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Sinorides Offer A One-stop Solution From Kiddie Rides Design To Rides Installation For Your Children Amusement Park Business.

Sinorides has Exported To Over 120 Countries and Trusted By 2396+ Amusement Parksand Theme Parks.

Sinorides Kiddie Rides for sale are Certified By CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS and your Kiddie Rides will be Safe & Reliable.

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There are over 100+ types of kiddie amusement & carnival rides for sale from Sinorides. You can increase your park ticket sales by the quality kiddie rides for sale here. All of Sinorides Kiddie Rides will receive the empty and full load test to enusre there’s no technical problems. You can contact Sinorides if you don’t find a suitable type of kiddie rides here and we can send you more types to check. Sinorides can customize the style of kiddie rides per your requirements.

Undoubtedly, there are many kiddie rides manufacturers out there in China, but Sinorides still leads the race with an experience of more than 28 years in manufacturing different kid’s rides. We offer a never-ending versatility of the kiddie rides for sale at pretty reasonable prices.

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Kiddie Rides for Sale Project

Sinorides has 28+ Years of Kiddie Rides Manufacturing Experience and has Exported To Over 120 Countries, Trusted By 2396+ Amusement Parks‎ and Theme Parks.

For example, Snober Land is in Constantine, James World is in Nepal, Fun Vally is in Myanmar, and Kabul Baby Boom Boom is in Israel.

Sinorides sells more than 1,000 sets of Kiddie Roller Coaster, kiddie Ferris wheel, Merry Go Round Kiddie Ride, Kiddie Train, Carousel Kiddie Ride, kiddie bumper cars every year.

Sinorides Kiddie Rides Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

kiddie plane ride
Sinorides can also offer you the Kiddie Rides Design and park design layout if you don’t know how to design a theme park.
Kiddie Ride
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Kiddie Rides appearance more smooth.
Kiddie Amusement Rides (7)
High grade material to ensure your Kiddie Rides running safely.
Kiddie Ride
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Kiddie Rides good status.
Kiddie Ferris wheel ride
The significant parts of the Kiddie Rides are the pulley, track, brake, and platform.
Kiddie Rides Welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Kiddie Rides steel structure.

bumper cars drawing

Sinorides carousel rides technical drawing

Please contact Sinorides to get the full Kiddie Rides Technical Drawing.

kiddie rides

kiddie plane ride

theme park design

Sinorides is Reliable Kiddie Rides Manufacturer

You can always trust Sinorides when sourcing kiddie rides and thrill rides as well as family rides in China.

Sinorides has the latest manufacturing equipment and skillful workers to produce your kiddie rides.

You can save a lot of money while getting the reliable kiddie rides from Sinorides.

We consider the safety of your riders as our top priority. That is why we have made sure to combine all our services with different safety and quality certificates, including CE, BV, and GOST. Some of our safety certificates also include some options issued by ISO.

The installation and maintenance services are included in some of our expertise. You don’t have to roam everywhere to maintain or repair the damaged parts of your ride. We are always ready to help you out with every problem.

We have skilled workers who have a profound idea about the damaged or nonfunctional parts of almost all types of kiddie rides. That is why we are also known as a kiddie ride factory.

All kiddie amusement rides for sale Sinorides undergo a detailed inspection before they are issued into the market. Thus, you don’t have to bother about the quality and functioning of our manufactured rises.

The kiddie carousel at our place is available with different lightings to amuse the kids in the best ways. So, you can decorate your amusement park after ordering the highest quality kiddie rides for sale from Sinorides.

We also offer the most demanding type of China motorbike kiddie ride that hooks the kids to your park.

Sinorides will do the great package for your kiddie rides when delivering and work with reliable international forwarder to ensure you receive your kiddie rides in good status.

You can ask Sinorides support team any questions regarding kiddie rides and park design issue, we will answer you promptly.

Sinorides is professional in kiddie rides manufacturing and installation & maintenance theme park rides. You can also let Sinorides design your park if you need.

Just contact us to get the best kiddie rides price now!

Kiddie Rides – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for kiddie rides for your park or an amusement center? Or are you planning on entering the kids’ amusement rides business and do not know from where to get started?

Are you looking for guidance to help you make smart decisions regarding the kiddie ride business?

Do you need assistance setting-up kiddie rides in carnivals?

This FAQ guide is for you. We have compiled a comprehensive article to help you get an insight into the kiddie ride business to help you figure out what works best for you.

Kiddie Carnival Rides

How Do You Choose Kiddie Rides For Your Business?

If you are running a family-friendly business, it is always a great idea to install kiddie rides to attract young customers.

It is a great way to add an income stream to your existing business.

While choosing a kiddie ride for your business, please consider the following:

Install a kiddie ride that features a popular cartoon character to attract kids.

Choose a kiddie ride that offers attractive music and lights.

Choose designs that feature fun factors like talking birds and swinging animals.

Make sure that the kiddie rides appear good in condition and are inspected for safety.

As customers are young kids, choose kiddie rides that offer cashless payment methods.

Sinorides Algeria Amusement Park Project

Kiddie Ride Business

Where Can You Install Kiddie Rides Other Than Parks?

Nowadays, almost any place that welcomes families is a great venue to install a kiddie ride. With the ever-increasing demand for entertainment, kiddie ride installation makes any business “kid-friendly” and more appealing.

Other than amusement and theme parks, many other venues are ideal for kiddie ride installation.

These can be installed in shopping malls, arcades, hotel game rooms, supermarkets, and outside departmental stores, etc.

Moreover, these can also be installed in restaurants, grocery shops, food courts, daycare centers, auto dealerships, and even in high-end entertainment centers.

Kiddie Ride Places

Kiddie Ride Places

Where Can You Buy Kiddie Rides For Your Business?

Since kiddie rides are comparatively smaller structures, these are readily available in almost every developing country of the world.

Many amusement ride manufacturers provide kiddie rides as well. Even smaller firms deal in manufacturing and supplying kiddie rides as well as their spare parts.

All you need to do is get in touch with their sales representative and ask for a quotation for your selected kiddie rides.

