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Sinorides Offer A One-stop Solution From Indoor Rides Design To Rides Installation For Your Children Amusement Park Business.

Sinorides has Exported To Over 120 Countries and Trusted By 2396+ Amusement Parks‎ and Theme Parks.

Sinorides Indoor Rides for sale are Certified By CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS and Your Indoor Rides will be Safe & Reliable.

Recommend Indoor Rides for Sale

Sinorides has been an indoor amusement rides manufacturer since 1992 and we got CE, BV, and more certifications for indoor and outdoor rides. Whether you are going to upgrade old indoor rides or open a new amusement park, Sinorides can help you cover your investment back quickly. You can check the below indoor amusement rides and get the latest quotation. What’s more, you can also require more product info if there is not desired type you like. Sinorides will also help you design your park if you need. Just give us a call or send inquiry, you will get fast reply.

Besides the amusement park rides, indoor rides for sale are also getting popular among different countries of the world. Sinorides is also one of those manufacturers in the whole world that provide the different categories of indoor amusement park rides for sale with all after-sales services. The availability of more than eight different categories of amusement park rides at our place also amuses different customers.

Not only this, we have a professional after-sales team that provides all services regarding the installation and maintenance of the indoor amusement rides at almost all locations. We are famous for providing the one-stop solution to all problems related to indoor children’s rides.

Thus, you don’t have to find another manufacturer to solve your problems.

indoor rides carousel merry go round
Sinorides is your reliable Indoor Rides Carousel Merry go round manufacturer with full certifications such as CE, BV, Gost and more.
indoor rides mini flying car
Your indoor playground can get more visitors as each of Sinorides Indoor Rides Mini Flying Car features an attractive appearance that appeals to children and parents.
indoor rides octopus ride
You can make money with Sinorides Indoor Rides Octopus Ride in indoor & outdoor parks, carnival, mall, funfair and more places.
indoor and outdoor rides jump frog
Sinorides manufacture your Indoor and Outdoor Rides Jump Frog with quality raw materials and famous brands parts to let your park visitors have a comfortable and safe experience.
indoor rides kiddie ferris wheel
Sinorides Indoor Rides Kiddie Ferris Wheel Rides have passed most certifications and can help you do the quality inspection through the third-party organisation before delivery.
indoor rides Kids Pendulum Ride
You can start your indoor children park business with Sinorides professional Indoor Rides Kids Pendulum Ride manufacturing experience.

Your Premier Indoor Rides Manufacturer in China

    • Sinorides provide a Full Range of Support for Your Indoor Rides Business, Including Design, Shipping, Installation, and Maintain.
    • All Sinorides Amusement Rides meet European and International Standard with Strict Quality Control, Perfect TSG Quality Assurance System.
    • You can Customize your Amusement Rides Color, Size, Capacity, and Style with Sinorides.
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  • Kiddie Carnival Rides
  • Kiddie Carnival Rides
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  • Kiddie Ride

Indoor Rides for Sale Project

Sinorides has nearly 30 years of experience in the production of indoor amusement rides, and its products have been sold to South Korea, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Nigeria, Dubai, Russia, Myanmar, and other countries and regions.

Sinorides indoor rides adored by 10,000 customers all over the world. If you want to invest in indoor amusement parks or want to buy indoor rides, Sinorides is willing to help you no matter where you are.

Sinorides Indoor Rides Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

kiddie plane ride
Sinorides can also offer you the Indoor Rides Design and park design layout if you don’t know how to design a theme park.
Kiddie Ride
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Indoor Rides appearance more smooth.
Kiddie Amusement Rides (7)
High grade material to ensure your Indoor Rides running safely.
Kiddie Ride
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Indoor Rides good status.
Kiddie Ferris wheel ride
The significant parts of the Indoor Rides are the pulley, track, brake, and platform.
Kiddie Rides Welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Indoor Rides steel structure.

theme park design

kiddie rides

kiddie plane ride

Sinorides is Your Premier Indoor Ride Manufacturer

If you’re looking for an indoor ride manufacturer who not only manufactures the rides at reasonable prices but also provides global shipping services, Sinorides is the only considerable platform.

We are also known as a direct factory sale platform since we provide our worthy products directly to the customers of the globe.

