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Cautions for Taking Carnival Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-12-22 15:55:11

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1. Before taking carnival rides, first look at these rides to find safety inspection mark. These major outdoor amusement rides are mostly special equipment. According to relevant national regulations, the operation of major outdoor amusement rides have one-year regular inspection period, and for rides which have passed safety inspection and are qualified,  the safety inspection and qualified mark will be posted on the obvious position issued by the local Quality and Technical Supervision. This mean the rides have been proven safe, so you can ride them. Don't take the rides whose test has expired, or unqualified rides.

2. You should carefully read the contents of the passenger information. If you know the inside details of prohibiting the use for people who have high blood pressure, heart disease or other diseases not suitable to take major outdoor amusement rides, you must not risk your lives, and people whose age is not suitable for the rides cannot take. According to the instructions, line up, prohibiting crossing the fence.

3. Before the ride, take care of your own items, and try not to carry items with you. Don't throw or scatter items, or eat and drink which the rides are running.

4. Be sure to fasten the seat belt or safety bar before the rides are running and before they stop. Then check whether the system is secure. During the operation, the safety belt or the safety bar cannot be untied privately. Do not put the head, hand or other parts of the body out of the cockpit so as not to be dangerous.

5. If power outages, sudden failures or accidents happen during the operation, be calm and do not panic. Don't come down from the rides unnotified by the working staff, but listen to their arrangements, and take order to withdraw or wait for rescue.

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