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Sinorides Kids Dodgem is quite colorful and eye-appealing; therefore attracts kids of all ages. Moreover, you will find our dodgems stable, corrosion-resistant, and also environmentally friendly.

We are pretty sure that you’re fond of experiencing the car rides on your visits to the amusement parks. Kids dodgem is one of those rides that amuses the riders to a greater extent. In China, the production of kids dodgem cars is getting immense fame among all the manufacturers. But, Sinorides stands on the top of the list of the best kids dodgem manufacturers. The primary reason for this consideration is the manufacturing experience of more than 28 years.

Furthermore, Sinorides being the most trusted kids dodgem manufacturer in China has won the heart of more than 1000 clients around the orb. Thus, you can easily trust our production team.

Our Kids Dodgem for sale is ideal for a wide range of venues. Currently, Sinorides is selling Skynet Kids Dodgem, Ground net Kids Dodgems and battery-powered Kids Dodgems.

Sinorides kids Ground Grid Kids Dodgem for Sale
Sinorides Ground Grid Kids Dodgem gets power from grids installed on the floor.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides kids Ceiling Kids Dodgem for Sale
Sinorides Ceiling Kids Dodgem takes power from the ceiling grid by a pole attached at the back.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides kids electric Kids Dodgem for sale
Sinorides Electric Kids Dodgem uses an electric motor to operate that uses electricity.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides kids battery Kids Dodgem
Sinorides Battery Kids Dodgem uses battery power to operate and charge.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 180W
  • Speed:≦7.5km/h
Sinorides Kids Quality Kids Dodgem
We provide Quality Kids Dodgem at Sinorides to meet your exact requirements.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 180W
  • Speed:≦7.5km/h
Sinorides kids Portable Kids Dodgem
Sinorides Portable Kids Dodgem is easy to carry and can be used outdoor.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 5.5kW
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h

Your Premier Kids Dodgem Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is a trustworthy Kids Dodgem manufacturer in China. At Sinorides, we deal in a wide range of kids dodgem rides so you can buy what you need.

We have a state-of-the-art kids dodgem workshop where more than 100 people work together to manufacture quality yet budget-friendly kids dodgem. You will get all the features in our kids dodgem for sale, including an audio system, lighting, positioning, and timing functions.

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Kids Dodgem Project

Sinorides gives you a one-year warranty and various after-sales services. Moreover, if you need assistance for Kids Dodgem installation, operation, or maintenance, you can contact experts.

If you buy ground-net kids dodgem, our expert can also plan and design the site and electrical circuit for you to save your money.

Sinorides Kids Dodgem Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides amusement rides for sale cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Amusement Rides Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Bumper Cars appearance more smooth.
Sinorides amusement rides for sale materials
High grade material to ensure your Bumper Cars running safely.
amusement rides for sale painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Bumper Cars good status.
Bumper cars battery from Sinorides
Durable Bumper Cars Battery to ensure your park visitor enjoy a satisfied experience.
Bumper cars structure components from Sinorides
Complete Bumper Cars Components to support your business at 24*7 response.
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Kids Dodgem drawings

Kids Dodgem technical drawing

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Kids Dodgem FAQs – The Ultimate Guide

Doesn’t it seem fascinating to enhance the entertainment factor of your children’s amusement park?

Are you having trouble choosing the kid’s favorite dodgems?

No matter how big or small your concern is, you’ve come to the right place!

There’s no need for you to bother if you want to include the highest quality of kids dodgem for sale in your amusement park. We manufacture the highest quality of rides with ever-lasting quality of materials.

Such materials include stainless steel and tough fiber. The safety of your riders is our major concern. That’s why we have installed efficient braking systems in the rides to stop them safely.

We also make sure about the availability of seat belts in the kid’s dodgem for the increased safety of the riders sitting in the cars.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve kids or adults as your riders. Sinorides is always known as one of those manufacturers that manufacture the rides according to all types of people.

We try our best to manufacture the kid’s dodgem in accordance with all quality and safety standards. Thus, concerns about the quality or safety of the ride during the operation are no more a concern.

Our professional team tries to follow all options provided by the safety certificates and other guidelines issued by institutions such as ISO.

Customization services are also available at our place at the most reasonable prices.

Get the most from your amusement park by installing a kids’ dodgem with this ultimate FAQ Dodgem guide.

