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Children at Different Ages Like Different Amusement Equipment
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-11-26 16:23:29

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We all know that children love to play, which is their nature, and playing contributes to the development of intelligence. With the increase of the current types of amusement equipment, all kinds of amusement equipment in various styles are also more and more. But what kind of amusement equipment is fit for children of different age? The right choice of amusement equipment:

First, for active children, parents can choose static amusement equipment for children, such as building block fight, plastic equipments, etc.;

Second, for isolated, taciturn, and non-gregarious children, parents can choose dynamic toys.

Third, equipemnts should be non-toxic, and cannot have sharp edges. The parts' combination must be very strong so as not to lead children to eating by mistake. In addition, it must also pay attention to whether there is harmful chemical composition, and it should not use flammable material.

Fourth, with the development of language functions, children prefer to imitate the action and life of adults, so theme equipments which imitate the daily life can be chosen to guide children and at the right time help children to use these things freely to create their own ideal items. This kind of positive, active and constructive activity is most conducive to children's physical and mental development.

Finally, according to children's personality differences, it needs to choose equipments with purposes.

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