The team gets back to you after your request is processed and you are required to submit additional details.

Kiddie Train Ride

Kiddie Ride Buy

Which Kiddie Rides Should You Install For 2-5-year-old Kids?

When it comes to buying kiddie rides for 2-5-year-old kids, you have a lot of options to choose from.

You choose rides that can safely accommodate a 2-5-year-old like:
• Dodgem cars
• Swinging bees
• Base rides
• Teeter Totter rides
• Video game hybrid rides

There are those types that can accommodate guardians as well. For example:
• Track rides (trains, coasters)
• Miniature Ferris Wheel rides
• Carousel Rides
• Hydraulic Rides
• Teacups

Kiddie Rides For Sale

Kiddie Ride Age

How Do You Pay the Freight Forwarder For Your Kiddie Rides?

Kiddie rides are not very bulky structures as compared to conventional high-end amusement rides. So it is relatively easy to ship them via ocean.

You need to pay some money in advance when you book a freight forwarder for your kiddie rides.

When the container has arrived at your country port, it is usually kept in a warehouse nearby. If you are picking your shipment yourself, you need to pay dues to the freight forwarder like ocean freight cost and other surcharges.

When you have paid such initial dues, confirm with them the location of the warehouse and also the “tracking ID” or “cargo control number” to locate your container in the warehouse.

Kiddie Ride Freight

Kiddie Ride Freight

Do You Need Operators For Kiddie Rides At Your Park?

That depends on the type of kiddie ride.

Yes, many kiddie rides that have a lot of moving components and seating capacity do require an operator for safe and correct operation.

Kiddie rides like trains, miniature Ferris wheel, carousels, flying elephants, etc. require an operator to operate them for a scheduled period.

On the other hand, there are kiddie rides that are “coin-operated” and hence do not require an operator.

For example, moving horses, motorbikes, cars, see-saw, etc. are coin-operated.

Your customers use the purchased coins to start a ride, the swinging or moving experience lasts for a scheduled amount of time.

Kiddie Ride Coin

Kiddie Ride Coin

What Type Of Kiddie Rides Should You Buy For Your Business?

That depends on the available space you have, your desired theme, and your budget.

If you own small space in a shopping mall, you should choose “one rider” kiddie rides. They take up to 5’ x 5’ of area.

Installing multiple kiddie rides in such a space can add additional revenue to your business.

If you are an owner of a large entertainment hub for kids or an amusement park, a bowling alley, convenience store, etc. you can buy larger rides like trains, carousels, miniature Ferris wheels, dodgem cars, etc.

They take up to 20’ x 20’ area and cost up to 40K USD on average to build.

If you own a video game center, you can buy a mini basketball court, fun driving games, video game hybrid kiddie rides. They take 3’x3’ of the area on average and generally run from $3K-$9K.

What Is The Weight Limit For Kiddie Rides?

That depends upon the kiddie ride in question. Different rides have different weight limits and they must be strictly observed to ensure the safety of the ride as well as the young rider.

Many one rider kiddie rides offer a weight limit of 20kg-50kg. These are tested for more than 80Kgs normally but going beyond that would endanger the wellbeing of the rider.

Many mini cars offer a weight limit of 50 Kgs to operate without a problem. But beyond that, the battery is overloaded and can no longer power the ride smoothly.

Moreover, the axle starts bending beyond repairing limits.

Bigger kiddie rides such as train tracks offer a seating capacity of 30-40 children, hence a weight limit of over 200kgs.

Going over the weight limit is highly dangerous and must be checked by the operator before starting the ride.

How Do You Pay The Customs After Your Kiddie Rides Are Shipped To Your Port?

You are required to fill out a form and paying the customs duty before you are allowed to receive your kiddie rides.

When kiddie rides are shipped by the manufacturer to your country, paying for customs is crucial since every country has to keep a record of the goods entering its borders.

You need to fill out a “customs declaration form” for your kiddie park rides.

You can also hire a customs broker to deal with the customs for you. They are going to charge you and handle all the paperwork on your behalf.

Most freight forwarders also offer custom brokers for extra charges. Once you have cleared the customs, they notify the warehouse to release your kiddie park rides container.

Merry Go Round Kiddie Ride

Kiddie Ride Custom

How Much Time Is Required To Ship Kiddie Rides?

The shipping time depends on the load weight and your location.

Once your kiddie park rides are manufactured, your manufacturer handles the shipping for you.

You can hire a freight forwarder to ship the kiddie rides for you. Since kiddie rides do not occupy a lot of space, one container is enough for an average-sized amusement center.

Since you are shipping a container, it has to be via the ocean. It normally takes 30-40 days via the ocean.
Certain circumstances, for example, weather conditions, slower ship movement to save fuel, port congestion, custom delays, port policies, etc. add extra time.

Kiddie Ride Ship

Kiddie Ride Ship

What Is The Shipping Cost For Kiddie Rides From China To The USA?

The costs may vary depending upon the weight, your selected transit method, and port policies in your country.

Once you have your kiddie rides manufactured, the ocean becomes the cheapest shipment method.

To ship 6-10 average-sized kiddie rides, a full load container (FCL) is the best option. For a 20ft container and 5000kg load, you are most likely to spend anywhere from 2k USD to 5K USD.

Other than base costs offered by the freight forwarder, there are additional costs as well. For example:
• Dock Fees: That ranges anywhere between $50-$100
• Freight Forwarder Administration Fee: Ranging from $75-$200.
• Security Fee: Normally $50-$100 (Full Container Loads).
• Customs Clearance Fee: $100-$200 (plus applicable duties/taxes of your country)
• Final Truck Transportation from the bonded warehouse to your doorstep: $200+

Kiddie Ride Port

Kiddie Ride Port

Which Shipping Plan Works Best With Kiddie Rides Shipping?

Once the total weight of any shipment becomes more than 500kg, ocean freight is the cheapest option. If your manufacturer has to ship your kiddie rides from across the continent, you should choose shipping via ocean for many reasons.

One reason is that Ocean freight offers more capacity and value – one container can hold 8-10 average-sized kiddie rides. The heavy payload is delivered in one trip so you don’t have to wait for shipping in intervals.

