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Sinorides is an expert manufacturer and exporter of kids roller coaster for sale. We have a competent team specialized in Research & Design, roller coaster installation, and after-sale service. We can even offer guidance and training to ensure your park business thrives.

You can see the detail of Snail Kids Roller Coaster, Wacky Worm Kids Roller Coaster and Kids Dragon Roller Coaster to learn more info. Besides Kids Roller Coaster, you can also choose kids ferris wheel, miami ride and flying car ride, etc to expand your park business.

Sinorides kids roller coaster for sale will take your passengers on a thrill ride.  Elevated railway and colorful cabins double the fun of a roller coaster ride. If you want to increase the revenue of your kids amusement parks, consider investing in our roller coaster.

You can buy different types of kids roller coasters at Sinorides. We also have a mini roller coaster for backyard. Our mini backyard roller coaster for sale is easy on the pocket and suitable for all types of backyards.

Kiddie snail roller coaster for sale
Sinorides Snail Kids Roller Coaster for Sale is easy to operate for you

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 20P
  • Power: 25kW
  • Track Length: 96m
  • Speed: 10-15km/h
wacky worm Kiddie roller coaster for sale
Sinorides Wacky Worm Kids Roller Coaster for Sale is suitable for parks

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 20P
  • Power: 15kW
  • Track Length: 90m
  • Speed: 10-15km/h
Spinning Kiddie roller coaster for sale
Sinorides Spinning Kids Roller Coaster for Sale fits for small parks

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Track Length: 324m
  • Speed: 30km/h
Sinorides-kids dragon-roller-coaster-for-sale
Sinorides Kids Dragon Roller Coaster for Sale is suitable to backyard case

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 5kW
  • Track Length: 120m
  • Speed: 10-15km/h
Sinorides Kids Wild Mouse roller coaster-for sale
Sinorides Kids Wild Mouse Roller Coaster for sale is in durable steel tracks

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 8P
  • Power: 4kW
  • Track Length: 186m
  • Speed: 30km/h
Kids Zipline Roller Coaster Sinorides
Sinorides Kids Zipline Roller Coaster for Sale can help you gain more profits

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 4P/Vehicle*2
  • Power: 1.5kW
  • Track Length: 203m
  • Speed: 25km/h

Your Premier Kids Roller Coaster Manufacturer in China

As your go-to kids roller coaster manufacturer in China, Sinorides has everything to make your park business stand out from the rest. We offer high-quality hot wheels roller coasters, kids backyard roller coaster, mini roller coaster, and other kinds of roller coasters at an affordable price.

Sinorides begin to manufacture roller coaster in 1992 and we insist on quality materials and performance to ensure park owners a safe product. Sinorides hire excellent FRP and welding workers to produce your kids roller coaster seats and structure in high quality.

All our roller coasters are CE, GOST, BV, and ISO certified, so you can be sure you are buying quality products. The best part is that we can customize the roller coaster track length and height, seats, and appearance to suit your park business.

  • Sinorides roller coaster factory detail
  • Sinorides roller coaster detail
  • Sinorides roller coaster seats detail
  • amusement rides manufacturer
  • Sinorides roller coaster spare parts detail
  • Sinorides Kids rides for sale customer case
  • Sinorides Roller Coaster Customer Case 2

Kids Roller Coaster Project

Hundreds of customers use our Kids Roller Coaster worldwide, including Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, and many other countries. Sinorides can send our engineers to your local site to measure your roller coaster design and layout at your request.

You can cover back your cost on kids roller coaster with Sinorides. Sinorides supply high performance roller coaster with reasonable price and you will get more people to your park in a short time. This could make your park business more successful.

