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With more than 28 years of experience, Sinorides is a leading Indoor Ferris wheel manufacturer in China today. We sell our Indoor Ferris Wheels in 200+ geographical locations across the world. Sinorides has more than ten thousand happy customers worldwide.

Indoor Ferris wheel for sale is getting immense popularity among the riders because of the thrill and fun experience it provides to the customers. Thus, Sinorides is also providing the premium quality of indoor Ferris wheels around the globe. Unlike all other manufacturers, Sinorides is regarded as the best indoor Ferris wheel manufacturer because of the quality it provides to its customers. Ranging from designing the amusement park to the production of the indoor Ferris wheel, we offer all services.

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You get a quality yet affordable Indoor Ferris wheel at Sinorides because we use locally sourced raw material. Our Indoor Ferris wheel for sale passes through several quality tests; therefore, you get only premium quality rides.

4 seats indoor ferris wheel A by Sinorides
Sinorides Indoor Ferris Wheel is suitable for malls as well as entertainment centers.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 4P
  • Power: 0.75kW
  • Voltage: 380V
4 seats indoor ferris wheel b from Sinorides
Sinorides Indoor Ferris Wheel ride for sale uses premium quality metal and plastic.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 4P
  • Power: 0.75kW
  • Voltage: 380V
Sinorides 10 Seats indoor Ferris Wheel for sale
Sinorides Mini Indoor Ferris Wheel for sale entertains very young kids.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 10P
  • Power: 5kW
  • Voltage: 380V
Sinorides 12 Seats indoor Ferris Wheel
Sinorides gives you all the support for Indoor Ferris wheel installation.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 5kW
  • Voltage: 380V
Sinorides Indoor Ferris wheel passes CE, ISO, and GOST quality certifications.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 20P
  • Power: 5.5kW
  • Voltage: 380V
Sinorides 24 Seats indoor Ferris Wheel for sale
Sinorides Portable Indoor Ferris Wheel is easy to carry due to its tires.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 8kW
  • Voltage: 380V

Your Premier Indoor Ferris Wheel Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is an IAAPA-rated Indoor Ferris Wheel Manufacturer and Supplier in China. We have invested in the state of the art workshop and cutting-edge equipment that help us manufacturer professional and feature-rich indoor Ferris wheel.

You will find that our Indoor Ferris wheel has a smooth and eye-pleasing finish. We use paints and sprays that meet European anti-corrosion standards. Sinorides also implements welding flaw detection to ensure that welded parts of the indoor Ferris wheel are 100% safe.

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  • Sinorides-indoor-Ferris-wheel-ride-Manufacturer
  • indoor-ferris-wheel-Project by Sinorides
  • Sinorides indoor-ferris-wheel-Project
  • indoor-ferris-wheel-Project

Indoor Ferris Wheel Project

Sinorides has a staff of 200 people, including 20+ experienced engineers and designers. As a result, we provide you with a flawless Indoor Ferris wheel.

You can ask us to customize the Indoor Ferris wheel as per the requirement of your amusement center.
We customize the color scheme, seating capacity, lighting, and more.

Sinorides Indoor Ferris Wheel Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

You can choose the best type of ferris wheel for your park business.
Sinorides indoor Ferris Wheel Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Mini Ferris Wheel appearance more smooth.
Sinorides indoor Ferris Wheel Painting
High grade material to ensure your Mini Ferris Wheel running safely.
Sinorides indoor Ferris Wheel Seats
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Mini Ferris Wheel good status.
Sinorides indoor Ferris Wheel Structure
Sinorides use quality FRP to manufacture your Mini Ferris Wheel seats to bear people with different heights.
Sinorides-indoor Ferris Wheel Material
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Mini Ferris Wheel steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATA4 Seats Indoor Ferris Wheel10 Seats Indoor Ferris Wheel12 Seats Indoor Ferris Wheel20 Seats Indoor Ferris Wheel24 Seats Indoor Ferris Wheel
Number of Seats4P10P12P20P24P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V
Space Area5m*5m4m*4m5m*3.5m8m*4m8m*8m

Sinorides Indoor ferris wheel drawing

Sinorides Indoor ferris wheel for sale drawing

Sinorides Indoor ferris wheel ride for sale design

Sinorides Indoor ferris wheel design

Sinorides is Reliable Indoor Ferris Wheel Manufacturer

The availability of the after-sales team at our platform resolves the concern of many amusement park owners. You don’t have to bother about installing or replacing the amusement park rides after contacting Sinorides.