If no ocean route is available between your manufacturer and your country, you should consider shipping via railway.

Rail transit has benefits when you are shipping in bulk. The average cost of rail transit for 1 ton is 95$ which makes it cheaper than any other form of transportation via land.

How Can You Install Temporary Kiddie Rides In The Carnival?

Installation of kiddie rides in carnivals is always subjected to approval from local government bodies.
You need to follow the guidelines provided by the authorities.

Installation of kiddie rides in a carnival is done in the following steps:

First, you need to get the design approval. Before starting any installation of fixed or mobile kiddie rides you are required to demonstrate, with proper supporting documents, the efficiency of the body as well as safety-related equipment of the kiddie ride.

You need to submit a design document for every kiddie ride in which all electrical and mechanical designs are stated as well as the operation procedures.

After that, you are required to obtain a permit before you install a kiddie ride in a carnival.

Kiddie Carnival Rides

What Is A Design Document Of A Kiddie Ride?

A design document of a kiddie ride is a user manual provided by the manufacturer. It contains vital information about the kiddie ride. It includes the following:

• Details of designing manufacturer, serial number, model number, date of manufacture
• Motor/battery power ratings
• Duration of an average ride cycle
• Number of riders allowed on the kiddie ride
• Maximum weight limit
• Height and age limits
• Description of construction and operation
• Details of kiddie ride’s motion and maximum speed
• A comprehensive list of subsystems of the kiddie ride
• Details about passenger containment
• Details of signaling and communication devices
• Means of braking and stopping
• Operation details and emergency procedures.
• Outline of warning notices
• Quality assurance details

kiddie ferris wheel

Kiddie Ride Joy

How to get a permit to operate a kiddie ride in a carnival after installation?

After the kiddie ride is properly installed and before being opened for use by the public, you need to get the permit from the government office of the state.

For that, you need to demonstrate the following:

• Manuals with all relevant details covering all the daily operational procedures and maintenance issues to be carried out by your staff, as well as handling emergencies.
• A state-nominated surveyor carries out the detailed inspection of the kiddie ride. The surveyor performs all the crucial safety checks to ensure that the kiddie ride is safe to operate.
• You need to nominate a competent person responsible for the management and safe operation of the kiddie ride.
• You fill an online form provided by the state and apply for the permit.
• Your application is reviewed and state authorities get back to you with a confirmation.

Kiddie Rides For Sale

Kiddie Ride Place

Do Manufacturers Do Periodic Inspections Of The Kiddie Rides After Delivery?

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Ride Sales

Once the kiddie rides are delivered to you, the manufacturer provides a user manual that includes all the structural and operation details.

The manufacturer is responsible for the commissioning and initial safety checks upon the first run.

After that, you are responsible for the routine inspection and periodic maintenance of the kiddie rides.
Kiddie rides, unlike large amusement rides, are smaller structures and are comparatively easy to maintain.

Every possible troubleshooting is normally listed in the user manual. If the kiddie ride is under warranty, you can enjoy free maintenance and part replacement.

After that, if you need a manufacturer to dispatch a team for your assistance, you need to pay for that.

What Happens To The Kiddie Rides In The Rain And Bad Weather?

Kiddie Rides For Sale

Kiddie Ride Rain

Kiddie rides in parks and entertainment centers are mostly indoors so heavy rain will not affect them.

Some outdoor rides like a miniature Ferris wheel, mini train, etc. are shut down in bad weather.

Mostly the surfaces of kiddie rides are plastic and metal parts are covered in paints, but you need to look for small cracks in the paint layer to avoid corrosion due to moisture.

Outdoor kiddie rides can withstand normal downpours, but in case of lightning and heavy winds, it is always advised to cover moving parts of machinery to keep rust at bay.

What Is The Procedure To Buy Kiddie Rides In Bulk?

Kiddie Carnival Rides

Kiddie Ride Bulk

After you have listed your requirements and have decided which kiddie ride designs you are going to buy, the remaining process can be classified into the following phases:

• You get in touch with the sales team of the manufacturer and collect all the information regarding the designs, payment and shipping methods, etc. and place the order.
• Your order is processed by the team and they get back to you with confirmation and additional details.
• You collect all the relevant documents asked by the manufacturer and create a contract
• You pay 30% of the payment in advance.
• Kiddie ride manufacturer confirms and processes your order.
• The manufacturing of the kiddie rides start.
• The manufacturer gets back to you once the process of manufacturing is complete.
• You provide all the shipping details to the manufacturer and pay the remaining 70%.
• The manufacturer ships the order to your desired location.
• You inspect the kiddie rides once they are delivered and confirm that you have received your goods.

What To Do If A Kiddie Ride Needs A Spare Part?

rides parts

Kiddie Ride Part

Kiddie rides are relatively less complicated machines and their spare parts, for example, batteries, lights, motors, compressors, gearboxes, etc. are readily available across local entertainment equipment dealerships.

If the part is only available at the manufacturing factory, for example, engine, motherboard, hydraulic system, etc., you need to get in touch with the sales team over a phone call or via email.

You submit your query, the sales team contacts the manufacturing unit to confirm the availability of the parts needed.

The team gets back to you for you to confirm your order and the part is shipped right away.

Can You Adjust The Power Consumption For A Kiddie Ride For Better Performance?

 Kiddie Ride Power

Kiddie Ride Power

A standard 110-120 volt electrical outlet is enough to power an average-sized kiddie ride.

A typical ride draws about 4-6 amps of power at startup, and the amps drop to 3-4 under operation.
The kiddie rides are optimized by the manufacturer to run under strict voltage and resistance conditions.

You should never tamper with the electrical circuits and power lines of the kiddie ride.

Not only it voids the warranty of the kiddie ride, but it puts the kiddie ride at a higher risk of the short circuit also.

What Is The Power Consumption Of An Average-Sized Kiddie Ride?

Kiddie Amusement Rides (7)

Kiddie Ride Child

The electricity consumption of one of the average-sized kiddie rides is very low.

A kiddie ride uses approximately 5-7 amps. On average; a smaller kiddie ride like a claw grabber machine uses 2-3 amps.