Sinorides Kids Roller Coaster Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides amusement rides for sale cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Amusement Rides Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Kids Roller Coaster appearance more smooth.
Sinorides amusement rides for sale materials
High grade material to ensure your Kids Roller Coaster running safely.
amusement rides for sale painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Kids Roller Coaster good status.
amusement rides for sale seats
Multi safety settings for Kids Roller Coaster seats to ensure your park visitors’ safety.
amusement rides for sale welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Kids Roller Coaster steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATASnail Roller CoasterWack Worm Roller CoasterSpinning Roller CoasterDragon Roller CoasterWild Mouse Roller CoasterZipline Mouse Roller Coaster
Track Length96m90m324m120m186m203m
Number of Seats20P20P12P16P8P4P/Vehicle*2
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

kids roller coaster technical drawing image


Sinorides kids zipline roller coaster drawing

kids roller coaster for sale design

Sinorides is A Reliable Kids Roller Coaster Manufacturer

Sinorides kids roller coaster manufacturer in China

Whether you are looking for a mini backyard roller coaster for sale or want kids roller coasters for sale for your park business, Sinorides has got you covered. We not only provide kids roller coasters but also offer installation and after-sales services.

We are a professional company with knowledge in theme park designing, planning, and brand franchise, and we will be glad to share some tips to make your park business thrive.

At Sinorides, we insist on high quality and excellent customer service. We have 28 years of experience in amusement park rides manufacturing, and you can trust us to take care of all your kids roller coaster rides needs.

Sinorides is a prominent kids roller coaster manufacturer in China. We ship our roller coaster to more than 120 countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.  With us, you will get the same European-standard ride but at a far cheaper price. 

We are not a reseller, but rather have our own factory with over 200 professionals working to create an international-standard mini roller coaster for backyard. If you need some changes in color, seating capacity, and size of the ride, you can tell us in advance. Sinorides can provide you roller coaster ride that matches the theme of your park perfectly.

Sinorides has a special team that takes care of welding. Our experienced welders do flawless welding to ensure a 100% safe structure. To ensure your park’s safety, we also provide multi-safety settings in all our amusement park rides.    

You will find that our rides have a professional appearance. It is because we use special laser cutters that process steel finely without defects. Moreover, we have a special workshop where we de-rust metal materials and give them a smooth appearance. 

Our mini backyard roller coaster for sale meets the requirements of ISO, BV, GOST, and CE. Moreover, our kids backyard roller coasters are protected with a warranty against manufacturing defects.  We ensure you will get only high-grade material on our roller coasters, whether it’s plastic or metal.

For any questions or inquiry, contact us now, and we will be sure to get back to you.

The Ultimate Kids Roller Coaster Ride FAQ Guide.

Do you know what touch the kids most for their ultimate pleasure?

Its the rides of amusement park. Since if you are planning to bring more traffic ,want to generate more revenue from your park, add some kids roller coasters and see the magic.

Now you are at the right page to learn all you want to know about installation, repair, ordering and shipment of kids roller coasters at your park.

 What Is Kids Roller Coaster?

A kids roller coaster is commonly a theme Park ride. It is a small train. It is consist of carriages that travel on a track like a train. The track has two steps, the hills that go up and the valleys that go down. Since it s made for kids, the height and the speed of train is adjusted according to kids.

The kids roller coasters installed in small theme parks and other malls costs about $1-2 million and it may take up to 8 months or even a year or more to build kids roller coaster.

What Is Kids Roller Coaster

What Is Kids Roller Coaster

Why Should I Add Kids Roller Coaster To My Park?

Since the roller coasters rides are way famous, they can add a lot of value to your park which is why, you should consider adding them to your theme park. There are a number of benefits such as:

  • The kids love the rides imitating the elders and kids roller coasters are the best option.
  • These rides are a little costly, as the fare is a bit high thus it is a great source of generating revenue.
  • Also these ride prove that you care about the growing kids and your park has the latest technology and latest amusement harvest for people.

Why add Kids Roller Coaster to my park

Why add Kids Roller Coaster to my park

What Should Be The Size Of Kids Roller Coaster At My Park?

