30 Strangest Rides in the World: 5-6

   Time: 2016-09-13 15:14:05


Each year amusement parks around the world try to one-up one another by building bigger, faster and more intense amusement rides. Here, Sinorides takes a look at some of the strangest, scariest and most innovative non-roller-coaster rides.

  1. Wild Gorge Swing

Wild 5, a South Africa-based adventure company, has built its business by finding ways to extract adrenaline rushes from the natural environment. The Wild Gorge Swing is situated on top of Lehrs Falls within South Africa’s Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve. Riders strap into a harness and plunge themselves off the top of the gorge, which is equivalent to jumping from a 33-story building. According to bloggers who’ve made the jump, top speed comes in at over 70 mph and the entire experience lasts a mere 25 seconds.

  1. Shweeb

New Zealand-based Agroventures is home to a slew of unique rides, but the Shweeb stands out because of its eco-friendly approach to getting riders’ adrenaline pumping. Riders climb into translucent, pedal-powered tubes that hang from a monorail and face off in head-to-head races or complete against the clock. The 2000-feet-long course snakes through scenic farmland and can be powered through in less than a minute.



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