Sinorides being the best manufacturer out there in China provides tailored design to the customers. In such away, you can get the demanded customized indoor rides for your amusement park in no time.

Furthermore, we also offer more than one year of reliable warranty to satisfy our customers in every way. You can get your indoor rides replaced or repaired within the warranty period.

In addition to this, we have completed more than 1000 different amusement park projects in the whole world. Thus, you don’t have to question the quality of services at Sinorides.

To benefit our customers, we also plan to offer a limited discount offer at our different rides. Thus, you can get your demanded indoor rides for sale by saving your money.

Indoor Rides: The Complete FAQ Guide

Do you want to have fun in a conditioned environment?  Are you afraid of the winter chills or the hot-scorching summer sunrays?

Then it’s time to opt for indoor rides if you’re visiting the amusement park in your hood.

This ultimate FAQ guide gives you all the information you’ll need both as an indoor rides investor and a customer seeking to have fun at the local amusement park.

What Are Indoor Rides In An Amusement Park?

indoor rides for sale

Indoor rides in amusement parks

Indoor rides comprise a collection of in-house rides.

The rides will usually come in smaller sizes compared to those installed in outdoor amusement parks.

They’ll offer a variety of experiences compared to the large amusement parks.

Similarly, indoor parks will come in handy each time you want to have fun or entertainment in a special occasion.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Indoor Rides On My Amusement Park?

Indoor rides present a range of gains on the investor’s side that larger outdoor parks will never enjoy. Some of the benefits include:

All-year-round fun:

Unlike outdoor rides that’s influenced by weather changes, your indoor rides will open all year round as they’ll never suffer the effects of weather fluctuations.

Even though outdoor rides could suffer closures in times of lightning, thunderstorms and heavy winds, indoor rides will remain operational.

They’re affordable

Their small sizes make them very affordable as they’ll use fewer materials to manufacture.

You’ll get extra income on rentals

You needn’t confine them on your park.

You make rent part or the entire facility for clients with getaways, birthday parties, weddings, graduations and other special events.

What Are The Best Attractions To Include On My Indoor Rides?

indoor rides for sale

Attraction in indoor rides

It’s a tradition that indoor parks will be a bit smaller and with many restrictions compared to outdoor parks.

However, indoor rides compensate for this by offering a wide range of unique attractions that’re overlooked by large outdoor parks.

To compensate for these inadequacies, indoor rides amusement parks may incorporate these elements:

  • A range of rides
    • Kiddies
    • Family rides
    • Classic amusement parks
  • Prize redemption games
  • Arcade games
  • Unique lighting
  • Bounce houses
  • Cage mazes
  • Walk throughs
  • Haunted houses
  • Concessions
  • Refreshment bars

What Factors Will My Customers Consider When Visiting My Indoor Rides Park?

indoor rides for sale

Factors to consider before investing in indoor rides

Every customer has a place they’ll consider as ‘ideal’ for their recreational needs.

However, there’re a set of key elements that your clients will consider before they embrace your indoor rides park as their all-time recreational facility.

Here’s the list of factors that’ll always ring in your customers’ minds before they make this tough decision:

  • Security– Your customers will want a place where they’ll feel secure with their children
  • Entertainment– Your indoor rides must provide your customers with the sense of entertainment that they’re looking for
  • Personal amenities– Your indoor rides must avail access to essential personal amenities like toilets, first aid, and refreshments.
  • Accessibility– Ensure that your indoor rides park is accessible to city dwellers in all directions
  • Proximity to key social amenities– People will want to be associated with indoor rides that’s close to shopping centers, malls, grocery stores, a market, a school, and a place of prayer.
  • Cost– Nobody wants to blow the bank just because of taking their kids to your indoor rides; make the charges affordable
  • Parking – You’ll be at a greater advantage if your park will provide your clients with car parking spaces.

What Certifications Will I Need To Operate Indoor Rides?

Certifications to operate an indoor rides venture

Certifications to operate an indoor rides venture

Well, this question is a little bit subjective.

The certifications tend to vary with the jurisdiction.

While some countries will only require you to have a license from the local council, others will need professional certifications (particularly Western countries)

Other nations will impose demands for safety certifications from the regulatory agencies.

However, most countries will make it a requirement for indoor rides operators to have IAAPA certifications to operate seamlessly.