It is the same as powering a home computer. Some coin-operated kiddie rides are battery-operated, hence they consume lesser power.

A big-size kiddie ride, for example, a carousel ride or a mini train uses about 10-15 amps of current supplied by 120VAC that is converted to 24VDC to power the train.

The rail tracks are positively and negatively charged by 24 VDC to power the train.

Which Certifications Should You Look For While Choosing The Manufacture For Kids’ Rides?

Kiddie Rides Welding

Kiddie Ride Safe

Different private and public firms issue certifications to kiddie rides manufacturers.

These certifications are different for each category, for example, for structure compliance, mechanical safety, electrical safety, safe operation, maximum load test, welding joint strengths, etc.

Your kiddie park ride manufacturer should be certified by well-credited firms like:

• AIMS (Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers)
• IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)
• BV (Bureau Veritas)
• CE Certification
• TUV Certification
• SC Certification
• UCS Certification

How Much Time Does It Take To Install A Kiddie Ride Once Delivered?

kiddie carousel for sale

Kiddie Ride Work

Kiddie rides are smaller in size. An average-sized one rider kiddie rides take 1-2 hours to install and commission.

You need to connect the power supply and perform the initial commissioning as described in the user instruction manual.

It is like setting up a home computer, no complex calculations are needed for smaller coin-operated kiddie rides.

Large and bulky kiddie rides that need to be erected can take up to weeks to assemble and commission.

Miniature Ferris wheel, mini train, jumping frogs, swinging elephants, etc. all require a stable base and platform before you start assembling all the moving components.

The manufacturers are responsible for the construction of the base and erection of supporting beams in case of heavy kiddie rides.

How Do You Choose The Best Kiddie Rides Manufacturer?

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Ride Manufacturer

You need to do market research and narrow it down to the designs you want to purchase.

After that, you start looking for the best option when it comes to choosing your manufacturer.

This step is crucial as your reputation depends on it.

While you are selecting a theme park ride manufacturer in China, consider the following points:

• The kiddie ride manufacturer follows the highest standards of safety while manufacturing the rides to ensure the safety of young riders.
• The kiddie manufacturer provides high-quality and innovative products and provides affordable shipping options.
• The kiddie ride manufacturer offers affordable prices and market competitive services.
• The kiddie ride manufacturer offers additional services like installation, technical support, multiple modes of payment, etc.

What Are The Main Components Of A Kiddie Ride?

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Ride Base

Different moving parts and assemblies constitute a kiddie ride.

There are several electrical parts as well that includes lights and speakers. The base contains:

• 12V-24V electric motor/battery
• Bearings and shafts
• Compressors and hydraulics
• Mechanical cranking system
• Timer unit.
• Solid-state relay
• Lighting unit
• Power supply unit
• Pistons and cylinders
• Gearboxes

The toy fixed over the base of the kiddie ride contains:
• Coin mechanism (mechanical or electrical)
• Cashbox

Do Kiddie Rides Come With A Warranty?

Sinorides Operator Training

Kiddie Ride Warranty

Almost all manufacturers provide 2 years of warranty for the kiddie rides from the date of acceptance of inspection.

Mostly the warranty covers the individual parts rather than the kiddie ride as a whole. Many parts that are covered under warranty are battery, motor, compressor, light and sound system, piston, pump, hydraulics, etc.

Damage to the surfaces is usually not covered under warranty. Within 2 years after installation, you can enjoy free part replacement, technical assistance, maintenance services, and repairs.

After that, you need to pay for each service as mentioned in the contract.

You are asked to provide the invoices and warranty vouchers before your claim is processed.

Can You Ask The Manufacturer To Add Extra Features To The Kiddie Ride?

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Ride Features

Many competitive kiddie ride manufacturers provide several designs for you to choose from.

Kiddie rides can be manufactured in an unlimited number of designs and variations. Many manufacturers offer custom designs as well.

You can choose additional features like enhanced sound system, certain lights, custom ride body or theme-based design, bigger sizes, larger batteries, etc.

You get in touch with the sales team and pen down all your requirements. The sales team forwards your requirements to the design team for feasibility testing.

Once confirmed, the sales team gets back to you with confirmation and additional cost details.

How To Operate The Kiddie Rides?

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Ride Work

Mostly small kiddie rides like moving horse, racing bike, etc. are coin-operated and do not need a dedicated operator to operate them.

You simply insert a coin and the kiddie ride starts for a scheduled time.

Bigger kiddie rides like dodgem cars, carousels, mini Ferris wheels, trains, teacups, etc. require an operator.

Your staff must be trained and tested before they are allowed to operate kiddie rides. They must strictly stick to the instructions given in the user manual.

Your operator must be trained for the following:

• Basic operation procedures
• Safety procedures.
• Emergency procedures.
• Basic troubleshooting and maintenance.
• Secure seating, tight latching of the seat belts.
• Emergency braking/stopping methods.

How Should You Select A Site For Kiddie Ride Installation?

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Ride Site

You should adopt caution while sitting your kiddie rides since your customers are little kids who are prone to careless behaviors.

You should never use a ground that is uneven or has a slope where it is dangerous to operate a kiddie ride.

There should be adequate clearance around the kiddie ride and slow-moving parts of kiddie rides should be regarded as fixed parts.

You should never operate a kiddie ride in adverse weather conditions.

Access for fire appliances to fire hydrants should not be obstructed so that immediate action can be taken if there appears any fire hazard.

How To Perform Test Operation Of Kiddie Rides?

Kiddie Ride Coin

Kiddie Ride Coin

After the kiddie ride is properly installed, you should always perform a test operation of the ride to ensure smooth and safe operation.

Usually, kiddie rides are fully automatic in operation once power is applied.

With power applied, usually external lights start flashing to ensure energized ride.

The kiddie ride takes up to 5-10 seconds to fully power up and perform internal circuit checks.

If the kiddie ride is coin-operated, insert a coin and press the start button. Usually, coin-operated rides run for approximately 100 seconds.

Some kiddie rides do not have a start button and they start running as soon as the coin is inserted.

