etc. in detail.

Annual inspection: including inspection of important shaft parts, welding parts, wire ropes, etc., and inspection of pressure gauges and safety valves. The annual inspection is to conduct a quality census for each part of the amusement facility, check the safety and technical performance of the rides, and carry out a load test.

Preventive downtime maintenance: Suzhou Amusement Park will hold some large-scale activities every year. We have formulated preventive downtime maintenance plans according to our own business characteristics. Preventive downtime (if necessary) is carried out during the month (before Oktoberfest), September (before November Golden Week) and after October Golden Week (November, December).

In addition to the daily maintenance work, we must also do a good job in the supervision and supervision of the safe operation of the amusement rides. Each amusement rides has a matching safety management manual, so that the maintenance and repair of the amusement rides can always be kept under control. state.

We have formulated an emergency plan for each amusement rides, and require each rides to conduct emergency rescue drills every month, and regularly organize emergency management training for relevant operators, so as to plan ahead and prevent problems before they occur. At the same time, according to the new situation and new problems found in the process of rides operation and inspection, the original plan will be continuously improved and perfected.


4.Highlight key points and ensure the safe operation of rides


In 2017, the Special Bureau issued a notice on the investigation and management of large-scale rides safety hazards. After receiving the relevant notice from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Suzhou Amusement Park established a special rides safety hazard investigation and management leading group, and arranged and deployed point by point. The investigation and rectification of the hidden safety hazards of the amusement rides in Suzhou Amusement Park has formed a clear work plan and scheme.

And signed a safety production responsibility letter with each department of the company. The responsibility letter specifies the work content of special rides inspection and rectification, and specifies the safe operation responsibilities of various management personnel.

Then, according to the company’s special rides major safety hazard investigation and rectification plan, combined with the actual situation of the park, carefully organized, conscientiously carry out all-round and whole-process self-inspection and self-correction, and continuously and dynamically eliminate various safety hazards to ensure the safe operation of the rides used. . After the inspection work is over, we continue to conscientiously summarize the experience and results, finish the work well, and form a summary report.

At the same time, taking this investigation and rectification work as an opportunity, a perfect long-term mechanism for the safety management of special rides has been formed to prepare for the opening of the forest world under construction in Suzhou Paradise.

Moreover, on-demand maintenance, to ensure the investment of maintenance funds. Although Happy World is close to closing, the company has set up special funds for amusement projects to ensure capital investment in rides and facility maintenance, and ensure that each rides can be maintained on demand and according to plan.

In addition, further strengthen staff education and training. We use our own platforms such as LED display screens, corporate magazines, publicity boards, WeChat groups, OA systems, department regular meetings, and team morning meetings to preach and strengthen the safety knowledge and key points of amusement rides; Cases of safety accidents occurred to carry out safety warning education; in addition, a special safety meeting was held to analyze the causes of amusement rides accidents, so that the operation and maintenance personnel of amusement rides knew how to prevent the risks of amusement rides, eliminate the accidents caused by amusement rides, and further Lay a solid foundation for the safe operation of amusement rides in theme parks.

We know that in the process of safe operation of amusement rides, employees are direct participants and play a vital role. Let employees consciously pay attention to the safety work of amusement rides.

There must be publicity and education to ensure that employees can clearly understand the importance of safe work, and corresponding punishment methods should be used to assist, so as to ensure the long-term effect of safety work from the system and supervision mechanism.

The essence of manage is to let employees consciously regard the safe operation of amusement rides as the most core part of their work, so as to form an indestructible line of defense in safety management.

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