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Differences Between Domestic and Foreign Large Carousel
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-09 15:59:58

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Carousel, as a commonest amusement ride in the world, has a distinction about its workmanship in every country.

It is aid that large carousel is originated from America, and was created by Hill Wall. Then it began spreading to the every concern of the world, including China, France, Japan, South Korea, etc. in the same time large carousel, through a cultural fusion by each country, has formed a characteristic amusement ride.

So, what are the differences produced by different countries? And what are the essential connections among them?

Here, Sinorides has a brief summarization about the differences among different countries as follow:

French carousel in the appearance tends to be fashionable, romantic, and elegant. So the main hue of the product is golden. This has a great relation to French national temperature and people's pursuit. France is a fashion country, which pursues for perfection in the product. Korean carousel puts more emphasis on romance and warmth. Compared with other products, Chinese large carousel attaches importance to the utility, and its appearance usually fuses into Chinese traditional elements to create a merry and harmonious atmosphere, which is also the main feature of our kids carousel rides.


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