In view of the fact that a roller coaster is a little risky ride, so there are some standards that needs to be followed.

There are specifications with every product from every manufacturer but commonly, Children till the height of 56 inches and not shorter than 36 inches are allowed to ride this coaster neither by them nor even allowed to sit.

But there is a range of kids roller coasters, for little elderly rides, the parents with the same or more or less height are allowed to accompany kids to ensure their safety as those ride move a little faster and higher.

Size Of Kids Roller Coaster

How Can I Find And Approach The Kids Roller Coaster Manufacturers In China?

By searching on internet you can find a number of sources to reach out the amusement rides manufacturers from china. By finding the right address, one can approach the kid’s roller coaster manufacturers and find the roller coaster of their own will.

  • Such as one can search sites like, or Ali express.
  • Or can approach the factories and companies via third party.
  • Or can directly email the manufacturer for a one to one contact.
  • There are online trade sites such as where one can find a good amount of information for kids roller coaster and even negotiate with them.
  • If you want a Prototype, you can send the sketch and have it according to your will.

How To approach Kids Roller Coaster Manufacturer

How To approach Kids Roller Coaster Manufacturer

Does It Cost Much To Import Kids Roller Coaster From China?

It depends upon the two factors, that how much one may have to pay while importing kids roller coaster from china.

  • Since there are different agreements of trade between China and other countries, thus it depends on the country where you live.
  • And also the amount of good you are taking. Now the majority of goods are subjected to 5% custom duty.
  • Such as if your shipment costs $20k, you will have to pay $1000.
  • Normally the 20ft container from china takes $1000-$5k , deopending ,upon the distance and shipment procedures of the country. However if the cargo is asked to deliver directly to the buyer, it costs some extra $s.

Import Kids Roller Coaster From China

Import Kids Roller Coaster From China

Is It Easy To Install Kids Roller Coaster Orders From China?

The installation, repairing and maintenance of kids roller coaster needs a proper guideline. If you are new to the product, there are booklets, there are “How to” guides for every product. But many companies and manufacturers from china also provide a facility of online help and support for the installation of amusement equipment ordered from them. Thus it is a bonus that help to install kids roller coaster efficiently.

Also if you are ordering a prototype, you will be helped by the manufacturer either directly or any paid engineer.

Install Kids Roller Coaster

Install Kids Roller Coaster

Why To Choose China For Ordering Kids Roller Coasters?

Chinese amusement products industry is seeing its shining zenith. You can trust ordering the kids roller coaster rides from china because,

  • The amusement equipment from china is of high quality. As Chinese products are well trusted.
  • It saves economic cost of transportation and communication because of free trade agreement with many countries.
  • The easy to approach the manufacturers, phenomenon is better than many othere countries around.
  • Also the guarantee and all round supporting services for customers are excellent. Last but not the least, the customer service related to maintenance and installation is too good and reliable.

How To Know If The Roller Coaster I Ordered From China Will Give A Smooth Ride?

Once you order a roller coaster, do you want to check if the kids roller coaster is comfortable to have a ride and will it move smoothly?

Then check for the wheels. The different kinds of wheels helps ride move smoothly. Such as there are friction wheels that help control lateral which means it helps the ride to move safely in any direction on the track. If the running wheels are complete and of similar size. They will keep your coaster on track.

Do Manufacturer From China Deliver A Single Set Of Kids Roller Coaster?

Since there are a thousands of manufacturers in china, It depends upon the policy of manufacturers, if they provide the products in bulk or not.

If you want to buy a ride which is a prototype, you can have it as a single item. Or you may also have it in bulk. But there are many ride which you purchase as bulk.

The legit manufacturers never mind sending single or bulk products, but if you buy in bulk, you can save a lot of money. Thus you only need to look into the company’s policy, Some are ok with a single set, while others may want a bulk order.

Is The Maintenance Of Kids Roller Coaster Difficult?