We send our professionals to your place for installing or resolving the problem of your indoor Ferris wheel. All you need to do is to tell your concerns to our professional.

More than a one-year warranty of the manufactured indoor Ferris wheel at our place also makes the amusement park owners purchase rides from us.

Besides the production of the highest quality of indoor Ferris wheel rides, we also have a wide variety of family and kid’s rides. Thus, filling your amusement park with different rides isn’t a problem anymore.

We also offer customization services and tailored designs for the manufactured indoor Ferris wheels. You can customize the rides according to the themes of your amusement park.

We use different lightings and colors to integrate into the rides to make them worth looking at. We export our rides to more than 136 countries of the world.

Thus, you can choose us over all other Ferris Wheel manufacturers for getting timely delivery of your order.

Indoor Ferris Wheel – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for a fun kids’ ride to increase your park’s revenue?

If so, then the indoor Ferris wheel is for you.

In this indoor Ferris wheel FAQs guide, you can learn everything about this fun ride and make your park visitors happy.

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

What Is An Indoor Ferris Wheel?

An indoor Ferris wheel is a thrilling amusement ride for both kids and adults for over a century.

It’s a giant wheel consisting of seats attached horizontally around a central point through metallic shafts.

Due to its closed construction, it differs from the regular Ferris wheel, which is installed outdoors.

Because of that, this thrill ride is recommended to be located in a large entertainment complex or center.

The outer rim is embellished with riders’ cabins in the form of compartments for safety.

When it is provided with electrical power, an indoor Ferris wheel comes into action, and these cabins start revolving, circling from top to bottom and vice versa.

Lastly, an indoor Ferris wheel is made entirely of metallic material that varies in color, design, and speed.

Indoor Ferris Wheel

What Material Are Indoor Ferris Wheels Made Of?

Metal frames are used in the construction of indoor Ferris wheels, which can weigh up to many tons.

However, the material composition varies and can be as follows:

  • Stainless Steel

A stainless steel structure provides the strength and durability needed to keep the indoor Ferris wheel in good condition for many years to come.

Moreover, it diminishes the chance of rusting and keeps the wheel rolling.

  • Iron Plates

High-quality iron plates installed in the base provide a solid foundation to the ride while it is in motion.

  • FRP Material

The use of FRP in the construction saves the wheel from rusting, and further increases its durability.

The flexibility and high strength of the material make it the best choice for building cabins.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Indoor Ferris Wheels?

Just like the Ferris wheel, the indoor Ferris wheel is present in different kinds.

Some of its types are parallel to the regular Ferris wheel and  include:

  • Backyard Ferris Wheel
  • Double Face Ferris Wheel
  • Mini Ferris Wheel
  • Carnival Ferris Wheel

Types of Indoor Ferris Wheel

How Many Cabins Are There In An Indoor Ferris Wheel?

An indoor Ferris wheel can have a minimum of 4 cabins and a maximum of twenty-four.

The number of cabins in an indoor Ferris wheel depends upon its size.

These cabins can accommodate two to eight people at once.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Indoor Ferris Wheel?

The sizes of indoor Ferris wheels can vary between 40 to 70 meters and can be customized according to the size of your amusement park.

However, since most of the indoor Ferris wheels are installed inside an enclosed setting, they aren’t as tall as regular Ferris wheels.

However, Sinorides, a well-reputed amusement ride company, offer sizes ranging between 42 to 72 meters, just like regular Ferris wheels.

Additionally, it can manufacture larger sizes according to your needs.

Different Sizes of Indoor Ferris Wheel

Where Can I Buy an Indoor Ferris Wheel?

You can purchase an indoor Ferris wheel from several amusement ride companies.

Notably, China, the USA, and Japan are the biggest amusement ride manufacturers.

However, to get the best deal, you can buy an indoor Ferris wheel from a well-reputed amusement ride manufacturer like Sinorides.

They offer a wide variety of high-quality rides at reasonable prices and have more than 28 years of experience.

How Much Does A New Indoor Ferris Wheel Cost?

A mini indoor Ferris wheel may start from 15000 to 18000$.

As far as the bigger ones are concerned, they can reach two or three million dollars.

Various manufacturers produce indoor Ferris wheels in several different sizes and at varying prices around the world.

Amusement rides made in the USA are usually more expensive than those made in China, even though China provides the same quality as the USA.

