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Sinorides makes great indoor bumper cars for sales. The world-class indoor dodgem cars are the ultimate for creating best visitors experience. The cars come with perfect design and spacious interior to give riders the best feeling. The choice of bumper cars depends on your preference. Whether it’s the regular factory designed or custom bumper car, you have the choice. It is easy to customize your dodgem car to suit the visitors taste without speding fortunes.

The major source of attraction in amusement parks is the indoor bumper cars for sale. Riders love to experience the thrill and excitement associated with indoor bumper cars. Sinorides is included in the list of those manufacturers who provide the highest quality indoor bumper cars for toddlers. You don’t have to find indoor bumper cars for adults since we provide such rides as well.

We are considered the most preferred indoor bumper cars manufacturer in China due to our reliable purchase and shipping policies. The prices of all our rides fit the range of customers. That is why everyone loves to purchase rides from our place.

Besides Indoor Bumper Cars, you can choose train rides and disco rides from Sinorides. Sinorides provide quality kiddie rides to let you have more choice on theme park rides.

Sinorides indoor Ground Grid Bumper Cars for Sale
Sinorides offer installation for Ground Grid Indoor Bumper Cars

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides indoor Ceiling Bumper Cars for Sale
Sinorides provide various Ceiling Indoor Bumper Cars for you

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides indoor electric bumper cars for sale
Sinorides supply Electric Indoor Bumper Cars wiith full quality certifications

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Version: Park Model
Sinorides indoor battery bumper cars
Sinorides can customize Battery Indoor Bumper Cars for your need

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 180W
  • Version: Park Model
Sinorides indoor kids Bumper Cars
Sinorides design Indoor Kids Bumper Cars with different styles to choose

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 180W
  • Version: Park Model
Sinorides indoor Portable Bumper Cars
Sinorides Portable Indoor Bumper Cars can save your much cost on space

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 5.5kW
  • Version: Park Model

Your Premier Indoor Bumper Cars Manufacturer in China

Sinorides invests a lot in quality and safety. Therefore, your indoor bumper cars are reliable al the times. Design is from experts with many years in bumper cars designing. Also, the superb materials offer the best riders cushioning from impacts.

Manufacturing uses high precision methods to achieve your desired indoor dodgem cars. With laser cutting and high-quality welding, you can always enjoy car reliability for years.

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Indoor Bumper Cars for Sale Project

Sinorides has a large manufacturing facility for production the of amusement rides. Therefore, you can be sure every indoor bumper car passes through highly qualified engineers.

Whether you love standard or custom decorations, it is easy to specify. Sinorides can apply 2D/3D animation to your bumper cars to create thrilling experience among the riders.

Sinorides Indoor Bumper Cars Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides Indoor Bumper Cars Cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Sinorides Indoor Bumper Cars derust
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Bumper Cars appearance more smooth.
Sinorides Indoor Bumper Cars materials
High grade material to ensure your Bumper Cars running safely.
Sinorides Indoor Bumper Cars painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Bumper Cars good status.
Durable Bumper Cars Battery to ensure your park visitor enjoy a satisfied experience.
Complete Bumper Cars Components to support your business at 24*7 response.
TECHNICAL DATAGround Grid Bumper CarCeiling Bumper CarElectric Bumper CarBattery Bumper CarKids Bumper CarPortable Bumper Car
Number of Seats2P2P2P2P2P24P


indoor bumper car drawings

indoor bumper cars technical drawing

Sinorides is Reliable Indoor Bumper Car Manufacturer

The manufacturing technology utilized for making indoor bumper cars for sale is superior. That is why you only get cars with global certification.

Actually, you can order these cars from all corners of the world.

There’s no need for you to doubt the quality and reliability of the rides manufactured at our place. We make sure to design and manufacture the rides under the supervision of experienced workers.

Inspection of the rides is also carried out by experienced inspection teams. Thus, don’t just worry about the proper operation and working of the indoor bumper cars that you’re going to purchase from our place.

