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You can buy Mega Bounce Ride with different seating capacities at Sinorides. We also let you customize Mega Bounce Ride and help to design your park as per your park’s needs. Sinorides’ Mega Bounce ride features a pneumatic cylinder, helping the ride move up and down and turn back and forth quickly.

If you want new additions to your amusement park, our mega bounce ride is an excellent choice. It is a family fun ride that lets passengers fly in the air. Moreover, as the name suggests, the seats of the ride go up and down.  

You can choose from our wide range of mega bounce rides at Sinorides. We have a bouncing ride for different occasions and park sizes. You can also buy a portable mega bounce ride, which is easy to carry and install.

Sinorides mega bounce ride
Sinorides 24P mega bounce ride can be customized for your need

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 90kW
  • Size: D14m*H5m
  • Space Area:15mx15m
portable mega bounce ride from Sinorides
Sinorides Portable mobile mega bounce ride is easy to move and install

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 30P
  • Power: 80kW
  • Size: D11.2m*H2.8m
  • Space Area:D11.2m
Sinorides mega bounce ride for sale
Sinorides 36P Mega bounce ride designed with European quality standard

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 36P
  • Power: 80kW
  • Size: D13m*H5m
  • Space Area:15mx15m
Sinorides customize mega bounce ride for sale
Sinorides can produce Customize Bounce Ride to meet different park needs

Main Data:
  • Capacity: Customize
  • Power: Customize
  • Size: Customize
  • Space Area: Customize
Sinorides mega bounce ride Parts
Sinorides provide good Mega Bounce Ride parts for your Mega Bounce Ride

Main Data:
  • Capacity: Customize
  • Power: Customize
  • Size: Customize
  • Space Area: Customize
Sinorides mega bounce ride design
Sinorides can help you design various styles of Mega Bounce Ride

Main Data:
  • Capacity: Customize
  • Power: Customize
  • Size: Customize
  • Space Area: Customize

Your Premier Mega Bounce Ride Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is a leading Mega Bounce ride manufacturer in China that has been selling amusement rides since 1992.

You can buy our Mega Bounce ride for a large theme park, amusement park, and even playground.

Sinorides’ Mega bounce ride for sale earns certification from CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS. Therefore, you can rest assured that your ride will be safe and reliable.

  • mega bounce ride seats material
  • mega bounce ride main structure
  • mega bounce ride seats model
  • mega-bounce-ride-painting
  • mega-bounce-ride-structure
  • mega bounce ride case from Sinorides
  • Sinorides mega bounce ride case

Mega Bounce Ride Project

At Sinorides, we supply affordable Mega Bounce ride that meets European and international standards with strict quality control.

Sinorides’ Mega Bounce Ride for sale is suitable for an outdoor amusement park that offers a thrilling experience to your customers. You can improve your revenue significantly by investing in our premium quality Mega Bounce ride.

Sinorides Mega Bounce Ride Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

mega bounce ride seats material
High grade material to ensure your Mega Bounce running safely.
mega bounce ride main structure
Strong structure for reliable performance
Environmental painting to keep people safe
mega bounce ride seats model
Customized model to meet your demands
Sinorides mega bounce ride Parts
Sinorides use quality parts to manufacture your Mega Bounce Ride
premier amusement rides manufacturer in China
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Mega Bounce Ride steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATA36 Seats Mega Bounce Ride24 Seats Mega Bounce RidePortable Mega Bounce Ride
Number of Seats36P24P30P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark Model


mega bounce ride drawing

Your Reliable Mega Bounce Ride Manufacturer in China

Sinorides mega bounce ride for sale 2

Sinorides is one of the most preferred Mega Bounce Ride manufacturers in China, supplying its rides to 200+ regions worldwide. Our Mega Bounce ride features beautiful lighting and dynamic music that improve the overall experience of your customers.

You won’t compromise on the quality by partnering with us. We provide a tested Mega bounce ride that goes through various quality tests. Before delivering a Mega bounce ride to you, we test them for 80 hours with a full load.