Cost of Indoor Ferris Wheel

How Does An Indoor Ferris Wheel Work?

An indoor Ferris wheel works on the principle of circular motion.

The cabins revolve around the rim, balancing the centripetal and centrifugal force until cut from the power source.

The cabins start revolving from the bottom to the top of the wheel, and it moves in the anti-clockwise direction.

As the wheel gains momentum, it moves with speed giving adults and children the thrill of their lives.

How Much Voltage Does An Indoor Ferris Wheel Require?

An indoor Ferris wheel requires roughly 220 to 380 volts of electricity.

As indoor Ferris wheels come in a variety of sizes, they operate on different voltages.

Moreover, this amusement ride is operated with the help of a motor containing versatile voltages.

Voltage of Indoor Ferris Wheel

How Much Time Does The Indoor Ferris Wheel Take To Complete One Revolution?

An indoor Ferris wheel with a 16 meters radius can finish one revolution within 2 minutes.

The revolution of an indoor Ferris wheel depends upon its radial size.

The more the radius, the more time the indoor Ferris wheel will require to complete one revolution.

Besides this, factors like speed, voltage, and overall size also impact the completion of one revolution.

An easier way of finding out the speed of an indoor Ferris wheel is to calculate it using the formula of velocity, i.e., speed=distance/time.

Where distance can be the distance of radius multiplied by the value of pi 3.14.

What Is The Warranty Duration For The Indoor Ferris Wheel?

The warranty of the indoor Ferris wheel varies between 1 year to lifetime, depending upon the type of the manufacturer.

However, the warranty offered on an indoor Ferris wheel is in the form of the following services:

  • Complete replacement of the wheel
  • Replacement or repair of only damaged parts
  • Providing ride installation aid

These depend entirely on your manufacturing company as every manufacturer has its policy regarding ride warranty.

Warranty of Indoor Ferris Wheel

What Are After-Sale Service For The Indoor Ferris Wheel?

After-sale services are categorized by the services provided after the purchase.

Usually, after-sale services for indoor Ferris wheel include:

  • Repair and replacement of either the entire ride or its components
  • Installation of the ride
  • Shipping to the amusement park
  • Upgrading the ride in favor of the latest models
  • Providing inspection team
  • Training staff for the operating system

Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides offer over-the-top after-sale services to the benefit of their customers.

They offer free replacement of faulty parts in addition to their one-year warranty on every product.

Do Indoor Ferris Wheel Manufacturers Accept Customization?

Yes, the majority of indoor Ferris wheel manufacturers do accept customization.

Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides offer top-of-the-line services in this regard.

They offer customization in design, cabin capacity, and material.

Furthermore, getting customization services for your indoor Ferris wheel is very simple through customer support.

You just need to contact them, mention your customization needs, and within a provided time, they will deliver your required demands.

Customization of Indoor Ferris Wheel

What Is The Cooperation Process To Order Indoor Ferris Wheel?

Once you choose the proper indoor Ferris wheel manufacturer, you will order through the following process:

  • Contact the manufacturer either by phone or email.
  • Select your desired ride according to your park theme.
  • Inspect the quality of the ride to avoid future disturbances.
  • Confirm your purchase when completely satisfied.
  • Draw up a contract which is to be signed by both parties.
  • Fill in the paperwork and make an advance deposit.
  • Work out the shipping details either by yourself or through your manufacturer.
  • Complete import formalities in case you are importing.
  • Pay the remaining amount once you receive your indoor Ferris wheel.
  • Fulfill customs fee and tax requirements according to your country’s tax laws.

How To Install Indoor Ferris Wheel?

Installation of indoor Ferris wheel comprises of a 6-step plan as follows:

  • Choosing Installation Location

Indoor Ferris wheel is installed in a closed setting, so the location must be appropriately wide and high-roofed.

This means the area around it and all its dimensions must be taken into consideration.

So that it doesn’t collide with anything when the ride is in motion.

  • Pre-installation Land Preparation

Ensure the area you selected is smooth for installation, or else drilling the wheel would be your most significant obstacle.

Survey the area thoroughly for the presence of stone or any other concrete objects.

If you don’t find any such thing, you can go ahead with the drilling.

  • Setting All Parts Right

Ensure you have all spare parts of the indoor Ferris wheel before installation.

If anything goes missing, you will be at a loss, for the installation process would be hindered.

  • Hire Professional Help

Hire workers who are trained in installing kids’ rides, especially in installing indoor rides.