So without any further ado, let’s get to it.

What Is A Kids Dodgem?

Kids’ dodgem is an electrically powered car that comes to the market with thick rubber on the outer side and can be operated on all surfaces.

Speed and turn are primarily controlled by a steering wheel or control room operator.

In addition to this, kids’ dodgem can accommodate only two people at a time.

Kids’ dodgems are used in the kid’s amusement parks for increasing the fun and entertainment factor.

Kids Dodgem

What Are The Different Types Of Kids Dodgem And How They Differ From Each Other?

The different types of kids dodgem are listed as under:

  • Battery Dodgem Bumper Cars
  • Fairground Dodgem Bumper Cars
  • Bumper Cars on Ice
  • Kids Bumper Cars
  • Spin Zone Kids Dodgem Cars
  • Common Battery Kids Dodgem Cars

All of these types of dodgems are similar in concept but operate differently.

The way they differ in their operation is described as under:

  • Battery Dodgem Bumper Cars need a rechargeable battery for their movement
  • Fairground Bumper Cars are primarily used in the fairgrounds and carnivals
  • Bumper Cars on Ice operates on the ice platform
  • The kids mainly operate kids Bumper Cars
  • Spin Zone Kids Dodgem Cars move in the spinning motion
  • Common Battery Kids Dodgem cars are operated through standard electrical batteries

What Is The Maximum And Minimum Speed Of Kids Dodgem?

The kids’ dodgem’s maximum speed is 10km/h, whereas the kids’ dodgem’s minimum speed is 6km/h.

However, kids’ dodgems can be adjusted to increase or decrease their speed range than the suggested value.

The speed of a kid’s dodgem car is controlled by both the rider and the operator.

What Is The Power Source Of Kids Dodgem?

The power source of the kids’ dodgem is classified into the two categories discussed below:

  • Electric grid poles integrated with ceiling
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Motor Batteries
  • Floor power source

Besides the different power sources, kids dodgem get a steady power supply from each of the above-discussed sources.

Power of Kids Dodgem

What Are The Different Sizes In Which Kids Dodgem Are Manufactured?

Kids dodgems are manufactured in different sizes ranging from 1 to 2 meters.

However, the size of the kids’ dodgem varies according to the accommodation space in the car.

The smaller kids’ dodgem can hold only two riders, whereas the larger kids’ dodgem can hold more than two riders at a time.

But the majority of the kid’s dodgems are available in smaller sizes equipped with single seats.

How To Ensure That Kids Dodgem Are Safe?

The safety of the kid’s dodgem is ensured in the following steps:

  • Check the quality of materials used in the construction of the kid’s dodgems
  • Allow only suggested group of kids to ride the kids’ dodgem
  • Check the working of kids dodgem before every operation
  • Make sure about the availability of all safety features
  • Ensure the continuous power supply in the ride
  • Eliminate all types of short circuits in the power sources

Do Kids Dodgem Use Electricity?

Yes, kids Dodgem use electricity for initiating the movement of the ride.

This electricity is provided by many power sources such as the ground, the grid poles, and rechargeable batteries.

The electricity provides electrical energy that is converted to kinetic energy during the ride’s motion.

What Is The Control Mechanism Of Kids Dodgem And Who Controls It?

However, the control mechanism in kids dodgem is primarily controlled by the steering wheel of the dodgem and the operator in the control room.

Moreover, kids can control the dodgem ride with greater ease since brakes are available.

Control of Kids Dodgem

What Is The Area Requirement For The Installation Of Kids Dodgem?

The area requirement for the installation of kid dodgem is 20SQM/Car.

However, this area requirement for installing the kids’ dodgems can be changed depending on the size, type, model, and accommodation space.

You can also demand the various installation areas for kids’ dodgems depending on the location of the kid’s amusement parks.

What Is The Manufacturing Cost Of A Kids Dodgem?

The manufacturing cost of kids dodgem ranges from $4000 to $20000.

However, this estimated value of the manufacturing cost of kids dodgem can be increased or decreased according to the model, type, size, and customization services in the ride.

The manufacturing cost of kids dodgem is also affected by the type of raw materials used in its construction.

What Are The Safety Instructions For Kids Dodgem?

