Merry-Go-Round Rides FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking to add a classic and beloved amusement ride to your park or carnival? Look no further than the merry-go-round! These timeless rides are popular with children and adults, providing years of fun for your guests.

In this blog post, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about merry-go-rounds, including:

– What types of merry-go-rounds are available?
– What safety requirements do they have?
– How much do they cost?
– What maintenance is required?
– Where can I buy one?

We’ll also provide tips on choosing the right merry-go-round for your needs and budget. Whether you’re an experienced amusement park operator or just starting, read on for everything you need to know about these classic rides!

What is a Merry Go Round Ride?

merry go round ride

What is a merry-go-round ride?

Also called a carousel, a merry-go-round ride is a kind of amusement ride made up of a central rotating platform with a series of riders’ seats.

Usually, the seats in a merry-go-round ride will be wooden horses in rows or other animal sculptures attached to posts.

The ‘animals’ adopt an up-and-down motion with gear stimulations that initiate galloping.

This explains why other regions refer to merry-go-round rides as gallopers, flying horses, jumpers, tornados, or horse-about.

Can I Customize the Appearance of Merry Go Round Ride?

merry go round ride

Customizing the appearance of your merry-go-round rides

Yes, you can.

You need not be confined to the traditional fashion used by your manufacturer for the merry-go-round rides you plan to install in your amusement park.

You can make it more modern and customized with a few modifications.

On the other hand, you could talk to the manufacturer to customize the make to ensure that you are on top of the game in your area.

Here are a few customization ideas that could come in handy the next time you install your merry go rounds:

  • Handmade decors
  • Galvanized structures
  • Long-life fiberglass
  • Auto diagnostic functions
  • Noise systems
  • LED lights
  • High-quality safety reinforcements

How many seats does a merry go round have?

merry go round carousel rides (2)

The number of seats required in a merry go round ride

There is no fixed figure for the number of seats included in merry go round rides.

However, the number of seats depends on the merry-go-round ride’s diameter and may vary between 16 and 60.

The size of the horse rides adopted for the merry go round rides also acts as a crucial determinant of the number of seats.

The larger the horses, the lesser the space to be shared and the fewer the seats.

What certification does merry go round need?


Certifications needed to run a merry go round ride

In some countries, Merry go round rides require CE, BV, ISO, and GOST certifications to meet the standards set by the international market.

In essence, the independent third party will conduct the certification process to vet the efficacy of a merry-go-round business in the local market.

A company desiring to file for CE, BV, ISO, and GOST certification needs to meet a specific set process that demonstrates the sustainability and equitability of its business models.

The criterion dramatically relies on legal accountability, social performance, environmental friendliness, and public transparency associated with the merry go round rides.

What are the key things to consider before investing in a merry go round ride?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Things to consider before investing in a merry go round ride

Here are the things to consider when you decide to get a lively go round ride:

  • Your space requirements: A good ride should fit the space allocated for this role.
  • The materials used: Consider sturdy yet attractive materials to avoid excessive repair costs.
  • The decoration elements: Consider long-life decors that’ll remain attractive without extra costs.
  • The technical performance of the merry go round rides
  • Adopt high-strength steel materials
  • Ability to withstand corrosion
  • Ability to initiate structural recoveries
  • The degrees of electrical efficiency and effectiveness
  • A self-controlled electrical architecture
  • Tailor-made electrical configs
  • Standardized power supply
  • Adherence to industrial safety needs
  • A range of LED lights and lighti0ng systems
    Mechanical output
  • High power and torque
  • Efficient motion
  • Strong crankshafts

What are the peak periods for a merry go round ride business?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Peak seasons in the merry-go-round-rides business.

Like other theme park ventures, merry go round businesses also require proper timing of seasons for the entrepreneur to reap the most.