Having workers with a professional attitude is a blessing that will increase your work pace.

  • Take Expert Advice From Tutorials

Use the internet to ensure the installation process as the internet is full of indoor Ferris wheel information.

It will work as your guide, and you could be confident you are doing it right with the help of videos.

  • Testing

Once installed, have a test run to ensure your indoor Ferris wheel’s safety and smooth operation.

After that, your visitors can enjoy this thrilling ride.

Installation of Indoor Ferris Wheel

Can Indoor Ferris Wheel Manufacturer Help Design For My New Park?

Yes, indoor Ferris wheel manufacturers can help you design your new park.

They hire professional park designers for this purpose who design parks and provide valuable suggestions for customization.

Sinoride manufacturers provide professional designing services to their customers in addition to customization of rides.

Who Will Construct The Foundation Of The Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride?

The buyer or the contractor is responsible for constructing the foundation of the indoor Ferris wheel.

However, the installation is entirely according to the manufacturer’s provided plan.

You may also hire a designer to change the manufacturer design and customize it according to your likes.

Foundation of Indoor Ferris Wheel

How Do You Manufacturer Ensure The Quality Of The Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride?

You can ensure your indoor Ferris wheel’s quality using the following criteria:

  • Manufacturer‘s Reputation

The company you choose to buy from must be efficient, and you can recognize that from initial contact with customer support

  • Material Composition

The indoor Ferris wheel must be made from high-quality materials like stainless steel or FRP to ensure the durability of the ride.

  • Test Ride Performance

You can ask your manufacturer to let you have a test run before sealing the deal.

You will get a clear picture of quality through the ride’s operating system.

  • Extent of Safety

Look for safety belts and harnesses to see if the indoor Ferris wheel is following international safety standards.

Quality of Indoor Ferris Wheel

Do Indoor Ferris Wheel Manufacturers Accept Oem?

Yes, the indoor Ferris wheel manufacturer accepts OEM.

Logo branding and customized names on indoor Ferris wheels are generally part of manufacturer acceptance of OEM.

Does the Chinese Indoor Ferris Wheel Manufacturer Provide Certification And Testing Report For The Product?

Manufacturers provide extraordinary certification and testing reports for their indoor Ferris wheel.

There is a long list of certifications ranging from quality to safety.

All these are required to make an indoor Ferris wheel a perfect purchase.

Some of these certifications are as follows:

  • CE Certification

CE certification ensures health, safety, and environmental protection.

In the case of the indoor Ferris wheel, it is only concerned with safety standards.

  • CCC Certification

CCC mark represent a high standard of a product in the Chinese market.

  • BV Certification

BV certification ensures the safety and high standards of your indoor Ferris wheel.

  • ISO Certification

ISO certification provides proof that your indoor Ferris wheel is in accordance with internal manufacturing standards.

  • GOST Certification

GOST certification technical standards and ensures that your indoor Ferris wheel has a safe design.

In addition to these certifications, the company should be approved by IAAPA.

It’s an international trading company that assists its members in regulating and maintaining safety and professionalism in the amusement park industry.

What Are The Different Parts Of Indoor Ferris Wheel Called?

An indoor Ferris wheel is a combination of multiple individual components, each of which serves a purpose.

Apart from the internal machinery, the major parts of an indoor Ferris wheel include:

  • Cabins
  • Support Towers
  • Operating System
  • Control Room
  • Platform

What Is The Material Used For Indoor Ferris Wheel Cabin?

Varied material composition is used to make cabins or Gondolas.

They include metallic materials like:

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the primary composition material in cabin construction.

Not only it sturdier than iron and aluminum, but it also has high durability due to its rust resisting ability.

Moreover, it ensures maximum safety of the riders.

  • FRP

For safety and durability, FRP materials are the best option for cabin composition.

Its flexibility and rust resistance will make the cabin safe while the ride is in motion.

  • Iron

Iron is a cheap construction material that can provide a sturdy cabin frame.

However, being prone to rust makes it vulnerable and puts the riders at risk.

Other sturdy construction materials like aluminum can also be used to achieve similar results at a cheaper rate.

However, it has more disadvantages than advantages.

Materials used for Indoor Ferris Wheel Cabins

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Indoor Ferris Wheel From Chinese Manufacturers?

Chinese manufacturers offer multiple advantages for buying indoor Ferris wheels from them.

They are as competent as the US-based manufacturers and offer the same quality at a lower price.

