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Sinorides manufactures amusement rides for all levels. Making all types of pendulum rides, you can establish a park for everyone. Especially, mini pendulums for sale are perfect for juniors. The small nature mean kids they are kids friendly. The fantastic design and added safety leave your park enjoying great reputability among visitors. Sinorides mini pendulum ride is available in different styles and you can even discuss with us to customize it.

The amusement parks that are not big contain a mini pendulum ride for entertaining the riders around the globe. Thus, if you’re looking for reliable children mini pendulum supplier, we can assist you best. We are known as the most reliable mini pendulum ride manufacture in China that provides all types of amusement parks at reasonable rates.

The mini pendulum ride for sale available at our place is so worthy that you don’t have to bother about the quality and working of the manufactured ride. Moreover, the working efficiency of the rides never fails to entertain the riders.

You can also check the mini ferris wheel, small roller coaster and related children rides from Sinorides to improve your park business.

Super-Lollipop-Mini-Pendulum-Ride For Sale By Sinorides
Sinorides Super Lollipop Mini Pendulum Ride is suitable for indoor places

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 5P
  • Power: 2.2kW
  • Area: 7mx7m
6 seats mini pendulum ride for sale from Sinorides
Sinorides 6 Seats Mini Pendulum Ride is suitable for various applications

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 6P
  • Power: 12kW
  • Area: 6mx6m
Sinorides 6 seats mini pendulum ride B for sale
Sinorides 6 Seats Mini Pendulum Ride B equipped with durable parts

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 6P
  • Power: 12kW
  • Area: 6mx6m
Small Pendulum Ride
Sinorides 12 Seats Mini Pendulum Ride can hold 12 person one time

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 21kW
  • Area: 8mx8m
Mini Pendulum Ride
Sinorides Customized Mini Pendulum Ride is designed for your needs

Main Data:
  • Capacity: Customize
  • Power: Customize
  • Area: Customize
Sinorides mini pendulum ride parts
Sinorides Mini Pendulum Ride Parts is in high quality for performance

Main Data:
  • Capacity: Customize
  • Power: Customize
  • Area: Customize

Your Premier Mini Pendulum Ride Manufacturer in China

The mini pendulums are safe and feature eco-friendly materials. Mostly, the paint is free from banned materials. Also, it lasts for a long while protecting your kiddie pendulum rides. You can also ask for special painting if you live in places with extreme places.

The support structure has string material and creative designing. The fiberglass components help to cut weight. Also, the materials are super tough to withstand extreme applications. Also, the bearing can bear massive friction without breaking.

  • mini pendulum ride parts
  • mini pendulum ride detail 2
  • Sinorides mini pendulum ride for sale 3
  • mini pendulum ride detail
  • mini pendulum ride for sale project from Sinorides
  • Sinorides mini pendulum ride case

Mini Pendulum Ride Project

Whether your park is in extreme places, the pendulum rides have excellent drainage. There is no water stuck which great for preventing the columns from rust. Actually, it’s easy, and you can control drainage in columns without any experience.

You can also order park rides for kids with your features and settings.

Sinorides Mini Pendulum Ride Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Mini Pendulum Ride Cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Sinorides Mini Pendulum Ride Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Pendulum Rides appearance more smooth.
Mini Pendulum Ride Material
High grade material to ensure your Mini Pendulum Ride running safely.
Mini Pendulum Ride Painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Mini Pendulum Ride good status.
Mini Pendulum Ride Structure
Strong Mini Pendulum Ride Structure for stable performance
Mini Pendulum Ride Welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Mini Pendulum Ride steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATASuper Lollipop Mini Pendulum Ride6 Seats Mini Pendulum Ride12 Seats Mini Pendulum Ride
Number of Seats5P6P12P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

mini pendulum ride drawing

mini pendulum ride technical drawing

Myanmar-FUN-VALLEY-Park_Design Magic City Design Dream Land Design

Sinorides is Reliable Mini Pendulum Rides Manufacturer

Your kids’ park should not be boring anymore. You can order and customize the themes for your kids’ pendulum rides. Whether you want mythical creatures or other cartoons, it’s what you get.

The patented designs and amusement parks are unique and enable you to have great trust. The small pendulums ride can work for long hours without suffering from stress. Even when running at the full capacity day long, there is minimal maintenance.