We lead the race in designing the outlook or layout of the amusement parks. So, you can contact us freely if you want to design the area of your amusement park in the most well-defined manner.

All our customers are pretty satisfied with our services. More than 1000 successful projects in about 28 years have made us the most preferred manufacturer till now.

You can get in touch with our professionals without worrying about the time limit or particular hours. Our experienced workers are always available to help you out if you are facing any issues regarding the operation, installation, and repair of the amusement rides.

Sinorides is the owner of over 30 amusement rides patents. Therefore, you can bet when it comes to innovation as well as prowess in park equipment manufacturing.

With over 10,000 customers using a variety of equipment from Sinorides, quality is exceptional. Every indoor dodgem car passes a series of testing before leaving the factory to ensure no defects.

Indoor Bumper Cars – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you roaming your head around to make your amusement park a favorite place for kids?

Well, many questions related to the installation and shipping of Indoor Bumper Cars may bewilder you!

The good news:

We’ve gone the extra mile to cover up every possible query in the Indoor Bumper Car FAQ guide for making the task easiest for you. Let’s get started.

What Are Indoor Bumper Cars?

Indoor Bumper Cars are miniature versions of bumper cars mainly designed to entertain kids’ happy faces in amusement parks.

They are flat rides that are powered with small electrically equipped poles for power surges.

Most of these Indoor Bumper Cars get the energy from the floor or ceilings to move freely.

The operators in the background controlthese cars.

Moreover, they collide with one another to give a crashing experience to the little kids.

Indoor Bumper Cars

How Many Types of Indoor Bumper Cars Are There?

There are many types of Indoor Bumper Cars, among which some are given as below:

  • Battery-powered Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Electric Net Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Kids Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Fairground Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Floor Powered Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Ceiling Powered Indoor Bumper Cars

What Is the Speed of Indoor Bumper Cars?

The average estimated speed of Indoor Bumper Cars is about 6-10km/h.

However, the speed of each Indoor Bumper Car can be controlled or altered according to the comfort zone of the kid sitting in it.

This can be done by approaching the operator of the Indoor Bumper Car.

Plus, some other Indoor Bumper Cars models have an innate option to control the speed limit by accelerating the paddle and holding the steering wheel.

Speed of Indoor Bumper Cars

What is the Power Source of Indoor Bumper Cars?

There are three primary power sources for Indoor Bumper Cars, which are given as under:

  • Floor
  • Ceiling poles
  • Batteries

The floors where Indoor Bumper Cars move with the flow are equipped with electrical solid power surges to boost Car’s movement.

The ceiling poles are electrically powered and attached to the Indoor Bumper Cars to move them with stability over the floor.

In addition to the ceiling and floor, batteries can also be defined as Indoor Bumper Cars’ power sources.

Some of these cars contain DC batteries adjusted on the lower side of the paddle for providing electrical power to the Indoor Bumper Cars.

Do Bumper Cars Come In Different Sizes?

Indoor Bumper Cars come in many different sizes, including:

  • Mini Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Middle Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Large Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Maxi Indoor Bumper Cars

Thus, it’s wholly dependent on the amusement park owner to choose Indoor Bumper Cars’ appropriate size for his park.

The Indoor Bumper Cars size can be customized by demanding the needs of the Amusement ride manufacturing company.

Sizes of Indoor Bumper Cars

Is Riding Indoor Bumper Cars Safe?

Yes, riding Indoor Bumper Cars is entirely safe because they are mainly designed for the kids with all safety measures in consideration.

Seat belts and harness belts are integrated into all Indoor Bumper Cars to keep the kids riders safe during the ride.

The safety of Indoor Bumper Cars is greatly enhanced by the way the operator controls them.

The speed range of these cars is set to avoid any kind of head, bone, and wrist injury to the kid riders.

In What Ways Electricity is Used in Indoor Bumper Cars?

Indoor Bumper Cars use electricity in the following ways:

  • They take the electric spark from the pole attached to the ceiling for initiating the movement
  • The floor also transfers the electric surges to Indoor Bumper Cars for making them move
  • The electric energy is converted into kinetic energy, which is then converted into the heat energy
  • All the types of kinetic and heat energy are used as sources of movement by utilizing the electric energy

Who Is Responsible for Controlling Indoor Bumper Cars?