You may also need additional permits from the Department of Human Services if your indoor rides park will be serving food to your clients; this’ll ensure that your clients are only served standardized meals.

Why Should I Choose Sinorides As Indoor Rides Manufacturer For My Amusement Park?

indoor rides for sale

Why Sinorides should be your indoor rides manufacturer of choice

Sinorides is a professional amusement ride manufacturer which has beyond 28 years of experience in indoor rides manufacturing and exporting services.

Your indoor rides amusement park is safe and reliable if you choose Sinorides manufacturers as it’s fully certified by CE/BV/ISO/GOST/SGS and meets EN13814 standards

Sinorides provides free planning and design services for your indoor rides amusement park.

Quality and reliability will be key in your indoor amusement park as Sinorides uses international brand accessories.

Sinorides indoor amusement rides are easy to install; they provide installation videos, operation manuals and drawings.

Seasoned installation engineers will be sent to your site to help you fix your indoor amusement rides.

Sinorides will give you the necessary support in cases where you want to customize your indoor amusement rides appearance.

This video explains why Sinorides should be your indoor rides company of choice

What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying Indoor Rides For My Amusement Park?

Here’re the factors to consider when investing in indoor rides:

  1. Price- Only purchase indoor rides that’re within your financial ability
  2. Warranty – Be keen to purchase from a company that is willing to offer a warranty to justify your purchase.
  3. Safety of the indoor rides- Only buy the safest indoor rides as it’s crucial for the long-term sustainability of your amusement park.
  4. Reputation of the company you will buy your indoor rides from-.This will help you make an informed choice regarding your purchase.
  5. The level of fun associated with the indoor rides- Get indoor rides that offer the greatest fun (remember you only want to drive customers to your amusement park.

How Do I Ship My Indoor Rides From China?

Sea freights are the most effective way to transport your indoor rides from China to your warehouse.

Opt for a FCL If your purchase of indoor rides are large volumes to fill one container.

The LCL option will be useful if the purchase is don’t fill the entire container

FCL option offers lower prices per cubic meter, is more convenient, and assures high level of security with minimal damages as there is minimal handling

How Will I Make My Indoor Rides A Profitable Investment For My Amusement Park?

Theme Park Ride Shipping

Shipping your indoor rides

You only need to embrace creativity to make your indoor rides business a profitable venture.

Here’s a list of things you may engage in to reap the most out of your indoor rides venture:

  • Reduce customer wait-times- Don’t let your clients to overstay on queues; you may adopt a booking system or multiple check-in systems to reduce congestions
  • Make them attractive- Make your indoor rides attractive with hues, automations and a variety of rides if you want to attract more customers and get the most out of the venture
  • Use modern technologies- From artificial intelligence and augmented reality to virtual realities and robotics, your indoor rides can be the talk of town
  • Get a strategic location- Install your indoor rides in areas with traffic; choose locations next to shopping malls, places of worship, markets, recreation parks etc.
  • Install a parking lot
  • Make it as secure as humanly possible

How Do I Avoid Mechanical Failures In Indoor Rides?

indoor rides for sale

Avoiding mechanical failures in indoor rides

You must always be aware that your indoor rides are machines and may be faced with mechanical failures if they’re not well operated.

This list may come in handy if you want to eliminate mechanical failures on your set of indoor rides:

  • Ensure that they’re properly operated- Getting a trained staff to operate the indoor rides could help a great deal
  • Perform routine maintenances- Track the indoor rides and ensure that they’re serviced according to your schedule
  • Avoid too much preventative maintenance practices- Putting your hands on the indoor rides for far too long in the name of preventative maintenance could make them more vulnerable.
  • Monitor your indoor rides more frequently- Ensure that you spare at least two days a week to check the condition of your indoor rides

Who Will Install The Indoor Rides I Will Import From China?

The installation process can be hectic particularly if you lack the technical know-how.

However, most of the Chinse indoor rides manufacturers will work hard to ensure that you have a seamless flow in the installation process.

Here’s how they’ll relieve you from the installation burdens:

  • Most of the indoor rides will come with installation guides and manuals that’ll take you through the whole process
  • The manufacturer may call you for a site visit to see how the indoor rides are installed
  • They’ll connect you with their regional agents wo will guide you through the installation process with little or no extra costs
  • They’ll give you 24/7 online support to see that you’ve installed the indoor rides correctly
  • You may access the installation videos online on sites like YouTube

What Is The Cost Of Importing Indoor Rides From China?

indoor rides for sale

Indoor rides importation costs

Well, the answer to this question is a bit relative.

