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Causes for the Malfunctions of Major Amusement Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-12-13 16:00:51

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Now major amusement rides are very popular in people's daily entertainment life. But it is hard to avoid the problem of malfunctions when the major rides are working. What are the causes for these malfunctions? Now we are going to have a discussion about this question.

A. Existing Problems on Major Amusement Rides

The variety of major amusement rides is on a daily increase with the improvement of people's needs. The government has a higher requirement about its safety operation to promote its more scientific management. At present, most amusement rides are private contracted and the maintenance staff are not all professional one who don't clearly understand the operative principles of the rides, which can easily lead to accidents caused by careless mistakes. It's very risky to take the rides for tourists because the quality of the rides cannot be ensured.

B. Attention Points for Tourists

First, tourists don't carefully read the safety notice before taking the rides.

Second, tourists get too excited to violate the safety rules (especially Disco Tagada, Pirate Ship, Flying Chair and such amusement rides with lower safety factor).

C. The Operator's Reason

First, before booting the rides, the operator doesn't remind tourists of safety attention points.

Second, the operator starts the rides all of a sudden not ringing the bell to let tourist make mental preparation.

Third, small problems of the rides don't get fixed in time. And in order to make money, the rides still work with malfunctions.

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