Sinorides also helps you with shipping, installation, and maintenance of Mega Bounce Ride. Additionally, you get a guaranteed warranty and after-sales services at Sinorides. You will get comprehensive user manuals, videos, and drawings for accurate installation, operation, and maintenance of the ride.

Our attractive mega shot ride features appealing colors, LED lights, and a unique design. We have thirty-plus design patents. Additionally, you will find premium quality car paints on our super shot ride.

For painting on fiber-reinforced plastic, we use primer spray on the bottom layer and then several layers of paint. We use non-fading and corrosion resistance. You can notice the brightness of color and smooth texture on our ride.

We have advanced manufacturing equipment to achieve 100% accuracy and professionalism in our work. Our mega spin ride meets all the requirements for safety and quality. All our rides pass certifications like CE/BV/ISO/GOST and SGS. 

Since the safety of your passengers is our primary concern, we do our best to make our mega bounce ride 100% safe. We have installed L-shaped steel structures beneath seats to bear people of different weights and heights. 

Sinorides has a spacious workshop that occupies an area of 50,000SQM. More than two hundred professionals, including designers, welders, and engineers are working with us.

You can also buy mega shot ride spare parts at Sinorides. We provide genuine spare parts at an affordable price.  With us, you do not need to go here and there for spare parts.

Mega Bounce Ride – The Ultimate FAQs Guide

What better way to provide ultimate leisure than by installing a mega bounce ride in your park?

However, you may find it hard to figure out which mega bounce ride to take, so our experts have compiled a detailed FAQ guide just for you.

Do you want to see the detailed breakdown? Let’s get to it!

What Is A Mega Bounce Ride?

A mega bounce ride is an entertaining rotatory ride that has seats or benches in a controlled movement.

The mega bounce ride is an electrical ride that seats the riders in a bench-type vehicle.

The benches are attached to a spinning central piece.

Once the rides start to move, the central piece rotates.

The benches attached to the main piece move in an up & down motion in the air.

Mega Bounce Ride

What Are The Other Names Used For Mega Bounce Ride In The Market?

The mega bounce ride is known by many names in the market and in the parks because of the different shapes and sizes it comes in.

However, one of the most famous names of a similar ride is the octopus ride.

It is shaped like an octopus, and the passengers are seated on the tentacles.

The ride works in the same rotatory and up-down manner as a mega bounce.

Types of Mega Bounce Ride

Types of Mega Bounce Ride

How High Does A Mega Bounce Ride Fly?

Since a mega bounce ride has a height of four meters, it can go up to 20 feet vertically.

When the Mega Bounce ride bounces up, it is enough to make it seem like flying in the air.

This height is the combined height of the ride and the bounce-up movement of the ride.

Mega Bounce Ride Fly

Mega Bounce Ride Fly

What Type Of Seats Does Mega Bounce Rides Have?

A mega bounce ride has unique bench-type seats that provide maximum enjoyment.

The chairs consist of 4-5 people. Each seat is shaped like a bench or a chair of suitable length.

The seat is fixed to a belt, or a metal rode that protects the children from falling.

These seats can go up & down and move around the mega bounce ride as they are attached to the central piece.

Seats of Mega Bounce Ride

How Much Can Persons Sit In A Mega Bounce Ride At A Moment?

A normal mega bounce can seat a total of 24 people at a moment. Each seat can hold 4 to 5 people.

Although, some mega bounce rides have fewer seats and can hold 2 to 3 people in them.

What is Bounce up and Bounce down in Mega Bounce Ride?

When the seats move upwards with the electrical power, it is called bounce up in mega bounce ride.

On the other hand, when the seats move down, it is called bounce down.

The up and down movement is similar to the bounce of a ball or a trampoline.

That is why it is called a bounce up or bounce down mega bounce ride.

Bounce up and Bounce down

Bounce up and Bounce down

What is the Spinning speed of the Mega Bounce ride? Is it Safe for Kids?

The spinning speed of a mega bounce ride is 10 rpm. It means that the ride goes ten revolutions per minute.

This speed is completely safe for kids as the seats are protected with seat belts and metal rods.

The protection keeps the kids in place and prevents them from falling.