There’re a number of factors that’ll determine the cost of importing your indoor rides from China

Some of which include:

  • The supplier- Middlemen are most likely to charge you expensively than manufacturers
  • Distance between the port and the manufacturer’s premises- The closer your supplier is located to the port, the cheaper the charges will be
  • Quality of the indoor rides- It’s near-obvious that you’ll spend an extra coin for premium quality indoor rides than standard and low-quality ones
  • Your country- Different countries tend to impose varied levies on imports. In essence, levies may increase the cost of the indoor ride by over 20%

Generally, there’s no fixed price for indoor rides because of the factors above; however, you may get an instant quote here.

Why Choose Indoor Rides Over Outdoor Rides As An Investor?

I know you’re running a debate on whether you should settle for a set of indoor rides or go for the traditional outdoor rides.

You’re not wrong as the question makes a lot of sense.

You MUST settle for a set of indoor rides if you meet these conditions:

  • If your amusement park is located in an area with adverse weather conditions- To protect your clients from thunderstorms, hailstones, rains, winds etc.
  • If you’re operating with limited space
  • If you’re a tech lover who wants your clients to benefit from your blast of innovations
  • If you’ve spared a limited budget for your staffing needs
  • If you want to have total control of the number of clients in the park per turn.


How Do I Make My Indoor Rides A Sustainable Venture?

Here’re the strategies to run a sustainable indoor rides venture like a pro:

  • Encourage your customers to adopt reusable water bottles
  • Plant trees around your premises
  • Introduce custom Hyflux water dispenses near the indoor rides
  • Make nature part of your guest experience
  • Eliminate plastic bag carriers for all purchases made
  • Offer biodegradable options
  • Harness solar energy to power your indoor rides
  • Have effective waste disposal systems
  • Emphasize on creating value proposition

How Do I Find Reliable Indoor Rides Suppliers And Manufacturers In China?

Finding reliable indoor rides suppliers

Finding reliable indoor rides suppliers

China has become a global marketplace.

Here are the places to find reliable indoor rides suppliers:

  • Local trade shows-This list of local trade shows across the globe will help you
  • Online trade sites like
  • Check with
  • Visit a verified supplier directory like SaleHoo
  • Take a visit to the manufacturers and marketplaces in China
  • Visit global manufacturing marketplaces like
  • Attend the Canton Fair
  • Check sites like Baidu

What Are The Must-Have Indoor Rides For My Amusement Park Business?

indoor rides for sale

Must-haves for your indoor rides

Your indoor rides need to present your customers with a combination of value for every coin invested, fun and comfort.

You need to treat these indoor rides elements as a must-have when planning your amusement park:

  • A number of dark rides
  • Flat rides
    • Scrambler
    • Tilt-a-whirl
    • Gravitons
    • Flying bobs
    • Spinning tea cups
    • A round up
    • Dumbo the flying elephant type of rides
  • VR rides
  • 4D rides
  • Simulator rides
  • Pendulum rides
  • Water rides
  • Drop tower rides
  • Flying theatre rides

Why Will I Need Qualified Staff When Operating My Indoor Rides Venture?

indoor rides for sale

The importance of qualified staff

Always be aware that the success of your indoor rides business will greatly rely on the quality of staff in your portfolio.

Here’re the reasons to consider qualified employees for your indoor rides business

  • You’ll save the time and resources required to train the employees- Hiring the wrong person will cost you more than the attributed monetary investments.
  • Qualified employees will offer high-notch customer service
  • They’re most likely to take ownership of the indoor rides business and foster growth
  • Hiring qualified employees with the right mindset will lower your turnover costs
  • You’ll benefit from increased team building and morale

Why Should I Use Concrete When Constructing The Ground For My Indoor Rides?

You need a material that’ll give your set of indoor rides maximum safety and life length.