Here are some of the helpful trends in the merry go round rides business all over the globe:

  • Peak seasons
  • Weekends
  • Summer holidays
  • General school holidays
  • Festivity periods
  • Evenings
  • Low seasons
  • Spring
  • Weekdays
  • Morning hours
  • Rainy seasons
  • Misty, foggy, and snowy seasons

Why should I choose Sinorides as a Merry Go Round Manufacturer for my amusement park rides?

carousel merry go round

Reasons to consider Sinorides for your merry go round rides

Sinorides is one of the global market’s best merry-go-round manufacturers.

But why should you consider Sinorides as a partner the next time you want to get a set of merry go round rides for your premises?

Here are the reasons why this will be a decision that you’ll never regret:

  •  Sinorides is a direct merry go round rides manufacturer and will initiate its operations to meet all of your customized project demands
  • They have a strong value chain spanning over two decades of operation
  • They’re known for their ability to manufacture high-quality merry go round rides that meet international standards.
  • Sinorides uses its international presence to present its clients with apt after-sales services through its regional agents.

Can I install my merry go round ride as an indoor investment?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Installing indoor merry go round rides

Yes, you may.

Indoor merry go round rides could come in handy, mainly if you are operating in an environment constantly facing adverse weather conditions.

However, this will significantly depend on the merry-go-round and the amount of indoor space you plan to dedicate for this purpose.

The height and surface area of the indoor space dedicated for this purpose will act as essential determinants of whether or not you will adopt a merry go round ride as an indoor investment.

You need not incur such costs if operating in areas with adverse weather conditions.

It might be a great idea to install your merry go round rides indoors if you want your clients to enjoy a custom experience from an extraordinary environment created just for their enjoyment.

Why should I invest in a mini merry go round ride for my amusement park?

carousel merry go round

Reasons to invest in merry go round rides in your amusement park business

Mini merry go round rides could be what you need if you are dealing with children as your target market.

Your customers will visit your amusement park to get the enjoyment they have been looking for all week long.

You wouldn’t want to invest in something that’ll cause a lot of fright on your clients.

Mini merry-go-round rides are a perfect fit if your park serves clients aged between 4 and 12 years who fear heights.

You may also require a mini merry go round if the space you dedicate for this purpose is limited.

Mini merry-go-round rides will serve the role that more extensive equipment would have done, though you will be required to monitor the long queues.

Minis could be suitable for you if you have a reduced customer flow.

Why should I invest in merry go round kiddie rides for my amusement park?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Reasons to invest in kiddie merry go round rides in amusement parks

Have you ever desired to give your customers a sense of traditional touch in your amusement park?

If yes, investing in merry go round kiddie rides could be the best entrepreneurial step you will ever make.

Despite the old-fashioned touch, merry go round kiddie rides are low-cost investments with the ability to meet the needs of consumers that will only require a family experience when visiting your amusement park.

Because of their small sizes, merry go round kiddie rides are made using high-quality and sturdy materials.

Even though merry go round kiddie rides are old-fashioned, they aren’t outdated.

They come with mini spinning jumpers that can be customized to meet the individual needs of the client.

Should color be an issue of great concern when buying a merry-go-round ride?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Color as an issue of concern in merry go round rides

Painting is a crucial detailed work of art in the roundabout rides industry.

As the owner of the roller coaster rides, you want your metallic structures to reveal a colorful look and an awe-inspiration that breathes the air of excitement and anticipation.

This explains why you must spend a couple of hours preparing for hands-on attention to ensure that the color coating you include on each roller coaster ride meets the needs of your customers’ eyes.

Here are other reasons to include color paintings on the set of roller coasters you got from your manufacturer to equip your amusement park:

  • It will prevent corrosion from rust
  • Imagine the sense of beauty
  • The roller coaster ride’s sense of attraction will be maintained.

How will I make my amusement park merry go round a profitable investment for my amusement park?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Making your merry go round rides business more profitable

Your merry go round rides venture can only make your amusement park good if you take a step.

You invest your hard-earned cash to reap the most out of the venture.

A few elements must be considered to ensure that your set of merry-go-round rides provides you with optimal gains.