Moreover, the controller can control the movement of the ride to provide maximum protection to the riders.

Spinning speed of the Mega Bounce ride

Spinning speed of the Mega Bounce ride

What is the Rider Capacity per Mega Bounce Ride?

The rider capacity is 24 in a normal mega bounce ride. Each of the seats contains 3 to 4 passengers.

On the whole, each mega bounce ride can withstand 70 to 80 passengers or riders.

This is enough to cheer up many children at a time.

What Is The Working Mechanism Of Mega Bounce Rides?

The mega bounce ride works on the mechanism of torque and rotation.

The central piece or the head of the mega bounce ride works as the central axis of the torque.

The rotating arms act as the moment arms for the torque.

When electricity is provided to the machinery, the axis rotates. After which, the arms revolve around the central axis.

Furthermore, the bounce up & bounce down movement is due to the machinery attached to the arms.

The arms have springs or compressors that produce a bounce effect with each up & down movement.

Mechanism of Mega Bounce Ride

What Are The Safety Measures For A Mega Bounce Ride To Ensure The Safety Of The Riders?

Safety measures for a mega bounce ride are given as under:

  • The seats have the capacity of 3 to 4 people, so none of the passengers slips and falls.
  • The seats are equipped with seat belts to hold the children in place. Moreover, each of the seats has special protection with a metal rode.
  • The speed of the ride can be controlled by the controller, so there is no risk of uncontrolled movement.
  • The maintainers regularly check the machinery of the ride. They change the batteries and regulate the oil to reduce friction.

What Is The Age Limit For A Mega Bounce Ride? Can Children Ride A Mega Bounce Ride?

There is not a fixed age limit for a person to enjoy a mega bounce ride. However, the manufacturers have created weight limits for it.

The minimum weight required to ride a mega bounce ride is 10kg. In contrast, the maximum weight should be 90kg and no more than that.

This weight range is made to provide maximum protection.

Children over the age of 3 can easily ride a mega bounce ride with an adult by them.

What Is The Best Method To Find The Best Manufacturers Of Mega Bounce Ride?

To find the best manufacturers of mega bounce ride, read the following steps:

  • Do Extensive research 

Since mega bounce rides are in demand nowadays, you may find dozens of mega bounce ride manufacturers out there.

Search for companies that provide fine-quality material.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the manufacturer experience in this field to get the most out of your buying journey.

  • Contact the manufacturers

Once you find the right manufacturers, get a quote from them and compare the price to know the market rate.

You can contact them on their email or phone number.

  • Quality matters

Don’t forget to check the quality of the ride. Moreover, try opting for premium quality Stainless Steel and Reinforced Fiberglass Plastic in mega bounce rides.

  • Look for R&D Material

Try looking for companies that prefer R&D. The companies with R&D services provide the surety of quality and safety standards.

  • Availability of QC Team

Opt for companies that work with a QC team. They can provide complete analysis and inspection of the rides.

How Much Time Does It Take To Manufacture A Single Piece Of Mega Bounce Ride?

A small mega bounce ride takes up 1 to 2 months to be manufactured entirely.

But a large mega bounce ride can take up to 6 months for manufacturing because of its complex parts and operating systems.

On the other hand, a custom-made mega bounce ride can take eight months to 1 year to manufacture as they require particular parts.

Plus, the manufacturing time of the mega bounce ride depends on the number of workers in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacture A Mega Bounce Ride

Manufacture A Mega Bounce Ride

Is It Necessary To Have A Mega Bounce Ride In A Amusement Park?

It is more than necessary to have a mega bounce ride in your amusement park if you want the visitors to have fun and enjoyment.

The mega bounce rides provide a thrill and a fun experience to the riders who are riding them for the first time.

As for the people who love the thrill and fast rides that leave you filled with satisfaction, the ride is a must for them.

It’s the major attraction of the thrill-loving riders in amusement parks.

Mega Bounce Ride in Amusement Park

What Are The Quality Standards/Certificates Of A Mega Bounce Ride?

