5 Usual Marketing Methods for Children’s Playground



Nowadays with the fiercer competition among children’s playground, it cannot meet the demand the increasing cost only by traditional membership car, holiday and festival promotion. How can we make our playground get more money? To answer this question, we need to “open source”, that is to increase the number of tourists, which needs owners to develop more marketing methods for the playground. The following lists several usual marketing modes for the reference of owners.

  1. Experience Marketing

On the opening day of many playgrounds, owners will invite local parents to experience for free. This is a trick for the playground to enter the market quickly, because parents’ and children’s firsthand experience is the most useful marketing tool. Through their observation, playing, listening, they will have a good expression to the playground, thus generating continuous consumption. This method can build a lasting relationship and make customer own the sense of dependency. Finally, they become loyal clients.

  1. Membership Marketing

The playground, by membership platforms, can create opportunities to contact and communicate with customers and attract them around to develop their brand habit and dependency. Occasionally adopt member privilege system to promote their consumption.

  1. Thematic Activity Marketing

Rich activities are necessary for the business of the playground. The playground can keep cooperation with famous children performance institutions and education agencies, ad regularly hold children’s drama, talents show, parenting classroom and so on. These activities are of great attraction for both parents and children.

  1. Friend’s Reference Marketing

Initiate “Calling Friends” plan in the way of “inviting your friend to come, a surprise waiting for you”, and set more promotion modes.

  1. Ad Marketing

TV ad, leaflet, website, magazine, Facebook…… The playground can make publicity and broadcasting by multiply ways. This method is mostly used at the early opening stage, for ad marketing is very effective to dig out potential customers.

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