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Differences Between Luxury and Ordinary Bumper Cars
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-29 15:22:52

                                                        Bumper Car (Battery)

The price of kids bumper car has close connection to the appearance of the product. Besides, it is common that the same type of bumper has 2 versions: luxury one and ordinary one. Here Sinorides talks about their differences between these 2 versions, so customers and investors can have a better understanding about bumper car.

From the appearance and model, luxury bumper car and ordinary bumper car show no difference. But this is the most special characteristic from other amusement park rides. The differences lie in the car's internal structure. Why does luxury bumper car sell so expensively? This is a question of buyer. Sinorides next will explains the structure of luxury bumper car.

The size of luxury bumper car, just like ordinary one, is 1.9*1.1*0.8 meter, and the main difference is the appliance of different motors. Luxury bumper car adopts the same motor with ground-grid bumper car, and the head part of the whole car is installed with motor cap, and it uses separation and reunion and speed change.

Bumper car can bring kids and adults a lot of fun, and has become a popular hot sale in Sinorides' wide range of product.


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