If the kiddie ride does not operate correctly, consult the troubleshooting section in the user manual.

How To Perform Daily Safety Checks Of The Kiddie Rides?

 Kiddie Ride Daily

Kiddie Ride Daily

It is usually recommended to perform the following inspection checks daily.

• Visually inspect the main plug for external damages. It should be firmly attached to the main cable.
• Check that the main power line is undamaged. There should be no damaged insulation.
• Check the kiddie ride body for external damages and broken parts that may cause injury.
• Check that all protective covering is in place and guards are secure.
• Check that the kiddie ride is properly secured in place by applying pressure on it.
• Check that the safety equipment is working correctly and kiddie rides are safe to operate.

How To Maintain The Body Of The Kiddie Rides?

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Ride Body

The surfaces of the kiddie ride appear shiny as they are usually made up of self-colored GRP.

That means that the color will stay forever. But the body of the kiddie ride starts to fade with time. You can maintain the glossy finish with the following instruction:

• Wash the body of the kiddie rides with hot soapy water daily and polish it with silicone-based polish to improve the appearance.
• If there are shallow scratches on the body, they can be removed by a “cutting” type of polish.
• Deep scratches on the surface of the kiddie ride can be removed by using wet/dry sandpaper/ finishing paper and plenty of water. Usually, scratches can be treated with 1000 grit paper. Although deeper scratches may require 600 or 400 grit paper.
• After using the sandpaper, the surface appears dull and grey. To restore the gloss, you should use a high-speed buffing wheel and “cutting” polish,

How To Do Fault Diagnosis Of Coin Box Of Kiddie Rides?

Kiddie Ride Box

Kiddie Ride Box

The coin box is a crucial component of a kiddie ride and you must ensure the smooth and safe working of the coin box.

You should follow the given steps to ensure the correct working of the coin box.

• Insert coin and see whether it is accepted or not.
• If the coin is rejected, unlock and take out the coin mechanism from the kiddie ride. Clear the blockages and ensure working mechanical structure.
• If the coin is accepted and the kiddie ride does not start, check the power supply of the base unit. Check if the plug is tight and secure. Check the fuse.
• If the kiddie ride is still not operating, consult a service engineer.

What Is The Basic Procedure Of Operation And Testing Of A Kiddie Ride?

Kiddie Roller Coaster

Kiddie Ride Test

A passenger-carrying ride should never be used by kids unless a certificate after initial testing is obtained ensuring that the kiddie ride is safe to operate.

Every kiddie ride should be thoroughly examined along with the interior parts at least once a year.

The appointed person checking the ride should be qualified and competent with adequate experience and knowledge of safety assessment and moving parts of the kiddie ride.

The appointed person should demonstrate a high sense of safety and technical knowledge of stresses, loadings, and fatigue to determine the extent of permissible wear.

How To Do A Mechanical Inspection Of The Kiddie Rides?

 Kiddie Ride Caution

Kiddie Ride Caution

To perform a mechanical examination of a kiddie ride, you should follow the given steps:

• Remove the external covers and guard casings to allow a thorough examination of the interior and all the moving parts.
• Check that all nuts and bolts are tight and secure with washers and springs.
• Check and make sure that all bearings are in good condition and lubricated.
• Check that the lubrication oil levels are adequate.
• Make sure that couplings and drive belts appear good and the seals are secure.
• Check the passenger restraints for the safety of the kiddie rides.

How To Do An Electrical Inspection Of The Kiddie Rides?

Kiddie Ride Electrical

Kiddie Ride Electrical

To perform an electrical examination of a kiddie ride, you should follow the given steps:

• Remove all the external covers of the kiddie rides to have a clear view of the wiring.
• Check that plugs are not damaged and connections are secure.
• Check all the terminals and cables for damping and corrosion.
• Check that all metal parts of the body of the kiddie ride that may come in contact with energized circuit are properly earthed.
• Check that the metal parts that are part of SELV (safety extra voltage) are not grounded.
• Insulations are not damaged and wire connections are tight and secure.

What Are Your Duties As A Kiddie Ride Owner?

Kiddie Ride Owner

Kiddie Ride Owner

As an owner, you are responsible for the safety of the kiddie rides and the riders as your reputation and the wellbeing of your customers depend on it.

You should take extra care with everything as your customers are juveniles. You should:

• Provide and display warnings and notices specifying prohibited behaviors, number of passengers, and weight permitted in each kiddie ride in operation.
• Arrange a trained and well-qualified person approved by EMSD to perform safety checks and examination of the kiddie ride once every 6 months.
• Arrange competent and experienced staff to operate the kiddie ride where required.
• Inspect, perform visual inspections, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair the kiddie ride daily for safe operation.

What Documents Do You Need To Place An Order For The Kiddie Rides?

Kiddie Roller Coaster

Kiddie Ride Documents

You are usually directed by the sales team of your manufacturer about the documents that you need to provide to process your order in bulk.

You need to have an account registered under your name, under which all transactions are processed on your behalf.

You should provide your income details to the bank or the business broker.

Your identity documents, bank account registered under your name, business documents, etc.

You should have a registered trademark, registered brand name, etc.

You should have identity proof (passport, NIC, voter ID), and proof of residence.

What Different Types Of Material Are Used In Building A Kiddie Ride?

Kiddie Ride Play

Kiddie Ride Play

Usually, kiddie rides are lighter structures and are made up of the following:

• Steel and iron (beams, gearboxes, shafts, pistons, compressors)
• Plastics (acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, ABS, styrene, HDPE)
• Rubber and fiberglass (drive belts)
• Epsilon Epoxy (body)
• Wood and tubes (seats, carriages, train seating)

How To Make Sure Kiddie Rides Are Safe To Operate For Kids?

Kiddie Ride Game

Kiddie Ride Game

After the kiddie ride is installed in place, you should always examine it for safety. It includes:

• Visual inspection to make sure there are no broken parts on the surface that may cause injury to the kids
• Mechanical inspection to make sure that the moving parts are working correctly, there are no vibrations or grinding noises.
• Electrical inspection to make sure that all wire connections are secure and power lines are not damaged. The metal parts of the body are properly grounded.
• Finally, sit a minimum load of 40kg-50kg to mimic a child and operate the ride. Check that every part is working fine and there are no defects.
• If the kiddie ride is not working properly, consult the user manual.