Here’s what to do to get maximum profit margins from your merry go round rides:

  • Make them open to the public- They won’t bring you any cash if they remain closed the whole day
  • Make them attractive- You must tailor the beauty of your roller coaster rides to meet the taste of your clients
  • Make them safe
  • Embrace effective capacity control and wait time management strategies- No one wants to stay in the waiting line forever.
  • Obtain intellectual property rights for the roller coaster rides park- This will give you an upper hand in brand building and fostering customer loyalty.
  • Be innovative in your custom redesigns.

How does a merry go round work?

carousel merry go round

The working process of a merry go round ride

Merry-go-round rides strongly depend on a centralized motor system as their power source.

The working mechanisms of merry go round rides involve the rotation of a platform with a set of mounted rollers about a stationary pole.

Essentially, the pole is connected to the base platform via a gear system on the support beam, which causes rotations.

Conversely, most roller coaster ride systems will adopt a series of horses attached to the cranking rods hung from the system’s ceiling.

On average, a merry go round ride will rotate at a speed of 30 turns per second.

As the amusement park owner, it is your role to redesign your roller coaster rides to ensure that they meet the custom theme you desire.

What are the raw materials used in designing merry-go-round rides?

In most cases, merry go round rides will require wood and metal as the primary raw materials in the design and manufacturing stages.
The metallic materials will be used to make the crucial and movable parts of the merry go round ride, like the motors, crankshafts, gears, and bearings.
Brass metal is needed for the horse hangers, sleeves, and suspension rods, while steel will be required for the center pole.
Conversely, wood is needed for the horse, rounding boards, mirror frames, panels, and sweeps.
Most manufacturers will use Basswood and oak as the significant types of wood in the manufacture of merry go round rides.
The gingerbread works, panels and platform may be made from fiberglass, plastic, or wood.
The tent is choreographed from canvas, while the merry ga band organ will supply the merry go round ride. The manufacturer could choose mechanical or electrical power sources for the entire system.

How is a merry go round ride designed?

merry go round ride

The designing process of a merry go round ride
The design process of a merry go round ride starts from the middle part of the center pole.
The top bearing at the central pole holds the entire weight exerted on the merry go round ride.
Conversely, the merry go round rides’ sweeps take the form of suspensions attached to the top bearing with two rods meant to support the sweep.
The hub/ center bearing is placed about half a distance down the center pole, preventing the system from sideway shifting effects.
On the other hand, the motor is meant to spin the entire system around.
An average merry-go-round ride with a center pole whose diameter is about 39 centimeters can support 50 rides.

How is a merry go round ride manufactured?

merry go round ride manufacturer

The manufacturing process of a merry go round ride
Having looked at the working mechanism of a roller coaster ride system, it is essential to study its manufacturing procedure.
The basic process of manufacturing a merry-go-round ride has never changed despite the technological advancements experienced in the global industrial scenario.
Here is the 7-step process every manufacturer will follow when you place your order for a merry go round ride.
1. Determination of the client’s cost, size, and maintenance specifications.
2. The purchase of the band organ custom to the client’s requirements from a specialty manufacturer
3. The merry go round ride is romanced with the antiques and animals
4. If the merry-go-round ride manufacturer must construct it from scratch, the manufacturer decides on the size and weight to hold the entire design.
5. Paper patterns are attached to the basswood blocks to outline the different parts of the merry-go-round ride.
a. Basswood is preferred for its sturdiness and close grains
6. The carving begins with the boasting technique.
7. The carved horses are dipped in stain, primed, and then painted and varnished to meet the design of merry-go-round rides.

What is the difference between a merry go round and a carousel?

There is no difference between a carousel and a merry go round ride.
The two terms are synonymic (they mean the same thing).
Nonetheless, some manufacturers will distinguish roller coaster rides from carousels by considering their turning direction and riding designs.
Whatever the reasoning, it is essential to note that the merry go round rides designed for the European market adopt a clockwise turn; in contrast, those designed for the North American market assume a counter-clockwise motion.