The use of the highest quality of R&D technology at Sinorides ensures everything about the production of modern rides. You don’t have to bother about getting your hands on the valuable rides that go hand in hand with modern ride technologies.

In addition to these services, we provide our services at the best and reasonable prices. Thus you can purchase almost every item at our place without searching for more.

The safety of the people riding mini pendulum ride is our basic priority. Thus we have integrated the best brake systems in the amusement park rides. The riders will be safe during the stopping of the rides.

The presence of the hydraulic brake systems in our mini pendulum rides has satisfied almost all amusement park owners about the safety of our manufactured rides.

Besides the reliability of the rides, we have a professional after-sales team that performs best in the production of almost all types of amusement rides.

Our workers will always be available to provide all after-sales services even after the purchase of the ride. If you want installation or repair of the amusement rides, you can contact our manufacturers.

Sinorides develops and installs your park with absolute safety. The unique structures and mechanical shoulders are excellent. Actually, even in case of a mishap, there is a safe stoppage. Your park visitors always walk out smiling due to satisfaction.

Mini Pendulum Ride-FAQ Guide

Mini Pendulum Rides are without any doubt an amazing theme park ride for youngsters.

You might have those normal rides in your park, but without these mini ones, your collection will remain incomplete.

Even being a mini ride, they come in different sizes and features for kids of different age groups.

Even some of them come with mobile portability as well.

What Is a Mini Pendulum Ride?

A Mini Pendulum Ride is an amusement park ride for youngsters.

It is quite similar in physics and looks like a Frisbee ride, but much smaller in size and portable.

What is Mini Pendulum Ride

What is Mini Pendulum Ride

As youngsters are not allowed to ride huge ones, this replica is the perfect chance for them to enjoy.

How Does The Mini Pendulum Rides Work?

As it is obvious by its name that it moves in a pendulum movement.

This movement is caused by a motor attached to it.

The moving part of this ride is attached to a motor drive, which senses its movement.

That motor then helps the ride move in a non-uniform clockwise motion and To and Fro pendulum movement.

What Are Different Types Of Mini Pendulum Rides?

There are many different types of Mini Pendulum rides according to their size and features.

There is 360ᵒ Frisbee Ride, Portable Pendulum Ride, Mobile Pendulum Ride, 12-Seater Ride, and Mini Pendulum Ride.

All of these rides come in different shapes according to kids’ heights and ages.

What Are The Different Types Of Mechanical Components Used In Mini Pendulum Rides?

Following are a few of the Mechanical Components used in Mini Pendulum Rides:

  • Chicken Leg Shoulder

This component is exact in looks as it sounds.

This is a support component that is purely made from pure steel and provides safety to ride arms.

  • Air Cylinder

Obviously, moving such heavy equipment is not easy, so this component basically compresses air and then turns its strength into mechanical energy towards ride movement.

Usually, two of these components are attached for more strength.

  • Brake Motor

This is an important component of this whole ride.

Whether the ride needs an instant stop or is required to stay in safe movement, this motor is the one to rescue.

  • Flange

When it comes to connecting different parts, then Flange is the perfect component for this purpose.

Each part of the whole mini pendulum ride requires a flange for a safe connection.

  • Threaded Hole

This is a minor component yet useful component.

It is used for connection ride parts along with some other components as well.

  • Standard Slewing Bearing

When it comes to ride movement, then this is the main part added.

It is connected to the main axis and withstands the main load of the ride movement.

  • Planetary Reducer

This component helps in the productivity of the motor while increasing the output of ride movement.

  • Deep Groove Ball Bearing

It is a simple structured ball bearing used for moving parts of the mini pendulum ride.

What Are The Different Types Of Electrical Components Used In Mini Pendulum Rides?

Following are a few of the Electrical Components used in Mini Pendulum Ride:

  • Electric Bell

This is an alarm bell used before the ride starts or when the ride is about to end.

It is an electromagnet bell that operates on an AC power source.

  • Distribution Panel

This is a complete control panel, which helps to operate multiple rides from a single platform.

At the back end, there is a whole panel for wiring to decide the power source for each ride.

  • Rotary Switch

This is just like an On/Off switch, but instead of a normal switch, it comprises a lever.

Rotary Switch

It is a waterproof switch for the main circuit.

  • Indicator Light

This component is installed on multiple spots to find out the status of each circuit.

  • Ammeter

This meter is placed on the main circuit to find out AC and DC, both currents.