There are many quality standard testing and certificates provided by manufacturers of Mega Bounce Ride that include:

  • CCC Certification to ensure the quality standards of the ride
  • ISO Certification to carry out regular inspection of Mega Bounce Ride
  • CE Certification for ride’s quality production and manufacturing
  • GOST Certification for carrying out the import of Mega Bounce Ride
  • BV Certification for making sure about the ride’s safety standards

ISO Certification & Testing

What Are The Main Spare Parts Of A Mega Bounce Ride?

The main spare parts of the mega bounce ride are given as under:

  • Gondolas
  • Seats
  • Central circular wheel
  • Rods
  • Motor
  • Platform

What Is The Total Cost For The Complete Setup Of A Mega Bounce Ride, Including The Ride?

The complete setup of a mega bounce ride can cost up to $200,000, including the ride.

Depending on the size and type of the ride, it can range from $60,000 to $150,000 depending on the size and kind of mega bounce ride.

Furthermore, different Chinese manufacturers offer varied costs for building and installing the mega bounce rides.

Sinorides is also one of those manufacturers which offer this thrill ride at reasonable prices.

What Is The Area Requirements For A Mega Bounce Ride?

The area needed to install a mega bounce ride is about 14.8m x 14.8m in the amusement park.

Besides this, some area is specified for making a line for the riders to avoid the accidents and mishaps.

However, the area needed to install a mega bounce ride depends on the size and the model.

Area Required for Mega Bounce Ride

Can I Design A Customize Mega Bounce Ride For My Amusement Park?

Yes, you can order a customized mega bounce ride for your amusement park.

You can do so by asking a reliable manufacturer that can fulfill all your demands at reasonable rates.

Sinorides is one of those manufacturers that provide customization services of the overall shape, the seats, and the ride’s capacity.

In addition to these services, it also provides custom-made rides of all types.

You can get your customized Mega Bounce Ride for your amusement park from a trustworthy Chinese manufacturer like the Sinorides.

What Is The Main Power Source Of The Mega Bounce Ride?

The primary power source of the mega bounce ride is the electricity supply.

What Happens During A Power Breakdown Of A Mega Bounce Ride?

If a power breakdown happens without any notice, all the lights will go off, and the ride will ultimately stop moving.

The seats, which include the passengers, will slowly come down with safety if they are still in the air.

When the seats are once at rest, they will not move an inch until the power supply comes back.

The riders can quickly get off from the mega bounce ride and wait for the power supply to come back.

Power Cut Off in Mega Bounce Ride

The electric supply or the power supply runs the motor of the Mega Bounce Ride, which powers the ride to work.

What Type Of LED Lighting System Do Mega Bounce Rides Have?

Mega bounce rides consist of RGB LED lights that produce multiple colors.

RGB LED lights are Red, Green, and Blue lights (primary colors) that combine to make thousands of shades of colors.

These lights create the appearance of rainbow-colored lights that look interesting and bright.

RGB LED Lights of Mega Bounce Rides

How Much Is A Small Mega Bounce Ride?

The price of a small mega bounce ride is $30,000 to $60,000 and can be beneficial if your park has less space.

A small mega bounce ride is 12 by 12 m in size and can hold up to 24 passengers at a time.

The seats are comparatively smaller than a full-sized mega bounce ride and can hold one passenger.

It can also be beneficial if you want different types of rides on a lower budget.

Can A Mega Bounce Ride Be Profitable For My Amusement Park Business?

A mega bounce ride holds 72 riders at a time.

This saves time and can be profitable for your amusement park business.

On the other hand, a mega bounce ride attracts many people because of its adventurous movement.

At the same time, it saves a lot of energy and provides ultimate amusement to the visitors.

The price of the mega bounce ride is affordable, yet it provides ten times the profit.

Mega Bounce Ride in park

Mega Bounce Ride in park

What Are The Maintenance Requirements Of A Mega Bounce Ride?

Some of the most demanded maintenance requirements of a mega bounce ride are listed as under:

  • Lubricate all the sensitive and frictional parts of the ride after regular time intervals
  • Don’t comprise on the presence of damaged moving parts in the ride
  • Don’t let the dust accumulate in the ride
  • Clean the ride’s outer parts with cleansers to make it look new
  • Replace all the worn out and damaged parts
  • Hire professional workers for operating it
  • Fix proper timings to run mega bounce ride

Maintenance of Mega Bounce Ride

What Type Of Amusement Park Needs A Mega Bounce Ride?

