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Difficulties of Children Park Projects
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-10-27 15:51:22

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In the children's growth process, they are supposed to have a happy childhood. Many businessmen have taken this opportunity to find a variety of projects related to children. Most parents want them healthy and happy, and children's playground is just a paradise for them, which makes children park project is the most popular business project today.

Many children's playground owners are interested in this project, of course, profit is undeniably one of the prerequisites for our business, but in reality, how can we run our business well? How to make profit? How can we make our enterprise bigger and stronger and longer? But it is true that in the actual operation many owners have encountered many difficulties. Sinoides here lists some representative of the difficulties or misunderstandings as examples.

 1. Regard "big" as a competitive weapon, blindly expand the area, and lack a strong layout planning.

In addition to the expansion of the children's playground area, it seems there is no other way to allow owners to stand out among the fierce competition. Because there is no reasonable layout planning, it results in excessive waste of money.

2. Amusement content is too popular and lack of competitiveness.

At present most domestic children's playgrounds are basically "pure playing" park, which doesn't reflects the cultural and social meaning and lacks entertaining spirit.

3. Membership policy is limited to gifts, which is lack of freshness and cannot cultivate customer's viscosity.

A good playground's membership program must be very excellent. If the understanding and mastery to the membership technique is limited, it will lead to the loss of customer, or make customer resources are not effectively used, doing more harm than good!

4. Concealed engineering wiring makes later amusement equipment updating too difficult.

After the completion of the construction, few owners will pay attention to leave an accurate concealed engineering construction drawing, of course, not leave wiring reservations in the design. This will lead the update can only be replaced with approximate ones, which will inevitably reduce the marketing effect and customer experience effect.

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