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Daily Troubleshooting Methods on Luxury Carousel
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-12-21 15:26:46

36 Seats Luxury Carousel

Now there is a lot of amusement equipment, and if the amusement equipment fails in the work, how can you exclude the problems? What are the troubleshooting methods on a daily basis?

A: The line is smooth but the luxury carousel cannot start normally:

Method A: The surface of the carbon brush and the conductive ring has dust to lead to poor contact. You can use a screwdriver in the start time to press down.

Method 2: The reason is the low voltage. You can observe at the starting moment of the voltmeter: if the voltage is lower than 180V, the motor cannot start normally, so you can add the square number of the power under firing line. Here four square and above copper wire or above six square aluminium wire.

B: The above problems are not the reasons, then the carousel can be driven by two people to go rotation. When the resistance is too big to push:

Method 1: The tire pressure is insufficient, so the tire can be inflated (3.5 barometric pressure).

Method 2: The bearing around the carousel’s axis is too tight, so you can adjust with a wrench, and the elastic can be moderate.

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