5 Errors You Must Know About the Operation of Amusement Park



It seems very simple if you want to operate the amusement park well. In fact, for people who don’t have enough experience will always encounter many problems in one way or another, thus affecting profitability. They often get into a confused state: they know the operation of amusement park is not simple but they just cannot find the clue. But there are also investors doing a good job, and their parks are very prosperous. What causes it? In fact, only by finding the business problem can the crisis be solved. The following is a brief analysis about the 5 errors during the operation of amusement park.

  1. Only a variety ofamusement equipmentcan attract customers, so the products should be as many as possible.

In fact, the appropriate site planning is the best. Indeed, more products can attract visitors to stay longer at the park, but they should be matched reasonably according to the size of the site, and some space should be reserved for visitors to watch so that it will arouse tourists’ greater interest and improve profitability. If just the number of equipment is increased but the space is not reserved, it will only make the customers feel a sense of disorder and congestion, affecting recreational experience.

  1. Only the newest products can attract the customers most.

In the term of choosing products, not a new type is appropriate, but it should be based on the actual situation to choose. Many users are more optimistic about the new equipment, which is not wrong, for the new product is indeed more competitive. But for the products at small site, the alternative space is relatively large, so user who just made an investment can choose to operate a more stable and more reliable product.

  1. Blindly follow the trend and only sell the hot products.

If you think that only the latest product is the most attractive to customers, it is wrong. Some operators may also make another kind of error, that is blindly follow the trend and choose the hot sales always, instead of choosing products according to their actual situation. Sometimes because of the industrial agglomeration effect, if the amusement projects are too similar, it will cause unnecessary competition and will make their own customers divided by others. Therefore, the fittest one is the best one, and operators should not only pay attention to the new ideas, but also make combination with the market conditions, and individual circumstances.

  1. As long as the equipment project is planned well, you can just concentrate on selling tickets.

Do not do the business only by selling tickets, because this cannot improve customers’ viscosity and also cannot achieve long-term profitability. In the daily operation, selling tickets and using promotional tools can be adopted at the same time. You can sell monthly card and package card, or engage in some holiday promotions or prizes to promote regional brand awareness and increase turnover. VIP membership card will effectively bind the customer’s spending habits and cultivate customers a sense of fixed consumption, and can successfully shorten the return cycle of funds.

  1. Blindly compressing costs cause security risks.

The safety of amusement equipment has always been a top priority. In the early stage of operation, how to quickly recover the cost is one of many operators’ troubles, but even so, it cannot sacrifice the safety and quality of amusement equipment because of the cut of costs. Operators should have their own strict quality control about the equipment.

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