The operator is responsible for operating the Indoor Bumper Cars.

He is a skilled person who is trained to control the speed and the directions of Indoor Bumper Cars.

He controls the availability of electricity in the floor and ceiling poles to control the Indoor Bumper Cars.

Other than the operator, Indoor Bumper Cars can also be operated with the help of a steering wheel present at the Car’s front.

 Control Of Indoor Bumper Cars

What Is the Outcome of the Collision of Indoor Bumper Cars?

The outcome of Indoor Bumper Cars’ collision is the transfer of momentum to the ground beneath the cars.

After the collision, the kids sitting in the Indoor Bumper Cars feel a change in their inertial position, which leads their ride to a sudden jerk.

Both the Indoor Bumper Cars stop right after collision since the forces that cause the crash is too high to continue the motion.

Moreover, the kinetic energy responsible for the movement of Indoor Bumper Cars rapidly transfers into frictional heat at the collision time.

Do Indoor Bumper Cars Operate on AC or DC?

Almost all Indoor Bumper Cars operate on DC because the batteries of ceiling poles directly power them.

Some of the earlier Indoor Bumper Cars operated on AC, but they were later converted into DC.

The AC is pretty fluctuating and can cause severe incidents in Indoor Bumper cars.

Thus, the Indoor Bumper Cars manufacturers have decided to design all Indoor Bumper Cars based on DC.

What is the Area Requirement for Indoor Bumper Cars?

The average area required by the Indoor Bumper Cars is estimated at nearly 20SQM/Car.

However, this estimated area can alter depending on the size and the model of the Indoor Bumper Car.

The total space for all Indoor Bumper Cars to move is the sum of areas required by all the cars to move on the floor.

The area requirement is directly proportional to the Indoor Bumper Car’s size; thus, more significant the size greater will the area required by the Car.

Area for Indoor Bumper Cars

Can You Operate Indoor Bumper Cars outside?

You can operate the Indoor Bumper Cars outside the amusement parks only when a proper stage for their operation is arranged.

Besides the stage or floor, a continuous and steady electric flow is necessary for Indoor Bumper Cars’ outdoor operation.

Thus being an amusement park owner, if you want to operate the Indoor Bumper Cars, you must fulfill their movement needs.

What is the Price of Indoor Bumper Cars?

The average price of the Indoor Bumper Cars is $4000-$20000.

These fun cars’ costs can vary according to the model, size, design, and customization.

But in China, there’s a wide variety of amusement ride manufacturers that provide the best quality of Indoor Bumper Cars at pretty reasonable prices.

Sinorides is also considered one of the most replenishing Indoor Bumper Car manufacturers in China, which offers premium quality products and carries out customization at the handiest prices.

How Much the Whole Setup of Indoor Bumper Cars Cost?

The whole setup of the Indoor Bumper Cars costs about $14000 at least.

If it’s talked about the control cabinet’s cost, which is the basic necessity for ground grip Indoor Bumper Cars, it’s estimated up to $650.

Compared to the control cabinet, a complete set of about ten Indoor Bumper Cars will cost you about $15000 at once.

Besides all these expenses, the installation fee is another thing that most amusement park owners have to pay for.

It costs $100 per person; thus greater the number of workers involved in installation more significant will be the installation cost of Indoor Bumper Cars.

Setup of Indoor Bumper Cars

Which Safety Instructions Must be Following while Riding Indoor Bumper Cars?

Some of the safety instructions that must be followed while riding the Indoor Bumper Cars are given as under:

  • Tie all the harness and seat belts around the bellies of the kids
  • Make sure about the suggested age group of the kid riders
  • Take account of the availability of a guardian with the kid while riding the Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Control the speed of the car up to the limited extent
  • Check the performance of the operator for increased safety of the riders.

Are Indoor Bumper Cars Suitable for Kids?