Why have some countries banned the installation of merry go rounds in amusement parks?

merry go round ride manufacturer

Why have some countries banned merry go round rides
Most governments attribute their moves to ban the installation and use of merry-go-round rides in local amusement parks to the diverse safety issues these instruments present.
Like other old playground instruments, the merry-go-round rides were prone to accidents and incidents of fault to the extent that they were classified as dangerous tools for modern children and playground settings.
Nonetheless, some stakeholders have upheld that prohibiting the use of merry go round rides in amusement parks is not a solution.
On the contrary, these agencies believe that merry-go-round rides should be upgraded to retain their nature as classical attractions in the leisure industry.
Here is a list of recommendations on how to enhance the safety and security standards of merry-go-round rides to prevent their ban in the amusement park industry:
 Implement mechanical strategies aimed at slowing the spin
Installing a governor could come in handy
 Institute design alterations
Adopt capacity restrictions at the construction phase
Mount the central post in concrete for stabilization
Initiate annual safety and security checks.
 Use new spinners

How big is a merry go round ride?

carousel merry go round

Well, the size of a merry go round ride dramatically depends on several factors.
Some of the issues that determine how big your merry go round ride will be include:
 The specifications provided by the manufacturer
 Your custom requirements
 Your budget
 The amount of space allocated for the lively round ride
This notwithstanding, most merry-go-round meets the set standards and tends to present with footprints of 6-feet diameters.
However, there’s room to manufacture merry go round rides with custom specifications.
Some manufacturers may produce machines as small as 3.5 feet in diameter, while others even have merry-go-round rides with footprint diameters as large as 10 feet.
When ordering a merry-go-round ride, the amusement park owner must be aware that he must leave ample space near the equipment to allow kids to run around as it is set in motion.
However, the use area could be as large as 22 feet in diameter to ensure the device’s comfort.

How do I choose the best engine system for my merry-go-round?

carousel merry go round

Merry-go-round engine system.
Here are the factors to consider when choosing an engine system for your merry-go-round:
• Maximal speed- What is the expected maximum speed of the merry-go-round?
How long does it have to be sustained?
o What is the rolling radius of the wheel?
• Maximal power- The maximum power of the motor engine will enable your merry-go-round to reach and maintain the top speed.
• Battery capacity and voltage- This will be needed during the ignition stage.
However, the battery capacity will depend on the size of your merry-go-round.
• Your budget- There are various engine systems of a merry-go-round with different cost clauses. So, working within the cost you will likely fit in would be best.

What engine options will I have when buying a merry go round from my manufacturer?

carousel merry go round

Your manufacturer will give you these engine options any time you go purchasing a merry go round:
Solar-powered Engine: It is the best option if your park is in a hot area.
It’ll save you the costs associated with fuel purchases and electricity bills.
The most excellent option if you are an environmentally sensitive entrepreneur.
o Electric powered engine- Electric engines are very efficient and require minimal expertise.
o Gasoline Engine- Though cheap, gasoline engines may cause environmental harm to the clients visiting your park.

Are merry go round carnival rides dangerous?

carousel merry go round

Are carnival rides dangerous?
Well, it depends.
Suppose you have experience operating an amusement park. In that case, you’ll realize that carnival merry go round rides have accounted for the industry’s highest number of injuries, deaths, and incidents.
A safety report reveals that carnival merry go round rides account for 32% of the deaths in amusement parks yearly.
However, you needn’t fear investing in a set or two for your amusement park.
You only need to apply stricter safety measures to minimize accidents and incidents.

What is the best type of kiddie merry go round ride?

carousel merry go round

Best kiddie merry-go-round.
The best type of kiddie merry-go-round for your park must offer an exceptional customer experience.
From color to vehicles, efficiency, and operational effectiveness, you must ensure that your kiddie merry-go-round fits the consumer segments you serve.
In this case, buying a kiddie merry-go-round that comes with a mix of figures like cars, airplanes, ducks, and motorbikes is advisable.
Also, look for additional features like music, LED lighting, and an emergency stop button.

Do governments impose safety measures around companies?