This meter is really helpful to keep a balanced current in the circuit.

  • Emergency Button

It is a huge Red-colored button to break the connection between the circuit and ride instantly.

It is used when there is some short circuit or any other fault in the circuit.

  • Voltmeter

This is another measuring instrument used in the control panel.

This meter is used for measuring total voltage in the circuit and helps to find out if voltages are within the safe limit.

  • Intermediate Relay

This is another switching and safety component.

This relay is used to keep the voltages under a safe limit.

  • Current Transformer

This is a small transformer used in the circuit.

It is used to lower the current at the secondary side and provide a safe range.

  • Switching Power Supply

This is voltage control equipment.

Switching Power Supply

Using this component, you can easily convert voltage levels according to your requirement.

  • PLC Host

It is an electronic system, which is used to control all the operations in the circuit.

Whether it is about control or safety, everything is done from here.

  • AC Contactor

This is a safety component used to quench the arc generated, which switches On/Off the circuit.

  • Frequency Converter

It is another motor controlling component, which controls the speed of the AC motor attached to the main axis.

It controls the motor speed by changing the frequency.

  • Terminal Block

It is a connecting component used to join circuits with different components.

It is an insulated case where different wires are being connected easily.

  • Molded Case Circuit

This is a protection device that keeps the circuit secure from the current.

Molded Case Circuit

There is a set limit for current, and if it exceeds the limit, it trips the circuit.

  • Resistance

These are very small yet amazing components of the circuit.

They are responsible for providing protection and exact voltage to other components.

  • Communication Connector

These are simple connectors that are used to connect two electrical devices for signal transmission.

What Is Material Used To Make Mechanical Structure Of The Mini Pendulum Ride?

Following are a few of the materials used in mechanical structure:

  • Channel Steel

These are the long bars of U-shaped steel.

This is the main raw material used for the construction of the Mini Pendulum Ride.

Channel Steel

  • Steel Plate

This is a thick sheet of raw steel, which is later molded and pressed to a defined shape.

These steel plates are also made by melting them and forging them into a square plate.

  • Square Tube

Again, these are the long bars of square tubes, one of the important materials for platform construction.

The square tube is made from a round tube, and it is forged into a square shape.

  • Round bar

This is a long steel bar with a circular cross-section, and it is used in the pendulum axis.

  • Rectangular bar

These rectangular bars are lightweight and hollow from within.

These are used for mechanical purposes and in engineering as well.

  • Pattern aluminum plate

The pattern on the aluminum plate is such that there are alternate five concave and convex patterns placed 60 to 80 degrees from each other. Such a pattern will provide you no slip.

These plates are used on the parts people have to walk on to ensure they walk without slipping from it.

  • Round tubes

Round tubes are of stainless steel and are hollow from within with a concentric cross-section.

This material is used in making the motors and column tubes.

The length of the round tubes is greater than the periphery of these hollow tubes.

  • Angle steel

Angle steel is perpendicular to each other on each end. This sheet is used because it has better plastic deformation performance and has great mechanical strength.

The sheet is very long and is very useful in the mini pendulum rides due to its strength.

What Material Is Used to Make the Orbital Platform of The Mini Pendulum Ride?

The material used mainly to make up the orbital platform of mini pendulum rides is the channel steel.

Channel steel is available in different sizes and shapes.

Still, for the orbital platform of mini pendulum rides, the average size of channel steel is used.

The channel steel is made so that it looks like a block C when looking from the cross-section. With the straight wall of steel to a small attachment perpendicular to the channel, steel is present.

Some of the cases make your channel steel even more strong and stable two extensions on each side are added to turn it inwards and give your channel steel almost like a rectangle steel bar shape.

The channel steel design can be changed to make adjustments regarding the use of channel steel for the orbital platform.

What Material Is Used to Make the Platform of The Mini Pendulum Ride?

The material used to make the platform for the mini pendulum ride is the square steel tubes.

These square tubes may or may not have equal sides, and all that you can be sure about is that it is hollow from the inside.

These square steel tubes make a great platform for your mini pendulum rides.

square steel tubes

This is used in the platform of the mini pendulum ride because it has great strength and can survive the extreme tolerances as well.

Not only temperature, but they can also survive the extreme pressure and all the other destructive elements of normal steel.

What Material Is Used to Make Metal Components of The Mini Pendulum Ride?

