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Battery Bumper Car for You!
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-28 15:20:23

                                                              Bumper Car (Battery)

Battery bumper car is a type of amusement park ride. What is the battery bumper car? As its name suggests, it is a battery-powered bumper car, one of the conventional amusement park rides that can be seen in many playgrounds, parks and squares.

In terms of power, it is composed by a group of batteries and a 60w motor.  The general charge at night is no problem for the car to run a day. Compared to the ground-grid bumper car, its cost may be cheaper, which only needs to run on the flat ground, so the operation will be freer. If you want to replace the site, you can directly transport the car to the new site, so it is very convenient.

The general way of playing is by a number of bumper cars to form a venue, each vehicle for 1-2 persons, and the driver can drive the bump car to freely go left and right, so the scene is very exciting. The anti-collision device around the car can protect the car from harm, and the driving is also very simple for people to play. The most appropriate playing time is generally 5-10 minutes, and you can price the car according to your local consumer pricing.

There are also a variety of shapes to choose from, and the conventional shape and F1 car styling are very popular with tourists, and car body is decorated with colorful lanterns. The color is also rich and can also be customized according to your need. In particular, the battery bumper car will release happy music to improve the atmosphere, making the playability greatly increased.

Bumper car also has different prices, mainly based on the motor, the number of lights, etc.. Different priced products are also different, because each part has difference in the quality, so the prices from each manufacturer are not the same. As for the specific condition, you can directly contact and consult the manufacturer.

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