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Emergency Strategies of Self-control Plane Rides
Author: SinoridesTime: 2016-09-09 16:06:34

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As people's living standard improves, indoor children amusement rides have become a good companion for kids. And they are gradually introduced to the communities, squares, shopping malls, and so on. Kids are very fond of them. Among these various amusement rides, self-control plane has been one of kids' best loves, for it is a combination of thrill and fun, and lots of kids enjoy the ride so much.

But as an amusement rides, it is difficult to avoid malfunctions and other emergency conditions. So we need to master some emergency strategies when accidents happen.

Firstly, if the self-control plane is suddenly power failure to cause the cabins cannot descend, the stuff should quickly open hand valve to release oil so as to make passengers descend onto the ground. If it is not the power failure, and reversing valve cannot work, this method can also be used.

Secondly, when the self-control plane has abnormal vibration or sounds, it needs to push the stop switch and cut off the power. Then make passengers dissipate, and start it again after debugging malfunctions.

Thirdly, if the balance bar is abnormal, and the cabins leans or have cracks, it should immediately push the stop switch to make them descend. Meanwhile make broadcasting to tell passenger not to be panic but hold the armrest tightly.

What's more, manufacturers of self-control plane should always work hard to improve their technical level, and adopt a strict quality standard to produce excellent products for the market.


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