Yes, governments all over the globe impose safety measures to regulate merry-go-round ventures.
Here are the reasons why governments regulate the use of merry go rounds in amusement parks:

  • To verify licensure
  • To ensure that the people who operate have the necessary skills
  • To check the efficiency level of the merry go round rides installed
  • To hold business owners accountable in case of incidences and accidents

What support services will I get after buying my lively go rounds from Sinorides?

Sinorides has a dynamic after-sales service portfolio that seeks to enhance its customers’ experiences and loyalty.
With over two decades of operation in the industry, the manufacturer will provide you with these after-sales services after purchasing your merry go round rides:

  • Warranties and guarantee
  • Effective user training
  • 24/7 online support
  • Installation guides
  • Referrals for spare parts, repairs, and realignments

Why should I use concrete when constructing the ground for my merry go round ride?

It would be best if you had something to give your set of merry-go-rounds the aspects of structural integrity and steadiness for your foundations.

Concrete meets these attributes.

Here are other reasons to use concrete when constructing the ground for your merry go round rides:

Concrete is durable and able to withstand tension and compressions

  • They’re weather-resistant and helpful in all environments
  • Excellent longevity and resistance to rust, erosion, rotting, and fire
    Versatility and easy to mold in multiple shapes
    100% recyclable and low-carbon footprint
  • Optimally reliable and resilient

What are the different types of merry-go-rounds in the global market?

There’s an endless number of different types of merry go round rides in the market. Here’s the list of the categories of merry go round rides available in the market today:

  • Merry-go-round rides for playgrounds- Very ideal for a non-amusement park setting.
  • ADA-accessible merry-go-round rides- Suitable for people with disabilities as they can accommodate wheelchairs

Independent play merry go round rides- They come in diverse designs-some of which include:
o Hurricane spinners
o Aero-whirl spinners
o Gravity spinner bowls
o Air gliders
o Tea cup spinners
o Rota glides

How easy is it to get spare parts for my merry go round ride once they are installed?

It is pretty easy to get spare parts for your merry go round ride.

You needn’t stop investing in merry go round rides just because of spare parts.

Most manufacturers have depots globally.

Similarly, some merry-go-round spare parts are compatible with other machines, like motorcars, motorcycles, and generators.

You may also arrange with your manufacturer to ship a spare part at your expense.

However, you need to ask your manufacturer if they ship spare parts to your country or recommend a store that’ll supply you just in case of a breakdown.

Do I need a trained staff member to operate my merry-go-round ride?

You will require a trained staff member to operate the merry-go-round you installed in your amusement park.
Here are the reasons to get trained staff to operate your merry go round rides:

  • To maximize your output
  • To reduce wear and tear
  • Skilled employees will foster business growth as they know how to handle clients.
  • Effective staff-customer relations

What insurance policies will work best for my merry go round ride business?

merry go round ride manufacturer

Merry-go-round insurance.

The fact that the merry-go-round business is prone to accidents and incidents reveals the need to adopt an insurance policy cushions the company, the owner, and the clients.

The best cover in this case would be a liability insurance policy (Amusement Park Insurance) targeting the machinery, machine owners, and the business as a whole.

How will my clients avoid injuries when riding a merry-go-round ride?


Your clients are the bloodline of your merry go round business.

You must ensure that they are well-cushioned to avoid any injury while using your merry-go-round rides.

Here are the ways to foster safety among your clients:

  • Restrict the use of merry go round rides when the client is under the influence of alcohol
  • No riding with sharp objects in pockets
  • Children are to be accompanied by elders when using merry go round rides
  • Machines must be operated by qualified staff
  • Advise your clients on the importance of abiding by the instructions set
  • Sick people should never use the merry go round rides

Why buy a double-decker merry-go-round ride for my amusement park?

carousel merry go round

Double decker merry go round rides.

The double-decker merry-go-round ride is best if your park struggles with an increasing customer base.

Double-deckers are the most common types of merry-go-round rides available today.

Here are the features of the double-decker merry go round ride that make it the most suitable for your park:

  • They come in large sizes and capacities
  • You’ll save the space that two single-deckers would occupy
  • Their panels are easy to decorate based on your fashion tastes and personal standards

How do I choose the best merry go round rides for my amusement park?