The safety instructions for the kids’ dodgems are listed as under:

  • Riders should maintain a steady speed of the kids’ dodge,
  • The only suggested age group of the riders should be allowed in the ride area
  • A professional operator should control the kids’ dodgems

Safety of Kids Dodgem

What Is The Age Requirement For Kids Dodgem?

The age limit for kids dodgem ranges from 8 to 15 years.

The age limit should be strictly followed in the kids’ dodgem for its safe operation.

What Are The Power/Voltage Requirements For Kids Dodgem?

The power and the voltage requirement for kids dodgem are 230W and 380V, respectively.

However, the voltage and power requirement of the kids’ dodgem can be customized according to the power supplies of the amusement parks.

The process for customizing the power and voltage requirement of kids dodgem is simple.

All you have to do is contact the desired manufacturer and inform them of the power requirements of your kid’s amusement park.

The manufacturer will supply the ride within the given time interval.

Power of Kids Dodgem

Why Do Chinese Manufacturers Sell Kids Dodgem In Cheap Rates?

The majority of the Chinese manufacturers such as Sinorides sell kids dodgem at cheap rates because of the following reasons:

  • Experience of more than 28 years in the construction of amusement rides
  • Factories producing raw materials in the country
  • Presence of bulk workers for constructing the ride

Should We Trust Chinese Manufacturers For Buying Kids Dodgem For My Park?

Yes, you can trust the Chinese manufacturers for buying kids’ dodgem for your park because of the highest quality of materials they use in constructing the ride.

Several reasons have made Sinorides China’s top-rated manufacturer, are listed below:

  • Availability of different options of kids dodgem
  • Use of high-quality materials in the construction of kids dodgems
  • Reasonable prices of the ride
  • Easy shipping and installation of the kids’ dodgem
  • Experience of 28+ years in manufacturing kids dodgem

Do I Get An After-Sale Service After Buying Kids Dodgem Directly From Chinese Manufacturers?

Chinese manufacturers provide the best after-sale services after buying the kids’ dodgem cars.

The after-sale services include all the services provided to the customer after the purchase of the ride.

The after-sale services by the Chinese manufacturers include:

  • Installation of the ride at the kids’ amusement park
  • Repair of the damaged parts of kids dodgem
  • Replacement of the physically damaged kids dodgem
  • Training of the operating staff

After-Sale Services of Kids Dodgem

What Is The Method To Find A Trustworthy And Reliable Kids Dodgem Supplier In China?

The method for finding a trustworthy and reliable kids dodgem supplier in China consists of the following steps:

  • Search for the Best Manufacturer

Although there are a lot of kids dodgem manufacturers in China, you must select the best option online.

When you have selected the top kids dodgem manufacturers, analyze their work and select only one.

The next step is to contact the selected manufacturer via their website or phone number to get a quote from them.

  • Look for the Manufacturer’s Efficiency

The next is to ensure whether the manufacturer fulfills all the safety and quality standards during the construction of kids dodgem or not.

  • R&D Services

The availability of R&D services at the manufacturer’s platform tells everything about its ability and proficiency to construct the kids’ dodgem.

That is why to select the manufacturer that comes with R&D services.

  • QC Team

The inclusion of the QC team in the manufacturer’s staff will help the buyers to get a comprehensive idea about the ride’s shipping and installation.

Thus prefer to select the manufacturer which has a QC team in its staff.

Is It A Good Idea To Set Up Kids Dodgem In My Park? What Is The Cost To Profit Ratio?

The kids’ dodgem is absolutely a good idea to set up in your park, since it will attract a large number of kids and their families.

The colorful themes and method of operation of the kids’ dodgem catch kids’ attention at first sight.

In addition to this, they can generate twofold profit as compared to their construction cost.

Moreover, kids dodgem needs very minimal maintenance and installation cost.

Thus it will not be a wrong decision to set up a kids’ dodgem in your park.

Setup Kids Dodgem

Does Bad Weather Affect Kids Dodgem Operation? How To Protect From Harsh Weather?

Yes, bad weather affects kids’ dodgem’s operation since it can interrupt the continuous power supply.

The windy storms can cut off the power supply making the kids dodgem not to move.

However, the cold weather can cease the motion of the kid’s dodgem car by increasing friction.

The only way to protect the kids’ dodgem from harsh weather is to install them in an area where the weather is stable and use weather protection shields.