A large amusement park where there is a wide variety of thrilling rides generally needs a mega bounce ride.

Besides a large amusement park, carnivals and malls can also be considered places for using mega bounce rides.

Plus, many festival parties and entertaining zones have mega bounce rides on a larger scale.

What Is The Installation Process Of A Mega Bounce Ride?

The installation process of the mega bounce ride comprises of the given steps:

  • Hiring an Installation Team

The first step in installing a mega bounce ride is finding an efficient and trustworthy installation team.

Sinorides can be your best pick in this case since it has skilled workers who install mega bounce rides very efficiently.

  • Watch the Guides and Tutorials

After hiring a step, the next step is to watch all the provided guides and tutorials.

This step will avoid any mishap and inconvenience during the ride’s installation.

  • Carry Out Installation

Now once your workers have an idea about installing the mega bounce ride, make them follow the installation steps with strict rules.

Never let them miss a single step since it can cause severe accidents afterwards.

  • Inspect the Ride

In the last, get yourself an inspection team that can finalize the installation of the mega bounce ride.

The primary reason for hiring the inspectors is to check any fault of the ride’s part during installation.

Installation of Mega Bounce Ride

Are Chinese Mega Bounce Ride Manufacturers Reliable?

Almost all Chinese mega bounce ride manufacturers are quite reliable to get the amusement rides.

Some of the significant reasons for their reliability are described as under:

  • Experience of 29+ years under their belt
  • Efficiency in choosing the premium quality of raw materials
  • Fulfilment of eligibility criteria of all international quality standards
  • Production of safest mega bounce rides
  • Availability of mega bounce rides at reasonable prices

All these worthy qualities are present at Sinorides; choosing this manufacturer will be your best decision so far!

Can I Customize The Power And Voltage Of My Mega Bounce Ride According To My Country?

You can easily customize the power and voltage of your mega bounce ride according to your country just by mentioning it to the manufacturers.

Chinese manufacturers are famous for providing power customization services to their customers.

You can contact the customer support of the selected manufacturer for customizing the power and voltage frequency of the mega bounce rides according to your amusement park.

Customized Mega Bounce Ride

Do Mega Bounce Ride Manufacturers Provide Installation Services? Is It Free Or Paid?

Yes, mega bounce ride manufacturers provide installation services to their customers.

It doesn’t matter which kind of installation services you want, all Chinese manufacturers have skilled workers to help you out.

However, they charge a minimal fee for the installation services they provide.

You have to pay only $100 per person working at your installation site.

Do Chinese Mega Bounce Ride Manufacturers Provide An After-Sales Service?

Chinese mega bounce ride manufacturers’ after-sale services help the customers solve their problems without getting into trouble.

Some of the common after-sale services include:

  • Shipping and packaging of the mega bounce ride
  • Installation of the ride
  • Replacement of the defective parts in mega bounce ride
  • Repair of the damaged and worn out parts of the ride

What Is The Operating Mechanism Of Mega Bounce Ride And Who Operates It

The operating mechanism of the mega bounce ride is jotted down as under:

  • The rotating motion of this ride is operated with a motor
  • Once the rotation of the ride has begun, it’s operated through a computer
  • The operating computer controls the up and down bouncing movements of the mega bounce ride
  • The motor and the computer can change the pace, and the ride’s moving direction

The mega bounce ride’s operating mechanism is supervised by a professional operator present in the control room.

Operation of Mega Bounce Ride

What To Look In A Reputable Mega Bounce Ride Manufacturer From China?

There are many necessary factors to look at in a reputable mega bounce ride manufacturer from China.

However, explore some of them as under:

  • Use of Quality Raw Materials

The manufacturers should be eligible to choose the highest quality of raw materials for constructing the mega bounce ride.

  • Safety and Quality Standards

The selected manufacturers should stand rightly on all the national and international safety and quality standards.

