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Business Peak Issue for Amusement Park
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-23 16:23:26

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As seasons change, in the course of business amusement park will face unforeseen and unknown business peak times. What we call business times maybe mostly appears on the statutory holidays or at promotional period, during which the passenger flow will significantly increase, so will sales. Peak times will absolutely bring high-yield for the amusement park, but at the same time how to deal with the aspects of security risks, including how to maintain a high income after the business peak times, which are problems a lot of operators concerned about. Sinorides will explain these to you as follows.

During the peak times, the operation time of the amusement equipment will increase correspondingly, and the working time and workload of the staff will increase,. Therefore, the equipment and personnel will appear overload operation, wears of parts, dust, static electricity, and overheating, which will make some fragile electronic original damaged, resulting in decreased efficiency of the entire equipment operation, so it needs timely checking and repairing to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent the chain reaction and greater losses.

In terms of the staff, all the staff, especially some new ones, the entire peak period is full of tension just like a stretched bow. Excessive tension and fatigue caused by overload work will get slack during the off-season and their service awareness and quality will have different degrees of decline, affecting the reputation and effectiveness of the park, and even leading to unnecessary negative emotions. As operators of amusement park, we need to take precautions, or remedy the situation. We need to comprehensively strengthen their skills training, correcting their attitude, and improving their service awareness, as well as doing a good job on the store hardware and security factors investigation and adjustment and so on, in order to upgrade and meet the next business peak time.

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