Companies like Sinorides have decades of experience along with hundreds of international clients in 200+ countries.

They are famous for their professional attitude, exceptional customer support, and high-quality amusement rides.

How To Repair Indoor Ferris Wheel?

You need technical support in order to repair your indoor Ferris wheel.

The technician hired should be competent as well as willing to work instantly to remove the issue.

Technical support is added in the after-sale services of your manufacturer, depending upon the company you bought from.

If you purchased from an authentic manufacturer like Sinorides, it would provide highly trained technicians to you.

The best part is that Sinorides provides technical support even to non-customers who aren’t offered assistance by their manufacturers.

Best Tips To Maintain an Indoor Ferris Wheel?

Here are some proven tips to maintain an indoor Ferris wheel effectively.

  • Regular Inspection

Before it is set in motion, make sure the indoor Ferris wheel is in good working condition, fully operational and free from any alarms

You must have a solid team of experienced professionals who know how it works and should perform regular checks on it.

  • Regular Cleaning and Disinfecting

Indoor Ferris wheel requires regular mopping and scrubbing.

As it is in an enclosed setting, the dirt and dust may get accumulated in its system, which can influence the smooth operation of the ride.

In order to prevent this from happening, you can ask your cleaning team to maintain it regularly by sweeping and disinfecting with non-reactive disinfectants.

However, using too much water on an iron-plated Ferris wheel indoors will only cause it to rust.

Moreover, the water may get into the machinery, which can cause a system failure.

  • Repairing Damaged Parts

Taking care of damaged parts regularly can help you avoid more significant future damages.

Whenever the ride is in motion, the flexible parts may get damaged temporarily e.g. the coming out of a screw, etc.

The inspection helps find out these temporary damages, and once that happens, your technical team effectively removes the damage.

  • Follow Standard Guidelines

The operating team of your indoor Ferris wheel should always stick to the maintenance manual provided by your manufacturer.

Having built the ride, the manufacturer is familiar with it.

Therefore, if they suggest something, it is definitely to prevent breakage or any other unfortunate incident.

Tips to maintain Indoor Ferris Wheel

How To Make Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride Safe?

Safety certifications make the indoor Ferris wheel safe;

However, the following steps can be taken to  further ensure rider safety:

  • There is nothing riskier than buying from a manufacturer who does not have much experience in the field, as they might use cheap materials.
  • The indoor Ferris wheel must be regularly inspected.
  • Banning unauthorized access. This means children below the age of 7 shouldn’t be allowed on the ride without supervision.
  • Ensure safety equipment such as safety belts, harnesses, fire extinguishers are in the right shape.
  • The operating system must only be in the hands of skilled operators.

How Are Indoor Ferris Wheels Rides Manufactured?

The manufacturing process of the indoor Ferris wheel involves the following steps:

  • Material Selection

Material selection is based on the manufacturer’s choice and company policy.

It can range from FRP to stainless steel and iron, whichever suits the budget and type of indoor Ferris wheel being composed.

  • Design approval

Material selection and design of the indoor Ferris wheel go hand in hand.

Once the engineers make the material selection and initial design composition, the drawing goes for approval.

The design should be realistic but fun and innovative, so it stands out from its competitors.

  • Production by Components

The components of the structure are individually produced and later welded together.

This is because it has to be transported from the manufacturing factories to an amusement park, and it is convenient to ship smaller structures.

If the structure is made altogether, the shipping would be complicated due to its massive size, and it will be prone to more damage than individual parts.

  • Shipping to Site

Once all the components are ready, they are shipped to the target site.

Shipping is either arranged by the manufacturer or worked out by the buyer himself.

There are multiple shipping options, but freight shipping by sea is best concerning the indoor Ferris wheel.

Manufacture of Indoor Ferris Wheel

  • Welding

After reaching the installation site, the company technicians prepare the land and weld the components together.

When this is done, the structure of the indoor Ferris wheel is complete and can be subjected to further inspection.

  • Test Run

Inspection before putting the indoor Ferris wheel in motion is the last step that also involves a test run of the ride.

What Are The Different Factors Considered While Buying The Indoor Ferris Wheel?

You need to consider some essential factors when purchasing the indoor Ferris wheel:

  • Budget

Having a budget is significant as it not only includes the price of the structure, but shipping costs, repair costs, installation, and maintenance.

So considering your budget makes the buying process simpler for you as it gives you direction.