This factor reflects the reliability and efficiency of the mega bounce manufacturers.

  • R&D Services

The availability of R&D services at the manufacturer’s site will help you figure out the construction process of mega bounce rides.

  • QC Team

The presence of the QC team at the manufacturer is an essential factor to look at since it can sort out the concerns related to the shipping and installation of mega bounce rides.

How Is A Mega Bounce Ride Different From Other Types Of Circular Motion Rides?

A mega bounce ride is different from other bounce rides in its operation and rotating motion.

This thrilling mega bounce ride is operated through a motor and a computer.

Plus, unlike all the other circular rides, it moves in a rotating direction with random up and down bounces.

The presence of up and down bounce makes it even more unique and thrilling among all the other circular motion rides.

Difference of Mega Bounce Ride

What Is The Maximum And Minimum Weight Limit Of A Mega Bounce Ride?

The maximum weight limit of a mega bounce ride is 90kg, whereas the minimum weight limit ranges up to 10kg.

Other than the calculated weight limits, the mega bounce ride’s weight-bearing capacity depends on the seating capacity and the model type.

Thus the more significant the seating capacity, the greater will be the weight limit of the mega bounce ride.

What Is The Difference Between A Drop Tower Ride And A Mega Bounce Ride?

The significant difference between a drop tower and a mega bounce ride is their structure and movement.

A drop tower ride comprises a long central structure which has seats all around it whereas the mega bounce ride consists of a circular structure with integrated seats all around.

The movement of a drop tower ride includes the sudden up and down lifts, but a mega bounce ride has a rotating motion with random up and down bounces in between.

Do Harsh Weather Effect The Operation Of A Mega Bounce Ride?

Harsh weather dramatically affects the operation of a mega bounce ride.

The safety of the riders in mega bounce ride gets affected when it’s operated in harsh weather.

Stormy or rainy weather can make the ride slip down during its operation because of the decreased friction.

Not only this, but the riders can also fall on the ground from high heights if the mega bounce ride work during harsh and unfavorable weather due to the lack of grip.


How Much It Cost To Install Mega Bounce Ride In An Amusement Park?

The mega bounce ride costs about $1000 to install in an amusement park.

However, the installation costs of a mega bounce ride depend on the type of manufacturer you’re going to choose and the number of workers working to install the ride.

You can head out to Sinorides to get the most affordable installation services since this company is famous worldwide for preferably budget-friendly and trustworthy installation of mega bounce rides.

Installation of Mega Bounce Ride

How To Cut A Mega Bounce Ride Maintenance Costs?

The maintenance costs of mega bounce ride can be cut down by implementing the following tips:

  • Hire a professional and skilled team of workers to operate the ride
  • Fix proper timings for controlling and rotating the ride
  • Replace and repair all the damaged and worn out parts of the mega bounce ride with the help of reputable manufacturers
  • Never compromise on the high-quality performance and functionality of the ride
  • Clean the outer parts of the mega bounce rides

How To Check The Quality Of Mega Bounce Ride?

The quality of the mega bounce ride can be checked according to the following steps:

  • Quality of Raw Materials

The reliability and durability of the ride depend entirely on the type of materials used in the construction of the mega bounce ride.

Thus make sure that the ride is made up of premium quality stainless steel and FRP materials.

  • Performance and Functionality

The quality of the mega bounce ride is also ensured by checking the performance and the function of the different parts.

Try to ensure that all parts perform without any flaw.

  • Easy Installation

The high quality of the mega bounce ride is visible from the easy installation.

The selected mega bounce ride should be easy to install and costs minimal for the installation services.

  • Safety of the Riders

The mega bounce ride must contain all the necessary safety measures to enjoy a mega bounce ride with ensured safety.

Is Chinese Mega Bounce Ride Manufacturer Reliable For The Quality And Warranty?

Chinese mega bounce ride manufacturers such as Sinorides are reliable for the quality and the warranty of this amusement ride.

It uses the highest quality of stainless steel and FRP as raw materials while constructing the ride.

Plus, it offers a one-year warranty of the mega bounce ride to almost all countries.

Quality of Mega Bounce Ride

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