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Bumper Car Rides for Your Choice!
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-18 16:06:44

Everyone must be very familiar with bumper car, which can be seen t in all large and small playgrounds, parks and so on. Presumably this phenomenon is also inseparable from its wide audience. In a special place, people take these colorful cars to bump with each other, making the atmosphere full of joys.

Due to its different ways of conduction, bumper car can be divided into ground-grid bumper car and battery bumper car. Battery bumper car is characterized by relatively low investment costs and more flexible operation, mainly because the battery bumper car does not need to create a special floor but can be operated on the cement floor. But every night it is a little troublesome to charge the car, and there are certain restrictions on its power amount.

                                                      Bumper Car (Battery)

On the contrary, ground-grid bumper car requires special site laying and special steel plate. Through the floor and conductive wheel it transmits the power to the car to drive the car running. The car does not need to be installed the battery. Relative to the battery bumper car, the car's weight is lighter and the speed is faster, and the car can make drift and other actions, so its playability has been greatly improved.

                                                      Ground-grid Bumper Car

In the material, the shell of bumper car is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic with high flexibility and rich colors. The outside anti-collision material is made of high-quality rubber, with a strong flexibility and relatively long service life. In appearance, there are a variety of shapes to choose from, such as F1 car, UFO and other diverse shapes, which will be able to meet your needs.

These are some simple introduction about the bumper car. It can be chosen according to your needs. In general the bumper car is a very hot amusement equipment, and it is worth choosing.

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