You don’t want to settle for ‘anything’ the next time you look for a merry go round ride for your amusement park.
While looking for something that’s within your budget, you must ensure that it meets these aspects:

  •  Check on the capacity
  • Go for the highest quality material
  • Verify the production qualifications of your manufacturer
  • Check the paintings- They must be attractive
  • Does it fit your space?
  • What about the power consumption requirements?
  • Never purchase unthinkingly at extremely low or high prices

How will I increase my customers’ experiences after installing the merry go round ride?

Your merry go round rides should be avenues your customers will always look up to.

This can only be attained by enhancing the clients’ experiences each time they visit your park.

Here are the strategies to embrace to enhance your clientele’s experiences:
1. Use online booking systems- This will minimize congestion and customer wait times
2. Adopt 4D effects and lighting systems to give them an environment they’ve never seen
3. Make the park secure
4. Embrace well-positioned audio-visual innovations
5. Use a series of display screens in the area around the merry go round rides.

What are the current trends in the merry go round ride market?


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed operations in the global business environment.

The merry go round rides market has not been spared either.

Here are the emergent trends in the merry go round rides market in the current era:

  • Increased use of artificial intelligence and touchless technology
  • Penetrated use of virtual and augmented reality in guest experiences
  • Alterations in food experiences
  • Effective penetration and use of IoT infrastructure
  • Increased use of virtual assistance
  • The adoption of blockchain innovations in ticketing
  • Optimal attention to the environment

Who should and who should not ride on a merry-go-round ride?

Even though merry-go-round rides present customers with exciting experiences, they may not be a perfect match for specific categories of clients.

Encourage your customers not to use your merry go round rides if they fall into these categories:

  • Toddlers must never use merry go round rides with diameters over 20 inches
  • Pre-school age children should not use merry-go-round rides with diameters over 18 inches
  • People with dizziness
  • Clients who lack helmets and other essential protective gear
  • Old adults (70 years+) as they are prone to ailments
  • People with respiratory conditions like congestive lungs, flu, and breathing problems

How do I ensure that my merry-go-round rides are more sustainable?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Sustainability in merry go round rides.

Since your role as an entrepreneur is to derive profits from your merry-go-round rides investments, you have a moral obligation to the communities you serve.

It is your role to ensure your business is as sustainable as possible.

These practices could come in handy if you are a merry go round rides operator who wants to keep your business sustainable:

  • Adopt LED lighting systems
  • Embrace a recycling program for the waste bottles that pile up around your merry go round ride park.
  • Buy green electricity like wind turbines and solar panels
  • Convert food wastes to generate energy
  • Irrigate your lawns using recycled water
  • Adopt separate guest spaces with unique thematic environments
  • Go paperless by adopting modern technologies like e-ticketing
  • Use green roofing systems to lower greenhouse gas emissions, energy costs, and stormwater runoff

How much does a merry-go-round cost?

The prices of merry go round rides vary a lot.

The following factors will determine the prices of merry go round rides in any market:

  • The reputation of the manufacturer in the theme park industry
  • The type of materials used
  • The cost of the materials used
  • Proximity to raw materials
  • Season of the year
  • The position of the manufacturer in the amusement rides market
  • Cost of production
  • The demand placed by the market
  • Levels of competition
  • Prevailing economic condition

Such factors reveal that the price of merry go round rides will never remain constant.

A wooden merry go round ride is the cheapest the market can offer.

For instance, a backyard merry go round ride with a 12-animal capacity could cost you about $70,000.

However, merry go round rides with commercial sizes could cost about $1 million.

Similarly, it is essential to note that you may purchase a single-animal wooden run between $3,000 and $9,000.

You may reach out to Sinorides to get an instant quotation.

Does Sinorides ship merry-go-round rides to other countries?

Yes, Sinorides ships its ordered merry go round rides to other countries.