The material used to make the metal component of the mini pendulum ride is the angle steel.

The angle steel is the one where both ends are perpendicular to each other.

These sheets are used because they have plastic deformation properties and can be altered later on very easily.

 angle steel

The mechanical strength that the angle sheets have adds even more to the favor of using the angle steel sheets. Another thing is the durability and weldability of these steel sheets.

All these characteristics and features make it a very good choice to choose the angel steel sheet.

What Material Is Used to Make Axis of The Mechanical Structure Of The Mini Pendulum Ride?

Different materials are used on each part of your mini pendulum ride.

The material required in building the axis of the mechanical stricture in that mini pendulum ride is the round steel bars.

 round steel bars

These round steel bars are not hollow from within but provide great strength while maxing the axis of your mini pendulum ride.

The shape of these round steel bars makes it very suitable for forming the axis of the mechanical structure of a mini pendulum ride.

What Material Is Used to Make Mechanical Parts and Engineering Structures Of The Mini Pendulum Ride?

The steel plate is used to make the mechanical parts and engineering structures of the mini pendulum ride.

The steel plate is made by melting the steel and pressing it into a plate after being cooled.

This steel plate is used because it can be easily forged into different required structures for the mechanical arts.

Engineering structures can also be formed with the help of this steel plate.

Steel plates of different thicknesses are available to suit the mini pendulum ride’s needs that are to be built.

What Material Is Used to Column Tube And Motor Cover Of The Mini Pendulum Ride?

Round tubes of steel are the ones that are used to make column tubes and motor covers of the mini pendulum ride.

The round tube is hollow from within.

Round tubes of steel

All these steel tubes will open at both ends, giving the benefit of using it as a motor cover for the mini pendulum ride.

These tubes are available in different sizes as well.

Despite being of steel, the round tubes are not very heavy.

How the Mini Pendulum Ride’s Platform Is Made Non-Slip?

The mini pendulum’s ride’s platform is made a non-slip with the help of patterns on it.

These patterns provide enough friction making the whole platform not slippery at all.

Without those patterns, the platform would have been very slippery.

The pattern that is made on top of the platform is the alternate five concaves and convex

All these are placed against each other at a 60-to-80-degree angle.

There is the repetition of this pattern all over the sheet, so it is not slippery anywhere.

The material used for the platform is aluminum which makes the platform even lighter and better.

Due to this pattern on aluminum, the whole platform gave an amazing non-slip property.

How Much Does A Mini Pendulum Ride Costs?

The cost of the pendulum ride depends upon many factors.

The cost depends upon the material used.

The cost of labor also factors in.

The average cost fluctuates somewhere between $9000-$12000.

The manufacturing sites will also give you a quotation.

This will help you choose the best manufacturer.

It is advised that you do your research and choose the best one.

How to Install Mini Pendulum Ride?

It is better if the manufacturer offers to install the ride himself.

That will decrease any chances of an accident.

Good manufacturers offer to install the rides.

They know that they can do the installation better.

Sinorides are one of the best manufacturers that offer the installation and manufacture of the rides.

The manufacturer is qualified engineers that will help with a better installation.

Mini Pendulum

Does Mini Pendulum Ride Manufacturer Provide Warranty Or Guarantee Of The Product?

If a reliable company does the manufacturing, then they will provide you a warranty and guarantee.

Warranty is a sign that the company you are working with can be trusted.

If Sinorides installs the ride, then we will give you a one-year guarantee.

Still, if the installation is done by someone else, then the warranty will not be provided.

What To Do When The Mini Pendulum Rides Is Break Down During Working?

Even after careful inspection and installation, the rides are susceptible to break down.

In case of a breakdown, you should switch off the ride urgently.

Then carefully transfer the passengers to a safe place.

Check the operating cabinet.

After that, check for any fault that may have caused the breakdown.

Call the supplier for further details.

Does The Voltage And Hertz Of The Mini Pendulum Ride Can Be Customized?

Yes, the voltage and Hertz can be customized for the mini pendulum rides.

The customization depends upon the country and state where you want to install the ride.

The client should ask for a specific voltage and hertz, and the company will provide.

It tells about the capability of the company when they offer you a range of voltage and hertz.

Voltage And Hertz Of The Mini Pendulum Ride

Who Does The Inspection Of The Mini Pendulum Rides?

The manufacturer must inspect the pendulum ride for any fault or breakage.

