5 Directions for Amusement Rides Design



With the continuous development of society, people also put forward higher requirements for amusement rides, from the original entertainment satisfaction extending to people’s emotional communication, skills training, and parent-child interaction. So amusement rides manufacturers should also improve their norm and designers must also respond to market demand!

From the feedback of the current market demand, the future design of amusement rides should focus on achieving the following five requirements.

  1. High Cost Performance

A usual explanation is that the same price of equipment, if it can meet the demand of a larger number of people at the same time, then it has a higher cost performance. Whether the product selecting and buying or research and development, manufactures should think more about the cost performance because high cost performance can bring a livelier atmosphere for the site and can also become product with long service life.

  1. Parent-child Competition

This concept is rarely mentioned. Today, this kind of product has been appeared for the further communication among families. First of all manufacturers need to provide parents and children can play equipment used at the same time. This product is in need of manufacturers and businesses’ cooperation to complete. Parent – child sports

This concept is rarely mentioned at present. At present, “children play park, parents play cell phone” situation has become a common phenomenon. Despite the “parent-child paradise” “parent-child equipment”, but did not really achieve the effect of parent-child. As a result, the demand for parent-child sports products appeared. This product is the need for manufacturers and businesses together to complete. First of all, manufacturers need to provide products which can be played by parents and children at the same time. It must have competitive elements, so as to allow owners to use it to organize competition activities. Second, owners should design the game-related activities, so that parents and children can be together, and families can have competitive interaction. Some prizes and gifts cam be offered.

  1. Theme Ride

Adolescents have always been the main consumer of animation products. In the future, there will be more animation elements in the park. Children can see their familiar things in the cartoon becoming a real ones and they even can play them.

  1. System Ride

With the development of science and technology, the future paradise will appear more Internet rides, which will greatly improve the playability. In addition, park rides will be able to interact with personal wear equipment to generate data.

  1. Team Ride

As the name suggests, it is to organize rides for a team playing. This type of ride can be very helpful for the exercise of children’s character, emotional intelligence, training capacity, and the promotion of their growth.

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