Indoor Bumper Cars are pretty suitable for kids since they’re mainly designed for low-age riders.

Colorful and full of fun amusement rides attract the kids on the very first sight in amusement parks.

This is why Indoor Bumper Cars are made much colorful for kids.

The theme, design, safety and operation methods of Indoor Bumper cars are suitable for kids from all aspects.

Indoor Bumper Cars for Kids

What Is The Voltage Consumption of Indoor Bumper Cars?

The voltage consumption of the Indoor Bumper Cars is rated to 380V.

In addition to this universal amount of voltage, some other Indoor Bumper Cars also operate at 90V DC.

However, amusement park owners can customize the voltage consumption of the Indoor Bumper Cars.

Many Chinese manufacturers, including Sinorides, play an important in helping the dealers customize their Indoor Bumper Cars’ voltage consumption.

Does the Bumper Protect the Indoor Bumper Cars?

The thick bumper at the Indoor Bumper Cars’ front is wholly designed to keep these cars from potential damage during crashes.

The sudden stopping effect of the Indoor Bumper Cars during collision results due to the availability of additional bumper on all the sides of the Car.

The bumper in Indoor Bumper Cars is ensured to be manufactured with premium quality rubber for dealing with wear and tear.

Bumper of Indoor Bumper Cars

Is Spark Necessary for the Motion of Indoor Bumper Cars?

The spark is necessary for the motion of Indoor Bumper Cars as it boosts up the Car’s potential to start the motion.

Kinetic energy, which is necessary for Indoor Bumper Cars’ operation, is brought about by the availability of spark.

This spark is carried out in the form of electricity through the integrated pole of the ceiling.

Further, in floor-based Indoor Bumper Cars, the electric spark is generated from the floor to keep the Car moving on it.

What is the Reason For the Reasonability of Chinese Manufacturers?

Some of the potential reasons for the reasonability of Chinese Manufacturers are given as under:

  • Eligibility for European Standards

Almost all Chinese manufacturers have the eligibility criteria for standing rightly on the European safety and quality standards.

All these standards are ensured to be fulfilled while manufacturing the different parts of Indoor Bumper Cars.

  • 28 Years+ Experience

The expertise of Chinese manufacturers in constructingIndoor Bumper Cars has made many park owners trust them.

They provide their top-notch services to more than 120 countries worldwide with the best and most affordable shipping services.

  • Quality Over Quantity

The use of the highest quality of materials is made sure in the construction of Indoor Bumper Cars.

This is the reason why Chinese manufacturers are famous worldwide for the reliability of their Indoor Bumper cars.

  • Set Of Certificates

All these qualified manufacturers complete set of demanded certificates, including CE/BV/ISO/GOST/SGS, along with the final testing before shipping.

How are Chinese Manufacturers the Bestto Buy Indoor Bumper Cars?

Chinese manufacturers are the best to buy Indoor Bumper Cars because:

  • Reasonable Prices

Unlike all other European Indoor Bumper Cars manufacturers, these rides’ prices are highly reasonable in the Chinese Amusement Ride industry.

  • Provide Installation Services

Besides the reasonable prices, all the Chinese manufacturers pledge to provide the most reliable installation services for the shipped Indoor Bumper Cars.

  • Use of Quality Materials

Chinese manufacturers never compromise in the quality of the raw materials while manufacturing Indoor Bumper Cars.

The highest quality of Stainless steel, Reinforced Fibreglass Plastic, is used to construct Indoor Bumper Cars.

  • Experience and Themes

With more than 28 years of experience under their belt, the Chinese manufacturers provide many designs and themes for entertaining amusement park owners.

What is the Power Need of Indoor Bumper Cars?

The power need of the Indoor Bumper Cars is 230W.

The power consumption can vary according to the size and the model of the Indoor Bumper Car.

The majority of the Indoor Bumper Cars operate on a steady power throughout their operation.

However, some indoor Bumper Cars have versatile power needs, but the maximum value extends only up to 230W.

You can even customize Indoor Bumper Cars’ power needs according to the power supply of your amusement parks.

