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Analysis on the Prospect of Children's Paradise in China
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-12-07 14:40:11

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China's special one-child policy, creating a "6 + 1" type of family structure, makes China's children market consumption show a more robust momentum. Under the same condition of consumer population, China's children consumer index ranks the highest in the world. Children entertainment consumption in China is one of the consumption hot spots on the rapid increase during recent years. According to the authoritative statistics: children of 0-8 years old in China is about 380 million, and newborns each year is more than 2000 million; if it is estimated based on an average cost of 5,000 yuan per child per year, the market size will be about 2 trillion yuan. In recent day the government has also introduced a separate second child policy, which means that the future will usher in a newborn boom, and children consumer market will be further expanded. It can be said that children consumer market is the most potential, and the most valuable investment areas in the future.

 The appearance of children's paradise offers a whole new opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to join the children consumer market. With innovation as the core competitiveness of children theme park, professional children's paradise has left a great distance from their counterparts, and the conventional mode cannot meet the market changes, so innovation of the professional children's park is particularly important.

 To achieve a unique innovation, it need input which someone else cannot accomplish. All the series in the professional children's theme park cater to the needs of users through the scientific match to form the best solution. These are from the international top design team, according to the emotional needs of children to build lovable, playful and warm environment to make children feel a sense of security. In addition, the theme park is the core, along with professional experience museum and puzzle camp. Through the analysis and insight on the playing process of children and their parents, it offers personalized advice program for professional children's park and makes every child learn to gain knowledge through the entertainment.

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