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8 Future Development Trends of Children Amusement Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-24 17:06:56

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1. Landscapeization. It is to turn the logical relationship between the elements of the theme park into the materialized and vivid landscape with visual impact. Culture is the connotation of landscape, and landscape is the carrier of culture; through the landscape, visitors can feel the what the theme park wants to express.

2. Experience is to turn the inherent culture of knowledge, entertainment, and culture into a process, so that visitors will generate awareness and resonance about the cultural values and connotations.

3. Interactive mode includes interaction between society and human beings, recreation interaction, experience interaction, and interaction between staffs and tourist, entertainers and tourists. Interactive arrangements can make people have a sense of participation, and a sense of great satisfaction. Visitors can tour the area, travel history, experience the folk customs, feel the atmosphere of pleasure, keep the theme in mind, so that the consumption patterns improves.

4. Leisure is to make the pleasure process slow down and to form a slow pace of physical and mental pleasure under the consumption process. Such as the massage room, beer bar, tea ceremony, etc., these leisure projects will make visitors enjoy the cultural connotation of high-end products during the hurry travelling process.

5. Props commercialization. It is to change the characteristics markers and mascots into props, souvenirs, etc. Commercialization of props can enhance the participation and pleasure of the theme park, and also extend the experience, lengthening the consumption chains.

6. The entertainment is not in a dynamic manner, but mainly in the form of performing arts activities, including automated lighting performances, individual/group performances, and simplified integrated performing arts. At this stage of performing arts activities, performance modes, techniques, and means become more and more, and have exceeded the stage limit, forming a modern interactive high-tech innovative performing arts mode.

7. Dynamic art is a way to express the dynamic feeling, and also a performance technique of changing the traditional static art into dynamic performance. It not only emphasizes a dynamic form, but also stresses the interaction of participants, the process itself and the participants’ subjective feelings.

8. Amusement is to create a process in which tourists can get experience from their activities, sports, dynamic experiences. The theme park is a scenic area whose technology is a big advantage. The amusement first should have a large number of amusement equipment, followed by the introduction of high-tech, using three-dimensional imaging technology, holographic projection technology display, so visitors can get a magical experience and their ultimate state will achieve a high degree of integration with a culture.

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