How Many Kiddie Rides Can You Buy In A Single Order?

Kiddie Ride Order

Kiddie Ride Order

That depends entirely on you and your business requirement.

You can buy as many as you are willing to pay for. Many competitive kiddie rides manufacturers offer various services and perks if you place an order in bulk like free design consultation, reduced shipping, etc.

The manufacturing time may see an increase depending upon the placed order.

The shipping time may also increase depending upon shipping conditions, customs, and container numbers.

Moreover, if you are ordering kiddie rides in bulk, an extra fee may be charged upon arrival under warehouse storage expenses if you are picking up your goods yourself.

How To Reduce The Maintenance Cost Of A Theme Park Ride Monthly?

Kiddie Ride

Kiddie Ride Reduce

You need to do everything you can do to make sure that kiddie rides are clean, safe, and are working efficiently to serve the customers.

There are some ways by which you can lower the monthly maintenance costs:

• Perform daily inspection of the surface and moving parts to spot defects as soon as possible. A tiny undesired vibration if located early can save the money spent for part replacement.
• Make sure you check safety accessories, lighting, and music systems for proper grounding to minimize the possibility of short-circuiting.
• Make sure that only trained operation personnel are allowed to operate the kiddie rides. The right operation can reduce maintenance costs.
• Hire trained professionals to do a periodic inspection of critical equipment like motors, gearboxes, drive belts, batteries, pumps, etc.

What Documents Do You Need To Set Up Kiddie Rides In A Carnival?

The approval of kiddie ride installation in a carnival is always subjected to the authority of the state.

To obtain approval and permit to set up and operate your kiddie rides in a carnival, you need to fill out an online application form along with the following documents:

• Maintenance Manual provided by the manufacturer of the kiddie ride
• Erection Manual of the kiddie ride
• Operation Manual of the kiddie ride
• Detailed drawings with specifications for components installed
• Assembly drawings showing how the kiddie ride is to be assembled on site
• Specifications for all bolts, nuts, joint pins, weld including allowable wear
• Stress analysis of the ride covering all load-bearing parts of the kiddie ride
• Site plan and foundation for kiddie rides to be erected

Do Kiddie Ride Manufacturers Charge For Training?

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Kiddie Ride Training

Many competitive kiddie ride manufacturers provide operation training as a part of the contract.

In the case of large kiddie rides, for example, a Ferris wheel, carousel, train, mini coaster, etc. the manufacturer is responsible for the installation, commissioning, initial testing, certifying, etc.

They provide seminars, safety lectures, operation and maintenance training, emergency rescue methods, etc. They usually do it free of cost.

If you are approaching a private firm to help you train your staff, they are going to charge you for that.

They provide the required training and even certifications.

These certifications and licenses are then reviewed by local government authorities before you are allowed to operate a theme park ride.

Smaller rides, for example, coin-operated rides; do not need any special training. Every single detail is mentioned in the user manual of that specific kiddie ride.

You need to make sure that you perform routine safety checks on the ride as mentioned in the manual.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Kiddie Rides From Chinese Manufacturers?

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Kiddie Ride China

The amusement industry is getting very competitive day by day. Other than amusement parks, many entertainment centers, and shopping malls are incorporating kiddie rides as a part of their business.

With the ever-increasing demand for kiddie rides all over the world, a surge in prices has been observed.

If you are considering buying your theme park rides, Chinese manufacturers provide various advantages like:

• You can affordable rates if you purchase from Chinese kiddie ride manufacturers.
The reason is that China is the hub of stainless steel, reinforced plastic, fiberglass, and the carbon fiber industry, nearly every material required to manufacture a kiddie ride. They don’t have to import raw material from anywhere else in the world, hence you get to enjoy cheap rates.

• Since China has become a leading exporter of steel and plastic, the shipping industry has grown tremendously. Due to high competition in the market, shipping from china becomes the cheapest option.

• You can order online or just visit the factory yourself and you are ready to purchase the kiddie rides yourself. No need to hire an agent or a broker.

• Chinese kiddie ride manufacturers provide a wide range of designs to choose from. All popular cartoon characters and kids’ favorite superheroes are integrated already in those designs to attract young customers.

• You can even ask for customized design, kiddie ride manufacturers in china will provide the design and service of your desire.

• They provide safe and versatile payment options to choose from.

• Due to the high demand for goods from China, you don’t have to acquire special licenses to import kiddie rides from Chinese manufacturers. Even Chinese suppliers can handle all the logistics for you.

• Kiddie ride manufacturers in china abide by the highest standards of construction and safety. All products are subjected to high-stress testing before they are shipped to ensure the safety of your young customers.

What To Do If The Kiddie Ride Breaks Down During Operation?

Kiddie Ride Fault

Kiddie Ride Fault

If a kiddie ride fails during operation, you need to follow the following instructions:

• Stop the kiddie ride immediately and evacuate all the passengers.
• Disconnect the power supply and isolate the ride.
• Identify the fault. If you are not qualified enough for the job, hire professionals to take care of the kiddie ride.
• Check the power line to see if the ride has an uninterrupted supply of power.
• Check the fuses and power terminals, replace them if required.
• Inspect the moving part, chains, and drive belts to check if there are undesired vibrations, broken or jammed links, or grinding noises.
• If you cannot figure out the defect, hire a professional to fix the fault for you.

Do Chinese Kiddie Ride Manufacturers Offer A Discount?

Kiddie Carnival Rides

Kiddie Ride Trouble

If you consider buying kiddie rides from Chinese kiddie ride manufacturers, you can avail yourself of discounts if you are purchasing in bulk.

Chinese manufacturers offer the cheapest rate irrespective of the size of the purchase due to various reasons.

China being an industrial hub of steel and plastic, procures raw materials from within borders, hence prices of the finished products go down.

China has one of the largest ocean freight systems in the world due to the export capacity of the country.

