30 Strangest Rides in the World: 3-4



Each year amusement parks around the world try to one-up one another by building bigger, faster and more intense amusement rides. Here, Sinorides takes a look at some of the strangest, scariest and most innovative non-roller-coaster rides.

  1. SpinDizzy

DiggerLand is a U.K.-based chain of theme parks that transforms used construction equipment into rides. The concept may seem odd, but the chain is actually a subsidiary of H. E. Services, one of the U. K.’s largest excavating companies. Dump trucks, loaders and excavators are among the types of equipment that visitors as DiggerLand can expect to ride and operate. The Spin Dizzy is a modified JCB tracked excavator, where the bucket has been retrofitted to sit eight passengers.

  1. Giant Discovery (Big Pendulum)

This spin-and-swing ride hits nearly 70 mph and is large enough to accommodate 40 people per session. The pendulum-like motion subjects riders to both g’s and negative g’s as it takes them 150 feet into the sky and drops them back down. The mechanical stresses that riders like Giant Discovery produce are particularly grueling and require constant oversight.



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