Here’re the reasons why concrete will always be the #1 material for the construction of your indoor rides ground:

  • Concrete is durable- Your indoor rides will be built to last if you adopt concrete as your construction material
  • Concrete floorings tend to gain strength over time
  • They’re very economical for your indoor rides
  • You’re most likely to benefit from optimal energy performance by choosing concrete for your flooring activities
  • Concrete is very safe, secure and healthy for your indoor rides customers

How Can I Increase The Aesthetic Appeal Of My Indoor Rides?

indoor rides for sale

Increasing the aesthetic appeal of indoor rides

Nobody wants to spend time in a boring place-work had to ensure that your set of indoor rides remain as interesting as you can.

These strategies will come in handy if you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your indoor rides:

Reduce crowding– Be organized, use online booking and payment systems to control crowds

Go green– Your clients will always want to be associated with a clean environment full of nature

Increase the variety of rides– Give them more than they need; spoil them with variety

Be receptive to new ideas– This’ll help you remain adept to the prevailing market trends

Make technology a close friend– We are in the digital era; don’t be left behind

Offer enticing promos– Promos will make you serve more clients than you can handle

What Insurance Policies Will Work Best For My Indoor Rides Business?

Insurance policies for indoor rides ventures

Insurance policies for indoor rides ventures

You must be aware that you’ll be dealing with people and property that face the risks of accidents, incidents and injuries.

Insurance will be the vehicle that’ll cushion you from all dangers just in case things don’t operate the way you thought.

These insurance policies may come in handy when you start running your indoor rides:

  • Recreational insurance- General liability insurance covering property damages and injuries resulting from the indoor rides operations.
  • General liability insurance
  • Conversion insurance- It’ll protect your indoor rides business from theft by clients
  • Business income insurance- It will cover loss of products and equipment due to damages
  • Workers compensation insurance- It’ll protect your employees in case of injuries at work
  • Commercial property insurance- Covers the cost of repairing/ replacing your indoor rides in case of a fire or natural disaster
  • Cyber liability insurance- Covers all forms of cyber attacks

What Safety Measures Should I Adopt When Investing In An Indoor Rides Business?

indoor rides for sale

Safety in indoor rides

Safety is key in an indoor rides business.

Here’re the safety measures you must embrace when investing in a set of indoor rides:

  • Educate everyone on the importance of following rules
  • Stay hydrated and refueled
  • Be watchful
  • Wear appropriately
  • Always maintain contact with children and caregivers’
  • Adhere to the height limits set for individual indoor rides
  • Never undermine the responsibility of the machine operator
  • Always respect the power of water in any ride
  • Don’t visit the restricted areas of the indoor rides park
  • The park must have as many first aid kits placed in strategic places as possible
  • The more adults on the indoor rides park the better.
  • Children should be tagged with contact numbers

How Will I Increase My Customers’ Experiences After Installing My Indoor Rides?

Your indoor rides venture is a business just like the others.

Always treat customers as the bloodline of your indoor rides business.

These strategies will come in handy any time you want to enhance customer experience in your indoor rides park business:

  1. Understand who your customer segments are
  2. Embrace a platform that’ll allow your clients to interact with you and your staff
  • Use brand ambassadors
  1. Create a sense of emotional connection with your clients
  2. Have a system that’ll capture and respond to customer feedbacks in real time
  3. Embrace a quality framework meant to foster team development

What Are The Current Trends In The Indoor Rides Market?

The post 2020-era has experienced massive changes which oblige all forms of enterprises to change their operations with effective speed.

Here’re the trends that’ll drive the indoor rides business in the post 2020 period:

  • Altered business models- Business goals in indoor rides will be altered from attracting as many customers as possible to the adoption of premium, exclusive luxury pricing models.
  • Dynamic pricing mechanisms
  • Changes in customer-employee interactions
  • Gamification
  • Augmented reality
  • DIY experiences
  • Increased use of touchless technology
  • Increased development of It infrastructure

What Are The Most Efficient Ways Of Dealing With Indoor Rides Customers In The COVID-19 Era?

Dealing with indoor rides customers in the COVID-19 era

Don’t make your indoor rides a COVID-19 transmission zone.

Here’s how to handle your clients in this era:

  • Be proactive with the COVID-19 policies and expectations you’ve set at your park
  • Remain empathetic and transparent in your communication
  • Never point figures at customers who remain adamant about adhering to the regulations
  • Give your clients alternative solutions
  • Have your limits and never pass them
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