Due to so much competition going on, you can avail of cheap shipping as well.

Since china offers labor that is inexpensive and well trained, Chinese kiddie ride manufacturers take advantage of it and you get to avail cheapest prices.

Do Kiddie Rides Manufacturers Dispatch A Team If You Need Technical Support?


Kiddie Ride Team

That depends on the type of contract you had with the manufacturer and the warranty period awarded.

If you require technical assistance from the manufacturer via onsite visits, you can avail of it for free if it falls under warranty.

You need to present the invoices with the kiddie rides’ model number, date of purchase, etc., and the warranty voucher.

If the claim is accepted, every expense related to the visit is borne by the manufacturer including travel expenses of a team, accommodation charges, parts required, freight charges, etc.

During The Lifetime Of A Kiddie Ride, Which Parts Need Periodic Replacement?

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Kiddie Ride Dispatch

Mostly kiddie rides come with 2 years warranty and no significant part replacement is needed.

Some parts that tend to wear fast and may require periodic replacements are:

• Ball bearings
• Lubrication oil
• Brake oil
• Drive belts
• Air and oil filters
• Battery
• Motors
• Clutch plates
• Brake plates
• Axle shafts

Moreover, other parts need monthly or yearly replacement. You should refer to the design booklet or user manual provided by the manufacturer.

Do Kiddie Ride Manufacturers Provide Training For Day-To-Day Troubleshooting?

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Kiddie Ride Manage

Most manufacturers provide sufficient test runs and operation training for bulky kiddie rides like the carousel, flying horses, Ferris wheels, etc.

These rides are bigger and required extra attention to detail to ensure the safety of the business as well as the young riders.

You can even hire private firms to provide training related to the operation, technical dealings, emergency rescue methods, daily maintenance, etc.

In the case of smaller rides, for example, coin-operated mini rides, video games hybrids, etc. you are only dependent on the manual provided by the manufacturer for day-to-day maintenance and inspection.

Can You Install Kiddie Rides On Your Own After Delivery?

kiddie carousel for sale

Kiddie Ride Own

You should never try to install large kiddie rides on your own. You should always seek professional help while installing.

There are many calculations, assessments, and safety checks involved while erecting a large kiddie ride.

You should always leave such technical tasks to professional engineers and technicians who are qualified for the job.

Mostly kiddie rides come with an installation manual, but you should always seek professional help.

In the case of smaller coin-operated rides, you can stick to the user manual provided and strictly follow the instructions to install the ride.

You need to assess the site you are going to install the ride on, the power supply, and initial operation tests as mentioned in the manual.

Can You Ask For Customization After A Kiddie Ride Is Delivered?

kiddie plane ride

Kiddie Ride Customization

That depends on the kiddie ride in question and the extent of your request.

If you want to change the design altogether, after the kiddie ride is delivered, that’s going to cost you a lot of money since you need to send the rides back and pay for the shipping.

Large rides design alterations require a dedicated team and workshop that is only available in the factory.

In the case of smaller coin-operated kiddie rides or video game hybrids, it is comparatively easy to enhance some features like a better sound system, innovative lighting system, better coin box, etc.

It is always advised to finalize the design requirements before the manufacturing of your kiddie ride starts.

Can You Order Spare Parts For The Kiddie Rides From The Manufacturer?

Kiddie Ride

Kiddie Ride Parts

Many leading business owners in the theme park rides manufacturing industry provide spare parts as a part of their aftersales services.

You can get in touch with the manufacturer over a phone call and submit your query.

The sales team checks for the availability of the parts requested and gets back to you.

After you have confirmed the order, the parts are shipped right away.

They may arrive at your doorstep by the ocean or by air, depending upon the size, weight, and quantity of the parts requested.

If you are ordering parts when you are under warranty, you can avail them for free. Even the shipping and on-site installation of the parts is borne by your theme park ride manufacturer.

How To Get A Certification Of Your Kiddie Ride From EMSD?

55 Kiddie Ride EMSD

Kiddie Ride EMSD

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD is a government department responsible for inspection and enforcement of safe operation and safety of many electricity and gas installations, railways, lifts and escalators, amusement rides for the public, working platforms on building sites, and many other different areas.

Before you are allowed to operate your kiddie ride, you need to get certifies from EMSD.

The process has the following steps:
• Complete an online application form listed on the EMSD website. With the completed form, you need to submit
o Photograph of the kiddie ride.
o A location plan of the premises where the kiddie ride is to be installed and a drawing showing dimensions of the kiddie ride and the clearance from nearby objects.
o A sample of notice of prohibited behavior for the attention of the riders using the ride.
• Appointment of an independent surveyor or qualified person to carry out a thorough inspection, examination, testing, and certifying the integrity of the kiddie ride to ensure safe operation.
• You need to submit the completed application form together to the General Legislation Division of EMSD.
• The team reviews the application and gets back to you with the confirmation.

How Do You Request The State For A Kiddie Ride Inspection?

Kiddie Ferris wheel ride

Kiddie Ride Inspect

Different states have different rules for the inspection of kiddie rides in an amusement park or carnival.

But these inspections are mandatory and you are required to have your kiddie rides inspected by the local government at least once a year.

The inspector issues after thoroughly inspecting the kiddie ride provide an inspection certificate each time a ride passes inspection and is allowed to operate for 1 year.

You also need to pay a $40-$60 annual fee for small kiddie rides and $150-$200 for large kiddie rides.

To schedule a kiddie ride inspection, you are required to submit an application form with the relevant documents, manuals, diagrams, and fees to the local government office at least 30 days before the first day of operation of your kiddie ride or the expiration of the previous year’s permit.

After all the paperwork is reviewed and approved, the state department inspector will contact you to schedule an inspection for your kiddie rides.

What Is Included In The Inspection Of A Large Kiddie Ride After Installation?

Kiddie Roller Coaster

Kiddie Ride Maintain

Usually, the manufacturer is responsible for installation, initial commissioning, safety checks, and initial troubleshooting.

The local government also appoints an inspector to perform a thorough inspection of the kiddie rides.