Power of Indoor Bumper Cars

Our After-sale Services are Available with Indoor Bumper Cars?

After-sale services are an integral part of the Indoor Bumper Car’s Manufacturers.

There’s a wide variety of Chinese manufacturers out there who’re pretty efficient in providing the highest quality of after-sale services to amusement park owners.

A one-year warranty is available with the after-sale services as well.

Besides the warranty, the park owners enjoy the assistance of shipping and installation services at a very reasonable price.

What Are the Steps to Find Reliable Indoor Bumper Cars in China?

Following are the necessary steps for finding reliable Indoor Bumper Cars in China:

  • Start Research

No doubt there’s a massive rush of efficient Indoor Bumper Cars in the amusement rides market.

Thus the first step for finding reliable Indoor Bumper Cars is to scroll down Google to get your hands on the trustworthy manufacturers.

  • Contact Them

Searching for a good Indoor Bumper car manufacturer isn’t enough unless you contact them to place your order.

You can use their email or contact number to confirm your order.

  • Check the Quality of Materials

Indoor Bumper Cars’ reliability is wholly dependent on the type and quality of raw materials used in their construction.

Ensure the use of premium quality Stainless Steel and Reinforced Fibreglass Plastic in Indoor Bumper Car’s manufacturing.

  • Check the Availability of R&D Services

R&D services are the first thing to notice in the manufacturer for finding reliable Indoor Bumper Cars.

Such services ensure the fulfillment of quality and safety standards in the construction of Indoor Bumper Cars.

  • QC Team

Being an amusement park owner, you can ask the manufacturer about the availability of the QC team.

This team will guide you properly about the quality of the Indoor Bumper Cars by inspecting them.

Reliable Indoor Bumper Cars

What is the Rider Capacity of Indoor Bumper Cars?

The maximum rider capacity of Indoor Bumper Cars ranges up to two kids per car.

The Indoor Bumper Cars’ seating capacity is mainly designed while keeping the kid’s comfort zone in mind.

If two kids are not sitting in the Indoor Bumper Car, the second seat is occupied mainly by the kid’s guardian riding the car.

Most parents prefer to sit with their kids to ensure their child’s safe drive during the ride.

Is It Profitable to Buy Indoor Bumper Cars?

It’s highly profitable to buy Indoor Bumper Cars in amusement parks since it benefits the owner by generating more significant profit margins.

Due to kids’ innate clingy nature, they’re always in search of something exciting and full of fun in amusement parks.

The design and theme of the Indoor Bumper Cars attract such kids on the first look; thus, it generates two-fold profit in less time.

Moreover, its purchase price can also be recovered in less than expected time by installing it in the amusement park.

Profit with Indoor Bumper Cars

What Type of Amusement Parks Are Suitable for Indoor Bumper Cars?

Indoor Amusement parks, which are particularly themed according to kids’ interests, are the most suitable places for Indoor Bumper Cars.

Besides the kid amusement parks, fairgrounds and play areas of malls also suit Indoor Bumper Cars best.

In short, the places where the area is designed for engaging kids with fun activities are the perfect places for installing Indoor Bumper Cars.

Indoor Bumper Cars in Indoor Parks

Is Weather an Important Factor to Consider For Indoor Bumper Cars?

Weather isn’t an essential factor to consider for Indoor Bumper Cars since they’re operated on enclosed surfaces.

Indoor amusement parks being the perfect places for Indoor Bumper Cars are free of the weather alterations in the environment.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s raining or temperate sunny weather outside the indoor amusement park; the Indoor Bumper Cars’ operation will not be affected.

However, if you install Indoor Bumper Cars in outdoor fun areas, harsh weather can alter Indoor Bumper Cars’ operation.

Can I Customize my Indoor Bumper Cars?

You can customize the Indoor Bumper Cars depending on your amusement park’s theme or design.

Besides the Indoor Bumper Car’s looks, you can even demand the manufacturer to customize the power and voltage consumption.

There’s a wide variety of Chinese Manufacturers who go above and beyond when it comes to customization services.

