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A Brief Introduction to Electric Sightseeing Car
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-22 15:45:37

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Electric sightseeing car is a power car operated for public places like scenic spot, and its main role is going sightseeing, being convenient for tourists, and saving time. Electric sightseeing car is almost one of the necessary vehicles at every tourist attraction, and it is a great convenience for tourists to visit scenic spot and has played a very good connection between two spots. Electric sightseeing car with a reasonable allocation can make the huge scenic area form a whole.

Electric sightseeing car is mainly composed of power system and bright glass steel shell. The power system consists of motor, battery, steering, and chassis. The most important part is the motor, which directly affects the power and life of the car. Therefore, the purchase of electric sightseeing car should pay attention to this point.  The battery determines the car's durance, because if the battery is too large it will increase the overall weight of the car and lead to waste of power, but if too small, the durance is not enough. So reasonable allocation is very important. The shell is generally composed of high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic, and its color can be adjusted freely, and it can be applied to most sites.

According to the number of passengers there are generally two kinds: one is two seats, the other four. Why does this classification exist? It is because they are designed according to different needs. Two seats type is for a couple or an adult with a child to use; four is to meet a family to ride or friends to travel. Is this design very reasonable?

In terms of price, such vehicles because of electricity-driven instead of gasoline-driven will be cheaper, and the general price is different depending on the specific configuration. In a word, it is an amusement equipment with high cost performance, and very suitable for all types of playgrounds, scenic areas and so on.

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