If you want to install kids roller coaster, you need to be more conscious about its maintenance ranging from check and balance to the cleanliness, you must be very thoughtful.

Because it is a dangerous ride and specially when the ride is meant for kids, one must be conscious.

  • Properly follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure to take into account all the safety measures.
  • The cleanliness and proper oiling of gears in very important.
  • Keeps the track clean and well maintained.
  • Also it is great to hire a roller coaster mechanic for maintenance and repair of the coaster.
  • Thus if you are making good money from a kids roller coaster, you need to give some money to it to eat as well.

Maintenance Of Kids Roller Coaster

Maintenance Of Kids Roller Coaster

How Much Kids Roller Coaster Installation Costs For An Amusement Park?

The answer to the  question about the cost on building a mini or kids roller coaster depends upon the design, material and the fee of the licence (if it belongs to a franchise).

But according to some speculations, the kids roller coasters costs more than elderly one as the elderly coaster costs around $1- 2 million while kids roller coasters costs around 60,000 – $190,000.

But the price may be more or less because the newest attractions costs a huge amount.Some latest kids roller coasters are estimated to be as high as $10-20 million.

What Material The Kids Roller Coaster Track Is Usually Made Of?

There are a number of materials of which the track of kids roller coasters are made. Depending upon the will and amount to be paid by the owner, one may build as hard and expensive as a steel track and some might go for a wooden one.

The tracks are made of materials such as:

  • The plastic made track of kids roller coasters for a mini theme park, that will be limited for a few kids rides.
  • The wooden one, which was quite popular among the early park rides.
  • The steel or iron made which is very much in use now these days and are a little expensive, but most of the park owners prefer these materials because of their durability and reliability.

How Much Time It Takes To Build A Kids Roller Coaster In A Theme Park?

Roller coasters are sophisticated and most enjoyable rides in an amusement or theme park and specially when it comes to kids roller coaster, the safety becomes the priority.

If you want to install a readymade kids roller coaster at your park, it take snot much time to order and get the ride installed. But if you are wanting a prototype, then it may take up to 8 months or even a year or more to meet the idea with reality. Because getting it done from the engineers and then from factory takes a little much time.

Build The Kids Roller Coaster

Build The Kids Roller Coaster

How Can I Check If The Kids Roller Coaster I Ordered From China Is Of Good Quality?

Chinese manufacturers are the most reliable in the present era. Since if you want to install kids roller coaster in your park and you want it done from china, there are two ways to check whether the product is reliable or not.

If you are a distant client, check the picture or send someone to check directly into the factory or come up with them on a live session.

What Should Be The Age Of A Child To Ride The Kids Roller Coaster?

A roller coaster is a test of nerves and it has nothing to do with the age. But there are the standards that needs to be followed. Priority is given to the safety standards. Which child should sit on the ride, depends upon the child’s will and the ride’s safety measure.

Since the ideal age start from 4 -9 years. Children of these ages are measured both in height and weight and then granted permission to enjoy the rides. Also specific rides are meant for specific age groups as well.

How Many Kinds Of Kids Roller Coasters Are There To Choose From, To Install In My Park?

Wooden and steel are two material types of  kids roller coasters that are functioning today in every theme park as a kiddie ride. One can choose any of these two.

But when it comes to the types f roller coaster, there are more or less 37 types of roller coasters including the mini coasters, train coasters, individual coasters, inverted coasters and spinning kids roller coasters. It depends upon the age group and compatibility of kids.

How Does A Theme Park Employee Ensure That Kids Are Safe During The Ride Of Kids Roller Coaster?

Staff who are manning the rides must be trained and well educated and well groomed because these rides may cause the huge damages if not well maintained and well adjusted.

A theme park employee ensure to shut the system down as soon as they receive a lightening alert. Its the responsibility of the park owner to install the an audible alarm system.