  • Warranty Period

Your indoor Ferris wheel should at least have a year-long warranty.

This saves up on repairing costs and aids the installation process.

  • Manufacturer

You must buy your indoor Ferris wheel from a trusted and well-reputed manufacturer.

In this aspect, Sinorides has over two decades of experience in the amusement ride business, with over 200 different countries as clients.

  • Location

Determine the indoor Ferris wheel is perfectly sized for its target location.

It would be a terrible mistake to buy an indoor Ferris wheel that is either too small or too big for the installation location.

  • Safety Features

The indoor Ferris wheel must have multiple safety certifications in addition to safety pieces equipment.

The gondolas must be fully equipped with safety belts and seat adjustments.

  • Additional Features

You can enjoy added features in your indoor Ferris wheel such as air-conditioned Gondolas, lighting inside closed cabins, etc.

Factors for buying Indoor Ferris Wheel

How To Find Reliable Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride Manufacturers In China?

To find a reliable indoor Ferris wheel manufacturer in China, you can search for top-rated Chinese manufacturer online.

Manufacturers like Sinorides can be easily contacted through their website.

Nonetheless, just looking up a reliable manufacturer for your indoor Ferris Wheel is not sufficient.

Analyzing the market is crucial before making any decisions.

In the beginning, analyze the market, compare different companies and the products that they offer.

You have to go through a long process; however, if you miss something and end up with the wrong supplier, that will be your loss.

Sinoride, which has 28+ years of experience and provides fun rides of all categories to more than 200 countries, is a good choice for those looking to save time and money.

How To Check The Quality Of Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride?

To check the quality of the indoor Ferris wheel, follow the below mentions steps:

  • Composition

A high-quality material must be used in the indoor Ferris wheel structure, whether stainless steel, FRP, or iron.

The entire ride relies on the strength of the structure and its components.

Thus, there cannot be any compromise on the material quality.

  • Design

The design of the indoor Ferris wheel should be innovative yet realistic so that no unfortunate collision accidents occur.

Furthermore, It should be safe so that riders can board the ride at ease.

  • Parts

As technology advances, the entire structure of the indoor Ferris wheel should be remodelled to adapt to the latest technology.

This further improves the quality of the ride and makes improvements in its working.

In addition to these, certification marks can also assure high quality in an indoor Ferris wheel.

Quality of Indoor Ferris Wheel

How To Ensure The Safety Of Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride?

To ensure the safety of the indoor Ferris wheel, you need to have a safety inspection before and after operating the ride.


  • Ensure the manufacturer has provided all necessary safety certifications.
  • Find out if the ride complies with international safety standards.
  • Check all the safety equipment, such as cabin doors, fire extinguishers, safety belts, and emergency brakes, are in working order.
  • Test run the indoor Ferris wheel before riders get into it.
  • Put age and weight restrictions according to the size of the indoor Ferris wheel.


  • Check the wheel is moving smoothly.
  • Check if all the riders are in their safety harnesses.
  • Look for damage to the cabins caused by riders.

It is the responsibility of both the manufacturer and the park owner to ensure and maintain high safety standards.

How Does The Manufacturer Package The Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride?

The manufacturer’s packaging is either plastic or wooden boxes depending upon the component of your indoor Ferris wheel.

Fragile components wooden boxes are used to ensure safety and avoid any damage.

Plastic packaging is best for sturdier components such as towers and gondola pieces.

These packages are well received by freight shipment and conveniently delivered by sea.

What Are The Quality Certifications For Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride?

There are multiple quality certifications for indoor Ferris wheel that ensures high safety and quality standards for your ride:

  • ASTM

This certification ensures high-quality manufacturing and the safety of the design, its maintenance, and inspection.

  • CE

CE certification is present in all European manufactured products.

Hence, in the case of an indoor Ferris wheel, every manufacturer must get the CE certification mark for quality assurance.


IAAPA is an international organization for the regulation of safety and quality in amusement rides.

  • ISO

ISO certifies quality assurance checks by the management system of the manufacturing company.


It’s a Chinese non-profit organization that ensures the quality of amusement rides and safety employed by Chinese Businesses.

This is only a tiny list of certification marks your indoor Ferris wheel must have, but it can vary for the manufacturer’s location and a park owner’s needs.

Certification of Indoor Ferris Wheel

What Are The Safety Instructions For Riding Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride?