Customized Indoor Bumper Cars

Do Indoor Bumper Cars Need to be Maintained?

Maintenance is one of the essential factors needed by Indoor Bumper Cars for increased durability and lifespan.

The primary reason behind the need for maintenance for Indoor Bumper Cars is related to the shiny outlook and appealing and sharp colors of the ride.

Regular-based maintenance will keep the Indoor Bumper Cars completely new even after years of usage.

Not only this, but the maintenance of Indoor Bumper Cars decreases the chances of accidents up to noticeable extents.

Following are the main steps to carry out the maintenance of Indoor Bumper Cars:

  • Inspect the cars regularly after use
  • Wipe the exterior of the vehicles with shine-enhancing fluids
  • Replace the damaged parts for avoiding accidents
  • Check the proper operation of the Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Keep a profound notice of the welds and performance of the car’s different parts

What Are the Types of Materials Involved in the Construction of Indoor Bumper Cars?

Some essential materials used in the construction of the Indoor Bumper Cars are given as under:

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is used to construct the outer surface of Indoor Bumper Cars.

The primary reason behind using steel in Indoor Bumper Car’s construction is its sturdiness and long-lasting durability.

  • Reinforced Fibreglass Plastic

It’s used to make the seating area, steering, and gear parts of Indoor Bumper Cars.

It proves as the perfect material for the construction of Indoor Bumper Cars due to its versatility and never-ending flexibility.

  • High-Quality Thick Rubber

The most important part – the Indoor Bumper Cars’ bumper is manufactured with thick and high-quality rubber.

Several layers of thick rubber are wounded around the Indoor Bumper Cars for minimizing accidents.

Materials for Indoor Bumper Cars

Are Chinese Manufacturers Responsible for the Shipping of Indoor Bumper Cars?

Chinese manufacturers are responsible for all the shipping services for Indoor Bumper Cars worldwide.

Many Chinese amusement ride manufacturing companies, including Sinorides, have the highest quality and trustworthy shipping services in almost all countries.

Besides the shipping services, this well-reputed company supports the best installation services and the import of Indoor Bumper Cars.

Do Indoor Bumper Cars Have Any Certifications?

Some basic certifications for Indoor Bumper Cars are given as under:

  • CE Certification

It ensures the highest quality of materials in the shielding effects and construction of Indoor Bumper Cars.

  • BV Certification

Bureau Veritas Certification is responsible for keeping an eye on the proper inspection of Indoor Bumper Cars to improve rides’ performance.

  • GOST Certification

It keeps an account of the fulfillment of regional standards in the construction of Indoor Bumper Cars.

What are the Main Parts Of Indoor Bumper Cars?

The main parts of Indoor Bumper Cars are given as under:

  • Vehicle Body
  • Chassis
  • Steering Wheel
  • Seat Belts
  • Buffer Tire
  • Electrical Switch
  • Electric Pole

What is the Weight of Indoor Bumper Cars?

The weight of Indoor Bumper Cars ranges from 200kg to 300kg.

Indoor Bumper Car’s weight consists of the hot rod, stainless steel made structure, wheel, rubber bumper, motor, seats, and steering wheel.

Other than this, the weight can be altered by changing the Indoor Bumper Cars’ inner parts.

Furthermore, this incredible ride’s weight varies according to the size and type of the ride.

How to Ensure About the Quality of Indoor Bumper Cars?

Follow the given steps for ensuring the quality of Indoor Bumper Cars:

  • Check the Power System

A steady supply of power in Indoor Bumper Cars dramatically enhances their quality.

Thus, check the availability of the required steady flow of power in Indoor Bumper Cars.

  • Quality of Materials

The reliability and lifespan of the Indoor Bumper Cars are ensured with the use of premium quality materials in their construction.

This is why never compromise on the quality of Indoor Bumper Cars when checking the quality.

  • Functionality and Performance

Make sure whether the Indoor Bumper Cars perform without any breakage during the operation or not.

For checking the performance, regularly inspect the operation system and damaged parts in the ride.

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