If they provide you with a warranty, then it should be their priority to check for any damage.

Still, if the amusement park owner wants to involve a third party, then they are well within their rights to do so.

A third party may also provide a better inspection.

Does Mini Pendulum Ride Manufacturer Charge For Training? How Much In Charge?

Yes, the manufacturers in charge of training and installation too.

The manufacturer knows the ride more than the buyer.

If you need the manufacturer to train your workers, they can do that too.

Sinorides can send their engineers to train your workers, but you have to pay for the trip and other expenses.

The travel charges and stay charges are all paid by the buyer.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Mini Pendulum Rides From Chinese Manufacturers?

There are many advantages. Some of them are:

  • Low manufacturing costs – the mainland factories that manufacture products have higher costs than Chinese manufacturers.
  • Inexpensive labor – local hiring will require training.
  • Still, the Chinese labor is already trained, which will cut the cost of training.
  • Increased production potential – when you purchase products from China, the factories are more experienced than the local factories. The production will be better than the production of products locally.
  • Prevention of failure – when you produce domestically, the chances of failure are higher because of the lack of training.
  • Still, with Chinese manufacturing, the chances of failure lessen considerably.

Buying Mini Pendulum Rides

What Are The Characteristics Of 6 Seats Mini Pendulum Rides?

Six seats mini pendulum rides are perfect for small amusement parks.

It only requires an area of 6m x 6m.

The rides are safe and thrilling for the passengers.

The ride has all the features that ensure that it’s safe.

Double pressure and shoulder harness are added for safety concerns.

Customized rides can also be manufactured according to customer’s demands.

Are Mini Pendulum Rides Safe For Passengers?

Yes, Mini pendulum rides are safe for passengers.

Sinorides inspects all its rides before supply to ensure that the rides are safe to use.

The rides are only supplied once we have ensured that an adult can use the ride safely.

A lot of research and quality tests are done to make the ride safe.

Does the Chinese Mini Pendulum Rides Manufacturer Provide After-Sales Services?

Yes, many manufacturers provide after-sales services such as installation of rides and training of workers.

The one-year warranty also ensures that the company keeps the ride under check and balance for at least one year.

Some manufacturers also replace the ride if the ride gets damaged during the one-year warranty.

After-Sales Services

How Is The Packaging Of The Mini Pendulum Ride?
There are three types of packaging that the client can choose from.

  • There is a standard packaging involving non-woven fabric and a long sheet of bubble wraps in which different parts are wrapped.
  • High-rank packaging uses a multi-layer plywood box.
  • Customized packaging is done according to the client’s requirements.

How To Choose The Best Mini Pendulum Rides Manufacturer In China?

Do your research, but also keep an ear on word of mouth.

Ask people who have already purchased rides from that specific vendor.

Choose manufacturers that use high-quality material for the manufacturing.

A manufacturer that has a research and development department.

This quality should be preferred above all.

This indicates that the manufacturers have done their research.

Manufacturers that have a qualified team of engineers and quality assurance officers should also be considered.

A manufacturer that has all of these qualities should be preferred above all.

How To Control And Cut Your Mini Pendulum Rides Costs?

Choose the best manufacturer who will make it easier for you to control the cost.

The European manufacturers are more expensive than the Chinese manufacturers.

Choosing Chinese manufacturers will save you a lot of money.

Engineers that have a lot of experience also help in cutting the costs.

Manufacturers like Sinorides have qualified engineers and high-quality, inexpensive materials that help in controlling the cost.

Cut Your Mini Pendulum Rides Costs

How To Avoid Damaged Mini Pendulum Ride’s Equipment During Shipping?

You can avoid damage if you use high-rank packaging instead of standard packaging.

The high-rank packaging is costly but will ensure that the ride does not get damaged during delivery.

A box should be added for further safety of the ride.

It is best if you do not overload the containers that have the pendulum ride.

Overload can lead to damage.

Why Is Chinese Mini Pendulum Rides Manufacturer Like Sinorides’s Price Higher Than Others?

The prices are higher for good reasons.

It is seen that the low-priced manufacturers do not use good quality material.

Many buyers buy from them so they can buy cheap rides.

These rides are a problem for safety.

The high prices are due to:

  • High-Quality Material
  • Qualified Engineers
  • A high-quality research and development center
  • Quality Assurance department that ensures the safety of the ride
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