Do Manufacturers Of Kids Dodgem Provide A Service Of Customized Cars? Do They Cost Extra For That?

Yes, many Chinese manufacturers provide the highest quality customization services for kids dodgem.

Ranging from the desired outlook to the power or voltage needs, Chinese manufacturers, including Sinorides, customize every feature.

However, the manufacturers charge for customizing the kids’ dodgem, and the cost depends on the extent of customization you want in your ride.

Customized Kids Dodgem

What Is The Average Time It Takes For A Kids Dodgem To Manufacture?

The average manufacturing time for the kids’ dodgem ranges from one to two months.

This longer time duration is because the manufacturing process of kids dodgem consists of many steps.

Furthermore, if you desire a customized kids dodgem, the construction will take longer than the suggested time duration.

Do Manufacturers Install Head Lights In Kids Dodgem For Night Operation?

Many Chinese manufacturers prefer to install the headlights in kids’ dodgem cars for night operation.

The primary reason for installing the headlights in this ride is to increase operational safety.

Plus, the availability of the headlights in the kids’ dodgem will make it easy for the rider to operate the ride more accurately.

What Is The Maintenance Cost And Procedure Of Kids Dodgem?

There is no exact value for the kids’ dodgem’s maintenance cost since it depends on the condition of the ride.

However, the procedure of maintaining a kids dodgem consists of the following steps:

  • Replace all damaged parts of the kids’ dodgem
  • Clean the outer parts of the ride
  • Don’t let the dust layer down in the inner parts of the ride
  • Repair all worn out parts of the kids’ dodgem
  • Hire professional operating staff for the working of the ride
  • Inspect the ride’s working and performance regularly

Video Link: https://youtu.be/GypVQrxudOc

What Type Of Material Is Used In The Manufacturing Of Kids Dodgem?

Following types of materials are used in the manufacturing of kids dodgem:

  • Stainless Steel

It is used to make the overall structure and the grid poles of the kids’ dodgem.

The primary reason for using this material is its increased durability and sturdiness.

  • FRP Material

Reinforced Fibreglass Plastic is used to make the seating area of the kids’ dodgem.

In addition to the seating area, this material also makes the embellishment parts of the ride.

  • Thick Rubber

This rubber material is used to make the thick bumper on the kids’ dodgem’s front side.

It minimizes the collision impact of the kids’ dodgem during the operation.

What Is The Quality And Safety Certification Required For Kids Dodgem?

The quality and safety certification required for kids dodgem are given as under:

  • CE Certification

It is required to make sure about all safety standards during the construction of the kids’ dodgem.

  • BV Certification

This certificate is required to check the efficiency of the manufacturer to construct the kids’ dodgems.

  • ISO Certification

The International Standardization Organization issues this certificate to check the manufacturer’s safety and quality standards.

  • GOST Certificate

It is needed to check the fulfillment of all tax formalities while importing the kids’ dodgem.

Material for Kids Dodgem

What Are The Advantages Of Importing Kids Dodgem From China?

Some of the potential advantages of importing kids dodgem from China include:

  • Availability of high quality rides at reasonable prices
  • Easy installation of Chinese kids dodgem
  • Several years of manufacturing experiences of the Chinese kids’ dodgem suppliers
  • Increased durability due to the use of high-quality raw materials in ride’s construction

How To Protect Kids Dodgem From Damage While Shipping?

The steps for protecting the kids’ dodgem from damage while shipping include the following steps:

  • Pack the parts of the ride in wooden boxes
  • Embed foams on the sides of sensitive parts of kids dodgem
  • Seal the wooden boxes with high-quality sealers
  • Cover the boxes with a lamination sheet

Do Kids Dodgem Manufacturers Also Provides The Installation Service

Yes, the kids’ dodgem manufacturers provide the best installation services since they have professional teams to install the ride at the amusement parks.

You can call them to get the best installation aid.

One thing to remember here is that you will have to bear the VISA fees as well as the tax charges of the workers who are going to install the kids’ dodgem.

Installation of Kids Dodgem

What are the Main Components of Kids Dodgem?

The main components of the kids’ dodgem include:

  • Accelerator
  • Rubber bumper
  • Brakes
  • DC motor
  • Steering wheel
  • Seats
  • Grid poles
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