Also the park management and owners make sure the helmets’ and other safety material is available before kids start riding the coaster.

Also the the employee make sure the belts are properly adjusted and kids are not leaving early till the ride stops completely.

Kids Roller Coaster safety settings

Which Is The Safest Material For Kids Roller Coaster?

as the kids roller coaster is not made of a single material, many materials in combination makes a perfect ride. If it is a steel or a wooden track, the chains are made of the steel. The substructures of the cars or train is made of steel as well. While the remaining body of the ride is made of aluminium or fibreglass. The wheels are made of long running material such as Urethane.

Which Material Is Ideal For Kids Roller Coaster?

Steel is considered as the ideal material for kids roller coasters because:

  1. The weight holding capacity of steel is high.
  2. Steel can be built higher as compared to the wooden one.
  3. Steel is safer to use because of its non rusting property since its maintenance is easy as well.
  4. But if you are planning alot of rides at your park, plastic is also a great idea for juniors because of its light weight, and low cost.

How Many Seats Average Kids Roller Coasters Have?

There are a number of coasters from small car kids coasters to the larger ones like train coasters, it depends upon the theme park owner what kind of coaster he is willing to built in his park.

The seats in the coasters are according to the size of the coasters such as in some ca4r coasters, there is a single seat while in others there are two seats where an elderly person can accompany you.

While in train coasters, the seats may range from8-12.

Kids Roller Coaster Seats

Kids Roller Coaster Seats

How the Shipping of Kids Roller Coasters from China is done?

There are various procedures and ways of shipping the kids roller coasters from china such as by sea, via ships and containers, also through air via airplane, and some time the shipment is also done via road. It depends upon the buyer what process he want for shipment.

The cost and process differ accordingly. Such as when shipment is done through sea, the buyer either receive the parcel itself, or a middle man, or if the franchise of the manufacturer is present in the country, receive the parcel and deliver to the buyer and charge the delivery charges.

Is there Any Family Coaster in the Line of Kids Roller Coasters?

Kids of shorter heights don’t need to get stressed if they are afraid of kids roller coasters spin. There are many companies that are manufacturing the kids roller coasters with elderly and kids sized seats and features that help a parent accompany their kids on a ride.

Though these family rides are limited to larger cities, but one can approach them by searching them online. These kids roller coasters takes the families at a joyful ride of the park where parent can closely observe and protect the child.

family roller coaster from Sinorides

family roller coaster from Sinorides

What is the Average Life of Kids Roller Coaster?

It depends upon the material of which a roller coaster is made, that how long will it go.

The better the material, the longer it live.

The iron made roller coasters have long life span until unless they get rust.

While there are steel made roller coasters that live even longer than the iron made kids roller coasters.

Nowadays for small area parks, plastic roller coasters are also available, but their longevity is unpredictable.

Usually it is predicted that a kids roller coaster run for as long as the 25 years,  but the dying of track and coaster must be foreseen in order to evade any mishap.

Does Kids Roller Coaster Attract More People towards the Park?

People of all ages are attracted toward parks to release their anxiety and stress, but kids are attracted even more eagerly. And if a park has kids roller coasters installed, they call for kids even more.

The eyeballs of kids are attracted and they bring their parents with them.Nowadays the family kids roller coasters are way famous that help kids and parents spent some great leisure time together on the ride.

kids roller coaster attract kids to ride

kids roller coaster attract kids to ride

What I Need to Know before Installing the Kids Roller Coaster?

There are a few safety precautions that the park owners needs to know before they install kids roller coasters at their parks.

The good quality kids roller coaster needs to be bought.

They should know the safety standards before giving a ride to people such as being adhered to all the listed age group people is necessary.

The continues looking after and check and balance through a good reputed mechanic must be considered.

If a coaster is repaired, the manufacturer must be approached for surgeon opinion.

The life span of roller coaster must be known to avoid any inconvenience and disaster.

The floor must be smooth and clean.

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