For a fun indoor ferris wheel ride, follow these safety instructions:

  • Inspect the operating system before starting the ride.
  • Pregnant women and drunk men shouldn’t be allowed on the indoor Ferris wheel.
  • Kids below the age of shouldn’t be without adult supervision.
  • The weight should be appropriately balanced inside the cabin, which means every cabin should have the same number of people.

However, some parks may also have specific age restrictions.

Riders can also practice safety precautions on their own.

  • Inform riders not to move around while the ride is in motion.
  • Carefully check on their safety harnesses till they are asked to remove them.
  • Don’t allow them to damage any part of the cabin.
  • Earn their confidence so that they cooperate with the ride’s personnel.

What Are The Other Names Of Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride?

Other names for an indoor Ferris wheel include:

  • Merry Go Round
  • Big Wheel
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Round the World

Other names are based on size and type, such as an observation wheel and a mini indoor Ferris wheel.

Different Names of Indoor Ferris Wheel

How Much Area Does A Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride Require For Working?

Different sizes of indoor Ferris wheel require different area space such as:

  • 120m indoor Ferris wheel requires 52 by 58 m space.
  • 88m indoor Ferris wheel requires 42 by 36 m space.
  • 72m indoor Ferris wheel requires 48 by 44 m space.
  • 65m indoor Ferris wheel requires 38 by 32 m space.
  • 49m indoor Ferris wheel requires 35 by 32 m space.
  • 42m indoor Ferris wheel requires 24.4 by 20 m space.
  • 30m indoor Ferris wheel requires 18 by 16 m space.
  • 25m indoor Ferris wheel requires 23.8 by 9.5 m space.

So the area required is always corresponding to the size of the indoor Ferris wheel.

What Is The Difference Between China Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride And European Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride?

The only difference between Chinese and European indoor Ferris wheel ride is the price.

Chinese manufacturers offer the same level of creativity, safety, high-quality materials, efficiency, and after-sales support as European manufacturers.

China has a more valuable position in this race due to the price difference.

What To Do When The Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride Break Down During Working?

You need to Ensure passenger safety as it is the first and foremost thing to do if the indoor Ferris wheel breaks down.

For this, you need to follow the SOPs regarding emergency evacuation and apply emergency brakes.

If this doesn’t help, immediately cut the power supply and evacuate all cabins safely one by one.

After that, you need your park’s technical support to come in and deal with the ride.

You can also opt for technicians through the manufacturer..

If the ride is beyond repair, you can always claim its warranty.

When Indoor Ferris Wheel Breaks down

Who Can I Hire For The Inspection Of The Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride?

You can hire technical support for the inspection and safety standards regulation of your indoor Ferris wheel.

This team can act as an in-house support, providing technician facilities in the park whenever required.

The in-house team must comprise expert technicians who can instantly rectify minor issues and know what exactly to do in case of major problems.

Experienced technicians of this in-house team can help you run your amusement park more efficiently

Do Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride Manufacturers Charge For Training? How Much In Charge?

Manufacturers charge for technician training, which can be up to several hundred dollars.

These programs enable technicians to understand, evaluate and operate the indoor Ferris wheel equipment.

Manufacturers like Sinorides also require assistance in visas, food and lodging, and daily payments to their trainers.

The translator or assistance in understanding local culture is also appreciated in the case of Chinese trainers.

However, this is only a portion of total training costs and they may vary between companies, depending on their policies.

What Are The Signs To Know My Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride Needs Replacement?

Replace your indoor ferris wheel if you see the following signs:

  • Rusting
  • Breakage of parts
  • Motor breaks down
  • Problems in smooth running

What Are The Best Ways To Reduce The Repair And Maintenance Cost For Indoor Ferris Wheel Ride?

Firstly, opt for a manufacturer who offers you an extended warranty period with multiple warranty services.

So in case, your ride is damaged within the warranty period, you will not be charged for the repairs.

The other way is to have a team of authorized professionals who can skillfully and regularly inspect your indoor Ferris wheel for any malfunctioning.

This helps understand the problem at an early stage which can be dealt with before it becomes a real headache.

Thus, you can save thousands of dollars this way.

What To Considered While Inspecting The Indoor Ferris Wheel?

While inspecting the indoor Ferris wheel, keep the following points in your mind:

  • The cabins should be inspected to eliminate any potential hazards.
  • Examining operating system and technical details
  • Examining the extent of cleanliness
  • Finding out any causes of malfunctioning
  • Checking that the safety equipment is in good working condition
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