Sinorides has been ranked among the most efficient merry-go-round sellers in the Chinese market because of its shipping services.
Here are the properties of Sinorides that make it the best manufacturer to source your products from:

  • Sinorides has a prolific sales team that’ll work to ensure timely delivery of your shipment without having to go through hustles
  • The manufacturer boasts a strong team of regional agents who will handle your shipments from when ordering to when you install the merry-go-round rides.
  • Expect 24/7 online support each time you consider Sinorides as the company to ship your merry-go-round rides.

Why should a merry-go-round ride be installed with a high-speed gearbox?

merry go round carousel ride for sale

Merry-go-round rides with high-speed gears.

Your merry go round rides may not operate effectively if you don’t provide them with suitable gearing systems.

In essence, the Youromerry-go-round depends on the gear to transmit power from the central system to the other parts.

This explains why you require a solid gearbox to meet all your amusement park requirements. A high-speed gearbox has many teeth (over 24) and will turn faster than other low-speed options. This aspect increases the amount of power generated and the overall degrees of operational effectiveness in merry-go-round rides.

How do I use artificial intelligence in my Amusement Park, Merry Go Round?

The merry go round rides industry has taken technology as a central tool for boosting operations.

The current client doesn’t only want to be exposed to a great user experience when taking a ride on your set of merry-go-round machines.

Instead, they want to be engaged with a merry go round rides business that offers them seamless experiences.

Here are how round-ride operators may take advantage of artificial intelligence:

  • Enhanced location analytics with AI WiFi technologies
  • Reduced queues and wait times
  • Enhanced sentiment analyses
  • Use of artificial intelligence to reveal machine malfunctioning
  •  Increased use of IoT innovations

What is the most effective way of adopting virtual reality in merry go round rides?

Like artificial intelligence, virtual reality innovations have played a central role in rolling the merry-go-round rides industry to the next user level.
Amusement parks do not operate in limbo- instead, they operate in a fast-paced world that needs effective adoption of technologies to meet the needs of the user segments they serve.
Here are ways in which merry-go-round rides have applied virtual reality to enhance their user experiences:
1. Real-time customer education on how merry go round rides should be operated
2. Easing anxiety among the merry go round ride users
3. Enhanced collaboration among the stakeholders in merry go round rides
4. Creating recreational ideas
5. Forecasting trends in the merry go round rides business

How can I adopt mobile applications to enhance operational efficiency in my merry go round rides?

You could need mobile applications to boost your merry-go-round rides operations to the next level.

Over 80% of the world’s population uses internet-enabled mobile phones.

Maybe it is time to take advantage of these statistics to ensure you reap the most of these populations.

Here are ways in which you may take advantage of mobile apps to boost your operations as a merry go round rides operator

  • Boosting your sales margins- use mobile apps to promote the merry-go-round rides business through promotions, sending special offers, etc.
  • Building audiences for your business
  • Easy communication with clients
  • Optimizing your merry go round rides business processes
  • Enhancing customer loyalty

What are the most efficient ways of dealing with merry-go-round customers in the COVID-19 era?

merry go round ride manufacturer

Dealing with customers in the COVID era

You must know that the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone- including your merry-go-round customers.

You must look into ways of embracing them and ensuring safety if you want your merry-go-round rides business to grow.

Here are ways to deal with your merry go round rides during the pandemic

  • Let them know that they’re safe- provide the necessary cleaning materials
  • Be transparent when you notice any anomaly
  • Invest in the long-term with your client- maybe it is time to shift from relying on daily clients to long-term customer programs.
  • Don’t push your expectations too high.

Will my manufacturer incorporate innovative show, effect, and ride systems on my merry go round rides business?


Well, this will depend on several factors.

In particular, your manufacturer’s level of development and experience in the industry could dictate whether he will incorporate innovative show, effect, and ride systems on your merry go round rides most effectively.

You don’t want to engage a manufacturer who will do a bogus job.

However, you may initiate a discussion with your manufacturer to check whether he can accommodate your needs.

Similarly, doing a custom merry go round ride could come in handy whenever you want your manufacturer to incorporate an innovative show, effect, and ride system on your merry-go-round rides system.

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