You can even hire a well-reputed firm to carry out a detailed inspection for you to ensure the correct and safe working of the kiddie rides.

Following tasks are usually performed while doing inspection:

• Visual Inspections of the surfaces of the rides
• Magnetic Particle Testing
• Liquid Penetrant Testing
• Ultrasonic Thickness Testing to ensure structure strength
• Ultrasonic Testing
• Eddy Current Testing
• Industrial Radiography to spot cracks if any
• Structural Steel Inspections
• Track Inspections for larger rides like a mini roller coaster, trains, etc.

How To Install Large Kiddie Rides?

Kiddie Ride Base

Kiddie Ride Base

Large kiddie rides installation involves a great deal of calculation, construction, analysis, and safety checks. The main steps of kiddie ride installation include:

• Preparation of construction conditions like base and ground preparation, selecting the quality of material and preparing drawings.
• Open-box inspection of kiddie rides to check all parts delivered are complete and free of damage.
• Basic survey and laying-out that includes site inspection
• A basic inspection of the parts of kiddie rides for cracks and damage.
• Installation & adjustment of the kiddie rides on the base
• Amusement rides fixing and grouting to make sure the base structure is firm with the ground
• Cleaning and assembling of components to complete the installation
• Construction of electrical components and power lines
• Trial operation of kiddie rides to ensure safe and smooth operation.

What Are The Steps For Installing A Centralized Lubrication System For Large Kiddie Rides?

Kiddie Train Ride

Kiddie Ride Train

The installation of a centralized lubrication system provides oil to pumps, pistons and keeps the running parts lubricated to reduce friction and wear. It is a sophisticated task and requires a great deal of cleanliness, tight sealing, and a professional approach to laying the pipelines

The general procedure involves:

• Installation of the kiddie ride structure
• Installation of supporting pipe structure
• Pipe Cutting as required and bending
• Welding the pipes together
• Installation of pipes as per design requirements
• Pipe Acid Washing
• Cycle Flushing
• Pressure Testing of oil within pipes
• Trail run

What Is The Serviceable Lifespan Of A Kiddie Ride?

kiddie bumper cars

Kiddie Ride Life

Kiddie rides are manufactured for commercial/industrial use. Steel frames and high-grade electric motors are durable and reliable.

Fiberglass is commonly used in manufacturing the body and is believed to last for more than 50 years if maintained properly.

The machines installed, the sound systems, the lighting system, etc. can last up to 7-10 years if routinely maintained.

What Safety Precautions Should You Look For On A Kiddie Ride While Purchasing?

Kiddie Carnival Rides

Kiddie Ride Span

While purchasing a kiddie ride, you should always go with the manufacturers that provide the highest quality raw material and a high degree of safety.

Additionally, you should look for the following safety features:

• The kiddie ride starts when an operator or guardian presses a start button after the coin is inserted.
• There should be a pause button in case the rider wants to reposition himself or get off the ride.
• There should be safety sensors that detect if there is any obstruction in space the ride’s movement and stop the ride accordingly until it is free to operate
• Overload sensors that stop the kiddie ride if the weight limit is not followed
• A slow start/stop feature to accommodate younger riders.

What Skills Your Staff Should Be Trained For To Manage Kiddie Ride Operation?

Kiddie Carnival Rides

Kiddie Ride Clean

An operator of a large kiddie ride should be trained professionally as he is taking care of young riders.

He should be alert at all times to ensure the safe operation of the kiddie rides.

Your staff should be trained under the following skill sets:

• Customer service and customer management (abiding by weight and height limits)
• Clear communication and keep the premises clean
• Safe ride operation for the scheduled time while abiding by safety standards
• Safety checks of the kiddie ride routinely
• Emergency initial troubleshooting of the kiddie rides
• Emergency evacuation methods of the juveniles

How Can You Maximize Income From A Kiddie Ride?

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Ride Place

There are many ways to cut maintenance costs and keep the kiddie rides crowded

• The location of a ride is the most important. It should be free of any obstruction
• Routine inspection is critical to ensure the kiddie ride keeps running.
• Keep the ride clean at all times. This is very important. Any kiddie ride will generate more income if it is thoroughly cleaned on each visit.
• If there is juice spilled on a ride or shoe marks, no parent would allow their kid to ride, hence income falls.
• Keep adding different designs and popular cartoon characters to the ride to keep the young rider excited and happy.

What Are The Features Of Good Kiddie Rides?

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Ride Features

The kiddie ride business has increased several folds in the past decade. The industry has become competitive and revenues have increased.

If you are purchasing kiddie rides, look for the following features:

• Choose the rides in which kids take the leading role. The coin-operated ride should be simple when it comes to starting it. A kid taking control of the ride with a button is likely to be your permanent customer.
• A good kiddie ride is one that is manufactured with high-strength material, up-to-date safety features, and an eye-catching design. If the surface is broken or bent, no kid would want to ride.
• Look for the rides where there is a seating capacity of 2 kids. Kids love to play with partners of their age or their parents. A good kiddie ride allows children to play and have fun together.
• Every kiddie ride should be designed according to the age of its potential customer. Kids don’t love a ride that is hard to operate. And if it is too easy, they tend to lose interest. So you should pay close attention to designing according to the age of the riders.
• A ride should resonate with popular superheroes or cartoon characters. Kids love it when they get a chance to ride a toy that features their favorite cartoon character.

What Are The Benefits To Add Cashless Payment Methods To Coin-Operated Kiddie Rides?

kiddie carousel for sale

Kiddie Ride Cash

There are many benefits to add cashless payment solutions to coin-operated kiddie rides.

The technology is evolving and so should you when it comes to kiddie rides.

Some of the salient features and benefits of adding cashless payment options are as follows:

• You can set any price you want for your kiddie ride. You take advantage of the “charm price” method, setting prices in odd numbers like 89 or 99.
• You do not have to empty the cashboxes daily. The software keeps a record of every transaction made.
• You can take advantage of engaging more customers by introducing digital punch cards for your daily visiting customers.
• Parents and guardians don’t have to keep a record of the purchased coin if they are given cashless payment options via an app or a credit card directly on the kiddie ride.

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