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Amusement rides to do routine maintenance is equal to profit
Author: SinoridesTime: 2017-04-05 08:58:09
    Operating amusement park want to be more profitable, and thus into a misunderstanding: that do publicity and management, rides and more types can make the profit maximization, in fact, ignore the most important thing, that is, recreational rides to do routine maintenance Equal to profit.
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    This is not to say that publicity and management, rides, these are not important, but must be established in the playground rides on the basis of routine maintenance. Do the routine maintenance of the first to keep the rides clean and tidy, can attract more tourists to ride, Swonder Amusement Rides pleasure that no one is willing to ride dirty and broken play rides to play; the second is to make the rides in a normal and stable operation, Reduce rides aging and failure rate. Reduce the aging of the rides can extend the life of the rides this is no doubt; and reduce the failure rate is inseparable and profitability. Imagine, when the tourists waiting in line to play, the rides can not run because of failure, then what about profit?
    While routine maintenance increases the cost of operating amusement park, the proportion of these expenses in operating costs is negligible, and it is very necessary for the odds to play.