30 Strangest Rides in the World: 9-10



Each year amusement parks around the world try to one-up one another by building bigger,

faster and more intense amusement rides.

Here, Sinorides takes a look at some of the strangest, scariest and most innovative non-roller-coaster rides.

And now we are going to unravel the mystery of the 9-10 in the list of 30 strangest rides around the whole world.

  1. The Zipper

Anyone who has attended a carnival in the past 40 years likely encountered this notorious ride.

A dozen two-person cage are simultaneously pulled around an oval boom,

and riders who need that extra thrill can rock the cages during standstills.

The Zipper has a reputation for being rough on riders, and there have been several accidents and lawsuits.

In 1997,

the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning after four deaths and two serious injuries resulted from the doors of the cages unexpectedly opening mid-ride.

  1. Insanity: the Ride

Also located on top of Vegas’ Stratosphere,

Insanity the Ride lives up to its name by dangling passengers 65 feet over the edge of the building.

The giant inverted centrifuge can apply as much as 3 g’s to rides as it spins at speeds up to 40 mph,

attaching a giant mechanical arm to a skyscraper is no easy task. Outward-facing rides are tilted at 70-degree angle,

making for some of best and most frightening views anywhere in Sin City.

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