How to install and operate a bumper car?

Bumper cars are the most popular amusement rides in amusement parks that adults and children like to play. Correct operation methods and good usage habits can reduce bumper car failure frequency, increase service life, and save costs. So, how do you choose the right bumper car and install it correctly?


How to choose the right bumper car


1. As far as possible to purchase multiple sets of the same model, do not put the plush electric toy car and bumper car in the same venue business;

2. The plush electric toy car has a high center of gravity and is easy to be knocked over by a bumper car, which is prone to accidents;

3. All the same models can prevent the size gap from being too big in case of collision loss of balance.


1. Must choose a smooth and smooth site, such as slippery cement floor, tile floor, marble floor, etc.;

2. Cracks or gaps on the ground will cause a poor riding experience and may also cause malfunction or damage to electronic components, more likely to cause damage to the frame, breakage of the motor output shaft, and breakage of the wheels;

3. Rough ground can easily cause excessive wear of the wheels, resulting in frequent replacement of the wheels. Mainly, the replacement frequency of the drive wheels will increase accordingly;

4. The site should be level, and the slope should not exceed 10 degrees: if the slope is too large, it is easy to cause the bumper cars to go uphill slowly, and the speed is too fast to control when going downhill;

5. There should be no ditches or pools around the site. When there are ditches and pools, comprehensive protective measures must be taken to avoid damage to vehicles and dangerous accidents;

6. The area of ​​the business site is not as large as possible. The maximum usable area of ​​each bumper car is not more than 10 square meters, and the minimum is not less than 5 square meters. To avoid economic losses;

7. There should be no sharp metal parts or edges on or around the business premises to prevent damage to the vehicle body and crash bars from sharp objects.

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